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Gift Ideas For Yoga Instructor

Namaste Coffee Travel Tumbler By Globodyne Tumblers

Simple holiday gifts for your yoga students

If your instructor is a coffee lover, the Namaste Coffee Tumbler is a great gift idea. This steel rose coffee mug comes with a lid to seal it off and keeps in the heat for hours on end! This tumbler can also store ice-cold water and maintain the temperature.

This tumbler is one of my top picks for a gift under $20, especially if you do not know the person well and require a safe and straightforward gift that is bound to delight.

Yoga And Pilates Gift Ideas From My Brain To Yours

This guide includes 10 hand-picked gifts that I chose based on my experiences with pilates and yoga as well as a homemade/DIY yoga gift that’s simple, cheap, and easy to make. Each item you’ll find here is either something I own or something I’d like to own. It’s kind of a wishlist.

I took my first yoga class ever during my sophomore year of college and I’ve been taking it on and off over the last decade. As a hater of running and crazy cardio workouts, yoga was something I’ve always felt drawn to. About five years ago, I hurt my shoulder at work and my doctor recommended I take pilates to build up the muscles in my back and core to ease some of the strain. I ended up learning that I love pilates even more than I love yoga and I’ve been taking classes ever since.

A Set Of Green Army Men That Are Doing Yoga

Promising review: “If you remember playing with little green army dudes back in your not-so-distant childhood than this is a modern peaceful spin on those dudes. Personally, my squad rests on my desk and reminds me to get up and stretch throughout the day. If you need visual stimuli to motivate you to find that moment of inner peace or humor, than buy a squad of these guys from Dan at Brogamats. Heck buy two sets, if that’s what it takes to get off your butt and enhance your calm.” Jonathan H.

Get them from Amazon for $28.

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Peshtemania Fringe Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket is one of those props that you dont think is worth investing in until you use it and realize its the ultimate yoga lovers gift. While this 100% cotton blanket is lighter than the dense Mexican blankets stacked at the studio, thats one of its merits. Not only does it fit easily in a yoga bag, it is versatile to serve as padding and warm to lull one into savasana. The best part, the sleek black-and-white design is chic enough to grace the couch during a Netflix flow of Schitts Creek.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Om Symbol Meditation Gift Ideas Gift for Yoga Instructor ...

This little bag is one of the best yoga gifts because it packs more than youd ever imagine. This bag is perfect to throw your cards, cash, chapstick, sunscreen, masks, phone and more in! writes one of over 1,000 5-star reviewers. I was surprised at how much fit in here and have found to really appreciate the different pockets/sections. I love wearing it crossbody style! I feel like this can easily be dressed up or down depending on the color. The nylon material is also water repellant and wipes clean in a jiffy.

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Good Intentions: A Guided Yoga Journal For A More Meaningful Practice

Give your yogi a place to delve deeper into their practice

Good Intentions is a wonderful journal for yoga lovers that want to learn more about intention-setting.

Journaling has so many benefits for your yogi, and users of this journal felt it added real meaning to their practice.

On each page youll find so much information about the principles of yoga and what the different terms really mean.

The journal is broken down into a series of small lessons, guiding the user through ways they can start to live more intentionally.

With writing prompts for when you feel inspired, this is a great journal for self-reflection and mindful living.

Teeccino Chicory Coffee Alternative Almond Amaretto

Even if your yoga teacher isnt trying to give up sugar and caffeine as a New Years resolution, trying chicory coffee is a smart move. Not only does this decadent beverage taste rich akin to ones favorite brew, its full of perks like probiotics and natural sweeteners like figs and dates. This is amazing, I am not able to consume a lot of caffeine and with this I dont miss it, writes . Its a great treat in the morning or for a soothing drink at night. Also, I dont miss coffee or how dehydrated it made me feel! I just mix this with a little creamer and sometimes a little stevia and perfect!

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Top Plaza 7 Chakra Gemstones

Healing stones have been around for many years. And whether you believe in their powers or not, theyre still a kind gesture goodwill. These Top Plaza 7 Chakra Gemstones promote healing, making them an excellent gift for the spiritual yogi.

However, with such a gift, you do need to know if your yoga teacher is fond of gemstones. If you do not know your yoga instructor that well, you should give a simpler and straightforward gift.

An Exercise Ball To Build Stability And Exercise The Core

Yoga Holiday Gift Guide – 11 Gift Ideas for Yogis from $0 – $100

Promising review: “I bought the white ball to use for physical therapy. The ball is good quality, holds air well, and works exactly as it should. It looks pretty ok for a gym ball. Almost like it could maybe be furniture or decoration. It’s a semi-matte white that, over a few months of daily use, hasn’t yet picked up any dirt or discoloration.” Rien

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 .

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Alley & Rae Boss Babe Tees

Alley & Rae makes printed tees with awesome sayings! Check out their Boss Babes collection and find a t-shirt that resonates with your favorite boss babe!

Use our link to save 20% off your first order at Alley & Rae! Alternatively, you can use Alley & Rae coupon code REF10-SCHIMIGGY during checkout to enjoy the discount.

Yoga Artwork Or Posters

Whether or not your yoga teacher friend owns a studio, they might appreciate some yoga-themed artwork. There are many different yoga artwork styles or posters to choose from, so you can be sure to find something for everyone.

I personally love this Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster, detailing the various poses of the Asana yoga series. The postures are both in English and Sanskrit, and it is a fabric canvas .

personally love this Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster, detailing the various poses of the Asana yoga series. The postures are both in English and Sanskrit, and it is a fabric canvas .

There are also some more conceptual yoga art pieces, such as this set of YOGA Periodic Table of Elements prints. These are sleek and simple and would be great for the more scientifically minded yoga teacher or any yoga teacher with minimalist design and decoration tendencies.

For a more basic inspirational set of prints, I love these Motivational Words Artwork Quotes. They are pretty, elegant, and stay in line with the philosophies and mindsets of yoga. Many other yoga prints are beautiful and relatively cheap you are sure to find something that your friend will enjoy.

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Chakra Box Subscription Starting At $39

An option for those who have their studio in order but need a monthly reminder to meditate, this subscription box is for them.

From Cratejoy, the Chakra Box is a nine-month journey to spirituality and wellness all wrapped up and delivered to their doorstep. Each box comes with nine to 12 vegan and cruelty-free items that range from essential oils to herbal teas to gemstone jewelry. Meditation music is also available to download each month to listen to during their unboxing and practice, and other goodies like stickers and cards make each monthly box an exciting gift that keeps on giving.

Yoga Towels For The Sweaty Among Us

Yoga Teacher Training Anniversary + Gifts for Yogis ...

More cardio heavy yoga practices, such as Bikram, “hot” yoga, or fast paced Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, can result in perspiration and, consequently, a slippery mat. No one wants to face plant during downward dog or fall on their butt while doing a standing pose. Thanks for my naturally sweaty palms, slick mat is a problem for me regardless of the type of yoga I’m doing.

While a plain-ole towel can be handy in this situation, towels can bunch up and be very inconvenient mid pose. It’s nice to have products that are made specifically to address the slick mat issue. It’s also a luxury that a lot of yoga lovers don’t think to invest in.

This towel is fantastic. I’ve seen it recommended in several yoga circles. It’s the same size as a mat, so all you have to do is lay it out, then roll it back up with the mat when you’re done. It has little silicone nubs all over it, making it nice and grippy, plus its got a quick-drying material insuring it will do its job during an entire yoga session. It’s entirely washable, thus reducing the need for regular mat cleanings, and it comes in over 30 colors and patterns.

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Best Sports Water Bottle

Yoga is exhausting. Despite the belief that its all breathing and stretching, you can work up quite a sweat.

Unlike a gym, where you can find water fountains placed strategically, yoga studios, in general, lack this feature. To help your yoga teacher rehydrate after a long workout, you can consider buying them a water bottle.

While there are thousands of water bottles on the market, I recommend buying the Best Sports Water Bottle. Its lightweight, Eco-friendly, and BPA plastic-free comes in a variety of colors and holds up to 18 ounces of water. If your teacher uses an old or beat-up water bottle, buying them a modern replacement is a thoughtful gift.

Great Gift Ideas For Yoga Teachers

Like everyone, yoga teachers appreciate a thoughtful gift. Whether its Christmas, their birthday, or a show of appreciation, a gift is a nice touch.

The issue is what should you buy your yoga teacher?

While you could get something generic, what you might not know is that there are many yoga-specific gifts they may appreciate.

We did extensive research and put together this list of 24 great yoga teacher gift ideas at various price points.


1. Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray and Cloth

Theres no such thing as too much cleaning spray for a yoga teachers mats. The workout they get on a regular basis needs frequent cleaning, so help your yogi out with a new spray that even comes with a microfiber towel designed to pick up dirt and leave nothing behind.

2. Open-toe Grip Socks

A full schedule means the studio floor gets a lot of foot traffic, but most studios also have a strict no-shoes policy in place. Thats why yoga teachers love grip socks that let them wear something lighter than a shoe and not as bothersome as a slipper that they would have to take off and put back on between teaching. The more pairs they have to choose from, the better.

3. Yoga Exercise Poster

A laminated poster of the most popular yoga poses like this looks great on the wall of a studio or a yogis office nook. An illustrated guide can help them with introducing proper form and basic steps to students who need a little extra help learning how to nail each pose.

4. Yoga Girl Planner Stickers

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Wooden Yoga Dice $1541

For the yogi that wants to shake up their routine, we have a gift for you.

Yoga Dice from Chronicle Books is a great solution to a boring home workout. The set of seven wooden dice feature a different pose on each face. Simply roll them out near your mat and engage in a new lineup of poses each time. The set also comes with an instructional booklet to help explain each pose and offer variations.

Fineware Liquid Yoga Wine Glass

ð?BEST Yoga Gifts ð?| My Top Yoga Products to Give and Receive this Christmas

The Fineware Liquid Yoga Wine Glass is a see-through cup with a laser-etched yoga image emblazoned on the side. Its dishwasher safe, high-quality, and perfect for giving to your yoga instructor during any time of the year. The yoga wine glass is a simple and affordable gift that you can purchase for under $10.

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Best Yoga Gifts For Yogis And Yoga Lovers

Everyone knows a yoga person, whether shes a mother, sister, or friend. Shes the one whos always calm, relaxed, and says namaste to everyone. Maybe shes your yoga teacher or your yogi co-worker. Want to spread some zen and relaxation all around to these lovely ladies? If you are looking for gifts for yoga lovers, you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you have a friend who needs help with her meditation, or maybe you want to show appreciation to someone. Whether its for Christmas or birthdays and youre thinking of gifts for her, we have got you covered. Here are the best yoga gifts for women.

Manduka Enlight Rectangular Bolster

A stylish bolster to support the body

Bolsters dont come more stylish than the Enlight Rectangular Bolster from Manduka.

With a soft and plush micro-fiber fabric cover it feels great and with so many designs to choose from it looks great too.

More importantly though its filled with a 30% recycled polyester fiber core, so its kind to your body while being kind to the planet.

This bolster can be great for resting after practice, or to support the body during a difficult pose.

Alternatively if your mom is a fan of restorative yoga, then this will be a great addition to her yoga kit.

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A Fresh Copy Of What’s Basically The Bible Of Yoga Poses

Promising review: “2,100 poses in a single book? To be honest having read other yoga books I didn’t even know there was anything near 2,100 yoga poses. Most other books stop at like 100 – 200. So I started flipping through the book. The pictures are clear, of high quality and extremely well organized. But this isn’t just a photo book. Each picture has is described, has its name in Sanskrit and English and the part I like, it tells me which muscle groups are targeted. I might sound simple but if you do the poses, or at least attempt to, now I can get an idea if I’m doing it right.” Eze M.

Get it from Amazon for $23, Barnes and Noble for $24.04 or a local bookseller through IndieBound here.

Objectivity Yoga Mat $2730

Om Symbol

Did someone ask for a yoga mat for their birthday? Get them one, and please be as literal as possible.

This Yoga Mat-printed yoga mat is sure to result in a sarcastic smile when its opened. From Objectivity on Society6s website, these simplistic designs match any studios aesthetic and are sure to be a conversation starter.

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Yoga Stretch Oil Warmer

When meditation is an important part of one’s practice, essential oils are very helpful in maximizing the benefits of meditation.

This oil warmer is made of a clear glass cup and oil basin that is being carried by three figures in different yoga poses. Your yogi loved ones will definitely enjoy this unique yoga gift.

If you have an oil warmer, then you might want to buy your essential oils as well. These oils are of therapeutic grade and have been tested for veracity.

You can read about different essential oils, here.

Sukhamat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion

The SuhkaMat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion is an excellent piece of equipment for making knee-oriented yoga poses more comfortable. The odds are that your yoga teacher already has one of these, but if they dont, this is the perfect gift for them.

If your yoga teacher owns the yoga studio, then this is a great gift that can also be used by the students.

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Soothe The Soul Candles

The aromatic candles set include Lavender Gardenia Lilic and Rose, which help relieve stress and relax for them and their guests. Made of 100% Eco-friendly pure vegan wax, healthy essential oil & lead-free single cotton wick, hand-poured in small batches. A compact portable tin candle, well-sealed and taken with you wherever you go. Perfect for yoga, massage, reiki, and meditation.

Yinuo Candle Women Scented Candles

9 Wonderful & Easy Holiday Gift ideas for the yoga lover in your life!#YogaWithVickieMarie,#HomeYoga

Yinuo Candle makes a wide variety of waxes and wicks for everyone. To help broaden the scent options at your studio, you can get your yoga teacher their scented candles that come in three different packs with many aromas. These candles are compact, and they all come with lids.

I especially like the fact that the candles come in small tins. This packaging is perfect for a yoga studio where the candles need to be in self-contained packaging to reduce fire hazards.

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Tree Of Life Gemstone

There are seven chakras in our bodies from which the energies flow. It is believed that when energy is blocked, it is when it causes illness. This handmade 7-Chakra pendant made out of gemstones that promote health, beauty, and luck and makes for a great present for those who love handmade jewelry and those who understand how important it is to open the chakras and harness your spiritual energy.


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