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How Long Should You Practice Yoga Before Teacher Training

How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Yoga Teacher

How to Be a Yoga Instructor – Everything You Should Know | Yoga Teacher Training

Due to the rise of influence and popularity of yoga, institutions such as Yoga Alliance USA have set out to define standards. These standards define as to how many hours a yoga teacher training should entail and what topics should be covered. Due to these efforts, a 200 yoga teacher certification course has become a well-accepted international standard for aspiring yoga teachers. 200 hours of training are considered the minimum training required to start teaching. After completing such a training, you can register; with a international or local yoga association as a so-called RYT-200.

Please note that legally, you do not need a 200-Hour RYT certificate to teach yoga. But many yoga studio do require their instructors to have a 200 hours certification. However, we do absolutely recommend following a 200 hour yoga certification course before starting to teach professionally! It is an essential first step, from which you can keep evolving as a teacher. Yoga and teaching yoga is a life-long path of learning.

Find Your Ideal Yoga Teacher Training Program:

To make your research that much easier, we created the Best Guide to NZ Yoga Teacher Training; its your one-stop shop to NZ Yoga Teacher Trainings, with a wide range of styles represented.

We havent done all of these trainings ourselves though, so youll still have to do the research and ask the questions above to make sure that you find the right fit for you.

Complete Course Prep Work And Familiarize Yourself With Course Materials

In the Yo Re Mi kids yoga teacher training, there is about 4 hours of pre-work required to complete 30 hours of training the other 26 hours covers in-person training. While your yoga teacher training hours may vary, a good training will include pre-training prep work or homework. This coursework is often a requirement and essential to your training success.

How to prepare: Before your training, be sure to check your email to look out for any next steps or instructions from your training administrators. If you do not receive any prep work, be sure to inquire directly to ensure you havent missed an important notification.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Certified In Yoga

This fully depends on what kind of training youre after. There are so many aspects to a training that can affect the price, like which styles of yoga are taught, whether its a 200-hour yoga course or 500-hour course, where the course is located, and what kind of certification you would like.

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Train Online With Ekhartyoga Teachers

About Hotsource Yoga

Whether you are a dedicated yoga practitioner seeking to expand your knowledge of the practice, or a teacher looking to improve and enhance your skills, weve created the EkhartYoga Academy to help you deepen your understanding, enrich your experience and make you a more skillful and knowledgeable teacher.;See courses.

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I Dont Plan To Be A Teacher Is That Ok

Not every student signs up to a training course in order to become a fully-fledged Yoga Teacher. An intensive course is a fantastic way of deepening your understanding of yoga and as a way of enhancing your time on the mat. By immersing yourself in a training you can gain a greater understanding of the other aspects of the practice other than just the physical postures. Other important topics such as the philosophy, the compelling history, and how to take further steps into living a lifestyle based on yoga are all explored during a 200-hour course. It is a chance to get to know your body, mind, and spirit better whilst uncovering a toolbox of ancient wisdom to help guide you through a lifetime of practice.

Some trainees end up changing their mind during the course and decide to teach afterward but it doesnt matter if you choose to do this or not. Or you may not feel ready to teach just yet or perhaps you believe that being a yoga teacher is not part of your path and both of which are absolutely ok. If you are at a crossroads and you are in need of connection, a restart, or a reboot, a Yoga Teacher Training can be used as a powerful investment to find real change within your life.

How Many Hours To Choose For Your Yoga Teacher Training

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Youve fallen in love with yoga, youve spent some time on the mat and now you really want to become a yoga teacher. But how to choose between 200, 300 or 500 hours of training? Whats the difference between all these courses? Which one is right for you?

Hang in there, all these questions have an answer and everything you need to know about your yoga teacher training is explained here.

The Yoga Alliance has various standards for their certifications. In short, the two most popular ones are RYT 200 and 500. The number basically means how many hours youve dedicated to your yoga teacher training. Once you become a RYT 200, you can do a 300-hour course and complete the RYT 500. Alternatively, you can also do all 500 hours at once.

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Are There Any Requirements Or Qualifications I Need To Complete Before I Enroll In A Yoga Teacher Training

No. A yoga teacher training is where youll gain a certification, so there arent really any qualifications that youll need to complete before enrolling. Students will typically come with quite a bit of experience though. A 200 hour training is not a walk in the park, so its good to have a sense of what you love about yoga and what youre looking for out of a training before you commit to one. That will be helpful for you to determine which course is the best for you.

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Yoga Teacher Versus Yoga Instructor

How to become a yoga teacher ? 5 best strategies | Aham Yoga

Being a teacher means that you are irreplaceable. Instructions and demonstrations can be found anywhere, but a good teacher can eventually motivates students to aspire more. You will know how to give your students the right answers at the end of a class. This is the moment that you can pass on knowledge and advice in a personal way. Being a teacher means knowing how to help others to acquire knowledge, competence and virtue. Its more than demonstrating and instructing students into poses. Its providing students with a challenge, giving the right information to increase body awareness and to be there to prevent any injuries. These are the tools that are handed through a teacher training and they do not require the teacher to perform the outcome.

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Release And Waiver Liabilities

Por la presente, leo, entiendo y acepto lo siguiente:

  • Estoy participando en clases de yoga, programas de salud, talleres y / u otras actividades de bienestar, trabajo corporal, terapia, ejercicio y artes curativas ofrecidas por Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India . Las actividades se pueden ofrecer en la ubicación física de la escuela o en línea a través de videos, televisión, podcasts, aplicaciones u otros medios o plataformas digitales. Todas estas ofertas, ya sean físicas o en línea, se considerarán “Actividades”.
  • Reconozco que debo tener una salud física y mental adecuada para participar en las Actividades. Entiendo que las Actividades pueden requerir un esfuerzo físico intenso, y declaro y garantizo que estoy físicamente en forma para participar, y que no tengo ninguna condición médica que impida mi plena participación en las Actividades. Reconozco que las Actividades pueden causar o agravar una lesión física o afección médica. Entiendo que es mi responsabilidad consultar con un médico antes de participar en las Actividades. Si lo he hecho, he seguido el consejo del médico. Entiendo que la Escuela se reserva el derecho de rechazar mi participación en cualquier Actividad por razones médicas, de acondicionamiento físico o por cualquier otro motivo.
  • Yo, mis herederos o representantes legales exoneramos para siempre, renunciamos, damos de alta y nos comprometemos a no demandar a ninguna Parte Liberada por ningún Reclamo causado por negligencia u otros actos de una Parte Liberada.
  • Why Yoga Teacher Training Is Worth The Investment

    I understand that YTT does not come at a low price so you really have to look at YTT as an investment in yourself both mentally and physically.

    It will seriously improve your yoga as well as your life, how you look at it and how you act. Thats why I claim it to be a life-changing event.

    If you want to be a yoga teacher then YTT is really an investment into your future job which will return the money to you.

    If you want to do YTT to deepen your practice then youre going to get so much more than that and may even want to be a teacher after. Most people in my course didnt want to teach and after the course was done all of us wanted to teach.

    Theres something magical that happens during the course and a transformation that youll feel from it that is difficult to sum up into words so youre just going to have to trust me on this.

    That magic, that transformation, that knowledge is priceless. So really an investment is so much more than just the money, its about the experience of a lifetime and you cant put a dollar sign on that. Take my word from experience.

    Dont forget to email Erin at and tell her Taylor sent you or use code Taylor100 to get your next life changing experience started!

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    Get Some Practice Teaching Yoga

    Step number four is, you want to practice so teach. I think a lot of people think theyre gonna do their 200-hour certification and feel really confident right off the bat.

    The reality is it takes years to build up that confidence, to have a presence in your teaching, to really have a strong voice.

    So you wanna start practice teaching everyone you can.

    Teach your mom, your dog, anyone wholl listen to you. Offer free yoga classes and practice yoga both on and off the yoga mat.

    Just start logging those teaching hours, because, just like anything in life, the more you do it, the better youre gonna get.

    While you certainly learn to teach in training courses, it doesnt mean that youre necessarily ready to do so. Just like knowing the yoga asanas doesnt mean that you can stick them, knowing teaching methodology doesnt mean that youre ready.

    So get as much experience as you can!

    Yoga Teacher Training Prerequisites


    We welcome all dedicated yoga students ready to transform and grow their yoga practice on and off the mat while embracing a yoga lifestyle.

    Before signing up for our 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher, we recommend that you have practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga regularly or another Yoga style for at least four to six months, or have sports/fitness training at a medium to high intensity.

    More importantly, we ask that you come with an open mind and are receptive to learning new knowledge, be supportive to yourself and others.

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    Teaching Yoga Can Be A Full

    Many people assume that they cannot live just by teaching yoga, and think they need to have a real job along with it. If you only want to teach a few classes a week on the side, great! But if you do want to grow your teaching into a full-time career, know that you absolutely can.

    Yoga teaching can be a very comfortable and satisfying career for those who are professional, have a clear vision, know their subject, have the skills of communication, marketing and actually care for their students. There is a shortage of teachers like these, so if you are ready to develop yourselves into this role, the sky is your limit.

    Have You Seen External Clues

    Its believed that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If youve seen independent, external clues drawing you towards a training course, youre probably ready to get started. One of the main clues is when you find yourself, for whatever reason, teaching a yoga class. This could be because the instructor didnt show up, or maybe hes nipped out and asked you to cover for him. Perhaps a friend has asked you to guide them through your practice routine. Whatever the reason, teaching opportunities keep arising even though youve had no training. Another clue that youre ready is when your instructor suggests that you look into teacher training. If youve been practising with the same instructor for a few years, theyll see your potential and may suggest that you take the leap. Its also said that when the teacher is ready, the students will appear. If friends keep asking you to lead their home practice, thats a good indicator that youre ready to start teaching.

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    How Yoga Teacher Training Is Life Changing

    As soon as I signed up for YTT and started telling the teachers at the studio I practiced at or to friends who are yoga teachers every single one of them told me how amazing of an experience I was going to have.

    People I spoke to had done their yoga teacher trainings all over the world from Thailand to Switzerland to Canada to Bali. They all confirmed that it was an excellent choice, even if I didnt want to be a teacher and each one was equally excited for the journey I was about to embark on.

    You might be thinking, Okay Taylor, I get that you do yoga for hours a day but how is that life changing?

    First you need to understand that yoga is not just about the physical practice , which is just one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Yoga is so much more. Yoga itself is a lifestyle, its not just about moving and sweating and getting a workout which many people believe all yoga is.

    YTT guides you through the physical practice and poses but it also dives into other areas of yoga that teach you how to be a better person and to take life with grace. It teaches you how to handle the good and the bad, it teaches you how to act with integrity, how to make the most of life, how to embrace all that is given to you, and more.

    YTT teaches you how to be your own role model and one for others too.

    Doesnt that sound pretty damn life changing?

    YTT will push you to your breaking point, tears will be had, and that breaking point will lead you to your breakthrough.

    After Yoga Teacher Graduation Your Practice And Continuing Education

    Things to do before choosing your Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC)

    After you become a certified Yoga teacher, you are looking for a teaching position or maybe you already have one lined up. Nevertheless, you want to have a plan for your own practice time and continuing education.;How can we get this done, when it can feel hard to find the time for our own practice and adequate rest? Step one plan ahead. Dont leave it until the last minute, or month, or even year! An advantage of this setup is that we instructors know well in advance of when our continuing education credits must be completed. It understandably might not be on our minds for some time, with all else going on but most likely it hits us, or comes up in conversation, that were due for recertification in the upcoming year.

    With however much time you may have between when you decide to start , and when the study is due, make a plan for tackling it bit-by-bit. Or you may prefer, and have accessible to you, a chunk of a week or two weeks when you can do it all at once . The point is to make a plan. Do the math, and divide out the hours in ways that will work for you.

    After you become a certified Yoga teacher, the point is to, among all these options, find what works for you. Sound familiar? Yes, thats what we do in yoga practice! Just dont forget to keep track yes, again, in ways that work for you in a journal, Excel spreadsheet, Word document, et cetera . Perhaps most of all, enjoy the learning, an important part of the journey of yoga. Om Shanti!

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    Create And Maintain A Consistent Daily Practice

    Yoga teacher training will be most effective to trainees who begin doing the work before training has even begun. While it can vary in terms of length and activities, your daily practice should include some mindful movement as well as breathing exercises and meditation.

    If you are an educator, you may be interested to also learn more about how a consistent mindfulness practice can help cultivate classroom success.

    Last But Not Least: Be Excited Be Proud

    You are embarking on a new adventure whether a continuation of your yoga journey or a brand new experience, you will emerge from this training with new knowledge, community, and tools to weave yoga and mindfulness into your life and the lives of others! Thank yourself for your commitment to learning.


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    All About The Benjamins

    Erin had some really specific questions about the money side of things:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I had wanted to get my 200-hour TTC, but its expensive around here and I had put it on the back burner to focus on other priorities. However, I have an opportunity to start next spring, but I want to make sure its financially sound. I know a lot of yoga folks dont like talking about money, because were supposed to be called to something higher, etc. But if Im going to the trouble, I want to make sure its worth it.

    Here are her questions:

    Do you feel like YTT was a sound financial investment?;

    I absolutely feel like it was. It wasnt a trivial amount of money at all but the education and amount of one-on-one time Ive received for the money was excellent in my opinion. Hats off to Anna Pittman at The Breathing Space. She has programs in Virginia Beach, Blacksburg, Va., and Beckley, West Virginia.

    How easy is it to pick up classes to teach?

    Well, it was pretty easy for me, but I was pretty lucky, I think. My good friend Lisa owns The Space Above Yoga Center, where I practice. She;had wanted to offer a class geared toward larger-bodied yogis for some time. A spot opened up this month, and so now I have a weekly class. I really didnt have to do anything, haha.

    How are you compensated for teaching ?;


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