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The Best Hot Yoga Studios In Seattle

Top 10 Must have affordable products || under 200 Rs.

I kicked off 2018 with a resolution to conquer 30 hot yoga classes in 45 days at my local studio. Even though that may seem super easy , I was out of town the first week and then followed up the next two with bronchitis and the flu. But giving up was definitely not happening.

If you know me, then a little competition does my body GOOD. I had to double up the very last day but Im very proud to say I hit my goal on February 15th with exactly 30 classes.

To be completely honest, I really had hoped to surpass that number. I wanted to WIN. Not for the prize , but really for the fact of saying I did. However, what happened along the way was quite magical, really

I became OBSESSED with the stretch, the sweat and the uncomfortable feeling of pushing myself. I am not a bendy personyoga does not come easy. But the heat , combined with the intense wave of gratitude after every single class made me crave it even more. I even started going to the early 5:30am classes which has taken my day to a whole new level .

First, Ill preface these are hot yoga studios in or near Seattle and so Ill break them down by area to make it quick and easy!

Flow Into Fall With Hot Yoga Inc

I’ve been around the block when it comes to exercise, but there’s one fitness activity that I can never go without again and that’s Hot Yoga. About a year ago, I began working at the yoga studio down the street from my house and it soon became a second home. I took at least one class, if not two, everyday of the week and spent an additional hour or so stretching in the hot room. I quickly noticed a shift in my physical and emotional life.

I quit working at Hot Yoga Inc for awhile to pursue another job for a wonderful company downtown Seattle. It was a desk job, however, and it wasn’t long before my hips, back, and neck were all crying to get out of a chair and move again.

So after taking 7 months off from my membership at Hot Yoga Inc, I am back and here to stay! I just recently came back as an ambassador for the studio and my body and mind are already reaping the benefits after just four classes.

Hot Yoga Inc has been voted for several years now as the Best in Western Washington by King 5 News. If you’re new to or experienced with Hot Yoga, you need to come give this studio a try. They are the hottest studios on the west coast at 110 degrees, and some of the only studios that I’ve found that use infrared heat. At first, the heat seems like a bit much. But after your first 3-5 classes your body will adapt to the heat and you’ll be craving the sweat!

Peace, love, Namaste.

Queen Anne Neighborhood: Haute Yoga Queen Anne

Yoga Style: Heated Hatha, Power Vinyasa and Restorative

Classes: 7 days a week

New Student Special: 2 weeks unlimited for $25

Address: 2131 Queen Anne Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98109

Yoga Style: Heated Hatha, Power, Sculpt, Yin and Pilates

Classes: 7 days a week

New Student Special: 10 classes only $10

Address: 117 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

*Also available in Covington, Mill Creek, Federal Way, Puyallup & Northgate

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Monroe: Bliss Yoga Studio

Yoga Style: Heated Hatha, Power Vinyasa, Power Yin, Yin, Sculpt, Barré, Slow Bliss Flow and non-heated classes including Gentle Yoga, Bliss Baby Prenatal and Yoga Nidra

Classes: 7 days a week

New Student Special: 30 days for $30

Address: 207 N. Lewis St., Monroe, WA 98272


I encourage you to take advantage of the new student specials offered by our local hot yoga studios! Its a great way to get a feel for the practice without spending a ton. You can literally take a class for a $1 a day!

Since Im on the topic, I wanted to highlight a few things that really help with post-sweat recovery

Hot Yoga Inc Is The Best In The Pacific Northwest But You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It Hear What Our Students Have To Say

Gold S Gym Redmond Hot Yoga Schedule

Hatha lets me tune in, chill out and shape up all at the same time. It has that relaxing element, but it doesnt mean youre not gonna break a sweat

I am free from headaches and I am skiing again for the first time in 15 years. I have lost about 35lbs and kept it off. My body is toned and I am happy.

My favorite class is the power. The variety of strong teachers allows me to strengthen my practice through their array of challenging asanas.

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About Hot Yoga Of Mill Creek

At Hot Yoga of Mill Creek, experienced teachers walk students through traditional Hatha poses and sequences of athletic Vinyasa stretches in a practice space heated to deepen each stretch safely. The temperature rises up to 105 degrees for Hatha classes, which helps increase students’ blood-circulation rate to purge pent-up toxins from the body as they bend and balance at their teacher’s instruction. During 95-degree Vinyasa classes students engage in breathing exercises to focus their attention as they work through poses in a dance-like sequence that helps strengthen muscles, raise heart rates, and melt away muscle tension. To tone muscles all over, Yoga Sculpt instructors fuse flowing Vinyasa moves with optional weight-lifting exercises.

Oversized mirrors lining the walls of the practice space encourage students to correct their posture and spinal alignment while executing poses. Outside the classroom, students can peruse the boutique’s selection of yoga-ready tank tops and AdvoCare nutritional supplements. Instructors can host private classes for students in need of one-on-one attention or feature yoga classes in the workplace to help employees destress during the day.

Hot Yoga of Mill Creek

Seattles Best Hot Yoga Studios

Welcome to Hot Yoga Inc. Seattles best, and one of the very first, hot yoga studios in the county.We offer the most exciting, challenging, hardworking, effective yoga classes in the world. Each class includes breathing exercises and yoga postures designed to work every muscle, organ, joint, gland, tendon, ligament, and cell in the body.Whether youre 8 or 88, a highly trained athlete or fitness novice, you will benefit from our total body wellness classes.

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