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How Do You Become A Yoga Teacher

Types Of Courses Available To Become Certified Yoga Teacher


Whether you are a beginner or advanced personnel, different types of certified yoga teacher training courses are available according to your level of yoga training. For beginners with little to no knowledge about yoga practice, 200 hour yoga teacher training is the go-to option.

If you have already completed certification in the 200 hour yoga teacher training and want to level up your knowledge, a 300 hour yoga teacher training course will be perfect for you. It makes you an expert by teaching you advanced yoga poses and knowledge.

There is another advanced yoga teacher training program as well, which is 500 hours. Taking care of the minute details, this course provides everything you need to be a professionally certified yoga instructor. If you wish to enroll in any of the above-mentioned certified courses depending upon the level of your yoga practice, feel free to join yoga teacher training in India.

How Much Do You Get Paid To Teach A Yoga Class

Those teaching yoga can earn hourly rates of between $7 and $10. You will charge up to $69 for each hour worked. An hourly rate of 25 dollars. Experience, style, and following factors are relevant for hourly rates. Each yoga studio has its own type of instructor who serves as a full-time employee, and others are independent contractors who complete their classes full-time.

What Draws You To Yoga

One cannot truly commit to being a yoga teacher without finding passion in the meaning of their personal yoga practice. Flexibility and skill level are waaaaay less important to teaching yoga than having a keen ability to lead a yoga class of multiple skill levels through breathing techniques with spot on cuing.

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Yoga Teacher Training And Certification: How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor In India

What qualifications do you need to be a yoga teacher?

To become a certified yoga teacher in India, you will need the following educational qualifications:

You can start by completing graduation and post-graduation in yoga. The education provided in these professional courses would help you in understanding the basics of yoga and therefore would make you a really good yoga teacher.

If you have already completed your graduation and post-graduation from some other field of study, dont worry! You can still become a certified yoga trainer.

You can opt for yoga teacher certification courses and can thus pursue your dream of becoming a yoga teacher in India. Yoga teacher training courses would help you in understanding the required skills for becoming a yoga teacher.

Remember, along with the knowledge of different yoga schools, good yoga practice and profound knowledge of different asanas of yoga you would also need to learn the business side of teaching yoga. Therefore, even if you have a graduation and a postgraduate degree in yoga, I would recommend you to go for a yoga teacher certification course. Yoga teacher training would help you in understanding the business side of teaching yoga. You would learn how to handle students, how to get clients for your yoga school, how to create a curriculum for your students as well as various other skills.

The All Yoga Family Global Network And Lifetime Support

How to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor in 5 Steps ...

All Yoga has built an astounding Yoga Community with over 2000 graduates from all around the world. Spending nearly a month together with like-minded people creates lifetime bonds and friendships. We run an All Yoga graduates Facebook group to keep in touch, to share the latest news and it gives every graduate the opportunity to promote their offerings. With such a global network, the All Yoga family cohesively provides support to our new students and alumni students. Our locations worldwide are still growing! Currently you find us in Portugal, Bali and Thailand.

As a graduate, you will always be welcome to visit us and practice at any of our venues!

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Skills You Need To Be A Successful Yoga Teacher

A yoga instructor has a number of functions and obligations that range from preparing lessons for classes and demonstrating poses to less glamorous ones like cleaning the studio. Of course, good instructors will have technical knowledge, but skilled teachers will go above and beyond by combining technical skills with a love for their work. Consider these 12 must-have skills if you want to be a successful yoga teacher.

Things You Should Know About Being A Yoga Teacher

  • 1.3KSHARES

Whether you are a new yoga teacher, considering becoming one, or have been teaching yoga for years, theres always more to know and countless ways to grow.

But particularly when youre just starting out in your yoga teaching journey, theres a lot to know and learn. From anatomy, Sanskrit, and sequencing a yoga class, to marketing and building your brand as a yoga teacher, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Psst!! Did you know YogiApproved has an entire column dedicated to yoga teachers? Check out our Yoga Teacher Resources column here!

As an accessible starting point and from a yoga teacher whos been teaching and training others to become yoga teachers for decades, this article provides five key things you should know about being a yoga teacher.

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Become Certified In Cpr

If you want to teach in a health or fitness center, you will most likely need to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as “CPR.” Health and fitness centers usually require their instructors to be CPR certified to ensure they have the basic skills needed to respond to a health emergency.

What Exactly Do Yoga Instructors Do

How to Be a Yoga Instructor – Everything You Should Know | Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga instructors typically run their own businesses. They usually give physically and mentally beneficial lessons at health clubs or gyms. Keep in mind that yoga sessions are often held on nights or weekends, so youll need to create a flexible teaching schedule. As a yoga instructor, you can find yourself doing a variety of things. The most frequent activity that Yoga teachers indulge in is creating courses that cater to various competencies, developing your capabilities and expertise as a yoga teacher, promoting your courses, and creating ties with clubs and community organizations. You may also lead seminars, and conferences, and conduct one-on-one sessions if you have enough expertise. Now that you better understand the profession of a yoga instructor. Lets get into the skills and certification you need to become a yoga teacher.

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Can I Teach A Yoga Class

Only if you complete yoga teacher training will you gain skills. Only by leading a yoga class yourself can you gain certification. Having been a teacher of yoga at Asheville Yoga Center, you may have gained some valuable experience. In yoga, you must continually learn and take curious approaches to be aware of how your body behaves.

How Do You Make A Career In Yoga

Aside from getting a certification how does one begin a yoga instructor career?

Start by practice teaching everyone and everywhere. Seriously. Your mom, dad, grandma, dog, and best friends. Build up a network of loyal followers and step up your marketing game.

Create a yoga specific resume and get yourself out there!

Success in the yoga industry is 20 percent knowledge and technique, 80 percent marketing and networking. Communication is key so things like building a website, mailing list, business cards, flyers and a social media following are important.

It takes time to build confidence and a following, different outlets to help are:

  • offer online yoga videos

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Whats It Really Like To Teach Yoga Quotes From Experienced Teachers

Describe a typical teaching day.

Li says: Depending on the client, I would prepare the class at least a day before to tailor to their level of experience. Id double check the time and location before travel, and make sure I have everything needed for the class e.g. mat, Bluetooth speaker, watch, essential oil, or any other props. I also journal about each class on things to note, or things I could do better after a class.

Clarke advises: There really isn’t such a thing as a typical teaching day it varies so much from day to day and teacher to teacher.

I try to teach a maximum of three classes a day , being a combination of studio classes and private or corporate clients.

Then of course there is self-practice, learning and inspiring to ensure that you have enough to give to others. This is the bit that can be forgotten the fastest, but is so important.

What are the key considerations that our readers should think about when becoming yoga teachers?

Taylor says: If you are looking to cover classes at gyms and local studios, you will need to be available at short notice. Make sure you have some lesson plans in your head that are ready to pull out, and which can be adapted to suit different abilities.

Are there any myths about being a yoga instructor that youd like to bust?

Li advises: You dont have to be incredibly flexible, or be able to do extreme poses, as long as you are knowledgeable about your practice and can teach well.

How To Become A Yoga Instructor In The Traditional Way

Want To Become A Yoga Teacher? Here

Formal yoga schools only made their apparition in the last century. Before that, and for 5000 years, learning how to become a yoga instructor was akin to an apprenticeship. Pupils would follow their guru or gurus for years, absorb their knowledge and follow their teachings, until one day, the guru would send them into the world to start spreading their knowledge.

Established in the 1940s, the K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore India was among the first institutions that formalized yoga instructor certifications through this format. Ashtangis, invited to Mysore to practice at the KPJAYI year after year, for weeks or months at a time, may one day receive the instructors blessing to be an authorized Ashtanga teacher. Now headed by Pattabhi Jois daughter and granddaughter, the school still operates with this model.

Aside from Ashtanga yoga, you can learn to become a yoga instructor through an apprenticeship in any yoga style by following an expert instructor or gurus teaching over several years. Learning how to become a yoga instructor through this model can provide in-depth learning of the practice and pedagogy through mirroring the instructor.

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Build A Mailing List Asap

Step six is to start a mailing list.

Have a way that you can keep in touch with the people who come and probably really enjoy your classes.

To me, this is even more important than most other . It will help keep you top of mind so that when your network needs a yoga teacher, they know to come to you.

How Much Can You Earn As An Independent Yoga Teacher

If you decide to teach independently, your main sources of income are likely to be from running group classes, as well as offering private tuition. On average, these are charged at:

  • £7-£15 per group class
  • £40-£60 per hour for a private class

To make classes more accessible, some yoga teachers offer different price brackets that are dependent on students wages. Community or pay by donation classes are also popular.

Remember that these amounts are gross revenue so take into account taxes, insurance, studio rental and other expenses when working out how much youll earn.

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Are You Ready To Dive Deep Into Your Yoga Practice And Take The Next Step To Become A Yoga Teacher

At BodyMindLife weve seen students from all walks of life choose to take the leap and learn more about the ancient practices that we know lead to health, happiness and peace in the mind, body and soul.

One of the most common questions our teachers get asked is, am I ready?. And their answer is always yes.

Our teacher training isnt just for aspiring teachers and you dont have to be able to do a handstand to sign up!

The course is designed for yogis at all levels who want to advance their practice, learn how to teach with confidence and gain an understanding of yoga philosophy, and how to apply it in todays modern world.

What Are The Cons Of Being A Yoga Instructor

How do you become a Kids Yoga Teacher?

It is possible that a teacher who teaches full-time is so busy with work they do not have the time to sit still and practice yoga with them. It is frustrating and potentially career-draining for some to suffer from this. Make sure that your work schedule is sustainable, because it does vary. Please schedule yours and your practice around your schedule as well.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Certified In Yoga

This fully depends on what kind of training youre after. There are so many aspects to a training that can affect the price, like which styles of yoga are taught, whether its a 200-hour yoga course or 500-hour course, where the course is located, and what kind of certification you would like.

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Choosing A Course Provider

As there are many different course providers out there, it can be difficult deciding which one to complete your yoga teacher training with.

However, some important things to look out for when making a decision are:

Become a Yoga Teacher with OriGym!

  • Internationally Recognised Qualifications
  • 7 days per week Tutor Support
  • 0% Finance Available

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

Befriending our innermost selves can be a difficult task. But in order to get out of your own way, its imperative you dig deep and realize you exist in the background of your thoughts, not in them. You are not your thoughts.

Many of us have self-limiting beliefs we repeat in our minds over and over again. Im guilty of it too. Often times, this is done subconsciously, so its not even in our immediate awareness. The habitual patterns built around these beliefs and negative self-talk creates a barrier between you and success.

Perhaps your common self-limiting beliefs are based in fear, as mine were. Fear of not being good enough, fear of failing, fear of what others may think, the list goes on. Beginning to understand your habitual patterns is the first step in finding the freedom to rise above and choose positive thoughts.

As all things in life, its a practice. But this practice will undoubtedly help you build the confidence you need to quiet the inner voices and actively choose a more productive path in thinking.

What Do Yoga Instructors Make

You Should Be A Yoga Instructor

If your goal is to teach at a yoga studio, then you can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $80 per yoga class, depending on your teaching experience and the yoga studio. If you want to teach private yoga classes, then you could earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per yoga class. If youre teaching online, then the sky is the limit.

Read more:

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Start Making Money Teaching Yoga

Step five is charging money for people to take your classes. This could mean that youre teaching in a studio, or maybe youre hosting events in your home.

Maybe youre teaching in corporations, like youre going into businesses, and teaching there, or partnering with local restaurants to have yoga and wine nights.

You could lead retreats.

You could teach yoga online, like me.

There have never been more opportunities to find success as a yoga teacher in the way that you really enjoy, and are passionate about.

Free Download: 25 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Earn More Money

I fell hard. My confidence plummeted to new depths.

Thankfully since teacher training, my yoga practice really started to blossom. Yoga was my saving grace my feather bed to soften the fall. I worked diligently to apply my new learnings in an effort to pull myself out of the dark hole.

It took months in therapy of all kinds to rebuild my confidence and to feel worthy again. But I slowly picked up the pieces and I was able to build a solid foundation from which to regrow.

Meanwhile, I was offered my first yoga teaching gig. Whew.

Naturally, nerves began to sink in. Doubt littered my thoughts. Am I good enough? Will students trust what I have to say? What if I forget my sequence? Is anyone going to show up to my class?

I saw myself repeating old mental patterns of self-doubt and fear driven thoughts. I did not want to fall back into that dark headspace.

Quieting that inner voice was difficult, but crucial to becoming a confident new yoga teacher.

Building confidence as a yoga teacher takes time. It may come and go and feel different from day to day, but the important piece is, you keep moving forward.

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Are There Any Requirements Or Qualifications I Need To Complete Before I Enroll In A Yoga Teacher Training

No. A yoga teacher training is where youll gain a certification, so there arent really any qualifications that youll need to complete before enrolling. Students will typically come with quite a bit of experience though. A 200 hour training is not a walk in the park, so its good to have a sense of what you love about yoga and what youre looking for out of a training before you commit to one. That will be helpful for you to determine which course is the best for you.

A lot of times, teacher trainings are broken out by the specific amount of hours it takes to complete the course, or theyre focused on a specific genre, or type of yoga. Here are some examples of teacher trainings and they all are completely separate .

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


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