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How Is Hot Yoga Different From Regular Yoga

What Are The 28 Different Types Of Yoga

Q & A- What Are the Benefits of Hot Yoga vs. Regular Yoga?

Here’s the ultimate guide on the 28 different types of yoga you can practice. Some are very similar while others are very different. This article lists and describes each type in detail.

I remember 20 years ago when I first got into yoga.; I had read about it and the concept appealed to me.; I then wanted to start doing yoga from a book .; Off to the bookstore, I went.

Thats when the confusion set in.; There were so many different styles.; I didnt know where to begin.; I reviewed many styles of yoga for hours until choosing a book to buy.; My first yoga book was Power Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch.

Before starting yoga, I was into weightlifting so the concept of a yoga style that was rigorous and built strength appealed to me.

Since then Ive tried many types of yoga and like most of them.

If youre trying to wrap your head around the different types of yoga, heres a nicely organized list with detailed descriptions.

In our list below we also estimate the number of monthly searches for each type of yoga to get a sense of whats the most popular types of yoga.; Please note we use 3rd party software for this data so the numbers are an estimate at best.


Yoga Styles Chart in Order of Popularity

Could Help Improve Breathing

Pranayama, or yogic breathing, is a practice in yoga that focuses on controlling the breath through breathing exercises and techniques.

Most types of yoga incorporate these breathing exercises, and several studies have found that practicing yoga could help improve breathing.

In one study, 287 college students took a 15-week class where they were taught various yoga poses and breathing exercises. At the end of the study, they had a significant increase in vital capacity .

Vital capacity is a measure of the maximum amount of air that can be expelled from the lungs. It is especially important for those with lung disease, heart problems and asthma.

Another study in 2009 found that practicing yogic breathing improved symptoms and lung function in patients with mild-to-moderate asthma (

Traditionally, migraines are treated with medications to relieve and manage symptoms.

However, increasing evidence shows that yoga could be a useful adjunct therapy to help reduce migraine frequency.

A 2007 study divided 72 patients with migraines into either a yoga therapy or self-care group for three months. Practicing yoga led to reductions in headache intensity, frequency and pain compared to the self-care group .

Another study treated 60 patients with migraines using conventional care with or without yoga. Doing yoga resulted in a greater decrease in headache frequency and intensity than conventional care alone .

42 ).

The Biggest Enemies Of Sleep

If youve cut out that iced coffee in the afternoons to get better sleep but are still popping open a beer after work, youre doing it all wrong, according to a new study in Healthline.

When researchers at Florida Atlantic Universityin conjunction with Brigham and Womens Hospital, Harvard University, Emory University, the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the National Institutes of Healthstudied the evening habits of 785 African-American adults over a combined 5,164 days, they found that alcohol and nicotine disrupted sleep far more than caffeine.

Using trackers and sleep diaries to measure shut-eye, researchers found that those who used nicotine or alcohol within four hours of going to bed felt the largest impact on their sleep cycle, with nicotine being the hardest on those with insomnia, resulting in 40 minutes less sleep.

There was little correlation between coffee consumption within four hours of bed and sleep difficulties.

The research was important for two more reasons. It studied African-Americans who are not only underrepresented in research, but also tend to struggle more with sleep than some other groups. And the research also included participants who didnt really think they had problems with sleep, rather than chronic insomniacs.

The take-away, sleep experts say, is dont consume nicotine or alcohol after dinner for optimal sleep, and if you need a jolt of java to fight the midafternoon slump, by all means, enjoy.

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Hot Yoga Vs Regular Yoga The Major Difference

The main difference between regular yoga and hot yoga is the room temperature at which both are practiced. On the one hand, you practice traditional yoga within room temperature whereas in Hot yoga, the practice takes place in a heated room with a slightly higher temperature.

Which Burns More Calories?

In the debate of hot yoga vs regular yoga, another key difference comes in the form of which yoga style helps you burn more calories. Hot yoga has become quite popular as it is a great stress reliever that also improves your flexibility. In other words, hot yoga helps you burn more calories.

Moreover, hot yoga stimulates your body to do workouts much better than the regular yoga. This yoga style flexes your muscles much better than regular yoga. In other words, your body responds much faster to the conditions necessary for proper weight loss. After each session of hot yoga, your muscles and metabolism perform better than the last time.

On the other hand, regular yoga requires you to practice a warm-up set to ready the muscles and joints for the session ahead. It is a slow process that takes time when it comes to losing weight.

Bikram Hot Yoga Temperature Vs Temperate Vinyasa

Hot Yoga and Regular Yoga

Bikram yoga is done at 105°F/40°C while vinyasa yoga varies. At our studio, we keep the room between 80°F-85°F to provide a warm, comfortable environment. Our idea is to provide a relaxing and welcoming space.;;

That thinking is backed up by Timothy McCall, M.D. Partly because heat facilitates muscle relaxation as well as calming the mind and nervous system, yoga is generally done in a warm room. Yoga as Medicine

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Hot Yoga A Brief Intro

Hot yoga comprises of different styles of yoga which take place in a room with the temperature ranging from 30 to 39 degrees. Each session in Hot Yoga can range from practicing slow movements to intense and fast-paced Vinyasa yoga. Owing to its numerous health benefits, hot yoga has garnered a worldwide following.

With that said, let us check out some major health benefits of hot yoga.

Can Beginners Do Hotyoga

For beginners, it is recommended you try a regular yoga class first to see if this kind of exercise works for you. While there, ask the instructor about their hot yoga classes and if there are specific classes for beginners. In fact, dont be afraid to try a few different studios to find the right one. Then, when you think you are ready to up the ante, talk to your doctor about trying a hot yoga class and make sure you are cleared to try it.2

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Music Vs Silence In The Yoga Room

One final environmental characteristic is sound. In Bikram and hot yoga, there is meant to be silence. So when the practice is going on, the only sounds youll hear are breathing and the teacher.

Many vinyasa classes, however, play music. This is another one of those controversial subjects, but I come down on the side of music. When done well, music can help us reach parts of ourselves that are hard to connect to in other ways.

Our Top 5 Hot Yoga Towels

Vinyasa vs. Hatha Yoga

The Perfect Yoga Towel by Yoga Mate

Made from super soft, ultra-absorbent microfiber, the Yoga Mate towel features an extra-large yet lightweight design. Weighing in at less than 1 pound this towel may be suited for the busy go-getter trying to sneak in a quick session on their lunch break. While lightweight, the Perfect Yoga Towel boasts dimensions of 26 inches wide and 72 inches long to fit any regular or extra-large mat. It is also machine washable and can go in the dryer.

This mat comes in seven different styles including fun tie-dye patterns, and plain black with colourful stitching around the edges. It features a non-slip design, however there are no extra features to keep the towel in place. This affordable towel would make a great choice for a beginner Yogi.

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel by Youphoria

Made from tacky microber, this towel is free of latex and silicone to be environmentally friendly while still preventing slips on your yoga mat. The latex-free technology may make this a good choice for those with sensitive skin or latex-allergies. The Youphoria towel is super-absorbent and can hold 7 times its weight in liquid so feel free to sweat!

Heathyoga Yoga Towel by Heathyoga

Manduka Yoga Towel by Yogitoes

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Benefits Of Bikram Yoga

Two things you hear over and over about Bikram yoga is:

  • Flushing Toxins
  • Oxygenating Blood

Flushing Toxins

First, you are fantastic at detoxification. Your lymphatic and gastrointestinal systems, kidneys, and liver are exceptional at cleaning up and clearing what would ail you. Yes, skin and sweating play a role, but they are much less effective at filtration.;;

If you want to detox, pee more.

Modern fads of detoxification are from the same period as snake oil. They are based on a theory called auto-intoxication, which doesnt exist.

Seriously, we used to think that our body could poison itself, and we had to get the toxins out. That changed as our understanding of physiology changed. Yay science!

Oxygenating Blood

Getting more oxygen in your blood is a quick fix: take slower, deeper breaths through your nose. But, of course, the effects go away quickly after you stop breathing this way.;;

How much oxygen you have is measured by a pulse oximeter and depends largely on how many red blood cells you have.;;

The Mayo Clinic states: Normal pulse oximeter readings usually range from 95-100 percent.;;

There can be many reasons for a low reading, and youll want to consult your doctor.;;

Other Benefits

Bikram will help you with thermoregulation. It also helps to work with extremes, which can improve your mental resilience.;;

The other claims about flexibility, balance, calmness, etc., are just as true for other types of yoga. You dont have to torture yourself to get them.;;

What Is The Difference Between Regular Yoga And Hot Yoga

Here the difference between hot yoga and regular yoga is that, in hot yoga it takes 90 minutes to complete 24 poses and 2 Pranayam, but in;regular yoga;there is no such time or pose limit. You can do regular yoga at any temperature and for any lengthy duration and how easy you can do it. Hot yoga may be sweated mainly through which we release the toxic substances of our body.

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Could Promote Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality has been associated with obesity, high blood pressure and depression, among other disorders .

Studies show that incorporating yoga into your routine could help promote better sleep.

In a 2005 study, 69 elderly patients were assigned to either practice yoga, take an herbal preparation or be part of the control group.

The yoga group fell asleep faster, slept longer and felt more well-rested in the morning than the other groups .

Another study looked at the effects of yoga on sleep in patients with lymphoma. They found that it decreased sleep disturbances, improved sleep quality and duration and reduced the need for sleep medications .

Though the way it works is not clear, yoga has been shown to increase the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness .

Yoga also has a significant effect on anxiety, depression, chronic pain and stress all common contributors to sleep problems.

Summary: Yoga may help enhance sleep quality because of its effects on melatonin and its impact on several common contributors to sleep problems.

Are There Poses I Won’t Practice

What Is Hot Yoga? How Is Hot Yoga Different From Regular Yoga

Expert prenatal yoga instructors know what poses to avoid. Many forward bends can compress the belly too much, says Karen Prior, a prenatal yoga instructor based in Oklahoma City and the creator of the Mamaste Yoga program. Twists and poses that are meant to strengthen the abdominal muscles are also not advised because they can put too much stress on the rectus abdominus muscles, the muscle group that runs straight up and down your abdomen, and lead it to separate, which may cause future back pain and the need for physical therapy to help repair the separation. Balancing poses should be done with care, or against a wall or other strong support, to avoid the risk of falling.

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The Difference Between Heated And Regular Yoga

You love the feel of a sweaty hot yoga session. Its almost like going for a run! So, it must be better for weight loss, right? What are the benefits of hot yoga versus unheated yoga when it comes to health and fitness?

Hot yoga typically takes place in a heated room, often with extra humidity. Most other types of yoga classes take place in a warm, but not hot room. There are several variations of hot yoga, including Bikram and hot vinyasa-style yoga.

Because the room temperature can be almost sauna-like in hot yoga, you sweat a lot more than you would in a more moderately heated yoga class. By the end of a typical 60- or 90-minute session, participants are sweat-drenched and rosy-cheeked, and may feel almost like they have gone for a hard run. Does this mean it burns as many calories as a run? Probably not, but lets take a closer look.

The Benefits Of Hot Yoga

When we breathe slowly and deeply for an hour or 90 minutes, our body goes through a detox process and our blood becomes highly oxygenated. It helps your energy in that it brings lots of prana into your body and helps you feel alert, positive, and energized.

Long story short, you have to breathe to get through it and that will make you feel great. Most people think the hot yoga benefits are weight loss, detox, and a great work out that leaves you toned and glowing. In actual practice, you just feel so great from the breathing, you keep coming back frequently and those fitness benefits you were looking for can be a happy side effect!

Lets look at some of our assumptions about hot yoga and how to practice it safely. We can also look at whether hot yoga is right for you and some pros and cons with hot yoga vs. regular yoga.

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It Burns Major Calories

Any kind of movement that increases your heart rate will help burn calories and promote weight loss, says Numbers. And hot yoga is a pretty good calorie-torcher. Even though youre not running and jumping around, again, that hot room gets the heart going. One study from the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found women burned an average of 333 calories during 90-minute slow-moving, heated yoga session. Add a fast-moving Vinyasa practice to that mix and you’ll really feel the, well, burn.

Yoga Builds Long Lean Muscles

Difference between Fertility Yoga and Regular Yoga

When trying to figure the real difference between regular stretching and Yoga, one has to consider the function or purpose of both. What is Yoga achieving, and is it the same as a regular stretch in terms of that?

Regular stretches are designed to enhance muscle elasticity and flexibility. Stretching can be used to relieve muscle tension and strain. There is not much more to a stretch than that.

Yoga Asanas are more focused and therefore designed to build long, lean, and strong muscles. Strength building and muscle lengthening is a healthy way to build a lean, strong form. You will notice the physique of someone who does Yoga is far more developed and toned than someone who simply does a few stretches each morning.

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Hot Yoga And Weight Loss

Still, Bikram yoga isnt as dangerous as, say, an early-season football practice in Texas, Bryant said.

The fact of the matter is that there are large numbers of participants in Bikram, and it isnt like the vast majority of those people are having any issues, Bryant said.

Hot yogas saving grace, he said, is that its not all that vigorous. The body can handle gentle activity at a high temperature, but vigorous activity, such as football, is too much.

Yet, the caloric tally of hot yoga is one of its major selling points. Its one reason why hot yoga is Rissels primary form of exercise, she said.

This selling point appears to be unfounded.

According to a series of studies, including one funded by the Bikram Yoga College, hot yoga burns only about 500 calories in a 90-minute class half of what some proponents and fitness apps promise.

I wouldnt advocate it as a practice to try to promote greater calorie burn for weight loss, Bryant said. I think most practitioners would be sorely disappointed if they went to it for that.

In fact, a concluded its the poses and stretching involved in Bikram yoga that benefit the participant not the heated room.

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Regardless of the room temperature, both hot yoga and Bikram yoga aim to provide relaxation of the mind and improve physical fitness.

A heated environment can make the practice of yoga more challenging, but some of the benefits may be worth it, especially if youre looking to make progress in one of the areas outlined below.

If done correctly and safely, hot yoga can provide the following benefits:

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The Ideal Conditions For Hot Yoga Vs Regular Yoga

One of the significant differences in most;styles of yoga;is the environment. Experts will always recommend the best environment, depending on your goals and health condition. Theyll choose the best poses, temperature, and humidity to push your endurance to its limits.;

Unfortunately, not everyone has an instructor to tell them what to do. So in case, youre on your own, whats the ideal temperature and humidity?


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