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How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost

How Do I Choose A 200

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I recommend using Yoga Alliance as a resource for searching for Registered Yoga Schools. Once youve made a list of programs that interest you, I think its important to do your homework/research to make sure youre getting what youre looking for. Be sure to practice at the studio so that you can get a feel for the vibe of the studio/style. Speak to the teachers who will be leading the training and ask any questions you might have. Talk to past graduates to hear about their experience.

What Is The Average Cost Of Yoga Teacher Training

If youve already looked intohow to become a yoga instructor, youll know that there is no fixed cost of yoga teacher training courses.

In fact, if you do a quick Google search youll see that there are actually some pretty significant price differences.

We carried out some research into the most popular yoga courses out there, and found some courses costing upwards of £2100, as well as others advertised as completely free!

There are so many different prices and different kinds of courses out there, its no wonder youre searching something along the lines of how much does it cost to become a yoga teacher?.

If youve seen some of the free courses out there, you might even be wondering why you would pay for yoga training at all.

Never mind paying the average cost of yoga teacher training – which falls at around £1500 according to our comparison of the most reputable yoga course providers in the UK.

But before you get carried away and sign up for the first free course that you find online, its definitely worth doing some research.

Fortunately for you, weve done all of the hard work for you!

Were about to guide you through exactly how to find the perfect course, one that will get you started on this exciting new career path without breaking the bank.

Yoga Teacher Training May Be More Affordable Thank You Think

Thats right. If enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training is something you truly desire, its time to get creative. Here are some ideas to fund your yoga teacher training.

  • Monthly Payment Plans -In fact, many yoga teacher training courses offer payment plans! You can budget in a smaller monthly fee for the course. Keep in mind that the schools that offer payments will require the balance to be paid in full before the start of the course, so the earlier you enroll, the smaller your payments can be.
  • Get a Side-gig For those with the privilege of time, getting a temporary side gig may be a good option to help fund your Yoga Teacher Training. By creating a separate Yoga Teacher Training fund, you can put all of the extra income from the new paycheck towards the cost.
  • Work Exchange Programs Some Yoga Teacher Trainings may allow you to apply for a work exchange or influencer program where you can offer your unique skills in social media content, blogging, and marketing in exchange for your certification.
  • Scholarship Programs Another great thing that some Yoga Teacher Trainings offer are scholarship programs to assist those who need help with funding.
  • Support from Family and Friends Share the importance of this journey of self-discovery with your close family and friends. If you have a birthday coming up or a special holiday, this can be the perfect opportunity to ask for support in lieu of a physical gift.
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    How To Become A Yoga Teacher Online

    Sounding great so far? Excellent! But, what about if you want to train as a yoga teacher but cant make it to a school or retreat?

    Of course, we know that for some people, studying a YTT isnt practical. The cost of enrolling in a course at an overseas retreat isnt feasible for some. Meanwhile, for others you might not have convenient access to a good yoga school or perhaps your schedule doesnt allow it.

    But now, thanks to the power harnessed by the internet, you can even become a yoga teacher without stepping out of your home. An online YTT follows the same principles as a YTT at a school or retreat. You will study at a pace determined by yourself. Resources provided will typically include videos and a training manual. In addition to recorded training sessions, you are required to attend live sessions with your instructor. You will complete quizzes and assignments along the way. Most online YTT courses conclude with you performing a demo class with a student.

    Before you decide to become a yoga teacher online, you should research online courses in-depth. Many retreats around the world provide an online offering, so you can read reviews of the physical retreat as well as their online equivalent.

    Why not check out the top Online Yoga Teacher Training.

    Choosing to become a yoga teacher online isnt for everyone. As with all courses, it has its pros and cons.

    Doing A Yoga Teacher Training Certification In Singapore

    How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost? (2021)

    Doing a yoga teacher training certification in Singapore isnt exactly cheap, but with an increasing number of yoga studios offering both weekday and weekend training courses, it is both convenient and accessible to get certified in Singapore.

    For those who are already certified, fret not. Heres a guide to setting up a yoga studio in Singapore., if youre looking to kickstart your yoga business!

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    New Chair Yoga Teacher Training For Ideas For 2021

    chair yoga teacher training Your certification will enable you to teach a one hour Chair Yoga class with knowledge and confidence to a varied audience. 28th from 12-7 PM.

    Chair Yoga Teacher Training, We also have training programs specifically designed for Retirement Home Long Term Care staff and volunteers. COURSE OVERVIEW THIS TRAINING IS OPEN TO ALL. It will be a useful additional skill set recommended for Healthcare Professionals.

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    SunLight Chair Yoga teacher training is featured May 2021 by beYogi. However it is advised that you have a minimum of two years of foundational Hatha Yoga training as a student before taking any teacher training courses. Chair Yoga consists of poses and breathing exercises performed in a seated position or with the use of a chair allowing it to be performed even in hospitals or nursing homes. Saturday 16th October – Putting it into practice and preparing to market your new skillset. Learn how to adapt poses to the chair in a safe and effective way so that you can work with special populations and.

    Which Yoga Teacher Training Program Is Right For Me

    Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra: Given how many different styles of yoga currently exist today, picking the right yoga teacher training can be a daunting task.

    If youve been going to a particular style of yoga class and enjoy it, then your choice is easy. The next step would be determining where exactly you want to get trained.

    Usually, teacher trainings offered abroad in India, Mexico, and Southeast Asia are immersive programs that require you to stay for three or four weeks on-site, and pricing is often reflective of room and board, as well as meals.

    Some yoga schools also offer add-on amenities, depending on the location, they can be adventure tours or cultural immersion programs.

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    Corepower Yoga Teacher Training Classes

    When you register for your training class, you will work out payment details, including an initial deposit and monthly payments CorePower Yoga does not require you to pay the full amount upfront.

    CorePower Yoga may also have discounts available such as an early registration discount, or a discount for current CorePower Yoga members. Available discounts are subject to change and may vary by studio.

    CorePower Yoga offers the following classes, though class availability varies by location:

    200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training

    • Cost: About $3,000 some partial scholarships available
    • Length: Eight weeks meeting three days per week , or 13 weeks meeting three days per week
    • Overview: This training is for all experience levels and you can learn at your own pace. After the course, Yoga Alliance certification allows you to teach anywhere. You will learn fundamental sequences, demonstrations, anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, etc.

    Power Yoga Extensions

    • Cost: About $1,000
    • Length: Four weeks meets twice a week for three hours each day
    • Overview: The 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training is a prerequisite for this extension class the certification you earn for this class is from CorePower Yoga.

    200-Hour Hot/Hot Power Teacher Training

    • Cost: About $3,000
    • Length: Eight weeks meeting three days per week
    • Overview: Similar to Power Yoga and open to all experience levels, but practiced in a heated room Yoga Alliance certification allows you to teach anywhere after completing the course.

    Siddhi Yoga 200 Hour Ytt

    How Much Money Do Yoga Teachers Make?! MY SIDE HUSTLE REVEALED

    Duration: 200 hours

    Price: $397 or $165 for 3 months

    Format: One-on-one and self-paced

    Siddhi Yoga brings centuries worth of experience of the original yogis from the Yoga capital. Siddhi Yoga schools are famous around the globe because they offer some of the best and most authentic yoga training and practice classes.

    The 200-hour yoga certification by Siddhi Yoga is taught by three leading Indian yoga teachers who delve into the yoga teachings every step of the way.

    Each teacher focuses on a different part of the course. For example, Dr. Sumit Sharma teaches yoga anatomy, Asana, and alignments. Dr. Shobhit focuses on the individual Asanas hes certified E-RYT500 and YACEP from the Yoga Alliance USA. Lastly, Sandeep Pandey focuses on yoga philosophy, meditation, and Hatha yoga with over three decades of experience.

    When you register with Siddhi Yoga, you immediately get access to a 300+-page manual. Self-study is not necessary but advised. Other than that, you get over 200 hours of self-paced training through online classes. Furthermore, youll also find more than 250 video lessons on guided Asana practices, mediation, philosophy lectures, and more.

    Because of the pandemic, you get a $200 discount voucher because of the lack of on-site training. In exchange, you get live online learning through weekly interactive Zoom sessions where you can directly interact with the teachers. Youll be getting continuous support throughout the course for any queries, questions, or issues.

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    Zazyoga Mindful Movement Ytt

    Duration: 200 hours

    Price: $1,397 or $141 per month

    Format: Self-paced and one-on-one

    Zazyoga is known to provide a more spiritual and hands-on experience with yoga. Their belief is that empowering yogis with passion and the right tools leads to the ideal yoga practitioner and teacher.

    The thing that really sets Zazyoga apart is that they instill a sense of community and encourage it. On that part, they offer continuous online support throughout your training, give you a chance to discuss things with fellow students, and focus on building communities through Facebook groups, Slack groups, and more.

    When youre doing the course, youll be receiving personal feedback on a daily basis. Youll also be getting one-on-one coaching from the teachers, giving you a deeper understanding of the yoga practice.

    Most online courses focus on a specific type of yoga practice. However, this particular course combines the practices of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and the Vinyasa style.

    The brand has developed something called Mindful Momentum. Its an approach that focuses on teaching yoga mastery, being mindful, and continually practicing functional alignment.

    Other than that, you learn 30 different original morning practices, 30 Asana labs, and step-by-step yoga sequencing skills.

    How To Find Yoga Teacher Training Affordable Costs & Pay Less

    • Blog /
    • How to find Yoga Teacher Training affordable costs & pay less

    It is an undeniable truth that yoga teacher training costs have slowly risen across the board since attaining the YA certificate has become more and more popular.

    It is still true that you can find a course that doesnt break the bank but it takes a lot more looking and most of the time a lot more travelling too than used to be the case.

    The variety of prices is down to many factors. Firstly there is the popularity factor, take anything in the world, as soon as it is in high demand then there is the potential to charge a higher price.


    Teacher trainings are not all priced un-affordably, most are priced due to certain factors so if you can understand those factors then it is possible to find the yoga instructor certification of your dreams and at the budget that suits you and makes sense.

    One of the main reasons the prices have increased is because a good share of people who complete a course never end up teaching and they do not embark on the journey with that objective in mind. So its less about the related cost of achieving the qualification to be a professional yoga teacher, and more about the price of an intensive residential yoga adventure.

    Often people are just looking to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga, be more knowledgeable and consciously aware of the history and background of their most loved activity.



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    Register With Yoga Alliance

    Before you choose your YTT, you should familiarise yourself with the benefits of studying at a Yoga Alliance accredited school. These are known as Registered Yoga Schools .

    If you chose to study your YTT at an RYS then you may become a Registered Yoga Teacher . Upon completion, you can visit the Yoga Alliance website and pay the necessary fee online. You will need to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations to ensure your certification remains valid.

    Remember, it is not mandatory to register with Yoga Alliance, even if you study at an RYS. You should weigh up the pros and cons of becoming a RYT prior to studying your training course.

    You will find that some schools only hire RYTs whilst others do not specify. As Yoga Alliance is headquartered in the US, aspiring teachers who wish to teach in the US should investigate their options in particular.

    Why Yoga Teacher Training Is Worth The Investment

    How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost? (2021)

    I understand that YTT does not come at a low price so you really have to look at YTT as an investment in yourself both mentally and physically.

    It will seriously improve your yoga as well as your life, how you look at it and how you act. Thats why I claim it to be a life-changing event.

    If you want to be a yoga teacher then YTT is really an investment into your future job which will return the money to you.

    If you want to do YTT to deepen your practice then youre going to get so much more than that and may even want to be a teacher after. Most people in my course didnt want to teach and after the course was done all of us wanted to teach.

    Theres something magical that happens during the course and a transformation that youll feel from it that is difficult to sum up into words so youre just going to have to trust me on this.

    That magic, that transformation, that knowledge is priceless. So really an investment is so much more than just the money, its about the experience of a lifetime and you cant put a dollar sign on that. Take my word from experience.

    Dont forget to email Erin at and tell her Taylor sent you or use code Taylor100 to get your next life changing experience started!

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    What Is A 200

    First, lets address exactly what a 200-hour yoga teacher training is. You spend 200 hours learning about the following topics with experienced teachers/trainers who run a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance.

    • Techniques, Training and Practice
    • Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle
    • Practicum

    180 of those hours must be contact hours, meaning they are done in the presence of your teacher/trainer. The remaining 20 can be completed through things like observation, homework, book reports, etc.

    The idea is that when you graduate, you are ready to teach a class to a general adult population. Note, if you want to teach kids, seniors, prenatal or a specific style/audience youll probably need to do more training .

    How Much Is Tuition

    Both Modules 1 & 2 = $4600

    If paid in full one month prior to the training start date, you will receive a 20% discount. This will bring your total cost to $3680, or $460 on a 10 month payment plan.

    Module 1: Deepen Your Practice = $2800

    If paid in full one month prior to the training start date, you will receive a 20% discount. This will bring your total cost to $2240, or $350 monthly on an 8 month payment plan.

    Module 2: Learn to Teach = $1800

    If paid in full one month prior to the training start date, you will receive a 20% discount. This will bring your total cost to $1440, or $225 monthly on an 8 month payment plan.

    Note: Please note that US and International students will be charged in USD. Canadians will be charged in CAD and are subject to GST.

    * These prices reflect the cost of an online training. Rates are subject to increase when we start offering trainings in person.

    * You are not able to be on more than one payment plan at a time.

    * Both modules are non-refundable after 72 hours of purchase. If a refund is requested within 72 hours of purchase, funds will be returned less a $200 processing fee. After 72 hours of purchase, your training tuition becomes transferable only.

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    Restorative Teacher Training By Yoga International

    Duration: 6 hours

    Price: $225

    Format: Self-paced

    Taught by Cyndi Lee, the course focuses on adjusting yoga practices for different body types, shapes, and sizes. The idea is to convert the concept of restorative poses and principles toward applying it to everyone.

    Youll be learning how to teach prop hacks even when you dont have any traditional props. Along with a complete understanding of Restorative yoga, Cyndi Lee also teaches two Buddhist meditation practices to complement the yoga training.

    As a student, you will also learn how you can introduce various Restorative yoga practices and poses to your class. You will also learn different ways to sequence a yoga class for better management and energizing.

    Other than that, Cyndi Lee also focuses on covering some of the common mistakes teachers make while teaching. She covers some of the common obstacles teachers face, how you can overcome them, and how you can become more confident teaching your classes.

    When you register for the course, you get a digital manual with unlimited course access. The 15-page PDF is an insight-driven and well-organized resource that includes insights, tips, instructions, and inspiration from Cyndi Lee.

    You can take the course at any time on any of your devices, whether you want to take it on a PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

    If you push for it, you can easily complete the course and get your digital certificate in two days.


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