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Hot Yoga Mats And Towels

How To Use A Yoga Towel Properly

Yoga Mat Towel Review (Manduka eQua Standard, Manduka eQua Hot Yoga. Towel, Yogitoes Skidless)
  • Roll out the anti-slip yoga towel on your yoga mat.
  • If it has side corner pockets, wrap your yoga mat with the anchors to get a better grip.
  • Enjoy your yoga postures and deepen them as much as you can.
  • Dry the yoga towel after each use and wash it once in a week for a bacteria-free environment.

The following are the benefits of using a yoga towel for hot yoga.

What’s A Yoga Towel And Do I Need One

Believe it or not, there’s likely a lot you don’t know about yoga towels. It may not seem like a pressing topic, but if you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner or want to begin the journey to become one, it’s essential to understand the role a yoga towel has in your practice.

For yoga studio owners or even gym owners who offer yoga classes, knowing the benefits of stocking your business with yoga towels can lead to happier and healthier clients. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about yoga towels.

Reviews For Microfibre Mat Towel

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Terry S April 19, 2013

    This is my second Jade towel, and I got this one in Orchid. Love the color. The towel works great after its wetits nice and absorbent and I dont slip, but until that happens, like some other towels, it moves around my mat so Im constantly fixing it.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    RachelD April 19, 2013

    I ordered this towel in Slate Blue to match my yoga mat. Im new to yoga so up until ordering these I was using bath towels. I do Power Vinyasa Yoga in a HOT HOT room so I sweat a lot. However, I do not keep a towel under me when I practice since Im not the type to drip sweat when I work out. Mostly, I just use it to wipe sweat off me while I practice . However it fits nicely in my yoga bag since its much thinner then a bath towel. I do think if you want a towel to practice with on top of your mat your better of with the Yogitoes. You would have to get this towel seriously wet in order for it to stick to the mat properly.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Sandra April 19, 2013

    I purchased the Jade microfiber yoga towel for my Bikram Yoga classes. It is fabulous! It hardly moves at all on my mat which is a blessing and it is a tad bit longer than my mat which I really appreciate. Thank you Jade Yoga for such a lovely, quality towel!

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    Best Yoga Towels : Don’t Slip Get A Grip

    Our pick of the best yoga towels, designed to sit on top of your mat to add grip and absorb sweat

    ByCarys Lowry-CarterLast updated 2021-09-10T11:30:02.494Z

    A towel just for yoga? We know, we know, but like so many things designed specifically to aid in your comfort and safety while you’re spending time on the mat, it’s really not as barmy as it sounds. Rather than functioning like a gym towel for mopping off sweaty brows and equipment after a particularly strenuous sequence, our best yoga towels are designed to sit on top of your yoga mat, adding an extra grippy layer to keep you from slipping in your own sweat or on top of communal mats to stop you slipping in someone else’s . Not so silly now, are they?

    While the best yoga mats are designed to minimise slippage, none are foolproof, and a yoga towel is a smart idea if you’re practicing in the summer or doing hot yoga. They can also be used as a protective layer to keep your yoga mat clean and stain-free. And if you’re very short on space, a yoga towel can even be used in place of a mat.

    How Do You Wash Yoga Towels

    MapleFit Super Absorbent Hot Yoga Towel

    Many yoga towels are microfiber, a high-absorbency material. Microfiber is a straightforward material to wash and maintain, often needing only a wash with cold water and no fabric softener. You can dry them in your dryer on low heat or hang them up to air-dry on a clothesline, since microfiber dries much faster than cotton.

    Some yoga towels may have specific washing and maintenance directions on their tags, but generally, it’s as simple as tossing your used towel into the laundry after each use.

    A good rule to follow for yoga towels and anything else that absorbs sweat is to wash after every use. That includes yoga mats. However, since yoga mats are much more challenging to clean correctly, using a yoga towel on top of it protects the mat itself, which means you have to clean it less often. Washing your yoga towel after every use will ensure you always return to a clean and hygienic space to practice yoga.

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    Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

    The dual-textured sides provide versatility for whichever type of yoga you practice. It’s 3 inches longer and 2 inches wider than a traditional yoga mat, providing you more space to flow. The smooth side helps hands and feet adhere to the mat and the grippy side provides traction. This mat also features an antimicrobial coating to prevent mold and mildew from growing after being in a warm environment like a hot yoga studio.

    Another NYC studio that knows hot yoga is Lyons Den Power Yoga. “This is our choice because it’s unmovable, eco-friendly, and durable,” says Bethany Lyons, founder and CEO of Lyons Den. She also likes that the mat is easy to clean and maintainimportant to keep in mind for your own mat post-hot yoga. Bonus: Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat sold.

    A Guide To Yoga Towels

    Weve all seen the sign outside the hot yoga studio Bring Your Own Yoga Towel but we need to remember that these simple yet transformative pieces of textile are for all types of yoga and can help you in the most unexpected ways. Yoga towels are for use way beyond a sweaty intense flow, they are for all and every type of practice to help you with your grip and moisture management around any yoga mat. Adding a yoga hand or full mat towel to your toolbox can be a game changer and we are here to tell you why and provide some PRO tips.

    What is a Yoga Towel for?

    Fundamentally they provide 2 main performance characteristics:

    1. Provide extra GRIP when your hands or feet start to release heat and moisture.

    2. Absorb excess moisture aka SWEAT, from collecting on top of your mat.

    Why do you lose Grip?

    For some, grip is the most important aspect of their yoga mat. Depending on the class, the weather, how your body is feeling, time of day, your level of practice, how far into the yoga lesson/practice, the condition or the construction type of your yoga mat can potentially mean a loss of grip. Which for some is extremely frustrating. For some not so much. But as heat builds in your body and the muscles that are in use tire, the natural reaction is for the body to try and cool down by releasing moisture. Normally first through the hands, then arms, then feet and so on.

    A few things to know or unknow.

    Full mat yoga towels are for hot or intense practices.


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    What Is A Hot Yoga Towel & Why Use It

    A yoga towel is a piece of highly absorbent cloth that keeps you dry during the intense workout, decreases slippage and improves traction by soaking up moisture and sweat. Yoga towels are generally made of microfiber material known for its wicking qualities.

    No matter, how good your mat is, if its not designed specifically for hot yoga, you will probably lose grip and slip more than on a dry surface. A yoga towel can make the practice more comfortable and prevent you from potential injuries caused by sliding on the wet mat.

    And the great thing is that the more you sweat, the better the grip is. Most of the yoga towels absorb several times more sweat than their actual weight and can be used repeatedly during the workout.

    A yoga towel will be best suited for the Bikram yoga class, where the high temperature in the room makes even the most resistant to perspiration sweat profusely. But if you are naturally a heavy sweater or have sweaty palms, a yoga towel may prove to be helpful during other types of yoga, including fast-paced Power and Vinyasa yoga.

    Apart from wicking away sweat and preventing injury, a hot yoga towel can offer you so much more. Here are some of the advantages of investing in a high-quality yoga towel.

    Are You A Yoga Teacher

    Manduka Equa & Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towels Review

    This guide shows our proven step-by-step system for creating a yoga website you love. If youre a yoga teacher, snag this guide for FREE.


    About Brandon

    Former corporate sales rep turned nomadic entrepreneurial yogi. Street food ninja, avid outdoorsman, craft beer geek, and live music junkie. Co-founder of The Yoga Nomads.

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    Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat Size Yoga Towel

    The Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat Size Yoga Towel is ideal for anyone, even those with allergies and skin sensitivities. The patented Skidless technology has 100% silicone dots that grip and keep the towel in place on your mat, so you dont slip. The microfiber towel is lightweight, durable, comfortable, hygienic, ultra-absorbent, and resists movement. This is an eco-friendly option that requires 2/3 less energy to produce thanks to its construction of 50% recycled material. Each towel is made using recycled polyester and eight recycled plastic bottles and all dyes are AZO, lead, and heavy-metal free. It is recommended to mist the towel with water before beginning class for best results. It is machine washable, so you can clean it in no time.

    This is available in more than 70 beautiful colors and patterns to match any yogis style. It is one of the most popular mat-length yoga towels on the market. It is also a Consumer Search top pick, an Amazon best-seller, and is recommended by PopSugar. It is also highly regarded by most yogis and most find it hard to beat.

    Microfiber Texture For Traction And Durability

    Proper traction is important for stability and safety when maintaining challenging posses. Get the most out of your yoga routine – whether it’s warrior one or an extended side-angle pose, the Shandali GoSweat Yoga Towel is perfect for beginners or experienced yogis. The microfiber weave will ensure a long lasting product life span. and a textured feel that will safely plant your feet onto your mat.

    • Is Discontinued By Manufacturerâ:âNo
    • Package Dimensionsâ:â8.51 x 4.18 x 3.39 inches 12.64 Ounces
    • Date First Availableâ:âJanuary 26, 2015
    • Manufacturerâ:âShandali

    4.5 out of 5 stars

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    Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towels

    The Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towels are ideal if you tend to sweat a lot. The hypoallergenic, nonpermeable towel will keep you and your mat dry. The super-absorbent microfiber towel can absorb twice as much moisture as a standard towel and dries in half the time. It is the same size as a standard mat, so you can easily keep your mat dry. It is also machine washable, so you can clean it in no time.

    This compact attractive mat comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. It is recommended by PopSugar and comes from the widely respected Gaiam brand, so you can trust the quality and dependability.

    Benefits Of A Towel For Hot Yoga

    MapleFit Super Absorbent Hot Yoga Towel
    • Extends the life of your yoga mat
    • Absorbs sweat and acts as a sticky surface after your mat gets sweaty

    What about a regular towel?

    I understand, you want to save a few dollars and use your old towel sitting in the closet. You CAN do this but it doesnt work very well. Regular towels dont stick to your mat which leads to bunching up. If your towel is bunching up, youll be constantly adjusting your towel.

    Regular towels will wear out really fast yoga towels last for years with regular use. Yoga towels are the perfect size to fit your yoga mat. Regular towels are too wide and too short to be used for yoga!

    Laslty, you can also go for a hot yoga mat and towel in one combo. For example, the Yoga Design lab Combo Mat which is a solid option. Personally I prefer keeping my yoga mat and the best non slip yoga towel I can afford separate.

    *Bonus: a yoga mat towel also works great for a travel towel! See what else Anne packed in her bag for travel.

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    Top 5 Yoga Towels For Hot Yoga


    Cover photo credit:

    *This article compares towels for hot yoga. If youre looking for more yoga gear, check out our reviews for traveling yoga mats or carry on backpacks or yoga backpacks for commuting to the studio?.

    Looking for the best yoga towel for hot yoga to prevent you from slipping during class?

    There are tons of yoga mat towel options to chose from. Luckily we did the research for you and narrowed it down to the top 5 towels for hot yoga.

    What was I looking for in a hot yoga towel?

    • Sticky / Grippy
    • Durable
    • Fair price

    Anne and I have been practicing yoga for a combined 14+ years and have tried out countless yoga products.

    This guide was designed to make choosing the right yoga towel for hot yoga a breeze! .

    At the end, I will share which towels we use. However depending on your specific needs, any hot yoga mat towel we list below will get the job done.

    Pin me! Then keep reading

    Lets start with a high level overview


    Aurorae Synergy 2 In 1 Yoga Mat

    If you find that even the stickiest yoga towel and mat cant quite stick enough, so you struggle with bunching and slidding during your classes, Aurorae has a solution for you! This combines yoga towel and mat into one awesome product. One side is a standard sticky yoga mat and the other is a microfiber towel . As you practice, the microfiber towel absorbs your sweat and actually gets stickier, leaving no risk of slipping as you heat up. The 2 in 1 design keeps you from slipping around and also means you only have to carry one item to yoga class.

    Made with an eco-friendly 5mm yoga mat, it is bonded to the microfiber towel and stitched along the sides to make a long-lasting product. If youre worried about sweat, odors, or cleanliness, this yoga mat is machine washable! Make sure to clean it regularly. So you can get as sweaty as you want at class and easily clean your mat at home. If other mats have failed your sweaty hands and feet, I highly recommend you give the Synergy a try!


    CONSMay need to spray the mat with water before classDebris can get stuck in microfibernot good for outdoor practiceNeeds regular cleaning to prevent odors

    Size: 24 wide, 72 long

    Available Colors: amethyst, sapphire, emerald, lapis, onyx, Tahiti tide

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    What Are Yoga Towels

    Yoga towels are a unique creation, designed specifically for use during yoga. Their primary purpose is to prevent you from slipping on the yoga mat by absorbing any sweat. They are most prevalent in Bikram yoga better known as hot yoga.

    The towels’ material can vary from a mix of nylon or polyester to fully recycled materials, such as plastic water bottles. The latter quality makes yoga towels doubly beneficial, since they promote sustainability and eco-friendliness within the community.

    Since their design goes over the yoga mat, yoga towels are often just large enough to adequately cover the mat. Many also have tiny grips at the bottom that allow the towel to remain firmly on the mat during yoga practice. This feature saves yoga practitioners from having to keep rearranging the towel or risk falling and injuring themselves. Their highly absorbent design lets them soak up all the sweat, making them better towels for hot yoga than the average bath towel.

    While their purpose is to absorb sweat and keep people from slipping on the mat during hot yoga, many people love to use yoga towels for all types of yoga. Some people are prone to sweat more, which makes having a yoga towel around a benefit. Other times, people may just want a little extra cushioning during their yoga practice, and placing a yoga towel on top of the yoga mat provides it for them.

    What Makes A Good Hot Yoga Towel

    Best Yoga Towels for Heated Vinyasa Yoga (as opposed to Bikram) | Manduka Skidless YogiToes Towel

    Hot yoga towels available on the market are not all that different. Mostly, they vary in size and thickness. Some also have extra features to minimize crumpling during the practice. Thoroughly analyze your needs and make sure to check your wished-for towel against the following characteristics.

    Above all, check the absorbing qualities and thickness. A good yoga towel will be able to soak up large amounts of moisture during a lengthy exercise. Generally, the thicker the towel, the more sweat it can wick away.

    The high-quality hot yoga towel should offer you non-slip and grippy surface, where you would feel safe to do fast changing asanas without slipping. If your feet and hands are not naturally sweaty, it is recommended to spray the towel with water to increase traction.

    Good yoga towels will stay attached to the mat and wont bunch up during the yoga session. To achieve this, manufacturers combine microfiber with a rubber bottom or add small corner flaps on the towel or special silicone nubs. Some have no specific features but tend to stay in place when wet. It is mostly a matter of preference. For instance, if you are sensitive to rough textures, then avoid towels with silicone numbs at the bottom as this feature will need some getting-used-to.

    Hot yoga towels are designed to be quick drying and lightweight. While, at the same time, the thicker the material, the heavier the towel is and the longer it takes to dry out.

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