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How To Be A Yoga Teacher Uk

How Are Yoga Instructor Training Courses Structured


Our yoga courses in the UK are held in our London studios, and the training runs over weekends spanning 7 months. We make it possible for you to attend training whilst maintaining normal activities like work and family life. To complete the Ignite Your Passion certification, 200 hours of practice and learning is necessary. With our weekend structure, you can get all the training and hands-on practice you need to be confident in techniques, philosophy, and self-practice.

About Yogahaven Teacher Training

Since 2006, the yogahaven 200 hour yoga teacher training course has grown to be one of best in the UK. Our team of experienced tutors, including inspirational yogahaven founder Allie Hill, have worked closely with over 800+ yoga teacher training students, helping them to develop their understanding of teaching yoga with a non-dogmatic and down to earth approach.

On our yoga teacher training you will gain the necessary skills to teach a wide variety of classes, from beginners to advanced. On completion of the 200 hour yoga teacher training course you will be able to deliver classes to different groups in safe and fun way.

You should have peace of mind when choosing a yoga teacher training. So please come and visit one of our centres, chat to the teachers and even try one of the free webinars that we offer.

A Group Of Support And Special Space

One of the most powerful aspects of the course is the space and connection that is created when people come together with a shared purpose.

The space created and the support provided by the group allows a safe space for each student to explore and share what they are feeling in a compassionate and kind environment.

Special bonds and friendships are created at In Balance Hot Yoga Teacher Training.

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Whats It Really Like To Teach Yoga Quotes From Experienced Teachers

Describe a typical teaching day.

Li says: Depending on the client, I would prepare the class at least a day before to tailor to their level of experience. Id double check the time and location before travel, and make sure I have everything needed for the class e.g. mat, Bluetooth speaker, watch, essential oil, or any other props. I also journal about each class on things to note, or things I could do better after a class.

Clarke advises: There really isn’t such a thing as a typical teaching day it varies so much from day to day and teacher to teacher.

I try to teach a maximum of three classes a day , being a combination of studio classes and private or corporate clients.

Then of course there is self-practice, learning and inspiring to ensure that you have enough to give to others. This is the bit that can be forgotten the fastest, but is so important.

What are the key considerations that our readers should think about when becoming yoga teachers?

Taylor says: If you are looking to cover classes at gyms and local studios, you will need to be available at short notice. Make sure you have some lesson plans in your head that are ready to pull out, and which can be adapted to suit different abilities.

Are there any myths about being a yoga instructor that youd like to bust?

Li advises: You dont have to be incredibly flexible, or be able to do extreme poses, as long as you are knowledgeable about your practice and can teach well.

Complete Yoga Instructor Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga instructor training includes coursework in anatomy and physiology, instructional techniques, and yoga philosophy. You’ll gain hands-on experience by observing teachers and teaching classes. Many schools adhere to the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance for 200-hour and 500-hour teacher training programs; the Yoga Alliance itself requires at least 200 hours in order for applicants to qualify for yoga teacher certification. When working on your yoga certification, you will need to choose one major yoga school to pursue in order to have a basis from which to work with students. Keep in mind that different types of yoga come from very different traditions and have different goals for their practitioners.

Success Tips for Yoga Instructors:

  • Network with teachers and classmates. Yoga instructor training does not guarantee a job.
  • Know your market. Competition among yoga teachers is strong in some areas. You may consider a unique approach to distinguish yourself from other teachers. For example, depending on the market, teachers can offer yoga tailored to golfers and other types of athletes.
  • Become certified in CPR. Most health and fitness centers require that instructors have the skills to deal with a health emergency by being certified in CPR. Students can take a CPR course while enrolled in a teacher training program.

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Why Become A Yoga Teacher With The House Of Yoga

Life is too short to spend your time in a career that gives you no satisfaction. By taking our yoga teacher classes you can look forward to doing what you love each day, as well as inspiring and transforming the lives of others.

Life as a yoga teacher can also give you the flexibility you need for your life. Rather than being in the office from 9-5, you can teach yoga at a time to suit you. After all, many of your students will be looking to take a class either before or after work. Teaching yoga gives you a great opportunity to do what you love around your other commitments, whether that is family, another job or something else.

Yoga also gives you the opportunity to travel the world. Perhaps you are more of a free spirit, and the thought of being constrained to one area makes you feel uncomfortable. Our yoga teacher course means that you can teach yoga wherever you like, so you can either stay at home or go in search of warmer climes.

Teaching yoga gives you the chance to focus completely on your well-being, as well as impart this to your students. Take care of your whole body, mind and spirit with yoga teacher training in London, and you can achieve a much better work/life balance.

During your yoga course in London, you will have the opportunity to make friends with like-minded individuals as you share your journey together. This community also helps to be a great support network as you embark on your new career.

Can You Get Yoga Certified Online

It depends. The Yoga Alliance is the most well-known organization that provides an RYT certification, though they dont provide those certificates to those who graduate from an online program. The YA traditionally requires contact hours to qualify for an RYT certification. Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they temporarily allowed yoga schools to offer their programs online.

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Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Our world class Yoga instructor courses are available online, in-studio or hybrid to make transformation accessible to everyone. You will become a powerful Yoga teacher from the comfort of your own home or in person at our beautiful South West London location. Our trainings are designed with leadership in mind to offer a platform for your growth in teaching, leadership and life mastery. Whether you are new to teaching or looking to take your skills to new levels, our innovative programmes are created to provide you with inspiration, education and personal transformation in body, mind and spirit. We are dedicated to creating new inspiring teachers who lead with excellence by creating a ripple effect of positive change in the world!Read More

Yoga Certification That Fits Into Your Everyday Life

Best Yoga & Pilates Teacher Training UK | Elements & Process of Becoming an Instructor

One of the biggest benefits of finding the right yoga teacher online course is that it fits your lifestyle. You can learn at your own pace, allowing you to manage your time and find your rhythm.

With over 160 hours of live stream classes available, you can train anytime and anywhere if you have internet access. Dont forget that you will also have lifetime access to all our content and videos alongside connection to a global yoga community.

Aside from the timing, the other big benefit to choosing an accredited yoga certification online is that it involves less financial investment than in-person training.

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Whats In A Yoga Instructor Salary

There seems to be more than a little bit of confusion surrounding the average salary of a certified yoga instructor.

In the United States, yoga instructors make an average of $24.96 per hour, making anywhere from 31K-100K, with the national average clocking in at wait for it $60K.

Real US dollars, not Monopoly money. ;

Now, depending on where you live in the United States, the notion of a $60K annual salary might sound pretty sweet.or wholly underwhelming.

To reach that figure, you would basically have to teach 26 yoga classes per week for a whole year, at the rate of $50 per class. This hourly rate is shall we say, not extremely commonplace.

Which is why when someone asks so, whats an average salary of a yoga teacher? you cant just throw out five-figure salary figures and shout NEXT QUESTION!;

What Learning Resources Are Available While I Study

Our yoga courses and teacher training utilise the blended learning model and we believe this offers aspiring yogis the most flexibility with their studies. Essentially, this involves a period of home study combined with practical weekend attendance at one of our nationwide venues.To ensure you’ll have guidance at every stage of your journey, as soon as you enrol you’ll be assigned a dedicated Learner Support Tutor. Your tutor is an expert in all things yoga and they’ll be on hand Monday – Friday via phone or email to answer all your questions.Alongside tutor support, you’ll also have access to LES, Learner Engagement System. This easy-to-use online platform is available 24/7 and it’s where you’ll find a range of resources to further your learning. These include mock quizzes, workbooks, video lectures delivered by experts and step-by-step video demonstrations of a range of asanas .The online resources are used in conjunction with our bespoke training manuals and they are available in print and digitally via the HFE app.

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We Will Give You The Tools To Teach The Style Of Yoga Thats Exactly Right For You

Perhaps you enjoy fast and flowing vinyasa-style yoga, perhaps you like to go slow and deep. We love all of it and believe it all has a place. So many yoga teacher training programmes try to fit you into a rigid mould giving you set sequences that you are authorised to teach and nothing else. Our approach is different. We focus on the principles and provide you with the skills that allow you to experiment and grow as a teacher, responding to your students and your own development. At the same time we provide you with a variety of sequences that you can use whenever required. Underlying all of it is bringing mindfulness and presence to the work, which makes yoga the enlightening practice that it is.

Why Choose Studio Tuition

Yoga Teacher Training

Here at The House of Yoga, we are rightly proud of our amazing studio vibe. Training with our team makes you an essential part of the community and you can really make lifelong friends. Working hands-on with our team makes it easier for you to understand the teaching methods that will help you in a live teaching environment. Of course, you will be able to make lifetime connections and friends with people on the same journey as you with accredited yoga instructor certification.

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What Do Yoga Instructors Make

If your goal is to teach at a yoga studio, then you can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $80 per yoga class, depending on your teaching experience and the yoga studio. If you want to teach private yoga classes, then you could earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per yoga class. If youre teaching online, then the sky is the limit.

Read more:

Work Out A Legal Structure For Your Yoga Business

Yoga teachers are often self-employed as you could be working at a range of fitness centres, studios, and gyms, but also running your own private classes. Many are sole traders, but you might choose to set up a limited company for your yoga business. Our guide on the difference between a sole trader and limited company goes into more detail on this.

One of the first things you need to do is register with HMRC so you can pay your taxes. Heres a summary of key tax year dates and guidance on how to do your tax return.

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The Best Yoga Teacher Training In The Uk

When it comes to UK based Yoga Teacher Training , we are spoilt for choice.; We benefit from internationally recognised, unique teacher training opportunities, in styles ranging from Vinyasa to Rocket.;

But with so many options, it is easy to feel;overwhelmed, so;we’ve done the hard work for you and outlined the;very best teacher training available in the UK, both in person and online, to make choosing that little bit easier.;

As a general rule, choosing a Yoga Alliance affiliated training programme is advisable, especially if you intend to teach abroad at any point. However, both the Independent Yoga Network, and the British Wheel of Yoga are also respected certification options.;

What Does Becoming A Yoga Instructor Involve

Should You Do an Online Yoga Teacher Training? Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It? Advice

When you become a Yoga instructor, what your career will involve can depend on whether you choose to work for gyms and health clubs, or for yourself. Whether you wish to make it a part-time or full-time job also has an effect on this. ;

If you go down the gym and health club route, then you can expect to see roles advertised as paying per hour instead of being salaried.

This is because most yoga instructors work on a freelance basis alongside existing careers, or full-time at multiple gyms.

Well talk about yoga instructor salary more in a later section of this article, but for now lets focus on what the job itself entails. After all, this is whats going to matter the most when it comes to it!

If you decide to become a yoga instructor, your typical day-to-day responsibilities can be related directly to what you will learn on your course .

Apart from the basics put down on paper, a yoga career naturally involves more than what is shown on the surface.

This is why we spoke to a selection of qualified yoga instructors to get their take on things, and to show you exactly what becoming a yoga instructor involves!

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Is This For Me

In Balance Hot Yoga Teacher Training is designed for aspiring yoga teachers and dedicated students of all levels who are thirsty to deepen their practice and to better their quality of life.You might not be planning to teach yoga, but this training is a wonderful opportunity to dedicate time to your self-growth, happiness and to deepen your personal practice.Through the practice of foundational and advanced asana practice and a variety of modules your knowledge will expand massively and the personal transformation will awaken the powerful human being you already are.We recommend that trainees have at least 6 months of consistent yoga practice experience. This can include anything from public classes, privates, corporate classes, online videos, or home practice.Don’t miss your opportunity to have a life changing career, be part of a growing yogi community and join our Yoga Teacher Training Hampshire!

Why Choose The Intensive Yoga Teacher Training At The House Of Yoga In Uk

When you choose to complete your 200-hour yoga teacher training with us at The House of Yoga, you will not only receive the best instruction, but we are also here to care for you and support you throughout.

Whats more, once you have achieved your certification, we do not just go away and leave you, but we continue to support you in any way that we can. We have trained over 500 yoga instructors, which benefits not only the teachers that we have trained but the students that they go on to teach.

Your Ignite Your Passion certificate gives you a passport to a new and fulfilling life. With The House of Yoga, you can realise the dreams that you have always had.

All we ask is that you are 18 years of age or over and that you have a willingness to learn. To join our yoga instructor course, simply fill in our online form and submit your application fee that goes towards your tuition. Please note, this is non-refundable.

If you have any further questions about our courses, whether in-studio or online, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we would love to tell you more. You can also find more details in our brochure that can be downloaded from our website. Should you want any further encouragement about why our training at The House of Yoga gives you the best opportunities and learning experiences, read through the testimonials from some of our graduates.

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Study And Practice Yoga

You should take courses in varying types of yoga to understand which style works best for you. Different types include Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga. In addition, the style of instruction may vary by facility and teacher. You should pay attention to these differences in order to find the type of training that fits you best.

Success Tips for Yoga Instructors:

Find a mentor. A mentor can help aspiring teachers learn about various teaching techniques and styles of yoga. In addition, mentors can help aspiring yoga teachers decide which training program is most suitable.


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