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How Much Do Private Yoga Lessons Cost

You Cannot Take Care Of Anyone Else If You Are Not Taking Care Of Yourself

WHAT A PRIVATE YOGA LESSON IS LIKE // How I Teach Private Yoga Lessons

Part of your own self care should mean charging appropriately for your work. We are all in this together, and if we want the healing benefits of yoga to reach as many people as possible, we have to carry ourselves as professionals who can afford to take continuing education classes, pay for quality health care, buy healthy food, and save for retirement and vacation. That means you have to charge for your work, and you have to charge appropriately.

Let me help you figure out what that means.

This post is only the start! I know you have more questions for me about pricing for private yoga sessions! This is the place to ask them!

How Much Do Yoga Classes Cost Prices

Ballpark Estimate: $10 to $15 per lesson

If youre looking for an activity that will exercise your mind as well as your body, you may want to consider the practice of yoga. Yoga is a form of exercise that combines stretching, strategic postures, meditation and breathing techniques in order to help a person achieve a more balanced state.

What Affects The Cost Of A Personal Trainer

To calculate your total personal training sessions cost, consider the following factors and tips:

  • Location of Session Whether you train in a gym, at home, or if they run with you on a route around your neighborhood costs will be different. If you already have a gym membership and pay monthly dues, your training rates will likely be cheaper.
  • Length of Session Trainers commonly offer 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions that recur daily, several times a week, or once weekly. You may get more benefit from frequent training in shorter sessions. Others need longer sessions with more time in between them for recovery, and only you can work out what’s best for you with your trainer.
  • Number of Sessions Discounts are available up to 30% when purchasing training sessions in packages of 5, 10, or 20 or scheduling recurring weekly or bi-weekly training.
  • Group Fitness vs. Personal Training A one-on-one personal training session costs more than small group classes or sessions with a couple of friends.
  • Trainer Expertise Expert trainers can customize exercise plans for you that’s safe as well as effective. Their knowledge of recovering from specific injuries or surgeries will help prevent any injuries.
  • Trainer Certifications The two main certifications are the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. NSCA-CSCS and the NSCA-CPT . It’s highly recommended to pay the extra cost for a certified trainer.

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The Average Salary For Yoga Instructors And Studio Owners

Part of your business plan and something that absolutely impacts how much your charge is your own salary. So how much do yoga teachers typically make?

If youve been a teacher for a while, youve probably already got a good idea of what this looks like. But if youre relatively new to yoga, or branching out into a different type , you might need a ballpark figure.

  • The average salary for a yoga teacher is $37,900 per year, according to Glassdoor
  • By class, depending on your teachers experience, the range is $35 $100
  • Then theres the mat incentive: Many teachers expect an additional $1-3 for every student after 10

Yoga Prices: How Much Should You Charge For Classes

2021 Average Private Yoga Lessons Cost (with Price Factors)

As a yoga teacher or yoga studio owner, how much should you charge for yoga classes? Is there yoga studio software to help with pricing and scheduling?

Broadly speaking, there are 2 yoga class pricing options

  • Per yoga class
  • Creative pricing options including packages and memberships.


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Teaching Yoga Through Superprof

Many yoga instructors offer the first session or consultation for free through Superprof.

If you browse the tutor profiles on our platform, you’ll also find that location affects your pricing – if you are offering classes in an affluent area of Sydney, you’ll generally be able to charge more than in rural areas.

Some final considerations for pricing your lessons – if you specialise in a particular yoga discipline make sure you mention this front and centre in your profile. Also, highlight your unique physical or spiritual approach, how you can aid with stress management, balance body and mind through self-care, and how yoga can help your student find a sense of harmony in their lives.

How Much Do Yoga Studios Make

To understand how much do yoga studio owners make, it is essential to start with how much money do yoga studios make. Despite the average yoga studio producing slightly over $13,000/month in revenue, many studios can exceed the average amount. The average price per yoga class is $10-20 nation-wide.

Heres an example: Lets say a studio in Los Angeles charges $20 per class. Twenty students attend each class, and there are five classes per day. That studio would produce the equivalent of $2,000 a day in income, or $60,000 per month in revenue.

Here are a few other notes regarding the profitability of individual locations and membership numbers:

  • Large studios in top areas such as NYC and LA exceed $1,000,000+ in annual revenue.
  • The average studio owner can make six figures by servicing 100-200 students per month.
  • Once a studio becomes popular, a single practice room can serve between 250-500 students per month.

Ultimately, bottom-line profit estimates are hard to calculate due to the different nature of memberships. Some students prefer to pay by the class while others pay for unlimited classes and get a discount.

One of the main variables affecting your bottom line is recurring attendance.

Your students will show up at varying intervals. Some will show up every day, and others will show up 2-3 times a week. And during the summer holidays and Christmas season, attendance can drop significantly.

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Think About Teaching Private Clients

Apart from a group class that is sequenced ahead of time and under your discretion, privates are all about the student/client. This is their time with your full attention on anything that they would like to work on within their practice.

Due to the fact that they are in control and have the freedom to learn as they choose, seventy-five to a hundred dollars per-session is equitable price per hour. It is natural to feel uncomfortable with starting at this price point because you are unfamiliar with this type of exchange. Just remember, confidence in anything is key!

The reality stands that teaching yoga is still a business. In order to grow and be successful in this business, you must be able to survive and thrive in this modern world. When something is valuable to someone, such as the progression of their own practice, the terms of money tend to fade. People see the value in the product and are more than likely going to pay whatever price is put in front of it.

Work Around Your Schedule

Yoga Teacher Advice: How to find Classes & Private Clients Yoga Business Questions answered

Busy schedules are one of the top culprits for stopping people from taking care of their mental and physical health.

Whether youve got to do the school run, head to a meeting or study for a test, theres always something getting in the way.

Most group classes take place early in the morning before people go to work, or in the evening after the finish. If neither of those times works for you, it can be hard to fit your yoga in.

When you hire an instructor privately, your class schedule works on your terms. Instead of struggling to get to your class on time, you can make it come to you when youre ready.

This also means you can be flexible in more ways than one. You dont have to stick to the same time for every class. If your work or social life gets in the way, you can always move your classes around them.

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Advance Your Yoga Skills With Pre

As we mentioned, private yoga lessons arent just great for beginners. They can be hugely beneficial for advanced yogis, too!

Some people find that group classes arent challenging enough or dont focus enough on the poses they want to improve on. Sometimes, they find that the classes become stagnant, and they dont feel themselves improving anymore.

In a private class, you can have an individual program thats tailored specifically for your needs. Your instructor will plan routines that incorporate the poses you want, and help you to work towards even your loftiest yoga goals.

This way, you can break through a plateau and take your yoga practice to the next level.

Whats In A Yoga Instructor Salary

There seems to be more than a little bit of confusion surrounding the average salary of a certified yoga instructor.

In the United States, yoga instructors make an average of $24.96 per hour, making anywhere from 31K-100K, with the national average clocking in at wait for it $60K.

Real US dollars, not Monopoly money.

Now, depending on where you live in the United States, the notion of a $60K annual salary might sound pretty sweet.or wholly underwhelming.

To reach that figure, you would basically have to teach 26 yoga classes per week for a whole year, at the rate of $50 per class. This hourly rate is shall we say, not extremely commonplace.

Which is why when someone asks so, whats an average salary of a yoga teacher? you cant just throw out five-figure salary figures and shout NEXT QUESTION!

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How Much Do Pilates Classes Cost

Pilates classes are becoming a popular form of exercise because it is a minimal-impact exercise that works the whole body, and people of all ages can enjoy it. However, whether you take private lessons or a group class at a studio, Pilates classes tend to cost more than other types of exercise classes, and private and semi-private lessons are more expensive than taking group classes. The actual cost of Pilates classes will vary based on the studio, the number of classes you take and your geographical location.

What To Bring And Expect

Group Classes â Private Yoga Initiative

Every yoga class will unfold in a different way, but there are some common elements that you can usually expect to experience in a typical yoga lesson. For instance, you should plan to wear loose clothing, such as stretchy yoga pants and a t-shirt or workout top. You can find these at most stores that sell athletic wear, such as Lululemon Athletica, which specializes in technical yoga apparel, or other sporting goods stores that carry a range of options from casual workout clothing to more specializes yoga wear. You will also be expected to bring a yoga mat, which you can purchase for between $20 and $30 for a basic mat, or up to $50 for a deluxe model at most sporting good stores such as Dicks and Modells, and discount houses like Target and Walmart.

Most yoga classes start with some chanting or meditation, followed by light stretching to warm up the muscles, before moving into a sequence of poses. The yoga class will usually end with more stretching to cool down, followed by a period of final relaxation and meditation.

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How To Price Your Yoga Classes

Pricing yoga classes effectively can positively impact how much yoga studio owners makes. The yoga studio will have to produce income if you want to be able to pay off instructors, make rent, and keep the business afloat. Its the owners job to ensure the rooms are top-notch, bring in an adequate number of students, and make sure the instructors are happy. Who said running a yoga studio is easy?

Even if you dont teach yoga classes yourself, youll have to keep the instructors accountable and manage all the invoicing behind the scenes. You have to approve the payments, sign checks, and hire/fire instructors.

To make this a profitable venture, you need to charge students appropriately. Here are the best ways to charge students for classes to produce the income you need:

Yoga Classes And Meditation At The Best Price

How much yoga classes are depends on the place and the teachers. But, you can definitely get the best value with a Soule Collective membership.

For just $28/month, you can get unlimited yoga classes and meditation resources. You can stream the best yoga classes from anywhere in the world and access our vast on-demand library. Regardless of your experience, youll surely find a yoga class here that suits your level.

Most importantly, The Soule Collective features the best teachers. You can rely on their experience and expertise to guide you through asanas and mediations. Sign up for the Soule Collective to get started today!

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The Honest Truth About A Yoga Instructor Salary 2022

How much do yoga teachers make?

Is it all Lululemon yoga pants and Evian water? Or is it, you knowramen noodles while sleeping in your parents spare room?

The answer is its up to you!

You can be the most incredible yoga teacher in the cosmos, and struggle to pay rent.

And as much as I hate to admit it, you dont have to know a yama from a llama these days to make tons of cash.

Most of us didnt spend decades studying Sanskrit, meditation, health and fitness science and yoga postures so we could eventually buy a Lamborghini.

Yet, that doesnt mean that yogis deserve to struggle financially.

Theres a balance to be found, one that involves a great deal of honesty with yourself: why do I truly want to be a yoga teacher? Am I willing to do what it takes to earn a livable yoga instructor salary? At the end of the day, is the yoga the most important thing?

Whether you teach Iyengar yoga at a darling lil yoga studio, run individualized yoga therapy retreats at a forest retreat center, or draw on your strengths as a personal trainer in yoga and pilates sweat sessions at local health clubs, the yoga industry is booming and you can live on a yoga teacher salary.

Read on to learn how to make a career out of teaching yoga

Want to see all yoga teacher training opportunities?Check out our affordable YTT courses around the world!

Take A Look At Your Clients

How I make money as a Yoga Teacher & Youtuber / Teaching Yoga, Collaborations, Online Courses, …

That is, when you first start out and are establishing your following. Just like any consumer, people tend to go with what they know. They either jump on the bandwagon with others or create a liking based on their own experiences. Once you have a following, others will join in. However, they will return based on the connection and trust that you ignite in them.

Also, keep in mind, that it is very common for yoga teachers to start classes at a donation based rate. This gives students the opportunity to interact with you and then put a price on their experience. As a platform, this gives the teacher a taste of their money making potential and after a few sessions, some insight on a price point moving forward.

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The Benefits Of Private Yoga Classes

There are numerous benefits to taking private yoga lessons, but here are some of the particular rewards you can expect.

One-on-one attention

No class can offer the individualized attention that one-on-one yoga lessons at home can. Your private yoga teacher will be able to facilitate individualized teachings, stopping when you need to stop, explaining when you have a question, and changing course when necessary. This is what private online classes is all about!

Whereas with general classes at a studio, its easy to get lost in the crowd, yoga classes at home are tailored to you specifically. They give you the ability to direct your own practice or to have a professional personal yoga trainer create a program that meets your needs. Its the ultimate in personalized wellness care.

Be healthier on-the-go

With Anahanas private yoga practice, you have the ability to continue your practice with private instructors even when youre on the go. After all, whether youre traveling for work or for pleasure, its important to continue your yoga practice. Its good for you when youre away from home, and it also makes it all the easier to continue when you arrive home.

Incorporate yoga in your own space

Some practitioners of yoga may not feel comfortable practicing in a group, and thats okay. The fact of the matter is that yoga is not inherently a group activity. It can be done alone with an in-home to great effect.

Flexible to your schedule

Opportunity to work on specific issues

How Much Are Yoga Classes

Although yoga is undeniably one of the best ways to exercise and re-connect your body and mind, its fair to wonder: How much are yoga classes? Price matters, and knowing the average cost of a yoga class helps you budget. But not everything thats easier on your wallet is good. Heres a guide to help you find the best yoga classes at the best price value.

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Thing #2 How Many People Are You Teaching

A private class will tend to be one to one however you may receive requests for group/family or couples classes.

Its always a good idea here to have a base rate of what you would charge for one person and then add on an additional amount per person.

For example, if you charged $60 per person you may want to add $15 per additional person because presumably, they would then split the cost between them. Its kinda a win-win!

This also helps to avoid confusion in the case of one person dropping out one week and whether you should adjust the group rate.

Keep it simple and transparent for both yourself and your private clients.


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