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How Long To Become A Yoga Instructor

Learn Yoga Humanities 30 Hours

How long does it take to become a Pilates instructor | How to become a Pilates Teacher

While learning yoga, it is just as important to master ones knowledge of the body as it is to master the history and cultural context behind the physical art of yoga. During this third 30-hour part of YTT you will learn all about the important history and humanity of yoga.

  • History Learn what the term yoga means, key historical dates and ideas .
  • Philosophy Defining yoga and the philosophies involved in the practice. The relationship between asana, pranayama, and meditation. This will vary per each schools unique approach, though most yoga schools embody a very similar philosophy. Study various yogi texts .
  • Ethics Discover the ethical precepts of yoga and the yoga sutras. Learn the Yoga Alliance Ethical Commitment . Learn the responsibility you and other yogis must increase the equity in yoga. Discover accountability practices as well as self-reflection.

How Study Method Affects Your Course Length

Before we get into how your chosen study method affects the answer to how long does it take to become a yoga teacher, it’s important to know that when we talk about course length were referring to the amount of time it takes to get qualified.

Regardless of study method, all regulated courses involve the same course content in the same amount of detail, but the study method that you choose will affect how that course content is spread out over time.

The three main study methods are:

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Online Learning
  • Below, weve broken down how long it takes to become a yoga teacher with each study method.

    Want to know how your study method affects the price of your course? When were finished here, weve answered everything you need to know about the cost of yoga teacher training right here.

    Decide What Type Of Yoga Teacher You Want To Be

    There are several different types of yoga teachers. Some yoga teachers cater their classes to specific groups while others hold classes in specific locations. For example, a yoga teacher may decide to target a niche market such as providing yoga instruction to professional athletes or they may decide to offer classes through a yoga studio or online.

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    Going It Alone As A Yoga Teacher

    Teaching classes independently offers you the ability to set your own schedule, working at times and locations that you suit you.

    Plus, you have the freedom to teach exactly what you want: for example, you could focus more on alignment or breathwork, depending on your preferences.

    Your teaching schedule neednt be limited to a specific location, either. You could run classes at your home, online, or locally, across the country, and abroad.

    However, it can be more difficult to generate income teaching yoga independently. This is especially true in the beginning, when you may have to teach a lot of class hours to establish yourself and thats provided youre able to find students to study with you.

    – Teach classes how you want to- Option to work in multiple locations – Can be difficult to generate income- Takes time to establish yourself

    Design A Course And Lesson Plans

    How to Become a Yoga Instructor? Step by Step Guide by ...

    This is where your creativity kicks in. Using your deep knowledge of poses and flows, you can choreograph your own sequences and movements, deciding on the length of time to hold the poses, too.

    Some teachers like to know exactly what theyre going to teach in each session, while others are more spontaneous, letting their bodies decide for them or asking what the class wants to include and go from there.

    Either way, it always helps to have some back-up sequences in your mind in case you go blank.

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    Yoga Teacher Training Basics

    In a yoga teacher training program, future yoga teachers are exposed to a mixture of philosophies and practices relevant to the yoga methodology.

    Though each school is somewhat different in the actual classes it teaches, the courses offered by most typically include instruction about topics such as:

    • – Different yoga techniques and practices
    • – Yoga-based theories, attitudes, and beliefs
    • – Effective teaching tactics

    Some of these classeslike theory, anatomy, and physiology are instruction-based, thus they are typically held in a classroom type setting. Others, such as techniques and poses, are more physical in nature and require hands-on learning that is best taught in a studio or gym. By now, you may be wondering if schooling and the certification it offers is a must to be able to teach yoga. Lets delve into that now.

    Why Yoga Teacher Training Is Worth The Investment

    I understand that YTT does not come at a low price so you really have to look at YTT as an investment in yourself both mentally and physically.

    It will seriously improve your yoga as well as your life, how you look at it and how you act. Thats why I claim it to be a life-changing event.

    If you want to be a yoga teacher then YTT is really an investment into your future job which will return the money to you.

    If you want to do YTT to deepen your practice then youre going to get so much more than that and may even want to be a teacher after. Most people in my course didnt want to teach and after the course was done all of us wanted to teach.

    Theres something magical that happens during the course and a transformation that youll feel from it that is difficult to sum up into words so youre just going to have to trust me on this.

    That magic, that transformation, that knowledge is priceless. So really an investment is so much more than just the money, its about the experience of a lifetime and you cant put a dollar sign on that. Take my word from experience.

    Dont forget to email Erin at and tell her Taylor sent you or use code Taylor100 to get your next life changing experience started!

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    Elective Hours 15 Hours

    Lastly, to wrap up your YTT, youll need to complete 15 classroom hours of elective training. Elective hours can be from the following subcategories of learning:

    • Techniques, Training and Practice Learn about acro yoga, aerial yoga, sacred sound, and stand up paddle board yoga.
    • Yoga Humanities Learn about Ayurveda, Jyotish, and Yantra.

    The following list are electives not accepted by the Yoga Alliance:

    • Acupuncture
    • Astrology

    Should You Become A Yoga Teacher

    Become a Face Yoga instructor!

    As you can see, becoming a yoga teacher is not a path to monetary riches .

    The industry may be booming right now and you may enjoy yoga but that still doesnt mean teaching yoga is a fit for you.

    Maybe it seems like the right path because its established rather than it being what is really calling you, Smythe warns.

    Following your highest excitement is what will ground you and support you. Check in with that often.

    For example, lets say your training costs $3,000, and you earn $15 an hour and teach two classes per week. Although it might be a fun side gig, itll still take you more than two years to recoup the cost of your investment.

    In other words, dont become a yoga teacher if youre in it for the money.

    Only do it if youre committed to bettering the lives of your students.

    The most important thing is realizing youre stepping into that yoga room for others, says Hogg. The class is not about you its about your students.

    Being a great teacher is remembering and continually renewing your commitment to students, Ursillo adds.

    In the end, about leading by example as you strive to be the best soul that you can be.

    Susan Shain is a freelance writer.

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    Become A Yoga Instructor On Your Time

    The amount of time it takes for you to become a yoga instructor will depend on your current commitments and lifestyle. If you are able to commit to two to four weeks of daily training, an immersion program may be the best fit for you. In that case, you will be certified and ready to look for your first job within a month. For those who need to balance their work or home life with training, a longer period of study may be a better option. Just make sure to do your research. Programs vary in the depth of material they cover, as well as teaching style and philosophy. Find the one that works for you.

    How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Yoga Teacher

    How long does it take to become a certified Yoga teacher? These days, the average training program will last three to five months. Some courses are foundational and others are designed to build on the foundational knowledge absorbed within ones original 200-hour course.

    Being a yoga instructor is a very rewarding position, especially if you have a passion for helping others grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is your opportunity to touch someones life in a positive way, teaching them to be flexible, how to build their strength and how to enhance their life, through a feeling of unity with all life.

    Teaching Yoga to others is a form of service, and while it may seem like a fun job, it is a very serious and focused career as well. Many people who want to become Yoga instructors often wonder how long training takes in order to become a certified teacher. The answer varies depending on your level of commitment to learn. Outlined below is the general criteria needed to become certified.

    Where to Begin Yoga Instructor Training

    The first logical step in becoming a certified Yoga instructor is to have practiced Yoga yourself for at least a few years. Most programs will ask that you have two years experience as a student, because you should understand basic terminology. You must have a basic understanding of the fundamentals surrounding Yoga including:

    * Physical and individual growth

    * Focus on alignment when performing specific Yoga poses

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    What Is Qci Exam

    QCI/YCB is the only authentic certification from the Govt of India. This certification is a must to become a Yoga Teacher in any State governments in India. This certification will be considered as standard all over the world in the future. The syllabus,the examination pattern and the standards are unparallel.

    Start Making Money Teaching Yoga

    How Long Does it Take to Become a Yoga Instructor?Broke ...

    Step five is charging money for people to take your classes. This could mean that youre teaching in a studio, or maybe youre hosting events in your home.

    Maybe youre teaching in corporations, like youre going into businesses, and teaching there, or partnering with local restaurants to have yoga and wine nights.

    You could lead retreats.

    You could teach yoga online, like me.

    There have never been more opportunities to find success as a yoga teacher in the way that you really enjoy, and are passionate about.

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    How To Choose A Yoga Course For Certification :

    To shape the career of a successful yoga teacher instructor, investing in a curriculum approved by the Yoga Alliance guarantees great results.

    Not only do these programs teach the philosophy and history of this ancient practice They are the most widely accepted.

    Therefore, we highly recommend that the yoga school you choose should be registered with the Yoga Alliance.

    When you select a registered school, you can visit the Yoga Alliance website and provide important details including your enrollment to become a registered yoga teacher.

    The total cost of a yoga teacher training certification course can start anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ 5,000. For online yoga teacher training you may be able to make it a bit more effective and convenient.

    In addition, you can take additional courses such as EFA and cardiopulmonary revitalization for North American teachers, becoming more professional members of the yoga community.

    While these courses are not compulsory, your students feel safe knowing that you can successfully conduct first aid.

    Yoga Teacher Certification Requirements :-

    As we mentioned, to work as a certified yoga instructor from the Yoga Alliance approved program, you must complete a 200-hour course.

    Coursework includes hands-on work, classroom assessment and mentoring.

    To take your training certification program to the next level, there are several 300-hour yoga teacher training and 500-hour programs to advance your teaching expertise and skills.

    Get Registered For Ryt

    Once you are done with the life-changing and transformative yoga teacher training course, you can register for RYT.

    It is not compulsory for you to register as an RYT, but it is definitely beneficial and useful. You will be more credible all around the world if you are an RYT. As an RYT, you will have more job options. But, at the end of it all, what really matters is how good a yoga teacher you are.

    If you are an excellent yoga teacher, chances are your yoga career is already very bright. But being registered as an RYT gives you more visibility and credibility not only in America but all over the world.

    The world of yoga is changing. A few years earlier registration as an RYT or any other registration wasnt necessary. But as yoga spreads like wildfire, it has become more critical to maintain the quality and high standards of yoga.

    This quality and high standard is maintained through the RYT, Yoga Alliance and QCI qualifications.

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    Become Certified In Cpr

    If you want to teach in a health or fitness center, you will most likely need to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as “CPR.” Health and fitness centers usually require their instructors to be CPR certified to ensure they have the basic skills needed to respond to a health emergency.

    Faqs About Yoga Teacher Training

    How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

    Can I start teaching right after a 200-hour yoga teacher training?

    Yes, you can. During your teacher training, youll be prepared to have your own class right away. Find your students and make the best out of your new career!

    Can I do a yoga teacher training if I dont want to become a yoga instructor?

    Sure, you can! A 200-hour YTT is perfect for those who want to deepen their practice even if they dont want to start teaching. You can keep your current job and just be a better yogi all around.

    Can I teach yoga if I do my training in a school that isnt registered at the Yoga Alliance?

    If you arent able to get the RYT 200, you could still teach at a school that doesnt require this certification. Youll be a bit more limited, but there are many studios that would let you teach. Keep in mind that the Yoga Alliance is just an organization that supports yoga schools, it doesnt mean that its mandatory to be registered to be able to teach yoga.

    Will I be able to register as a RYT 500 if I do my 200-hr and 300-hr courses in different schools?

    As long as both schools are registered at the Yoga Alliance, you shouldnt have a problem getting your RYT 500 certification.

    Can I be a trainer with my certification?

    To be a lead trainer, you would first have to get the E-RYT certification. You could assist an experienced yoga teacher, but not organize your own program yet.

    About the authorAlberto G. Güitrón

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    How Yoga Teacher Training Is Life Changing

    As soon as I signed up for YTT and started telling the teachers at the studio I practiced at or to friends who are yoga teachers every single one of them told me how amazing of an experience I was going to have.

    People I spoke to had done their yoga teacher trainings all over the world from Thailand to Switzerland to Canada to Bali. They all confirmed that it was an excellent choice, even if I didnt want to be a teacher and each one was equally excited for the journey I was about to embark on.

    You might be thinking, Okay Taylor, I get that you do yoga for hours a day but how is that life changing?

    First you need to understand that yoga is not just about the physical practice , which is just one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Yoga is so much more. Yoga itself is a lifestyle, its not just about moving and sweating and getting a workout which many people believe all yoga is.

    YTT guides you through the physical practice and poses but it also dives into other areas of yoga that teach you how to be a better person and to take life with grace. It teaches you how to handle the good and the bad, it teaches you how to act with integrity, how to make the most of life, how to embrace all that is given to you, and more.

    YTT teaches you how to be your own role model and one for others too.

    Doesnt that sound pretty damn life changing?

    YTT will push you to your breaking point, tears will be had, and that breaking point will lead you to your breakthrough.

    The Best Yoga Teacher Training At Odyssey Mvmt

    I personally did and recommend the 200-hour Bali yoga teacher training at Odyssey MVMT in Canggu. It covers all of the requirements I mentioned above and is lead by an absolute gem of a person and beautiful soul, Erin. Also, who doesnt want to do YTT in Bali?!

    The course itself is what Erin describes as a heart-centred vinyasa yoga teacher training so expect lots of soulful flows.

    Bali is a special place and is also a place where Hinduism is still widely practiced which yoga has its roots in so I believe learning yoga on an island with such a powerful connection makes the training that much more special.

    The studio is a yoga/fitness studio that believes yoga and fitness benefit each other and incorporates fitness into the schedule to help you build strength. Pair that with the fact that Odysseys values are all about soulful movement, passion and connecting with nature and you have yourself a professional course designed for the modern-day yogi.

    While there are many traditions in yoga, the truth is that yoga was never originally created for the everyday person. Odyssey has put together a yoga teacher training course that teaches you how to make poses more accessible for yourself and your future students while building strength and connecting ancient philosophic beliefs to the 21st century.

    Email Erin at and let her know that I sent you or use the code online Taylor100. You can always email Erin with any questions about the course as well .

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