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How Do You Use Yoga Toes

How To Use Yoga Toes

~ Yoga Toes ~

Each and every day our feet take a beating. The abuse can come in the form of uncomfortable shoes, spending too much time on our feet, frequent running, dancing, and much more! Getting any form of relief from painful feet can be a welcome change, but it wont fix the problems.

Thats where Yoga Toes come in! These cushions will separate your toes and stretch every part of your foot, giving your feet some much needed papering. With Yoga Toes, you get a full stretch in your foot, not only in your toes. These dividers will stretch your between, above, and beneath your toes, as well as the top of your foot and into your legs.

They will strengthen and stretch all aspects of your foot and you only have to slip them on. No other work is required! Lets dig a little further into what Yoga Toes can do for you.

Tone Your Legs And Glutes

The musculature of the glutes, thighs, and calves connect right down into the arches of the feet through connective tissue.

When the feet are fully activated, the rest of the legs and glutes will gain deeper toning benefits. Think of when your teacher asks you to lift your toes during a pelvic bridge you immediately feel the burn in the glutes.;

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Supporting Your Back And Shoulders

  • 1Stretch your spine by keeping the wheel beneath your back. Bend backwards, keeping your back arched while curving your legs and feet to the edge of the mat. Rest the yoga wheel beneath the curve of your spine. As you get into this position, extend your arms to the side in a parallel line. To make the stretch more intense, feel free to hang your head back.XResearch source
  • This can be a useful tool if you suffer from a sore or tight back.
  • If you have chronic back issues, talk to a medical professional before engaging in regular yoga sessions.
  • Tip: Always try and use a yoga mat when youre performing any pose or exercise. Mats help to cushion your body, and are more comfortable option than stretching on the floor.XResearch source

  • 2Center the wheel beneath the curve of your back to do the pigeon pose. Bend your knees and pull your legs and feet to your sides. Next, position the yoga wheel along the edge of your toes. Bend backwards, letting your spine curve along the surface of the wheel. Once your back is in position, extend and bend your arms backward to grip the edge of the wheel.XResearch source
  • If you arent comfortable bending your arms, let them rest in an outstretched position.
  • This is a great way to work up to more complex yoga positions.
  • While this is a great way to stretch your muscles, you dont want to strain your back and shoulders in the process. Listen to your body, and dont push yourself too hard.
  • Focus on stretching your shoulders when you perform this pose.
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    The Importance Of A Toe Stretcher

    Shoes may have been one of the most liberating yet restrictive creations of all time. You were born with your toes splayed out wide. This results in optimal balance and muscle recruitment in the feet. As we grow older, we jam our feet into shoes with tapered toe boxes and elevated heels, and we essentially subject our feet to torture daily. Most shoes dont leave us feeling like we are walking on a cloud like the Adidas ultra boost. Under these circumstances, our toes begin to get stiff and lose their function. The big toe, for example, is responsible for contributing to the arch of the foot, forward-facing movement/walking mechanics, and shock absorption. If you are an avid runner, this might be alarming. Turns out the best running exercise to increase your athleticism may simply involve more self-care of the wheels you have.

    Types Of Toe Stretchers: Yoga Toes And Beyond

    Happy Feet = Healthy Body

    There are many brands of toe stretchers on the market, but they generally are only offered in two different styles: a traditional gel stretcher made of plastic or silicone and toe stretcher socks that are worn like conventional socks.

    Some popular traditional toe spacer brands include The Original Yoga Toe, The Yoga Toe Sport, Correct Toes, Yoga Toe Gems, and Great Value Toe Stretchers.

    Toe separating sock brands include Happy Feet Socks and Comfy Toes.


    May 28, 2016 at 3:23pm PDT

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    Helps With Stability And Balance

    If you have done even one yoga pose, you know how important balance and stability are to every yogi. Most yoga poses may require you to plant your feet firmly to the ground to make it easier for you to find your core center and balance yourself.

    Yoga practice ideally requires you to properly and equally distribute your weight, which needs the grip of your toes that you cant achieve when wearing slippery socks or thick shoes.;

    I Use Yoga Toes Most Nights And It Makes All The Difference

    Essentially, theyre a suped-up version of those foam toe separators they use at the salon when youre getting a pedicure. In fact, if you want to save some cash, you can totally use them instead as a hack. Theyre not as effective, but still super helpful if youre on a budget!

    Heres what their website says:

    YogaToes® can and do help with specific foot problems, conditions like: bunions , claw toes, hammer toe, and Plantar Fasciitis. Our toe stretchers work at the root level of;all;foot ailments. They treat causes, not symptoms.

    YogaToes® toe spacers brought a whole new concept to the world: preventative foot health.;Foot and toe problems cant be looked at separately. That is why;we invented YogaToes®, to exercise and strengthen the;entire;foot.

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    Activate A Floint/barbie Foot

    Here, the arch of your foot is in full extension but your toes flare up and out. In this position, muscles on both the front and the back side of your legs fully activate.

    Activate your floint any time your foot leaves the mat. Notice how all your postures will feel more energized.

    Lets try it:

    • Start by fully pointing your foot, like a ballerina
    • Maintain the length of the top of your foot and flare your toes wide, widening the base of your toes

    The Importance Of Yoga Toes

    CAN’T TOUCH YOUR TOES OR NEW TO YOGA? – how to start yoga tips for beginners.

    I cant believe that I havent written before about Yoga Toes, an essential piece of long term foot care. I got my first and only pair of Yoga Toes over ten years ago. They are expensive but one pair is all you will ever need. At this point I wear them once a month or so but back in the day

    Aging gracefully is one of the main themes of my life and the quality of your feet go a long way to determine how gracefully you will age. The feet are the base of a rather precarious structure that requires a good deal of support from a solid base. There are twenty six bones in each foot making up a quarter of the bones in the body.

    As a yoga teacher I see a lot of feet it helps to love feet and be fascinated by them. I worked in a hospice a number of years back and those are some crazy feet to study. My sister referred to my fathers feet as hooves due to the way they swelled and thickened.

    There are a number of arch systems in the body providing stability and effective weight transfer. The arches of the feet are the end of the line so to speak and the quality of the arches of our feet determine a great deal about how supportive our posture could be.

    A lot of things can go wrong with our feet. Here is a short list from the Yoga Toes website:

    • Hammer Toes
    • Mallet Toes
    • Flat Feet

    In my work the way we stand and walk can have a profound effect on all of these issues. For whatever reason people have these problems, I think poor mechanics and posture are always a contributing factor.


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    What Are Awesome Toes Toe Separators

    While you may recognize the same basic concept from pedicure toe separators, these toe separators go way above and beyond in how they look, feel, and function. This simple design is made with latex-free, natural silicone. They are super comfy and can be worn in bed, around the house, practicing yoga, and even out and about with flip-flops or wide-toed shoes!;;These are corrective toe spacers, meaning they are designed and meant to help reverse the negative effects and damage caused by wearing modern footwear. Wearing them will rearrange the soft tissues of your feet so you get back to the stance and alignment nature intended.;

    Propping Up Your Legs

  • 1Get in a push-up position with your feet resting on the wheel. Engage your core by keeping your arms straight as you push your torso upwards. Instead of resting your feet on the ground behind you, keep your legs together and rest your feet on the surface of the yoga wheel. Roll the ball forward and tuck your knees into your chest, then return to the push-up position. Complete as many reps as youd like for your daily workout.XResearch source
  • If youre an experienced yogi, try using this formation to transition to a handstand.
  • 2Rest 1 leg on top of the wheel to perform the monkey pose. Extend 1 leg behind you while pulling another leg forward. Rest your forward leg along the top of the yoga wheel, then bring both of your hands together at your chest. Lift your hands in this prayer position, extending your arms and arching your back to form a curved position.XResearch source Try to hold this pose for around 5 breaths.XResearch source
  • Focus on stretching your legs throughout this exercise.
  • This is a great way to improve your leg splits at home.
  • Do an equal amount of reps for both legs. If youre just starting out, try doing 10-15 reps with both legs. If youre a more experienced yogi, aim for 20 or more reps.XResearch source
  • Do as many reps of this exercise as youd like. As you go, focus on straightening and lifting up your body as you inhale, and bending your knee as you exhale.XResearch source
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    Happy Feet Make For Happy Travels

    Theres one essential must-have, must-take-with-me-when-I-travel item that I get tons of questions about. When I wear my Buff people look at me.and then ask a question. But with Yoga toes, very few people actually see me using them because Im home or in a hotel room when I use them. Whenever I talk about Yoga toes people are curious.

    So lets answer the most asked question: whats the big deal about Yoga toes?

    First lets start with some humor. I actually had a woman ask me, Cant you just put marbles, or grapes, or something between your toes? I suppose you could, but my answer to her was, Why would you want to when you can use Yoga toes?

    Are You a Candidate for Yoga Toes?

    There are two types of people who are drawn to using Yoga toes. There are those who suffer from sore, tired feet. Are you on your feet all day and need relief? Do you suffer from bunions, hammertoes, or plantar fascitis? If so, youre an ideal candidate for Yoga toes.

    The other person who benefits fits my profile. Im always working towards healthy and happy feet! I have healthy feet; however, Im super active, and especially when I travel, I walk A LOT. At home, I easily get my 10,000 steps a day, and when I travel Ill usually bump that up to 7-10 miles a day. And often that includes going up and down hills . At the end of the day, comes my feet appreciation time and on go the Yoga toes.

    What Exactly ARE Yoga Toes?

    Why You Should Do Yoga Barefoot

    9 Ways to Use a Rolled

    Art Chief EditorPlanning to do yoga barefoot? Here’s a useful guide that discusses its advantages. Learn how to practice it safely and make the most out of the experience.

    Practicing yoga is one of the simplest ways to relax your mind and body without the need for so many things. If youve seen many yogis or maybe you practice yoga, you may have noticed that it is usually done barefoot. And for a good reason.

    If you should ask why you should do yoga barefoot, let me tell you.;


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    Yoga Toes: The Missing Manual

    How to wear them

    My advice is that you wet your toes before putting the stretchers on. Also, it is a good idea to perform a preliminary stretch by gently bending the toes back towards you. This will loosen the muscles a bit and make the initial experience easier. Just a small reminder, it’s normal to feel some discomfort the first time you use yoga toes. For me, this was the case the first few times I used them. That being said, if you feel the need to take them off after a few minutes, then by all means, do so. It’s completely normal to start slowly and build your way up to longer usage times. Not to worry though, eventually your muscles will get used to it and you’ll look forward to putting on your toe stretchers.

    How often to wear them

    As long as you’re not standing, you can wear yoga toes. Like I said earlier, they’re great to use while watching TV or just while sitting down and relaxing. You can even wear them overnight if you’d like. There is no downside to wearing yoga toes for as long as you feel comfortable.

    General care and cleaning

    Yoga toes are made of a non-porous plastic and gel combination. This makes them resistant to dirt and also easy to clean. Mild soaps and sanitizers will easily do the trick. They can also be put in the dishwasher if you’d like.

    What Will I Gain By Using These

    Freedom! For your toes anyway . . . But in all seriousness, these toe separators will help relieve foot pain, and also help alleviate conditions like overlapping toes, bunions, blisters and plantar fasciitis. They can also help increase your athletic performance and improve your balance as well as your overall posture.;

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    Choosing Between Correcttoes Yogatoes And Unbranded Silicone Ones

    Update April 2021 Toe separators, spacers, stretchers or spreaders can be very helpful in winning the war against your compromised foot. When you experience pain from bunions, hammer toes or plantar fasciitis, toe spacers are a way to relief. They come in various shapes, sizes and prices. Over the past few years weve tried and tested four different types. Neither one of them can be called best, as it really depends on use and budget. If we have to point out certain characteristics we found YogaToes to give the best stretch. But the unbranded silicone ones may be the best bang for your buck in terms of flexibility and use. Well discuss a newcomer at the very end.

    What Are Some Benefits From Wearing Yoga Toes

    The Ultimate Toe Separators: Awesome Toes!® by YOGABODY®

    Yoga Toes are a brand of plastic toe separators intended to stretch and strengthen the feet. The design is similar to the foam toe separators used during pedicures, but Yoga Toes are made of a squishy, plastic material. This material is BPA and latex free, and pliable to the shape of your particular feet. According to the manufacturer and some experts, the product can alleviate foot pain, increase flexibility, and correct toe alignment when used properly and consistently. More research is needed to confirm these effects, however.

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    How Do Toe Stretchers Work

    Many foot problems are caused by tightening up of themuscles and ligaments in the foot.; Thismakes subtle changes to the position of the foot and how forces are transferredup the leg to the back.; It can affectyour posture and how you walk and run.;

    Toe stretchers sit between your toes, close to the webbing and help to stretch outthe toe muscles and ligaments while improving the alignment of the feet.; They are worn whilst you are sitting or lyingdown relaxing rather than when you are up and about.; In time, they increase the flexibility andlength in your toes which helps combat a whole range of foot problems.; They may be made from gel, like yoga toes, foam oreven specially designed cotton spreader socks.;

    Your Feet Need Some Yoga Toes

    But really can we talk about this for a second? Foot pain is so not just something that happens when you get older.

    I love shoes. And I love to wear ones that I know are absolutely not doing my body any favors. But I just ignore my arch pain because a womans gotta wear shoes and honestly our options are usually either Pain or Ugly.

    I do my best to balance out my adoration of high heels by wearing sneakers whenever possible which was super easy when I was a fitness instructor full time. But that also came with its own problems, because I was on my feet and active all day. So my feet would still come home at the end of the day pretty sore and beat up.

    These days, I work on my computer for most of the day, at a standing desk. I have not one but two orthopedic mats stacked up on the floor for cushion, and my feet are still inflamed by the end of the day.

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