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How Much Yoga Classes Cost

What I Can Do Is Give You A Formula To Use When Coming Up With Pricing

Employee Wellness Program and Fitness Challenges

Step One:

If you are coming up with new pricing from scratch, do as much market research as you can. Look at the price of a wide range of therapeutic, exercise, and bodywork sessions. The different modalities will vary quite a bit in price, and this is a good thing! You want to get a sense of the full price range people in your area charge for 1X1 wellness sessions.

Start by finding out the pricing in your area for:

  • private yoga sessions offered in-studio
  • group yoga classes
  • personal training sessions both in the home, and at the gym
  • private pilates sessions
  • acupuncture
  • chiropractic work
  • massage
  • craniosacral therapy
  • any other healing, therapeutic, movement, exercise, bodywork sessions you can find pricing for! What am I leaving out?

Step Two:

Take that price range, and find a number somewhere in the middle that takes into account these factors:

  • amount and kind of training and continuing education you have done
  • trainings in therapeutics, anatomy, and complementary healing modalities will often be most useful for students, and therefore quite valuable
  • number of years teaching and numbers of hours taught over the course of those years
  • how busy you are
  • the busier you are, the more expensive your time is
  • general cost of living in your area
  • So take the median price of wellness sessions and multiply it by your training, add your teaching experience, then finally take into account how full your teaching schedule is:

    So How Do You Choose The Best Pricing Method For Your Business

    Your experience level as a teacher can dictate class price. The rates you charged when you began might not be the same rates you charge now. As you become more seasoned, experienced, or educated in your craft, your prices can increase.

    The classes themselves will also help dictate class price. If the class is one-on-one, youll want to charge a different price than you would for a group. The length of the class should be a factor as well. Teaching a 30-minute class and teaching a 90-minute class are two very different things.

    The cost of living differs by city, region, and state, which affects the average price of even specific types of classes around the country. For example, the average price of power yoga classes differs all over.

    Many people know things are much more expensive in cities like New York or L.A., but people would be surprised to pay these costs in other areas unless youre the only yoga studio in town. A typical range of prices for yoga classes is anywhere between $9-$23. Many studios and teachers offer pay-what-you-can pricing, but this isnt sustainable or feasible as a business model in the long run.

    If youre looking to increase your class attendance, consider running a promotion instead of lowering your prices. Once youve lowered them, it can be difficult to raise your prices again. Should you decide to lower and raise them, be sure to give your students a fair warning.

    What Are The Key Elements Of Planning Successful Retreats

    Timeline planning Selecting your venue Itinerary & program design Sustainability considerations Marketing Financials & profitability Legal forms & liabilities Insurance

    Pricing a yoga retreat is one of the most important elements of making it a success, and yet its one of the trickiest to figure out.

    First-time retreat leaders might find themselves on the wrong side of the profit margin, forgetting hidden expenses and running the risk of losing money, or even having to cancel a planned retreat.

    Its unlikely you started thinking of planning a yoga retreat so you could have fun with maths and spreadsheets, but its important to have clarity in your retreat pricing before you hit the accelerator and get going.

    So how do you work out the price of a yoga retreat that compensates you for all your hard work in creating an engaging experience, while carefully balancing the costs for your eager participants?

    There are threecomponents to take into account when youre pricing your yoga retreat out of pocket expenses, hidden costs, and your own compensation.

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    How Much Do Private Yoga Lessons Cost

    Below are some examples of prices Thumbtack pros across the country charge for flat-rate sessions:

    • $30 for 30 minutes and up to three people, with $10 for each additional person.
    • $30 per session, and $5 for each additional person.
    • $50 for 60-minute sessions, but price will vary based on private vs. group lessons.
    • $65 per session, and extra fees for travel.
    • $75 per session, for both private or group
    • $75 per session, but price varies based on one-one-on or group lessons.

    How Much Money Will A Salaried Yoga Instructor Make

    Best Offers and Yoga classes Kothrudkars getting the maximum benefit ...

    Hatha Yoga is a popular form of yoga in the UK. This means that yoga associations and studios are looking for Hatha Yoga teachers.

    If you dont have the soul of a manager and doing the accounts makes you break out in hives, if talking about yoga by day and money by night is not for you, and most importantly, talk of earnings seems to you a perversion of the spirit of yoga – then you should take the time to look for a yoga studio.

    Becoming an employee has a lot of advantages:

    • Pension
    • Official pay slips
    • Etc.

    You are choosing stability. But not money. Indeed, salaried yoga teachers generally dont earn much.

    When looking through the personal ads and tutoring jobs sites, you will notice that employee jobs are rather rare. Most studios prefer to use freelancers. Those that are hiring may not post a salary – this generally means it is negociable. However, especially if you are a beginner yoga teacher, you will probably find yourself working for minimum wage.

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    Yoga And Money: Part One

    There is an inherently complicated nature when working at the intersection between being a spiritual teacher and needing to make a living wage. As yoga teachers we live in this place, and I imagine that almost all of us find some part of this situation challenging.

    Every week I have teachers reaching out to me with nuts and bolts questions about how to make a living as a yoga teacher. I began to write a series of blog posts answering these questions and I realized I could not stay silent about the challenges we face when we choose to support ourselves and our families by offering healing and spiritual teachings.

    I would like to take the next few blogs to explore this topic and use the same framework as I do in my teacher training. In The Science of the Private Lesson, the first few modules begin by discussing the more surface level topics as we learn how to create the container for good, deep work to be done with our private students. As we move further into the training we start tackling meatier subjects.

    The first two blog posts in this series will address the surface level issues yoga teachers have with money, and the last one will dive deeper into the heart of the issues. This is a vulnerable place for me to take a stand, and I need some time to synthesize my thoughts on this sensitive subject.

    To kick us off, lets start with this question::

    What should I be charging for my private yoga sessions?

    Factors that impact pricing are:

    Dont Forget The Hidden Costs

    When youre planning and pricing your yoga retreat its easy to focus on the visible expenses and forget there are hidden ones too.

    Will you be missing income from regular studio or private classes while youre away on a retreat? Do you have to pay for housesitting, pet care, or childcare during that time? You might find that you lose income by not being as attentive to your usual business practices, or from not being able to reply to emails or engage on social media in a timely manner. Can you put a figure on that?

    Once youve worked out the hidden costs of your yoga retreat, add it to the out of pocket expenses to help you calculate a base rate that would cover it all. But the pricing doesnt stop there.

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    Below Are The Latest Corepower Yoga Prices And Fees:

    CorePower Yoga Prices
    20 Classes $300-$350

    CorePower Yoga prices are designed to allow individuals to choose to pay a fee that gives them access to unlimited classes or to pay on a per class basis. There are several different classes available, some that are designed purely with fitness and relaxation in mind while others can provide training to those who want to become instructors. CorePower Yoga prices include the Yoga Sculpt, Power Fusion, CorePower Yoga 1, CorePower Yoga 2, CorePower Yoga 1.5 Candelight, and Hot Power Fusion Candlelight classes. The teacher training for certification is a 200 hour training package that is held 3 times a week.

    CorePower Yoga fees for a single class is $20-25 per class. Purchasing multiple classes at once in a package allows you to get a slightly discounted rate Alternatively, you sign up for Monthly Membership that gives you unlimited access to all classes for $150-$200 per month. There are discounted rates available for students, senior citizens, teachers, and members of the military. We recommend you call your local CorePower Yoga to get the latest prices and fees. Click HERE to find a CorePower Yoga near you.

    Choose The Right Pricing Strategy For Your Yoga Studio

    KM Class 59: Where does Sound originate | Space Element (Part V) | KYG Yoga | Sunder Iyer

    Choosing the right pricing strategy that matches the value your class provides, is paramount. Your clients are smart and will be willing to pay the right price for the value that your class brings. The pricing strategy is what you will base your pricing structure on and is extremely important to shape your future profitability.

    Here are 6 pricing strategies that will optimize your yoga business pricing.

    1. Cost-plus pricing strategy

    This is the simplest pricing strategy. You determine what was the cost of providing the service and then simply add an additional amount for profit. You add the material costs, direct labor costs, and overhead costs.

    These costs will include a portion of your resources, like yoga mats, bolsters, straps, your rent, utilities, your admin costs, and other general overhead costs. You need to include these costs so you can reach your break-even point.


    • It is justifiable. At any point, if you want to communicate a price increase, then it is easy to explain why the prices increased.
    • It is simple and easy to calculate.


    2. Market penetration strategy

    Sometimes, businesses try to grow their market share by setting their prices low in the beginning and then gradually increasing their rates over time as their client base increases. This is called the market penetration strategy.



    3. Price skimming strategy



    4. Premium pricing strategy




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    Reputation Of The Yoga School

    There are some yoga schools that are world-famous in yogi world.

    You know the kind.

    Their daily yoga classes are jam-packed, making an otherwise normal-looking yoga studio feel like a massive sauna.

    Theyre located in places like Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, or some other faraway place where dreams come true.

    Some of Instagrams most famous yoga teachers are hopping into these popular yoga studios to lead exotic yoga retreats in a picture-worthy destination. #yogaeverydamnday amiright?

    Well, those beautiful gems of yoga studios and yoga schools will likely fill up fast and come with a high price tag.

    If you can swing it, though, it will probably be worth every penny.

    And if not?

    Those other yoga studios will also be incredible and worth every penny, just a lot fewer of them.

    Private Yoga Lessons In Canada

    There are many yoga studios all over Canada because its such a great and popular form of exercise. However, not all people are fond of taking group classes, especially those who are still in the beginnings of their yoga journey.

    For those who want to learn yoga but want it at the convenience of their own home, you can find your own private yoga instructor whos willing to conduct online sessions. This kind of setup is usually beneficial for those who dont really have a flexible schedule.

    You can find your own private yoga instructor at Superprof where there are tons of profiles to scan over. These instructors are all over Canada and since youre its online yoga lessons, you can set your own schedule.

    These profiles have brief descriptions, rates, and reviews made by former students. You might want to check them out.

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    How Do You Price Your Classes And Services

    This is a really good question, and the answer is sometimes challenging to come up with. There are so many factors involved in pricing your classes at your studio. Exploring your services, class offerings, teacher experience, location, and clientele should begin to help you form a clear answer to the question of, What should I charge?

    Many studio owners and yoga teachers have a few different options when it comes to pricing. There are two popular methods: pricing classes based on cost per class, and more creative pricing packages. For each method, there are pros and cons.

    How Much Should I Charge For My Yoga Classes

    2020 Yoga Classes Cost (with Local Prices) //

    What is the average salary for a yoga teacher?

    How should I price my classes?

    Whats the expected fee for a corporate class?

    Am I undercharging for 1-1s?

    If you are a self-employed yoga teacher you may have asked yourself one, if not all, of the above questions.

    There is no fixed rate for teaching yoga, and what with some yoga instructors offering classes for next to nothing, studios underpaying their staff and a relentless bargain culture, it becomes increasingly difficult to know how much you should expect to be paid for teaching.

    Unfortunately, there is no guide book explaining how to price your classes or events as a yoga teacher. We are working on a project to resolve this! We are asking yoga teachers to fill out this survey outlining how much they charge, and all recipients will receive the results!

    In the meantime, here are several important factors that will help you decide on a price.


    The average price for a yoga class varies depending on the location. The number of yoga teachers in the area, population size and economic demographics are just some of the many factors that impact how much people expect to pay for a class. For example, an hour session in the centre of London is more expensive than the same class in say Sheffield, or Manchester. To get an idea of what you can expect, look into what other teachers in your area are charging for similar classes.

    Want to know whats happening in your area?

    The Style of Yoga

    Yoga Experience

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    Why Would You Rent A Yoga Studio

    First, why rent a yoga studio? The most obvious reason is that you want to host a yoga class of your own. Maybe youre a traveling instructor who wants to host a class in a new city. Or, perhaps youre planning a class for private clients or a corporate group.

    Either way, you dont want to apply to be an instructor at someone elses studio. You want to host and market your own classes, and you just need a space to do it. Renting a studio for a limited timeframe can give you the space to develop your own series of classes. All without making a long-term commitment to a venue and paying membership fees.

    Next, maybe you want to host another kind of performance or workshop. Because yoga studios are so versatile, they can often accommodate drum circles, open mics, dance lessons, and any other kind of workshop you can think of. You can expect the studio to have suitable acoustics, climate control, bathroom facilities, and in some cases, A/V gear, and kitchen facilities.

    Another idea is to host a photo or video shoot. With hardwood floors and plenty of natural light, many yoga studios provide a great alternative to a photo studio. You can find yoga studios with colorful walls, indoor plants, and other aesthetic touches. Or, you can bring in a photo backdrop and create any other kind of atmosphere you have in mind. Because theres not usually any furniture to get in the way, your model can do yoga, move around the room, or even dance.

    What’s In The Rate Of A Private Session

    A private session can mean different things to you and the instructor. It’s important to find out what your rate includes.

    • Initial session. Your initial session may include some paperwork, review of your medical history, and goal setting. Your first session may run longer to include this necessary information gathering.
    • Time length. Most yoga teachers offer 45-, 60-, 90- or 120-minute private classes. Instructors usually charge an hourly rate, as most sessions last an hour. Expect to pay between $30 and $75 for sessions ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.
    • Number of sessions. You can book just a single session . You can often get a discount if you book multiple sessions and pre-pay.
    • Number of students. Expect to pay between $5 to $15 for each additional student. Some teachers may use flat-rate fees for different groups sizes, usually from two to four people, or five to 10 people. It’s often more affordable to do private groups lessons. For example, if a yoga teacher charges $50 for a private session, but $100 for up to four people, it will only cost each person $25 for a private group session.
    • Travel costs. Your yoga teacher may include a flat travel fee per session to come to you. Expect to pay at least $10 in travel fees.

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