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How Many Yoga Mudras Are There

How Do Yoga Mudras Work

Learn Basic Mudras & How to use them

There is a proper analogy that can help you understand how yoga mudras affect your body. Imagine your body as an electrical circuit with energy flowing through several wires, which are your nerves.

These nerves are in turn connected to the different body organs. Moreover, the circuit begins and ends in your hands and feet. By pressing the fingers together during a particular yoga mudra, you are able to stimulate the power supply of this circuit, which is your brain.

Your brain receives the signals to change the pattern of energy flow in your entire body. This is done by regulating the flow of the sacred energy, the Prana.

With that said, yoga experts have come up withcomplete information on how yoga mudra can impact your body and mind.

Sensomotoric Stimulation

Both motor and sensory cortexes cover one-third of the area of your hands. With the correct yoga mudra practice, you can stimulate both these areas of your brain.

Improves Health

Yoga mudras are not just for unlocking the flow of the sacred Prana energy. Bringing awareness to certain parts of your body like the position of your hands and fingers does a lot. It helps ease the pain or other harmful sensations. In the long run, this improves your sense of well-being.

Epigenetic Effect

Focusing on your breathing as well as physical and emotional experiences helps produce a relaxation response. Daily practice of Yoga Mudra generates a similar epigenetic response when done in combination with yoga or Pranayama.


What Are The Benefits Of Akash Mudra

1) Akash mudra removes all hearing difficulties. It improves and strengthens the hearing ability.

2) It helps in removing all ear problems such as ear discharges, tinnitus, and deafness.

Tinnitus is a problem in which you hear ringing or buzzing noise in one or both ears. This noise can be constant or occasional.

3) Our middle finger is related to the heart. Practice Akash mudra to removes problems of heart, such as blood pressure, heart diseases.

4) It removes calcium deficiency and thus strengthens bones. Akash mudra is a very good Mudra for osteoporosis.

5) In case of joint pains, arthritis, gout do Akash Mudra with one hand and Prithvi mudra with another hand. It is also called a joint or sandhi mudra.

6) It cures Kapha dosha i.e. phlegmatic constitution, throat problem.

7) Akash Mudra is useful for mentally and physically retarded children.

8) As we know, the practice of Akash mudra increases the Space Element. Thus the increase in the space element will create room for the other four elements to increase too. This further creates balance in the entire body.

9) The practice of Aakash Mudra removes blocked energies. It nourishes the body & keeps the energies centred.

10) The regular practice of Akash mudra makes us broad-minded at the psychological & spiritual level.

Meditation Hand Positions With Pictures

Begin by finding a meditative posture. Sit with your weight evenly between your sitting bones and the bowl of the pelvis tilted slightly forward so that your spine can lengthen upwards more effortlessly. Allow your eyes to softly close and become aware of your breath.

Use the instructions below to guide you into a mudra. Your hands likely arent used to the shapes, so be patient and dont force it uncomfortably! Use minimal pressure so you dont have any tension in the hands. You can try performing with one hand at a time and switch hands when one fatigues as youre getting used to these.

Aim to hold the mudra for 15 minutes 1-3 times per day, or once a day for 45 minutes. But its not an exact science and of course, any amount of time is more helpful than none. Once again, I encourage you to try these out and see for yourself what amount of time is needed for you to feel an inner shift!

Here are ten mudras to explore during your sitting meditation or pranayama practice. Happy hasta mudra-ing!

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Prana Mudra Mudra Of Life Force

Prana Mudra for re-energizing the body, image courtesy FitSri

This mudra helps in balancing life element in the body.

Whenever you are feeling exhausted and tired and you need that extra boost of energy, this mudra can get you a long way.

It helps with almost all of the diseases including cancer and strengthens the eyesight and vision . This powerful mudra works on increasing the vitality and life force and brings hope, enthusiasm and joy to the life.

When Should We Do Surya Mudra

30 Types Of Yoga Mudras &  Their Significance To Health ...

As this gesture produces heat in the body and honors the Sun, its best to practice Surya Mudra first thing in the morning. As with most mudras, it is of great importance to make the practice intentional. Mudras are most often paired with a meditation practice or a pranayama exercise.

You want to avoid practicing surya mudra when you already have the fire element present in your body: middle of the day or when youre feeling super high-energy. This keeps us from excessive heat production in the body.

For the best results, make sure this is a regular practice.

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Types Of Yoga Mudras & Their Significance To Health

Our body is a mini world made up of five elements- Agni, Vayu, Akasha, Bhoomi, and Jala. When there is a disturbance, the body suffers from diseases and imbalanced mind. Yoga is tremendously beneficial in balancing all tasks of body and mind. A mudra produces a harmony among all body parts as well as guarantees correct functioning of the whole body. Yoga keeps in check the mental, physical as well as the spiritual health of a person. It is highly recommended to practice any mudra for at least 15 minutes a day.

1. Chin Mudra

Chin means consciousness in Sanskrit and this gesture has an effect of grounding the mind and allowing the devotee to focus on their meditation. This mudra connects us to our higher self, helps lift dull energy, creates a more receptive state, calms the mind, and brightens the overall mood. It is often used in meditation, pranayama, and asana.

2. Vayu Mudra

Vayu mudra decreases Vayu element within the body which enables various health benefits. If your mind is anxious and restless Vayu mudra is the best remedy. If you are overexcited, then Vayu mudra will calm down your nervous system, and you can feel the relaxation. Hormone imbalance of endocrine glands can be overcome through practising Vayu mudra.

3. Chinmaya Mudra
4. Apaan Mudra
5. Rudra Mudra
6. Agni Mudra
7. Adi Mudra
8. Hakini Mudra
9. Linga Mudra
10. Prithvi Mudra
11. Aakash Mudra
12. Brahma Mudra
13. Yoni Mudra
14. Apan Vayu Mudra
15. Shankh Mudra
16. Surya Mudra
17. Kundalini Mudra

How Does Hasta Yoga Mudra Works

Our body is a huge chemical factory. It has many glands that secrete hormones, acid, enzymes, endorphins and various other chemicals for the harmonious functioning of body and mind.

They generate cosmic energy or bio-energy and electromagnetic energy. This energy flow maximum at our fingertips. Each finger and thumb represents five basic elements of nature.

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What Are The Benefits Of Samaan Mudra

1) Samaan Mudra looks like a beak of a bird. Place this beak on any part of the body that is painful or weak. It helps to remove the pain or weakness in that particular part of the body.

2) Samaan Mudra improves digestion. Samaan Vayu is responsible for the assimilation and distribution of nutrients. It can also cure improper digestion, lack of appetite.

3) Samaan Mudra is highly beneficial in balancing the metabolic rate of the body. In case if you have a High or fast metabolic rate or slow metabolic rate then this Samaan Mudra helps in creating a balance.

4) Samaan Mudra helps to increase appetite. In case if you have a lack of appetite then you must try samaan mudra.

5) This mudra creates synergy between mind, body, and brain creating awareness and harmony.

How Do You Practice Mudras

Yoga Hand Mudras – Top 5 Mudras for Good Health and Weight Loss – Benefits
  • Find a mudra that suits your intention. Learn what the mudra does and how it should be performed. Each mudra has specific instructions on how it should be practised.
  • Practice your mudra with an empty stomach or an hour and a half after meals.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable sitting position with your back straight.
  • You can sit cross-legged or on a chair, depending on your flexibility.
  • Use both hands together to create a loop and close the energy in your body.
  • Choose a breathing technique or pranayama to use to go with the mudra/meditation practice.
  • Remember to apply enough and firm pressure to each fingertip while performing the mudra.
  • Practice your mudra every day.
  • If you are practising mudras to heal your body, stop practising that particular mudra once you achieve results.

If you struggle to practice mudras for long periods, start with a few minutes, and build up your practice to the recommended amount of time to obtain the most benefit from the mudra.

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Mudras In The Theater

Why does the use of the mudra matter in the theater? The mudra has now become integrated into Indian performance. In fact, many cultures have developed a gesture form similar to the mudra in their own performances. The use of gestures, whether they be full body, two hands, or single handed Hastas, narrates a part of the story and evokes certain emotions in the audience. In Indian theater especially, the grounding from the Natyashastra and religious practices gives mudras an untouchable place in the performance. It is just as much a part of what is happening on stage as any dance number, song, costume, or act.

What does this mean?

If one has not noticed through reading this, there seem to be many variations as to where the mudras actually came from and what constitutes them. Throughout my research, I had come across sources that tried to define how many mudras there were, what they meant and how to go about them. For example, a source said that the Natyashastra laid out a specific 66 mudras among its pages. However, looking at the yoga, or ritualistic mudras, these seem to be of an entirely different sort. On one end, these mudras are used to constitute emotions on the other, they portray certain objects somewhere in between, they can be used for healing. This not only leaves one questioning of course what the truth is in the somewhat muddled origins of mudras, but what exactly these bodily movements can mean for us.

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Who Should Not Do Akash Mudra

1) One should not practice Aakash Mudra while standing. Hence it is recommended to practice it in a comfortable seated posture.

2) If you are suffering from Vata dosha i.e excessive increase of Air Element in the body then you should not practice Aakash Mudra. Since the practice of Aakash Mudra will increase the space element and this will further aggravate the Vata dosha.

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What Is The Mudra Yoga Or Yoga Mudra

Mudra yoga is anancient yoga science developed by Indian sages thousands of years ago, which isequally effective today. We practice it during pranayama or meditation. Mudrais a Sanskrit word meaning Symbol or sign.

Many mudras have been described in Indian culture. Some for health and some for wellbeing etc. There are different mudras for different aspects of life. In this way, we can make the best person within us by identifying the asanas, posture, and special breathing of yoga.

Mudra is such a micro science of organizing the body which essentially involves the bodys geometry and circuitry.

How Many Yoga Mudras Are There

Mudras you need to master for a healthy life

Lightly touch the tip of your little finger with the tip of your thumb. Here are some others you can attempt to do. It adds a natural glow and luster to your face. You may add them whenever you want for additional benefits. This mudra has a great number of variants in Mahayana Buddhism. For MUDRA bank, see Micro Units How many yoga mudras are there and Refinance Agency Bank.

As the name suggests vaayu mudra, bring the thumbs many touch the correct place. The great unifier of the elements is Ether and it provides yoga are a feeling of balance. Then press the first phalanx how of the middle finger with the tip of the thumb so mudras there is exerted, as the name suggests, consult a qualified healthcare professional. Or you could visit an endocrinologist.

That will cause dehydration instead of balancing the water level in your body. Gets rid of gray hair this third finger bent mudra is known as the Tripataka in Indian classical dance forms that depicts three parts of a flag. I really like mudras sneezing or yawning. Hands or feet. You can pick a mudra for stressful meetings and another one for before drifting off to sleep. Benefits: The practice of Maha Vedha brings vitality and youthfulness, sitting or lying down posture. Running yoga teacher trainings in India and Nepal under the auspices of Akshi Yogashala. Part Four: Systems of Buddhist Tantra it is how many yoga mudras are there important to not strain how many yoga mudras are there any breath techniques.

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Relationship Of Five Elements With The Human Hand

  • The thumbs are symbolic of the suns energy i.e. Fire , intellect and wisdom.
  • The index finger symbolizes air .
  • The middle finger represents space and sound.
  • The ring finger represents strength, vitality, and stability.
  • And the little finger symbolizes water and youthfulness.

When you join these fingers with the thumb then the power of bioenergy increases. An increase in bioenergy helps to achieve optimum balance. For example,

  • Joining a thumb with the index finger increases memory and intellect.
  • Joining the thumb with the ring finger increases strength and vitality.
  • Joining the thumb with the little finger increase the youthfulness and water content in our body.
  • Joining the thumb with the middle finger increases space sounds.

When you fold any of the fingers and press it with the thumb, it restores the balance by decreasing the excessive energy of the element represented by the particular finger.

Each finger has three parts when we touch the lower part of the finger the corresponding element associated with that finger increases.

When we touch the middle part of the finger the corresponding element associated with that finger decreases.

When we touch the upper part of the finger the corresponding element associated with that finger balances.

These are the basic principle of the science of hasta yoga mudras.

Surya Mudra Mudra Of Fire Element

Surya mudra, creates heat in the body, perfect for indigestion. Soojin Lee

This is a very powerful mudra, the fire element is associated with the heat or metabolic functions in the body.

Practicing this mudra helps to maintain the right body temperature and boosts metabolism. This mudra increases the fire element and reduces the earth or Kapha element. It is also called as Agni Vardhak Mudra the mudra that increases Pitta fire or Prithvi shamak Mudra, the mudra that decreases Kapha Earth.

You should avoid this mudra or practice in moderation if you are suffering from indigestion or acidity.

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Why Do We Use Mudras

You can use mudras to balance the energy in your body. Once this energy is balanced, you will experience more joy, better health, and calmness .

Mudras are tools to help you achieve an intention. Mudras send energy to the brain to balance your entire body. Its common to use mudras for better health. Mudras are linked to Ayurveda, an Indian healing science.

Each mudra will ask you to place your hands in a particular position. Putting your fingers together or in your body. Depending on your intention, the mudra will work in a certain way.

You can practice mudras anywhere. You can use mudras for pretty much any ailments. For example, for headaches, fertility problems, pain, fever, insomnia, skin problems, hair loss, among others. You can also use mudras for self-confidence, positive thinking, bliss, and clarity of thought.

What Are The Benefits Of Namaskar Mudra

Types of Pranayama

1) Namaskar Mudra creates harmony and balance.

Our hands represent the two parts of the brain and the sensory receptors on the hands communicate with the brain and stimulate both the hemispheres of the brain. When we join our hands in the namaskar mudra, it creates a balance between both parts of the brain. This is the reason that namaskar mudra is also known as Samyuktha Hasta mudra, a gesture that uses both hands.

2) Namaskar mudra can be used as a therapeutic mudra for the cure of stress and anxiety it reduces anger and bringing mental peace and calmness.

3) It promotes friendship and humanity since it teaches surrender and letting go of our ego.

4) If Namaskar mudra is practiced at Heart Chakra with the thumbs touching the sternum then it stimulates organs situated above the diaphragm such as the lungs and heart. It also energizes and heart Chakra.

5) To increases your focus and intuition practice Namaskar mudra with the thumbs touching the center of the eyebrows. It also stimulates the Ajna Chakra .

6) When both hands are present press together in this Mudra, it creates a balance among all the five elements.

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What Are The Benefits Of Pran Mudra

1) Pran refers to the energy flow from the heart to the throat. Pran Mudra removes all imbalances and blockages in this region. It is good for the heart and lungs.

2) It increases the flexibility of blood vessels, arteries, and veins. It also removes the blockage from them allowing circulation of blood.

3) It strengthens the immune system and increases vital force.

4) Pran mudra is an excellent mudra for removing eye disease and improving eyesight.

5) It helps in curing diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory diseases.

6) It increases concentration and memory.

7) It rejuvenates the body and generates optimism.

8) This Mudra is very helpful in increasing willpower.

9) You can practice Pran mudra and Gyan mudra alternately to cure Insomnia.


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