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Good Gifts For Yoga Lovers

Light On Yoga: The Bible Of Modern Yoga

Holiday Gift Ideas for Yoga Wellness lovers!

The definitive guide to yoga practice

There are so many books out there about yoga, but Light on Yoga is the Bible!

You wont just get the theory though, youll get complete descriptions and illustrations of all asanas, plus a range of breathing techniques to experiment with.

Inside the book youll also learn how key asanas can help treat certain diseases.

Ihome Zenergy Meditative Therapy Candle

Its all well and good to master impressive poses, but its a mistake to think that yoga is a purely physical discipline. Breath control and meditative focus are the true building blocks of this ancient practice. Without these elements, youre basically just stretching.

This flameless LED candle has lots of interesting functions designed to aid in relaxation and stress-reduction, but it is particularly well suited to yoga lovers because of its focus on mindful breathing. Not only does it allow you to program the light levels with sleep or meditation timersit comes with two types of breath coaching as well! It also features a blended color change function, and several options of white noise to help you drift into a deep meditative state or peaceful sleep.

Best Yoga Gifts For The Yoga Lovers In Your Life

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Whether youre finding a gift for a yoga beginner, experienced yogi or just someone who practices yoga casually, the best gift would be something that they can use frequently for their yoga practice.

In this post, we are going to see the 17 best yoga gifts that will make your yoga friend say namaste.

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Bring Balance To Your Friends Wardrobe With This Gift

This Chakra gemstone bracelet will bring balance to your friends wardrobe with energetic beads that are said to target your bodys energy. The seven chakras are all represented in this beautiful rainbow of gems that were made by women in Kenya. Your friend can wear it alone or with her other favorite bracelets for a unique look that fits any occasion.

Newme Fitness Workout Cards

Top 15 Yoga Gifts: Unique Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers in 2020

Newbie yoga enthusiasts wont need to worry about the routine anymore. Give them a hand with the yoga cards to get them in the flow. The deck includes 70 various yoga workout poses. Combine random steps to make their routine, and change it as needed to avoid being bored. With detailed illustrations and instructions that are easy to follow, the routine cards can be used by any fitness level from novice to expert. Sturdy and handy, it allows them to do yoga anywhere. Slide it in your gym bag and choose the routine you wish to follow.

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Lululemon Wunder Yoga Pants

This high-rise take on Lululemons classic Wunder Under tights gives you the extra boost of coverage you need when youre stretching your limits. From headstands to high kicks, theyve got your back. Lululemon created these leggings out of cottony-soft and supportive Full-On Luon fabric to be a no-fuss tight for our yoga practice and beyond. The second-skin fit makes it easy to check our alignment mid-pose and tucks easily into our boots when were going straight from Hatha yoga class to happy hour.

Hopefully Our List Helped You Find The Gift For Yoga Lovers You Were Looking For

Were confident weve provided a good and varied list of gifts for yoga lovers. And, if we didnt help you find exactly what you were looking for, then hopefully we were at least able to point you in the right direction!

This is probably a gift you dont want to purchase without the appropriate amount of thought. Because, honestly, who knows what theyre meditating onand with all that time they spend thinking, you wouldnt want them to start plotting revenge.

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A Yoga Mat Carrier That Has Pockets For Your Stuff

Promising review: “My Manduka prolite yoga mat fits great, even some extra room around it. My hand towel fits in the flap pocket and my phone, keys and chapstick fit in the zipper pocket. Both zippers are a heavy duty plastic. I used to use an open style bag like a canvas tote that was just open and you drop your mat into it, but I didnt like how everything just flopped around. This is a great bag for the price and I recommend it!” Kim

Get them from Amazon for $13.98 in a variety of prints.

Yoga Teacher Journal Class Planner

Yoga Gift Idea Guide – 7 Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers

A handy notebook for planning lessons

Planning yoga lessons takes careful thought and consideration.

Give your yoga teacher space to plan their sessions by gifting this Yoga Teacher journal.

The planner includes 52 double page spreads, allowing you to plan out 52 different yoga classes.

Record dates, times and venues, then make a note of the entire sequence of postures that you plan to follow.

You can keep notes of the props you need as well as any guiding mantras.

Those who had gifted the book to their yoga teacher loved how it also offered blank pages at the back for ideas and journaling.

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Spice Up Their Life With Chakra Shots

Give your yogi friend a daily shot of Sabena Sarmas delicious Ayurvedic spice blend. Ayurveda is a Sanksrit word meaning knowledge of life which is a 5,000-year-old tradition that promotes health by strengthening your life force. These single-serve packets of spice make it easy to blend a little positive, exotic energy into your meals and snacks. This spice will make their smoothies, toast spreads, beverages and even vegetables come alive with bold flavor.

Scratch Off Yoga Pose Bucket List

Looking for fun gifts your yoga loving friend will get a kick out of? This scratch off bucket list for yoga poses is such a unique gift idea they are sure to have fun using. The chart features 100 yoga poses to scratch off each time you complete a post to reveal the image underneath. This would be a good gift for a friend just beginning their yoga journey and give them something to look forward to each day.

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Nikegrip Studio Toeless Socks $14

Dont trip, this is a great gift for women on your list that love yoga, and each pair comes at a great price.

From Nike, these toeless socks have anti-slip yarns that prevent falling out of a pose or stretch. The open heel and toes let you grip the mat, and the nylon collar securely hugs your ankles for a great fit.

The socks come in a variety of womens shoe sizes and are a thoughtful stocking-stuffer for the woman that loves barre, yoga or pilates classes but hates having cold, bare feet.

An activity for yogi and baby, and a perfect gift for a yoga parent-to-be.

This Sun Salutations yoga floor puzzle is a great introduction to the world of yoga for your little ones. The 49-piece puzzle, once assembled, depicts an array of fun and easy yoga poses for the whole family. The kit is great for practicing motor skills, yoga poses and spatial thinking, and its suitable for ages 3 and older.

Stopsocks Yoga Grip Socks

Yoga Gift Guide

For the grown-up, grippy socks are less about running around the house on hardwood and more about finding solid footing when you would usually be slipping during a good workout or a challenging class.

These top-rated socks are tested and engineered in the USA. Their rubber soles provide ultimate traction, prevent fungal infections, are made with 90% polyester, 10% spandex and come in a variety of colors and sizes .

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Naked Yoga By Alo Yoga $88

Get in touch with your body and we mean your whole body.

A perfectly giftable book for the yogi that embraces the beauty of the practice, Alo Yogas Naked Beauty features the stripped-down images of men and women in a variety of black-and-white poses.

Naked Yoga is the book that will redefine how you see yoga the artistry of each asana, whether familiar or pushing the boundaries of what is even possible, paired with the grace and physicality brought by every yogis unique expression of their practice. Elevated artistic … this 343-page oversized hardcover coffee-table book is perfect for inspiring your favorite yogi even if that yogi is you,reads the product description on the Alo Yoga site.

Help your friends find their center with a unique round mat from Manduka.

The yoga mat combines fashion and function with two beautiful circular patterns and a 3-millimeter thickness for superior comfort. The top layer is made from a durable microfiber fabric that reacts with sweat to keep you cool, dry and slip-proof during intense workouts and poses. When done, leave the mat out as yoga studio decor a perfect gift for an instructor or someone furnishing their own home studio.

Handmade Cotton Crochet Barefoot Sandals

These tan barefoot sandals are an unusual gift, but one your free-spirited yoga friend would love. These handmade crochet sandals are beautifully made and would look great when your friend is doing yoga outside or even on the beach. These sandals are neat gift ideas that I bet no one else would think of.

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Outdoor Voices Women’s Flow Kit

Build their dream yoga workout kit

Purchase the perfect Flow Kit for the passionate yogi in your life.

Outdoor Voices allow you to select a bralette and either shorts or leggings to create a go-to kit for the studio and the mat.

Plus right now you get a free gift with your Flow Kit purchase!

You could opt for their signature tote bag or their iconic Recreationalist Hat.

Outdoor Voices is recognized as an active lifestyle brand, making clothes that are made for you to sweat in!

and youll see that theyre breaking down the yoga influencer stereotype!

Jasmine Tea Sampler From Adagio Teas

GIFT IDEAS FOR YOGA LOVERS | 4 Pitfalls of shopping for a Yogi | Real Talk Yoga | Power Moves Yoga

Pour a cup of health-boosting tea

Give mom a great way to recover from her yoga practice by gifting this Jasmine Tea Sampler from adagio teas.

Adagio teas are a family-owned business who source their teas from growers around the world.

Inside this taster box you get four different varieties of loose leaf tea, including jasmine yin hao and jasmine phoenix pearls.

Each tea has a sweet and floral theme that provides the drinker with a cup of wonderful flavor.

Jasmine is recommended as a post-yoga tea as it helps to relieve stress with its calming and comforting effects.

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The Perfect Yoga Pants

We all know that a perfect and comfortable yoga pants are a must when doing yoga.

But what’s better than comfortable AND stylish yoga pants? You can pick from different vibrant designs like the crazy paint, deluxe purple sunset and mandala designs that will definitely make you look forward to your next yoga class.

They are made of stretchy and quick dry material and is of flattering mid-rise cut that will not ride up or down while doing your challenging poses.

Gifts For Yoga Teacher

Looking for unique and useful gifts for your favorite yoga instructors? Youve come to the right place! These cool yoga stuff are the perfect way to show them how much they mean to you. Check them out.


Who doesnt love llamas on tank tops? Keep this cute Llamaste tank top in mind if youre looking for unique yoga gifts. Beautiful and comfy, made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon to prevent shrinkage. This racerback tank top is silk-screen printed with durable and crack-resistant quality ink. Llamaste!


Searching for gift ideas for your yoga instructor? Affordable and durable, stylish and functional, this yoga mat carrier bag will fit any standard-sized mat. Made from high-quality canvas and comes in many unique designs to suit any yogi. Thoughtfully constructed with pockets and adjustable shoulder straps, this bag is made by a yoga lover for yoga lovers.


Balance her chakras with this charming handmade chakra gemstone bracelet, feel energized and look good wherever you go! Its a unique piece of jewelry with seven colorful gemstones representing each chakra layered with Kenyan brass beads. As far as the best yoga presents go, this is guaranteed to make any yogi very happy.







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Yoga Stretch Oil Warmer

When meditation is an important part of one’s practice, essential oils are very helpful in maximizing the benefits of meditation.

This oil warmer is made of a clear glass cup and oil basin that is being carried by three figures in different yoga poses. Your yogi loved ones will definitely enjoy this unique yoga gift.

If you have an oil warmer, then you might want to buy your essential oils as well. These oils are of therapeutic grade and have been tested for veracity.

You can read about different essential oils, here.

Practice You: A Journal

Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

Yoga icon Elena Brower developed this journal to record our flashes of insight, goals and reflections. The book has 150 beautiful pages of questions, inspirations, teachings and plenty of space to write, draw and reflect.

Buy this for a friend and let them explore their mind, thoughts and practice on the page.

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Mindful Breathing Necklace To Promote Peace Of Mind

Finding unisex gift ideas for your yoga friend can sometimes be difficult, which is why this mindful breathing necklace is a good choice for both male and female yoga lovers. Everyone is busy these days, so its important to remember to take those moments to breathe in and out and keep our bodies relaxed. This mindful breathing necklace does just that. Simply exhale through the pendant to encourage slow, conscious breathing.

The Original Stretch Out Strap

Recommended by experts and physical therapists, the stretching strap is a great tool for anyone who loves yoga. Stretching at home has never been easy with a strap. Its the safest and effective way to improve overall health. When getting to a certain yoga position is tough, get the strap to put yoga enthusiasts into the right routine. Not only that it will help them increase their flexibility. Also, it cuts down the risk of injury making the exercise safe for anyone. Lastly, it also enhances the recovery of the muscles for novice and expert yoga enthusiasts.

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Essential Oil Diffuser And Cool Mist Humidifier

This aroma diffuser is a unique yoga gift that will not only be useful but will also add several therapeutic benefits to your friends space. Your friend can use it as a humidifier without any oils to add moisture to the room or add a few drops of essential oil into the water to fill the space with a lovely fragrance. The wood-grain design along with the different lighting modes will be a lovely accent to your friends home or yoga space.

Ubesgoo 6’x4′ Fitness Exercise Mat For Yoga

Yoga Gifts Ideas!

A giant mat for family yoga sessions

Shopping for a mom that tries to persuade everyone to try yoga? Give her a way to get the whole family involved!

This giant yoga mat measures 4 x 6, so theres space for everyone to stretch out.

Alternatively many who bought it used it to create their own personal yoga studio in the corner of a room or in the garage.

It has a non-skid texture on the top and a strong grip on the bottom so it doesnt slide around even on tiled or wood floors.

You can clean it easily too with soap and water thanks to the moisture-resistant material.

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Great Gifts For Yoga Lovers Cool & Creative Ideas

10 months ago

Say namaste to your old yoga gear! Its time to snag the best deals on all your favorite wellness brands this year. With a wide variety of mats, accessories, and yoga props to choose from, weve compiled the best gifts for yoga lovers in 2021. Along with extremely low prices that guarantee quality with every purchase.

Although yoga has nearly doubled in popularity in recent years, its practice has been around for centuries. Its origin dates back to ancient India, where it was formed to promote harmony between the mind and body. Today, over 30 million Americans partake in this spiritual discipline, which is why having the right products is an absolute must.

Help get your yoga lover the perfect gift this year with these exclusive deals below!

A Fresh Copy Of What’s Basically The Bible Of Yoga Poses

Promising review: “2,100 poses in a single book? To be honest having read other yoga books I didn’t even know there was anything near 2,100 yoga poses. Most other books stop at like 100 – 200. So I started flipping through the book. The pictures are clear, of high quality and extremely well organized. But this isn’t just a photo book. Each picture has is described, has its name in Sanskrit and English and the part I like, it tells me which muscle groups are targeted. I might sound simple but if you do the poses, or at least attempt to, now I can get an idea if I’m doing it right.” Eze M.

Get it from Amazon for $23, Barnes and Noble for $24.04 or a local bookseller through IndieBound here.

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