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Green Apple Bamboo Yoga Pants

Sustainable Living Made Simple

Green Apple Yoga Clothing

You deserve a shopping experience customized to your lifestyle. Everything on EarthHero is something we are proud to use in our homes, on our bodies, and share with our families, friends and peers. That means no added chemicals, wasteful packaging, or corporate BS. Did you know that literally anyone can say that their products are earth-friendly without having the facts to back it up? Through our proprietary 5-Step Sourcing Methodology, we ask our curated community of brands the tough questions to ensure theyre truly good for our planet and then we give you all the information available so you can shop worry-free Living a lifestyle youre proud of, that supports a planet youre proud for, should be simple. With EarthHero, it is. Meet the people behind the products below!

Durability And Other Performance Qualities

Yoga pants should last for many training sessions. You need to check how stretchy they are and how effectively they can wick sweat. If the fabric contains less than 40% viscose, such pants will not absorb moisture well.

The yoga routines may include many difficult movements such as squatting, bending, twisting, or stretching. The high-quality pants need to withstand all of them easily.

Pants made of cotton will lose their shape and pill quickly. So the combined bamboo and spandex material will perform best.

Spun Bamboo Rayon Organic Capri

Looking for Capri yogapants? If so, check the Spun Bamboo Leggings. Its preshrunk for a form-fittinglook with excellent colorfastness that will never bleed.

The fabric of thisbamboo leggings is a blend of 70% bamboo viscose, 20% organic cotton, and 10%spandex. The cotton blend adds more softness to the pair without being too hotto wear.

Also, this doesnthave seams on the outside of the legs, which is good since it will not unravel.Based on its feel and construction, its the perfect investment for your money.

Overall, this is a comfy choice that will last for months.


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Green Apple Bamboo Yoga Pants

We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday eating lots of turkey and enjoying the extra stretchiness of your stretchy pants. Speaking of which, one of our favorite stretchy pants is back in stock: the 33″ Green Apple Yoga Pant.

They are so comfy because they are made in buttery soft fabric made from bamboo fibers. It is naturally anti-macrobial, quick drying and is by far one of the softest fabric out there. Plus there is just the perfect amount of stretch in the fabric that is supportive yet holds its shape.

Benefits Of Bamboo Yoga Clothing


The most important benefit of bamboo yoga clothing is that it makes you eco-friendly and green, completely in tune with the basic concepts of yoga philosophy.

Moreover, the benefits can be connected to the fabric’s unique qualities if compared to cotton, polyester, flex, or other materials. The benefits that are worth mentioning here are the following ones:

– Wicking moisture efficiently helps keep your body dry while practicing.

– Breathability allows the pants not to feel sticky on your legs.

– Comfort and softness are the natural qualities that are quite enjoyable compared to synthetic materials or rough cotton yoga clothing.

– Resistance to odors allows for using such clothing intensively during every routine without the fear of any unpleasant smell, unlike cotton or synthetic clothing that keeps all the odors inside.

– Durability and strength support the idea that bamboo yoga pants are truly made-to-last so you can stretch and wash them numerous times.

If you opt for bamboo yoga pants, you will likely find many more benefits in using them.

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Faceplant Dreams Bamboo Leggings

Another full-lengthpair of yoga pants that we like is the one from Faceplant Dreams. Its madefrom 95% viscose and 5% spandex. It sports a wide waistband and a scallopedbottom edge. Overall, its soft and luxurious for your yoga routine.

Its a full-lengthpair which is an excellent choice for most yoga varieties, except hot yoga. Italso comes in a fancy packaging, which makes it an ideal gift for every yogi inyour life.

We also like that it fits true to size and available in small to large options. The waistband will roll down a bit if you have a larger belly, but the pants will stay on as you move.


Green Apple Bamboo Blend Lounge Yoga Pants Black Size M Medium Womens

Seller:mont74100%, Location:Lebanon, Oregon, US, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item:114854790914Green Apple Bamboo Blend Lounge Yoga Pants Black Size M Medium Womens. You are looking at a pair of womens Green Apple Bamboo Blend Lounge Yoga Pants. Color: Black Size M MediumApprox measurements: Waist: 27-31Inseam: 34.5Rise: 9.5Material: 70% Rayon made from bamboo, 20% cotton & 5% spandex. Condition is “Pre-owned”, still have tons of wear leftAnd are super cute & comfy. Please ask all questions before bidding as all sales are final. Thank you!!!Condition:Pre-owned, Closure:Drawstring, Occasion:Activewear, Casual, Waist Size:27-31, Size:M, Color:Black, Material:70% bamboo/ 25% cotton/ 5% spandex, Bamboo, Fabric Type:Blended Fabric, Vintage:No, Fit:Relaxed, Brand:Green Apple, Size Type:Regular, Department:Women, Type:Casual, Inseam:34.5 in, Style:wide leg, Theme:Athleisure, Features:soft, Comfort, Performance/Activity:Yoga See More

  • Popularity – 1 watching, 1 day on eBay. Normal amount watching. 1 sold, 0 available. More

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Benefits Of Bamboo Clothing:

1) Eco-friendly – bamboo has a positive impact on the global environment. It grows quickly and takes very little water to grow.

2) Sweat-resistant – absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton without retaining odor.

3) Protective against UV radiation – bamboo naturally provides UV protection and can filter up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays

4) Hypoallergenic – bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic which means it doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

5) Super soft – the smooth and round structure of the bamboo is the secret behind the fabric being so luxuriously soft.

This must have lounge and yoga pant is almost impossible for us to keep on the shelves but luckily we have a stocked up for the holidays with the great rich chocolate browns, deep sea navy and heather grey.

However our new batch of 33 yoga flare pants still feature that amazingly buttery soft organic cotton fabric you love and contouring side seams that slim and shape your hips and legs. The Green Apple yoga pants are some of our most popular pants in our organic clothing collection.

Plus, if you aren’t into the classic “flare” pant they have a relaxed Strait Leg Yoga Pant that is more of a strait-leg than tapered around the knee area.

Same fabric and length. If you are looking for a comparison between the two styles, we did a side-by-side below:

Two, they are just too comfortable to take off!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Your Evolve Gals

Texere Silk Womens Bamboo Viscose Leggings

Shanti Green – Organic Yoga Clothing & Casuals from Bamboo

Our lastrecommendation for this roundup is the Texere Silk Viscose Leggings. Its aluxurious blend of 70% bamboo viscose, 25% cotton, and 5% French terry. It hasa snug fit that will compliment your shape.

This is a superabsorbent pair thats also thermo-regulating and comfy to wear. When youre notdoing yoga, you can also wear it to layer up during winter. It wicks moistureand keeps you odor-free.

As a full-length pairof yoga pants, this suits almost all routines. After your yoga session, you cantoss this to the washing machine for a quick rinse. To prevent wrinkling, uselow heat or just air-dry the pants.

Overall, this piece has a durable construction that gives a premium feel.


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The Type Of Yoga Matters

The three most popular yoga varieties practiced today are hot yoga, basic yoga, and Hatha yoga. Choose your pants according to the type you are doing.

Hot yoga is usually practiced in a very warm room to make you sweat. It is used to enhance the process of fat-burning. The people are asked to wear short pants here.

Basic yoga does not demand any special kind of pants any length will do well.

Flared pants are recommended for gentle Hatha yoga they will provide you with the possibility to move freely and stay cool.

Top 5 Bamboo Yoga Pants To Wear On Your Next Class

  • Final words
  • For yogis out there, a nice pair of pants makes a big difference. Their activewear must allow them to move flexibly to nail various asanas. Aside from that, the fabric of the pants should also be moisture-wicking and antibacterial. And for this purpose, nothing is better than a pair of bamboo yoga pants.

    In a rush? Here are our top 5 picks for you!

    Texere Silk Womens Bamboo Viscose Leggings Check Price

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    Neiwai Bamboo Wide Leg Pajamas

    For those into Hatha,the NEIWAI Bamboo Wide Leg Pajamas are a great choice. Its made of 95% viscoseand 5% spandex guaranteed to keep you cool during your routines. Take note thatthis has a loose lounge profile with a high elastic waistband as well as adrawstring.

    Aside from being comfyyoga wear, this piece can also double as soft sleepwear and beachwear. Its aversatile choice that you can pair with a variety of tops to suit the occasion.

    This is also machinewashable and dries fast. The bonus part is you can choose from a variety ofcolors like heather grey, navy blue, wine red, and black.

    Overall, this is silky soft wear that you simply wont get enough of.


    A Nike Bucket Hat Because Bucket Hats Are Pretty Much A Staple For Everyone Athlete Or Not A Soft Corduroy Hat With A Retro Vibe Is A Fabulous Gift

    Shop the Eco

    Promising review: “This hat fits well, looks and feels nice. It’s different than a lot of other bucket hats that I’ve had because of the corduroy fabric. It’s a bit warm for the warmer weather, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it. Both of my teenagers have tried to take this from my closet without me knowing LOL.” âMike S


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    Green Apple Yoga Pants Are Back

    Major News Alert: The Green Apple Yoga Flare Pants are back in stock! This may mean nothing to you, but for many of our customers who have been waiting for months on these pants, its cause for a mini internal dance party.After being backordered for what seems like forever, Evolve Fit Wear is the first place to get them! If you havent ordered a pair, this might be the most-ordered yoga pant in the history on our site. So what makes these pants so great? Keep reading to find out!

    Green Apple Women’s Clothes

    Some clothing lines, such as Green Apple, are created with biodegradable and organic fabrics. They use raw materials, such as bamboo, and cotton, that have been certified organic. The collections can be comprised of active wear, fitness bottoms, tops, and outerwear.

    What is bamboo fabric?

    Fibers from the bamboo plant can be used to make cloth. It is naturally organic and from a sustainable plant-based resource. The fabric can wick away some moisture, is breathable, and is hypoallergenic. This fabric has natural UVA protection, and the fibers have a smooth, flat weave.

    What are the different styles of yoga pants?

    Many yoga pants do not have elastic in the waistbands while fitness or exercise pants have a 1/8 inch strip or larger piece of elastic sewn in the waist.

    • Yoga leggings can be ankle length. Sizes are available in small, medium, large, and X-large. See manufacturer site for details. The inseam is usually around 26 inches.
    • The yoga capri pants are available in 17- and 19-inch inseams, and they come in a range of sizes from small, medium, large, and X-large.
    • The fitted flare yoga pants have 11 inches of flare around the ankle. The inseam is 33 inches. They are available in small, medium, large, and X-large.
    • The yoga relaxed jogger has a 26-inch inseam and drawstring waist. The joggers come in small, medium, large, and X-large.

    What are the different fits?

    Many athletic lines of clothing come in three different fits.

    Is organic fabric machine washable?

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    Washing And Taking Care Of Pants

    Check the labels of your chosen pants for their washing. You will have to wash your pants frequently. So, bamboo yoga pants that can be machine-washed on cold water make up a great choice. If the fabric is of high quality, you can dry your pants in low heat, but the best way is to dry them in the air. While washing bamboo pants, do not use any softener or bleach. The fabric is already soft and smooth on the skin.

    A Recovery Ball To Help Your Favorite Fitness Lover Feel Like They Can Conquer The World It’s Portable And Made From High

    Green Apple – Free Flow Yoga Pant

    Promising review: “I have been looking for something larger than a lacrosse ball but smaller than a foam roller to help get into various spots that need some attention. This recovery ball is just the ticket. I chose it over the inflatable one because I have had other inflatable tools in the past, and they just aren’t as helpful.” âE E


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    How To Take Care Of Bamboo Clothing

    Buying eco-friendly bamboo yoga pants is one half of a job. Another thing is the right care of them to make your clothing long-lasting and worth its price.

    Here are some tips on how to do it correctly and with the smallest losses.

  • Before the first use, it is always recommended to wash your pants. Bamboo viscose becomes softer with every next washing.
  • The recommended temperature for washing bamboo clothing is 30 degrees C. Though, if needed, you can wash your pants even at 60 degrees.
  • Using chemical fabric softeners should not be practiced it reduces the antibacterial and anti-fungal characteristics of the material.
  • Never use tumble drying for bamboo fabric just hang your pants on the line outside. However, if you need them quickly, you can use a dryer just once though install a cool setting for it.
  • You can wash your pants with other clothing of a certain color in a washing machine. However, avoid washing your bamboo clothing with the items with zippers or other metal parts the bamboo material can be damaged.
  • These are the main principles of taking care of your bamboo yoga pants. They are quite simple and easy to use.

    Think About A Preferable Length

    The yoga pants can be of two versions Capri and full-length. Both are quite suitable for yoga exercising, so it is up to you to decide. If you want your legs to be supported tightly, opt for a full-length version. You may not feel comfortable when doing hot yoga because the less fabric you wear here, the more comfortable you feel.

    Capri pants end in the middle of the calf, so some people do not think it is too comfortable. If you are one of them, full-length may feel better in any case because bamboo material is quite breathable.

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    How To Cut Your Yoga Pants

    One of the things to note, these yoga pants come extra long so it will comfortably be long enough for someone who is 5 11. If they are too long for you, simply just cut them to the length you need without them coming unraveled . Our cutting tips are included in every shipment, but here are three tips before you chop:

  • Make sure to use extra sharp scissors, or else you will get a ragged line.
  • Wash, dry and wear before cutting so pants can shape to your body
  • Always leave 1-2 extra inches extra you can always cut more later, but you cant grow more back!
  • Note: Items can not be returned once they have been cut.

    What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Bamboo

    Green Apple Active: Bamboo Activewear &  Workout Clothes ...

    People love wearing bamboo for many reasons such as:

    • Bamboo is naturally anti-macrobial & anti-bacterial
    • Bamboo textile is very soft to the touch, does not shrink or fade plus is naturally breathable similar to cotton
    • Its a renewable resource that can be replenished at a fast rate
    • There is no need for pesticides or fertilizers when growing bamboo
    • Bamboo planting can slow deforestation. When a bamboo cane is cut down, it will produce another shoot and is ready for harvest again in as little as one year.
    • Bamboo fibers are naturally biodegradable thus a good option to leave a smaller footprint for the planet

    The material is made out of an organic bamboo fabric with a hint of stretch blend that holds up during a tough workout and keeps its shape and color thru hundreds of washes and wears. If you have long legs, we have good news for you! They come extra long so you can simply cut your pants without hemming .

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    Fit Is Important To Be Checked

    The design of your pants depends on the type of yoga exercises you are into. It can be either loose and flared or form-fitting. The main thing to consider is compression. It should be felt in the right spots. The best variant is mild compression. It will ensure stability to your muscles while you are doing poses.

    This compression can be compared to the fit of a tight glove that is the right size for your hand.

    How To Choose The Right Bamboo Yoga Pants

    When it comes tobamboo yoga pants, you must consider the following aspects to get the bestpiece:

    -Comfort comes first

    You should alwaysprioritize comfort when shopping for yoga pants. The last thing you want tohappen is you pulling your pants back in between poses. A comfy pair of pantswill also keep you confident in every move.

    The comfort level ofthe yoga pants depends on a range of factors, which we discussed below.

    -Check the fit

    Next, check the fit ofyour leggings, ensuring that the compression falls on the right spots. The mildcompression will add stability to your muscles while you perform poses. Itshould be snug, like wearing a glove sized perfectly to your hand.

    Yoga pants come inform-fitting or loose/flared designs. Both of these are useful, but it dependson the type of yoga youre doing.

    -Choose the length you prefer

    After checking thefit, you now have to decide about the length. Yoga pants are available in Capriand full-length versions.

    Full-length yoga pantsoffer the best support for your legs. However, it may not be the right choicefor hot yoga since youd want to wear the least possible fabric.

    Take note that Caprileggings end somewhere in the middle of the calf. The choice between the two isactually more of personal preference. If you feel comfy wearing full-lengthleggings on hot yoga, youre free to do so. Besides, those made with bamboofabric are very breathable.

    -Consider the type of yoga youre doing

    **Hot yoga

    **Basic yoga


    -Washability and care

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