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Hot Yoga Studio For Sale

Looking For A Hot Yoga Dome For Sale Look No Further

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If you’ve stayed awake at night dreaming of your very own hot yoga home studio, we’ve got news for you… The Hot Yoga Dome is a portable, private hot yoga tent that takes home hot yoga to the next level.

We know… not having hot yoga classes for the past year has been a major drag. Nothing compares to a good hot yoga session. Better skin, chronic pain relief, physical mobility, emotional decompression, mental awareness… when you know you know. )

This is why the Hot Yoga Dome is such an amazing resource!

Let’s face it — most of us aren’t going to construct a full yoga studio in our homes. The Hot Yoga Dome is a fully portable, private hot yoga hut that inflates and heats in less than 10 minutes. It’s energy-efficient, retains heat and moisture, and it’s constructed out of durable, eco-friendly materials.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re on the fence about the Hot Yoga Dome, here are 10 reasons why you need to get in on the home hot yoga lifestyle:

  • Hot yoga at any time of the day or night.
  • Hot yoga at the heat and humidity you prefer
  • Hot yoga in private- ditch your expensive lululemons and go commando!
  • Hot yoga in your back yard
  • Hot yoga in your living room
  • Hot yoga without sweaty natural deodorant neighbors
  • Hot yoga without adjustments
  • Check Out What Actual Yoga Studio Owners Have To Say About Our Heaters

    Jeff Caldwell, owner of Heating Green, checks out a couple of the yoga studios in Bellingham, WA where our infrared heating panels have been installed.

    No maintenance required, ever!

    Heating Greens yoga studio heaters have a 30-40 year lifespan and are designed and manufactured in the USA. The heaters have no visible light and dont generate any noise no moving parts . We offer versatile mounting options to fit your yoga studio!

    Weve heard great feedback on the heat. They feel the heat is warmer, more even and not as drying on their skin/the air doesnt feel as dry. Most people also comment on how much more they are sweating which they are very happy with!

    Facility Operations Manager,NIKE ATHLETIC CENTERS

    We recently purchased the infrared panels for our yoga center. With these in our space, it is like practicing in the womb. As they heat the body and are quiet and soothing unlike the forced air system we have tried. Our students have wanted us to heat every class as they love practicing in the space so much more, and our heated classes are always full, which we love!


    We love Heating Green heaters for their performance , their design and their always there-for-us customer service. We feel like we have a partnership with Heating Green and they are invested in the experience of our students, making them a part of the Lyons Den Power Yoga Family!

    Eco Carbon Fibre Panels

    Yoga Panels Patented Eco Carbon emitters with low EMFs and NO VOCs are the first ecologically friendly heaters on the market. Eco Carbon heaters use a patented procedure to seal the carbon fibre weave between 10 layers of environmentally friendly, non-conductive material. The use of ten sandwich layers with a Carbon fibre copper infused core, makes for the most efficient heater available. Eco Carbon Fibre Yoga Panels are over 98% efficient with a micron wave between 6 and 13, with the majority at 9.4 microns . Eco Carbon Fibre Yoga Panels are produce lower EMFRs than any other heaters on the market. Eco Carbon Fibre Yoga Panels are not only the most efficient and ecologically friendly heaters, they are also the worlds safest. Each individual heater has its own patented thermal safety device.

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    Stop By Our Hot Yoga Studio In Billings Mt Today

    If you’re tired of the same-old, same-old when it comes to fitness classes, come to Good Vibes Hot Yoga for something unique. Our hot yoga studio in Billings, MT welcomes everyone for fun, energizing hot yoga classes. You’ll strengthen your body and center your mind with the help of a hot yoga instructor.What are you waiting for? It’s time to join a hot yoga class and turn up the heat for your next workout. Call 406-281-8810 now to ask about our schedule and learn about our class packages.

    Now Featured In Crunch Fitness Studios

    Hot Yoga Studio

    Feel The Health Benefits

    Here at Hot Yoga Heating, we offer our customers a variety of infrared heating panels , which hold many advantages over traditional heating systems. The energy efficiency of infrared heating is widely touted as a benefit, and its true that that they can be a cost-saving, eco-friendly measure for your studio. But another advantage is that infrared heatas well as the physical heating panels themselvescan actually create a healthier space and student.

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    Get A Great Workout At Good Vibes Hot Yoga

    Ready to get in shape? You’ll love working out at our hot yoga studio in Billings, MT because:

    • We put the cleanliness and safety of our studio first
    • We create unique and invigorating classes
    • We genuinely care about helping you meet your health goals

    Your hot yoga studio instructor is committed to giving you fun, challenging workout sessions every time you visit.

    Easy Steps To Ordering A Hot Yoga Sauna Kit

    Determine Size

    Research saunas to determine what you want: size, capacity, layout, options, etc. Our design consultants have designed commercial and residential saunas worldwide and can help you choose the best accommodations for combining your sauna and yoga sessions. Recommended minimum size for a hot yoga sauna is a 4′ x 7′ sauna room for 1 person yoga workout or 7′ x 7′ sauna room for 2 person yoga workout. The recommended maximum size for a residential hot yoga sauna is 7′ x 8′. Maximum height for any hot yoga sauna should be 8′. Keep in mind that the recommended height for a normal traditional sauna is 7′. Heat rises so in a sauna a lower ceiling is always desirable for more efficient heat. Floor exercises are often the best routine in a hot yoga sauna unless in a commercial facility. However, an extended 8-foot height should allow for most standing yoga exercises.

    Get a Quote

    Select a common size sauna from our DIY Sauna Kits or fill out a Custom Sauna Planner form to get a quote on sauna & shipping. Address required to quote shipping. Download Custom Sauna Planner form Purchase: To proceed with order, just email or fax acceptance of quote and call with payment information. Visa/MC, PayPal or drop check in mail. We offer factory direct pricing on some of the best quality saunas on the market.

    Payment and Production

    Call toll-free 872-2806 for your custom quote. Order a Sample Pack to see the quality of the materials we make use of to build our saunas.

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    But What’s The Difference

    Hot yoga refers to any variety of yoga flow or sequence done in a heated room, whereas Bikram is a traditional practice made up of 26 set positions.

    Founded by Bikram Choudhury, the practice first became popular in the 1970s and now it’s loved by yogis and non-yogis alike. Promising a demanding 90-minute workout in a studio heated to 35-40 degrees, Bikram is guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

    But while they differ slightly in practice, both Bikram and hot yoga have similar perks. Thanks to the added heat, you can torch more calories than a normal yoga class and reach greater levels of flexibility. Not only that, but research shows upping the heat during a workout can boost circulation, leaving your skin glowing.

    So if you’ve ever been tempted to turn up the temperature, here’s some of the best studios London has to offer.

    Explore our selection of hot yoga must-haves Yoga Towels and Yoga Mats>

    What Yoga Studio Owners Had To Say

    Hot Yoga Workout For Beginners ð¥

    The panels from Heating Green have worked out great for our Buddhist mediation center. They are silent and an even heat is delivered. The panels are unobtrusive on the ceiling and most people dont even notice them, they are simply entering a comfortable room.

    Hi Jeff , Our new location is opening tomorrow and the heaters feel so good! I love them!

    “The biggest thing that I have noticed about this heat is that it locks itself into the room. My other space we had to rush in and out of the room to keep the warmth in. With these heaters we can leave the door open and it is almost walled off into the room.”

    I love the way the heat feels very comfortable and nothing blowing in my face and I havent noticed a big hit to the energy bill, which is nice. We are getting a lot of use out of our yoga studio. I take classes on my own 3-4 times a week and I have an instructor coming in once a week to teach a semi-private lesson to me and four friends.

    We installed the heating panels from Heating Green in our Yoga studio and were very delighted on how they turned out, The install went very smooth and the heating has been delightful in the cold weather. Jeff Caldwell at Heating Green was very informative on what type of panels we should purchase and helped us throughout the process. We at Soul Art System Yoga recommend Heating Green for your heating alternative.

    We love the heat and are getting great reviews.

    The heaters work awesome and everyone loves them.

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    Discounted Membership Rates Now Available

    LIMITED TIME ONLY!Complete the form below to request more info about a HOTWORX studio membership.

    The FX Zone provides HOTWORX members with an area for productive use of time before, after, or in between infrared workout sessions. Bands, weights, ropes, and other equipment are available for any combination of functional training exercises and routines. A silent trainer video is displayed on a monitor with various routines for recommended use of the FX Zone.

    Serving The Original Recipe Of Bikram Yoga Since 2008

    Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga sequence taught in the US since 1973. Every class offered is the same 90 minute sequence. The class is perfect if you are new to yoga. The postures chosen allow you to work to your own level of ability and experience. The heated environment promotes blood circulation, detoxification and complete restoration of health and vitality.

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    Yoga And Meditation By The River

    At the end of the winding pathway, you discover the studio that has been intentionally created for this location and use. A large radiant-floor-heated circular building with wooden rafters and skylight, this one-of-a-kind yurt has been skillfully designed for the purposes of self-exploration and interconnection. Our studio is round for a reason. Circles create community and that is what we are all about at RiverSound. Like a compass we are invited to explore our center and our interconnection, breath by breath. In this yurt, you are as close to nature as a building allows. You hear each raindrop, the waves of the river, gusts of wind and the call of birds while remaining completely sheltered from the elements.

    The space offers opportunities to explore boundaries and depths, to transform fears and concerns into forward movement, to strengthen awareness and move closer to the quiet stillness of our inner selves. You feel the energy and intention of the space the moment you enter.

    Located alongside the Grand River, RiverSound Yoga & Meditation Retreat just outside of Fergus, a short distance from Elora, Center Wellington & Guelph, Ontario is a refuge of peace. A unique location for team development workshops, staff retreats, meetings and corporate events, this facility also lends itself beautifully to spiritual retreats, family reunions and community-based special occasions.

    Contact Jill for more information about rentals and classes.

    Metal Wire Element Heaters

    Photos: Hot Yoga Spot expands

    Metal wire heating elements first appeared in the 1920 and these elements consist of wire made from Chromel. The heaters are produced by coiling the wire into a spiral and then wrapping it around a ceramic body. When heated to high temperatures the Chromel forms a protective layer of chromium-oxide, which protects the wire from burning, and corrosion, this also causes the element to glow. These elements are commonly used in restaurants to heat food as well as in bathrooms as heat lamps outside of showers. They do not produce a far infrared wave- length but do produce near and medium infrared wavelengths. The heat is very hot within 10 of the element and can cause severe skin damage if a per- son stays under the light for to long.

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    What To Consider Before Buying A Yoga Studio

    Posted On: Buying A Business

    While ancient people have been practicing yoga for thousands of centuries around the world, the practice took the U.S. by storm only recently. According to research by Ipsos Public Affairs done last year, 37 million people in the U.S. now regularly practice yoga. The figure represents a staggering increase from 20 million just three years ago. IBIS World reports that yoga is a $10 billion industry. Some may think that these statistics alone would make an obvious argument for entering the industry, but there are several important things to consider before buying a yoga studio.

    As Of June 1st 2021 Masks Are Now Optional Everywhere In Our Studios

    Located in Milwaukee and Brookfield, we are the areas original Hot Yoga Studio offering classes for both experienced and beginner yoga students. Hot Yoga Milwaukee is 100% local and were committed to a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive, supportive yoga community.

    With several class types, in-person & online options, and an amazing crew of local yoga teachers available, Hot Yoga Milwaukee has something for everyone!

    Large yoga rooms

    State of the art heating system

    High output humidifiers in every room

    95-105 degrees, 40-50% humidity

    Continuous fresh air at all times

    Built-in HVAC UV disinfectant

    Disinfected between classes and deep cleaned nightly

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