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Hot 8 Yoga Santana Row

Hot 8 Yoga Class Styles

Hot 8 Yoga â Coming To Santana Row!

Yoga Barre is a fusion of yoga and barre. It is a high-energy class that is great for toning. This class helps open the hips and pelvis region. This is an advanced class.

Yoga Sculpt is a fusion of yoga and free weights. It is a high-energy class, great for cardio. This reminds me of a Bootcamp class. It is pretty hard but a great workout. This is an advanced class.

Power is a traditional vinyasa-style yoga class with chaturangas, arm balances, deep twists, and more. This style allows teachers to be creative with their practice. This class is for anyone from beginners to master yogis.

Hot Power Fusion is a condensed fusion of traditional Bikram-style yoga. Many of the poses are similar to Bikram, and there are no chaturangas. I would recommend this class to beginners.

Power 1 is another beginner-friendly class. Power 1 focuses on alignment and breath to movement. The temperature of this class is lower to help students adjust to the heat.

Yin is one of my favorite classes because it is so relaxing. Yin focuses on deep, relaxed stretches and breathing. All yin classes are practiced seated or lying down.

What To Bring To Santana Row Hot Yoga

Hot 8 Yoga has nice showers, and they provide toiletries, towels, and hairdryers as well. They also offer refreshing cold eucalyptus towels after class. This is one of my favorite parts of the class.

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Hot 8 Yoga offers a variety of yoga and workout classes in hot, steamy rooms with temperatures reaching up to 108 degrees. The studio already has multiple locations throughout LA and LA county, but the Santana Row spot will be its first location in the Bay Area.

The yoga studio is one of a number of restaurants and retailers slated to open on Santana Row over the next few months, including Vuori clothing and Dumpling Time.

If it were up to us, wed head to Vuori first for some buttery soft yoga pants, then hit Hot 8 Yogas Hot Power Fusion class, and top it all off with a bowl of handmade Chinese dumplings.

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What To Wear To Santana Row Hot Yoga

  • These leggings from Amazon are BETTER than Lululemon leggings. Theyre also under $30.
  • A sports bra, my favorite, comes from Lululemon.
  • I like to wear a tank topmost people practice in a sports bra. One I like is here.

Hot 8 Yoga has been my light at the end of the tunnel after the pandemic. I try and practice four days a week. After class, I always feel refreshed, calm, and reenergized. Im genuinely grateful that this studio opened.

Have you tried hot yoga? Id love to hear your thoughts on this yoga style below!

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How Hot Is Hot 8 Yoga

Barre Teacher Training (Santana Row

Okay, you will sweata LOT. I use two dry face towels to wipe myself off throughout class. The studio does provide face towels and shower towels. They do not offer yoga mat towels though, here is my favorite mat towel. Hot 8 Yoga is much more desirable than other studios where Ive practiced. The last time I was in class, it got up to 113° Fahrenheit! The typical classes range from 103°-108°, the heating system used controls humidity and C02. The heating system also has UV-C lights proven to kill 99.98% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. The floor is antibacterial as well.

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