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How Much Is A Private Yoga Session

Lesson #: Have An Evaluation Process

WHAT A PRIVATE YOGA LESSON IS LIKE // How I Teach Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga sessions are not the same as your regular classes. As a teacher who offers individualized instruction, its a disservice to both you and your clients to teach one-on-one lessons in the same way you would teach a group. Private yoga teachers should perform an evaluation process at the start of each potential client relationship. This sets the tone for the work that lies ahead. Whether you evaluate clients with a range of motion assessment move them through a set sequence of yoga poses or have a lengthy conversation about their health history, goals, and personal background , you want to implement an evaluation process that outlines how youll customize your instruction for your clients’ individual needs.

Guidelines To Fully Enjoy Your Journey:

You are all solely responsible for reading and following our guidelines so everyone can have an enjoyable practice, while we maintain and sustain our community studio. By attending class you are agreeing to all our guidelines and policies.

– We will require ONLINE Pre-Registration for every class. You must sign up online for class at the latest 30 minutes ahead of class start time. Download the MindBody Online app or visit our website to register for class.

– Please leave your cell phone while practicing

– Be safe, and make sure you mention your yoga teacher about any physical limitations or injuries that should be noted. Dont be shy – this is incredibly important

– Students are required to wear their mask and wash their hands upon entering the studio. Once you arrive at your mat, you may remove your mask. Please arrive 10 minutes before class.

– We will not be accepting any walk-ins. Our staff will not be adding any students that are not registered 30 minutes prior to class.

– No shoes in studio. Yoga is best practiced barefoot, so be prepared to remove your shoes on the rug upon entry. Do not walk on our floors at anytime with shoes.

Stay home if you feel sick

Rule #: Charge No Less Than $60 Per Session But

Charge no less than $60 per hour for your private yoga sessions BUT dont think this gets you off the hook for charging more if you should. Consider value, where you live, your experience, and what they are receiving from you in addition to instruction. Then set your pricing appropriately.

Individually, we have the responsibility to work with clients who are a great fit for our expertise and whom we are best suited to help. Collectively as yoga teachers, we have the duty to make peace with our money shyness and solve our pricing conundrums. With this, we will all come to associate private yoga sessions as impactful, instrumental, and worthy of a monetary exchange.

For the love of yoga, use these pricing rules as the groundwork for your private yoga sessions. With them, you will build your confidence in pricing and your lessons, and you’ll create a foundation for sustainable private yoga teaching.

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How To Price Your Yoga Class As A New Teacher

Over the years, the question of how to price yoga classes has been a common one Ive heard from new yoga teachers. Most of them hesitate to charge a competitive price for their classes given their lack of experience. In fact, even I struggled with charging for yoga in my early days. This is typically motivated by self-doubtand even perhaps sincerity and wanting to do well by ones students. As a result, many new yoga teachers undercut their own value. They may end up charging low prices or worse, even initially offering free yoga classes.

Im here to tell you that you dont need to do this: Just because youre a new yoga teacher, that doesnt mean you should teach for free or offer your classes at the lowest possible prices. Studying yoga is not an easy task it took a decent amount of savings and investment of your time to get to where you are now. Think of physical therapists, restaurateurs, or any other service providers: Do they offer you their skills and products for free just because theyre new on the job? Maybe theyll have new client deals or some good promotional discounts, but thats it. Its crazy that we think yoga teachers and other fitness instructors need to discount the value of our work. In todays post, Ill explain how to price your classes when youre starting off. But first

Im a new teachershould I teach for free?

Understand your yoga market

What are the different offerings you can put out as a new yoga teacher?

Thing #3 What Is The Going Rate In Your Area

Havi Yoga

This one is important. Theres no use charging LA prices if youre living in a small town in Delaware.

Dont be afraid to speak to fellow yogis in the area. Generally speaking, the yoga community is a welcoming one and other private yoga teachers really will be willing to help. If nothing else, it is also in their best interest to advise you price wise so you dont undercut them

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How Much To Charge For Corporate Yoga

Again there are two options here. You can either go for a standard flat rate or you can charge per person.

If you are charging a flat rate, consider a similar price to your one to one classes. It makes it easier for you not to have to juggle numbers and it will be a rate you have established as worth your time, efforts, travel expenses and any other additional costs.

If you are charging per person, $5 is normally the average. Bear in mind that the company will likely be paying for this class, so you would not charge a standard fee here per student or the bill would end up being pretty extortionate.

Private Yoga Teacher Pricing:

Im based in NYC, and along with cities in California, and perhaps Boston, the prices here are probably the highest in the country for the reasons you would expect. One, the cost of living is really high in big cities like Boston, NYC, LA, and cost of trainings in those areas are also higher and the incomes of clients are also higher than elsewhere. So average rates in towns or small cities will be less.

So the rates mentioned here hold generally for those areas, Ill mention exceptions below.

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Thank You For Supporting Yoga Teacher Prep

Yoga Teacher Prep has rolled up it’s mat. Here is a final message from founders Laura Martini and Valerie McTavish. “It was a dream come true to support so many yoga teachers in these past years we helped you make the transition from new YTT graduate to rockstar entrepreneur, we coached you around how to launch epic retreats, and we lit you up with all kinds of tools when you were feeling un-inspired. You helped us too it was always your positive feedback that made us stay up WAY too late at night crafting the next course/challenge/blog post just for you. It has been our honor to serve and we hope you continue to find your dharma in being a yoga teacher. If we can support you through our other business, please reach out.Thank you for this journey. Namaste.”

Join Laura on the mat in person at Mandala Studio or in the parks of Kelowna, BC. Or, immerse yourself in her extremely popular international retreats where she’ll ignite your soul and deepen your love of yoga. Laura also supports yoga teachers through one on one mentorships that focus on building your tribe, creating profitable retreats, and reigniting your yoga teacher passion. Visit her website to join her virtual classes or connect

Yoga Asks Your Body To Take Some Unusual Positions

How To Get Clients For Your Yoga Studio Or Private Yoga Sessions

One of the reasons yoga works so well to help the body fight against diseases such as osteoporosis is that your bones are being twisted in unusual ways. Yoga poses put stress on the bones, causing the body to deposit more calcium and therefore, strengthens them. However, since your body is not generally accustomed to moving this way, you can also be prone to more injuries.

Going into a big yoga class with students at different levels can lead you to perform yoga poses without proper alignment. If its difficult to see the instructor you might be inclined to simply follow what others are doing. And if the person next to you is doing the pose incorrectly, you might also have improper form and leave yourself open to injury.

A private instructor will take the time to show you how to get into and out of every pose properly. A good hatha or Iyengar instructor will offer yoga props to assist you in the beginning until your body gets used to the poses.

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Compromise With Your Schedule

Yoga is a form of exercise which can be practised all through the day, although morning time would be the best choice. However, since your classes would be attended by school students, college students, working professionals, housewives, etc. who won√Ęt be able to attend a morning class, you will have to compromise with your schedule for the students.

How Can You Attract Students To Yoga

In order to make your yoga center a known one, you should approach various ways to advertise about the classes you offer. This advertisement can be done with the help of posters, leaflets and online modes. There are many websites such as Superprof which can help you make a proper advertisement about your private yoga classes.

Moreover, with the help of an online medium, you can also provide students with the facility to learn yoga online. All you will need is to register yourself and provide the details about the classes you offer. Further, an online advertisement would not require any certification. If you are an expert in yoga, you will not require a piece of paper to prove the same.

On the other hand, if you want to take offline classes, then you would require a proper place with ambience setup. Since yoga classes need to be taken in a calm and quiet place, organising it amidst nature would be a perfect option. Go for a park or a seashore, which provide the best environment for practising yoga. Furthermore, there are a few materials requirements like mats, bottles, and the likes which would be required in your classes.

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That Said: I Have Heard You And I Want To Help You

I know you all are thoughtful and smart and will want to use this flexible framework in a way that is supportive, but not constrictive. One of the most important skills you can learn as a private yoga teacher is how to hear and trust your intuition, and I trust that you will use these loose guidelines to help you teach as the most grounded and intuitive version of yourself!

Private Yoga Classes At A Studio Or Online $75 To $275

How Much Should I Charge For A Yoga Class

Having the exclusive and sole attention of a yoga teacher maximizes the effectiveness of your time in learning to practice yoga. The teacher gives you their complete focus, advising and sharing expertise designed entirely for your anatomy and constitution.

Of course this kind of attention comes with a higher price tag, and again, is typically based on the teachers experience, education and expertise.

Yoga teachers charge anywhere from $30-$175 for an individual online yoga session. If you schedule your private yoga in a yoga studio, the price can go up to $75-200. Some teachers will meet you at your home, and these typically are the most expensive, ranging from $125-$275 per session.

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Yoga For Medium Level

In the medium level of learning yoga, one can offer to teach positions like Padangusthasana, Paripurna Navasana, Dhanurasana, Ustrasana, Bakasana and Garudasana. With completion, the students will become familiar and can take on new positions easily. In the intermediate level, the duration of every class should be one to two hours. You can also exceed the timing as per your convenience.

Since you will have to invest more time and effort at this level, the fees should be decided accordingly. Generally, it should be ranging from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1,500 per head.

Comfort In Sharing Your Personal Health History

In a group class, it can be challenging to approach the instructor with your health history. And even if you do, he or she might not be able to help you modify poses throughout the entire class. However, it is helpful for an instructor to know if youre getting over surgery, an injury, or an illness. Just because yoga can look easy and relaxing, doesnt mean its harmless.

As an instructor, I like to know if my clients are suffering from a chronic disease, have had any recent sports injuries, or even if they havent exercised in 10 years. I wouldnt want to push a client into doing a pose that he or she is not ready to do. A good private instructor will be able to help you modify poses and offer alternatives until you feel you can do the poses on your own.

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Whats The Average Yoga Instructor Salary For A Newly Certified Teachers

How much money new yoga teachers make depends on their skills, confidence, and willingness to ask! When you begin your career, it is essential to set yourself up for success right from the start.

Yet, most graduates feel that they should teach free classes to gain more experience before charging. The sad reality is that around 70% of graduates of yoga schools dont feel confident to start training. If this is your case, consider acquiring the skills and knowledge to gain confidence and become a successful teacher. Zazyoga launched a Bridge program for yoga teachers to address this exact situation. Just be careful not to rely on training alone. No amount of yoga teaching certifications can replace the invaluable experience of teaching yoga to students .

So, if you prefer to gradually build your confidence on the ground, make sure that you have a clear plan on when, how, and how much you will start charging for your services so that you dont find yourself still not earning a yoga instructor salary years from now.

Why Is Pilates Expensive

5 *MUST-KNOWS* For Teaching Private Yoga

So, Pilates classes can be a bit costly compared to other exercise classes. But why exactly? There are two main reasons why Pilates can be high-priced. First, instructor training requires a lot of time and money. Plus, they must pay extra for any certifications they get, as well as for continued education.

The second reason is the equipment. If you take lessons at a studio or fitness center, they spend a lot of money purchasing and maintaining the equipment. Therefore, you are paying to use high-quality equipment and to receive expert instruction from skilled and certified instructors.

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How Much To Charge For A Yoga Class

If youre setting up your own group lessons, Im not going to lie to youunless you have an already established group of loyal students, you arent going to make a ton of money on these initially. HOWEVER, once built upon, nourished and shown a lil lurveee, group yoga classes can be one of the big earners, so hang in there!

Factor in your venue rental and any equipment so that you know how many students you will need to simply cover your costs.

Eg. If your venue cost is $30 an hour and youre charging your students $10 a class, you know you need at least 3 students to break even.

Try and cover this as best you can from the offset.

Once again, do your research, have a look at other classes in your area and try and place yourself somewhere in the realms of what they are charging.

You can also choose to introduce the block booking system here too to guarantee students attendance.

Eg. $10 for a drop in or $50 for a 6 class pass

Phew we did it! We talked about yoga AND money in the same context. Lets all dive straight into a yoga practice to help ourselves through the trauma of this day.

Just kidding.

Seriously folks, time to put our big girl yoga pants on and earn what is rightfully ours. Our yoga practice is sacred and to be able to share the benefits of yoga with others is such a blessing but it doesnt come without its cost.

Remember your worth.

Remember people keep coming back for not only the practice but also for YOU and your teaching experience.

A Framework For The First Session With A Private Yoga Student

July 6, 2016 Francesca Cervero

Question:: Can you give me a general sequence that moves a new student through all ranges of motion? I need some kind of framework to use for assessment purposes and to be able to set specific goals with my students!

Question:: The hardest thing for me in an initial consultation is to get that delicate balance of how much to ask and how much to moveWhat is most important in a first private session?

Digging into the complicated answers to these questions is one of my very favorite parts of working with teachers in my training. I have avoided answering questions like this here on the blog however, because I try to stay away from prescriptive teaching, especially from afar.

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Gain Initial Experience In A Safer Environment For Beginners

If youre completely new to yoga, you might find group classes a little overwhelming.

When the rest of the class already knows what to do, you may be struggling to keep up. But with a private yoga instructor, you wont be left behind. In fact, the class is all about YOU.

In yoga, its absolutely imperative that you learn the basics correctly and ensure proper alignment. Without doing so, youre at an increased risk of injury while doing yoga and no one wants that.

Theyll guide you every step of the way, making sure the class goes at a pace thats right for you.


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