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How Much Does A Yoga Certification Cost

Reasons Yoga Teacher Trainings Are So Expensive

How Much Does a Yoga Instructor Make? More Than You Think!

There are so many yoga teachers training to choose from nowadays. Some can be completed in one month, others take several months to complete. Some focus on one type of yoga while others may mix several styles. And yet one thing is a constant.

The high price.

Typical 200-hour yoga teacher training can range from $2,000 to $7,000, depending on what they offer.

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So why is yoga teacher training so expensive? In this article, I will outline the 12 reasons yoga teacher training is expensive.

First, lets have a look at some commonly asked questions about yoga teacher training.

I will cover the following in this article:

Restorative Teacher Training By Yoga International

Duration: 6 hours

Price: $225

Format: Self-paced

Taught by Cyndi Lee, the course focuses on adjusting yoga practices for different body types, shapes, and sizes. The idea is to convert the concept of restorative poses and principles toward applying it to everyone.

Youll be learning how to teach prop hacks even when you dont have any traditional props. Along with a complete understanding of Restorative yoga, Cyndi Lee also teaches two Buddhist meditation practices to complement the yoga training.

As a student, you will also learn how you can introduce various Restorative yoga practices and poses to your class. You will also learn different ways to sequence a yoga class for better management and energizing.

Other than that, Cyndi Lee also focuses on covering some of the common mistakes teachers make while teaching. She covers some of the common obstacles teachers face, how you can overcome them, and how you can become more confident teaching your classes.

When you register for the course, you get a digital manual with unlimited course access. The 15-page PDF is an insight-driven and well-organized resource that includes insights, tips, instructions, and inspiration from Cyndi Lee.

You can take the course at any time on any of your devices, whether you want to take it on a PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

If you push for it, you can easily complete the course and get your digital certificate in two days.

Which Yoga Teacher Training Program Is Right For Me

Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra: Given how many different styles of yoga currently exist today, picking the right yoga teacher training can be a daunting task.

If youve been going to a particular style of yoga class and enjoy it, then your choice is easy. The next step would be determining where exactly you want to get trained.

Usually, teacher trainings offered abroad in India, Mexico, and Southeast Asia are immersive programs that require you to stay for three or four weeks on-site, and pricing is often reflective of room and board, as well as meals.

Some yoga schools also offer add-on amenities, depending on the location, they can be adventure tours or cultural immersion programs.

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Best For Beginners: Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health 200

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 200-Hour Teacher Training

Why We Chose It: The Kripalu School of Yoga provides beginners with an extensive yet refined set of skills needed to effectively teach yoga to others.

  • Kripalu has a long history of successful teacher training

  • One of the most well-known and respected yoga schools

  • Allows you to advance to 300- and 500-hour trainings from Kripalu if desired

  • Doesnt allow the transfer of hours from other yoga teacher training centers

  • Teaches only Kripalu yoga methods, which may not be a fit for everyone

The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health has a long history and is highly respected in the yoga community as both a center for professional training and a center for retreats. The 200-hour teacher training at Kripalu is the perfect way for beginners to start their yoga career.

With a Kripalu education, youll earn a respected certification and feel confident in your abilities as a yoga instructor, even as youre teaching your very first classes. The Kripalu curriculum includes five primary learning modules: asana, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and physiology, and relaxation and meditation.

Kripalu hosts in-person training at its Massachusetts campus and offers an online curriculum as well. Tuition for the online version of Kripalu yoga teacher training ranges from $1.074-$2,700, and the cost of the in-person retreat ranges from $230-$460 per night, with day passes available for $150 per day.

Breaking Down The Cost Of Yoga Teacher Training Courses

How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost? (2021)

A great Yoga Teacher Training course will offer a wide range of knowledge covering everything from the art of teaching along with tools to aid you in life through group discussions on yoga philosophies, meditation, pranayama, and also delve into other topics of interest as well that will ignite your curiosities. Depending on the length of time for the course, the location whether its local or abroad, and even the style of yoga, Yoga Teacher Training can range anywhere from $2,000 $5000 USD. Keep in mind that when you are paying for a Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training, the cost will cover tuition typically for the following

  • Educational materials for the course such as a training manual
  • The opportunity to train with and receive feedback from a certified teacher with a 500 RYT designation
  • An in depth look at yoga posture clinics, anatomy, teaching practicums, meditation, pranayama breathing techniques, philosophy from the Yoga Sutra and others, even insight into Ayurveda, the chakras, the business of yoga, and more.
  • Depending on the location, meals may be included along with access to the venue
  • Access to Yoga props, use of a mat, bolsters, blocks etc.
  • A certificate to teach Yoga
  • Have your name registered as a certified teacher on the Yoga Alliance directory
  • Many Yoga Teacher Trainings will offer a welcome gift!

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Zazyoga Mindful Movement Ytt

Duration: 200 hours

Price: $1,397 or $141 per month

Format: Self-paced and one-on-one

Zazyoga is known to provide a more spiritual and hands-on experience with yoga. Their belief is that empowering yogis with passion and the right tools leads to the ideal yoga practitioner and teacher.

The thing that really sets Zazyoga apart is that they instill a sense of community and encourage it. On that part, they offer continuous online support throughout your training, give you a chance to discuss things with fellow students, and focus on building communities through Facebook groups, Slack groups, and more.

When youre doing the course, youll be receiving personal feedback on a daily basis. Youll also be getting one-on-one coaching from the teachers, giving you a deeper understanding of the yoga practice.

Most online courses focus on a specific type of yoga practice. However, this particular course combines the practices of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and the Vinyasa style.

The brand has developed something called Mindful Momentum. Its an approach that focuses on teaching yoga mastery, being mindful, and continually practicing functional alignment.

Other than that, you learn 30 different original morning practices, 30 Asana labs, and step-by-step yoga sequencing skills.

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What Is A Registered Yoga Teacher

It makes sense that yoga instructors would have to be registered or certified in some way, but what exactly does the term Registered Yoga Teacher mean?

Simply put, a registered yoga teacher, or RYT, is a yoga instructor that was trained by a Yoga Alliance-registered school, but theres more to it than that. RYTs have to maintain several standards to be considered a registered yoga teacher.

  • RYTs must receive and maintain confirmation from the Yoga Alliance. This means completing a registered yoga school training program and keeping up with continuing education requirements.
  • RYTs must pay membership fees to the Yoga Alliance.
  • In addition to continuing education, RYTs must demonstrate experience with teaching or practicing yoga in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards.

According to their website, Yoga Alliance does not certify teachers or accredit schools. Yoga Alliances credentialing system is a directory, not to be confused with other types of credentialing systems .

In other words, the Yoga Alliance doesnt standardize how yoga is taught it is simply a membership community with its own set of standards for the training received and practiced by its members.

That said, the Yoga Alliance is seen as a highly reputable and professional association, and any yoga instructor having an RYT designation is more likely to find a good number of job opportunities even if just starting out.

Ways To Make Additional Income As A Yoga Teacher


Be part of the high-end hotels wellness programs

Many luxury hotels offer wellness programs that include yoga classes for their guests. Get in touch with the concierge service office to inquire about any job opportunities. You can also contribute to teaching an on-demand private yoga class to their traveling guests.

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Teach private classes

When teaching at various locations , you will meet many new students and build your regular one. They might ask you to teach them privately, so know your hourly rate and how far you are willing to drive. Teaching private classes is higher income, usually than group classes, and allows you to create your schedule.

Offer lessons to businesses

Many companies now provide yoga lessons as a way to best support their employees wellness. Make sure to connect with a few local businesses around you and be one of their reliable and on-staff teachers.

Organize an outdoor class

The beauty of teaching yoga is that you can teach it anywhere. Get creative and hold classes at the beach, in parks, rooftop lounges, empty spaces that are relatively clean there is no limit! Use social media such as Instagram account and Facebook groups to establish yourself and organize yoga pop-ups wherever you are.

Teach at retreats or yoga centers

Host your retreats

The website is a very useful platform to be part of a more extensive network of like-minded people looking to book their retreats.

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Yoga Teacher Training May Be More Affordable Thank You Think

Thats right. If enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training is something you truly desire, its time to get creative. Here are some ideas to fund your yoga teacher training.

  • Monthly Payment Plans -In fact, many yoga teacher training courses offer payment plans! You can budget in a smaller monthly fee for the course. Keep in mind that the schools that offer payments will require the balance to be paid in full before the start of the course, so the earlier you enroll, the smaller your payments can be.
  • Get a Side-gig For those with the privilege of time, getting a temporary side gig may be a good option to help fund your Yoga Teacher Training. By creating a separate Yoga Teacher Training fund, you can put all of the extra income from the new paycheck towards the cost.
  • Work Exchange Programs Some Yoga Teacher Trainings may allow you to apply for a work exchange or influencer program where you can offer your unique skills in social media content, blogging, and marketing in exchange for your certification.
  • Scholarship Programs Another great thing that some Yoga Teacher Trainings offer are scholarship programs to assist those who need help with funding.
  • Support from Family and Friends Share the importance of this journey of self-discovery with your close family and friends. If you have a birthday coming up or a special holiday, this can be the perfect opportunity to ask for support in lieu of a physical gift.
  • Tracey Rohan Irwin

    Best For Experienced Practitioners: American Viniyoga Institute 500

    American Viniyoga Institute 500-Hour Teacher Training

    Why We Chose It: For advanced yogis yearning for deeper, broader knowledge, the American Viniyoga Institute utilizes a comprehensive approach that covers multiple facets of yoga often taught in separate courses. Its also a stepping stone to a clinical yoga therapy certification.

    • Comprehensive coverage is challenging even for advanced yogis

    • Allows students to advance to clinical yoga therapy for more career opportunities

    • Highly qualified faculty

    • Tuition cost of some plans doesnt include accommodations

    • Significant emphasis on physical and structural components of yoga, which may not fit with those looking for more spiritual instruction

    The American Viniyoga Institute applies an approach that combines the elements of yogaasana, pranayama, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, history, and literatureinto one advanced training. This program is quite intensive, requiring a significant financial and time investment, so its best for current or soon-to-be instructors serious about advancing their careers.

    The institute runs the program at the Ancient Yoga Center in Austin, Texas, and each session runs for 12 nights. Tuition costs $3,250 per session . So, if you opt for the complete 500-hour training, expect to remain on the campus for 48 nights and spend $13,000 plus some for lodging, travel, and food.

    The American Viniyoga Institute expects students to have a consistent yoga practice of six to 12 months under their belts.

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    Register With The Yoga Alliance

    Once youve completed your training course, go to the Yoga Alliance website and register your training and credentials. You will need to pay an initial $50 application fee and an annual fee of $65, both of which are due up front when you register.

    After that, you will be expected to pay the $65 annual fee each year to maintain your registration with the Yoga Alliance. Although this is not necessary, it will set you apart from other candidates when you apply for a yoga teaching job.

    Hour Yoga Teacher Training By Yoga Renew

    How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost? (2021)

    Duration: 200 hours

    Price: $437

    Format: Self-paced

    Yoga Renew provides a wide variety of courses, including 200, 300, and 500-hour online yoga teacher training certifications. As a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance, you can effectively become an RYT 200 after doing Yogi Renews course.

    Becoming Yoga Alliance certified is the fasted way to start mentorship. After that, you can start practicing teaching.

    The Vinyasa style of yoga is taught through various yoga training videos, live weekly zoom calls, and various other training resources.

    Youll start the course by learning about yoga history and yoga philosophy, including ancient yoga texts like The Vedas, The Bhagavad Gita, and more. Then youll learn the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

    After that, youll learn about yoga anatomy and physiology and the different styles of Yoga, including Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, Hot yoga, Restorative yoga, Ashtanga yoga, traditional yoga, and more.

    Furthermore, youll also learn six principles of yoga alignment and five categories of Asanas. Once you have that under your belt, youll learn five Bandhas of yoga, individual Asanas, teaching cues, and more.

    More importantly, youll be learning basic Sanskrit names, Pranayama techniques, Chakra Yoga Therapy, and meditation techniques.

    The best thing about this certification course is that you get lifetime access to class sequence plans, meditation scripts, e-books, yoga class theme ideas, and much more.

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    Best Intensive Course: Himalayan Institute

    Himalayan Institute

    Why We Chose It: Youll enjoy three straight weeks of immersive training at the Himalayan Institute in rural Pennsylvania, complete with instruction in anatomy and physiology, breathing, asanas, meditation, philosophy, diet and lifestyle, teaching methods, and more.

    • In-person, immersive experience facilitates connection to nature, self, and others

    • Offers 200- and 300-hour programs, plus a meditation teacher training program

    • Emphasizes physical and structural teaching over spiritual aspects, which isnt a fit for all yogis

    The Himalayan Institute offers 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher training. The 200-hour training in particular is a great choice for people looking to kick off a career as a yoga instructor.

    With a decades-long teaching history and a robust curriculum, the Himalayan Institute provides an exceptional education for aspiring yoga teachers. Unlike some of the other courses on this list, which offer on-demand learning or extended formats to accommodate busy schedules, the Himalayan Institute training requires three weeks of on-campus learning.

    The time commitment is hefty, but if youre looking for an immersive, in-person, on-campus experience in the U.S., theres no better option. Tuition for this yoga teacher training costs $2,399 and accommodations are not included.

    Short Term Or Long Term Program

    In a short term, the intensive course would definitely be the opportunity of a lifetime to fully immerse yourself into the yoga lifestyle, as you would have set aside all other obligations to fully commit to present during the course. This allows you to be more focused on what is being taught and what is happening daily, with minimum distractions from the outside world. The daily schedule, food, and environment are also designed specifically to encourage the best yogic experience.

    The obvious downside to an intensive course is that you might simply be incapable of taking such time off from work or other pursuits. Delaying obligations might cause you to stress throughout the course, which would be highly counterproductive.

    A long term course that runs over a few weekends would not require you to take time off from work, and you can likewise maintain your personal life outside of training hours . This would also be preferable for people who have familial obligations and cannot, for whatever circumstances, be away from home for long.

    Another benefit of a weekend course is that you will have more time in between classes to absorb and process what is being taught, so you have more time with your teachers to ask questions and clarify anything you are unsure about.

    However, a weekend course will not immerse you in the full experience of a yoga lifestyle, as the majority of the week is spent in the hustle and bustle of your normal lifestyle.

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