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Getting Started With Yoga At Home

The 20 Minute Yoga Routine Every Beginner Needs + Free Pdf

3 Ways to Start a Home Yoga Practice

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If you are looking to get into yoga but overwhelmed where to start, this beginner yoga routine is the perfect solution.

This 20 minute yoga routine for beginners incorporates some of the most basic yoga poses to stretch, calm, and tone your entire body.

No matter what your purpose for starting yoga is, Im glad you have begun, and am happy to walk along the journey with you into showing you just how amazing yoga can be.

This beginner yoga routine consists of 16 poses. Try to hold each for 15 seconds . Go through the sequence up to step 13 , then repeat the sequence again on the other side before going into the cool down poses. The poses for this 20 minute yoga workout are:

  • Savasana1-2 minutes
  • This sequence is perfect for building the foundations, toning, and improving flexibility.

    16 poses may seem like a lot to remember at first, which is why we created a free printable for you to download when you sign up for our Free Resource Library below!

    Going To Class Or Developing A Self Practice

    One question that you can ask yourself when getting into yoga for beginners is: do you want to take classes continually, or do you want to develop your own practice?

    When taking classes, the advantage is that you do not have to think about what pose comes next. Your yoga instructor tells you.

    Some classes may involve the same poses, while others have different poses or routines each time.

    Some classes are simply enjoyable and leave you feeling good.

    There are some disadvantages.

    • Yoga classes, even for beginners, do tend to cost money.

    • In addition, class time and availability may be limited.

    • And you may have to take into account travel time and distance.

    If developing your own self-practice, you have the advantage that you can choose the time of your practice.

    In addition, you can develop a practice based on the requirements of your own mind and body.

    Some pitfalls of a self-practice are:

    • You may habitually do easier poses.

    • You may also tend to skip harder poses, some of which might benefit your body.

    • Another challenge with developing a self-practice is that it requires more self-discipline.

    Note that when first starting yoga, you might take some yoga classes at a yoga studio or even your gym and then start practicing at home. You might also develop a self-practice by watching videos, reading books, or taking online yoga classes or courses.

    When you start doing yoga, it can be a good idea to be aware of the different styles of yoga.

    Get Comfortable In Stillness

    Most of us find it very challenging to sit still.

    We would rather run around, keep busy, and check items off our to-do list than just be.

    Even when we are chilling out, our hands drum on our knees, our thoughts wander to the past or future, or our eyes hungrily scan an iPhone or T.V. screen.

    So before you try to bang out the most advanced yoga poses you can find on the pages of Yoga Journal or Instagram, try the most basic tenets of yoga of all, being present.

    The next time you’re waiting in line, riding public transportation, or perching on the toilet, notice the temptation to whip your phone out for distraction.

    Try to observe the urge rather than immediately give into it.

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    Learn Basic Yoga Poses

    Once you feel ready for the physical side of your yoga practice, you can start to mindfully experiment with yoga poses for beginners.

    There is no need to try to jump into the more complex poses or to try to be as bendy as the person next to you.

    In fact, you can begin your practice right at home with free yoga videos.

    Wherever you begin, whether in a local yoga studio or with an online yoga video, there are a few basics to start with.

    Start with postures, or yoga asanas, such as downward-facing dog, child’s pose, and savasana.

    In each pose, focus on pressing your hands or feet into the floor, lengthening your spine, and relaxing your hips. If you keep this in mind as you practice, you will be working with each pose exactly as even the most devoted practitioners do.

    Yoga Classes For Seniors

    How to start a home yoga practice

    It’s highly advisable to begin your yoga journey by taking an in-person class so that you can get customized instruction from an experienced teacher. You need to make sure you are performing the moves correctly so that you can avoid injury and receive the greatest benefit. Plus, many older adults enjoy the social aspect of getting together regularly with other people who share their interests.

    “But,” you may ask, “how can I find beginning yoga classes for seniors near me?” One option is to contact yoga studios, community centers, or health clubs in your area to see what they offer. Look for programs such as beginner or gentle yoga for seniors.

    You can also try searching on the Yoga Class Near You website, which allows you to enter a location and specify that you’re seeking seniors yoga classes.

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    It Can Help Manage Anxiety

    Howe says that the majority of her yoga students initially seek out yoga to help manage their anxiety. She says that the focus on breath work, in particular, makes yoga an effective means to become more present and have some control over your anxiety. When place focus on their breath and how a particular part of their body holding tension receives that breath, a student most often realizes they have control. They can choose how deep to take that pose, how to regress and be kind to the body, as they learn to listen more to what the body has to say, explains Howe. In essence, theyve taken control back, and often that, in and of itself, helps reduce the feeling of anxiety.

    Helpful Books Videos And Dvds

    Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of going to an organized yoga class. Fortunately, you can practice yoga by following along with books, online videos, or DVDs.

    This article contains affiliate links. We are compensated with a small commission, at no extra cost to you, for sales made through the links.

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    Should I Start Yoga At Home Or Join A Yoga Studio

    Some of us may find it challenging to do some body stretches and it can be overwhelming to overcome the mental and physical hurdles that inhibit a regular exercise routine when we start doing yoga. Thats why the best way to begin yoga is ensuring that you are comfortable in the place where the yoga is taking place.

    You can opt to start doing yoga at home either by the help of a personal yoga trainer, the viewing of online classes, or using various mobile applications. In a yoga studio, you receive help and support of experienced teachers who accompany you during the class. As they are experts in their niche, you can learn more about yoga basics, deepen your practice, and ask questions. Group classes offer also a great opportunity to meet other yoga enthusiasts, share insights and experiences.


    Understand The Core Of Yoga

    How To Get Started With Yoga At Home

    Yoga is not about extreme flexibility or contorting your muscles and spine into fancy shapes.

    It’s about breathing, finding inner strength through meditation, and creating freedom in the body with basic yoga poses.

    It’s truly that simple.

    So dont worry about losing weight or bending over backwards . Instead, understand that yoga is a process and a lifestyle. The physical practice is only one of the eight limbs of yoga.

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    Self Practice In A Class Setting

    If you like the idea of doing your own Ashtanga practice but also like the idea of doing it with other people, Mysore-style classes are classes where you practice at your own pace. A teacher will be there to teach you the poses and adjust you.

    Other studios may have open practices, again where a teacher is present to offer help or advice but where you can practice whatever style of yoga you choose in the company of others.

    What Type Of Yoga Is Best For Beginners

    The first step in building your home practice is getting clear about what kind of yoga style youd like to practice. Its not the *most important thing, but it will help you find the right yoga class online, build your yoga sequence, and suss out which yoga pose to include and which pose to skip.

    The best styles of yoga for beginners are:

    So which yoga style should you ignore if youre new to yoga at home? Iyengar, which focuses on technique and alignment, or Ashtanga yoga, which is like a never-ending workout.

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    Who Should Not Do Yoga

    A state of tiredness or sickness should be avoided, as should being rushed or under high stress situations when practicing yoga. During their menstrual cycle, women should avoid from frequent yoga practice, particularly asanas. Techniques such as relaxation and pranayama can be used in their place. Yoga should not be practiced shortly after a meal.

    Best Online Streaming Platforms For Yoga

    Your guide on how to start a Yoga practice at home

    If youre looking for a committed practice with your favorite teachers just like a yoga studio can offer you without battling the yoga studio crowd, then I highly suggest subscribing to an online streaming platform. Some of the most popular yoga teachers in the entire world can be found on these platforms. Also, there are so many options for various styles and levels!


    If you want a branded experience that you can access right from home, then this is a great option for you. Bryan Kest, the owner of Power Yoga, has curated a massive library of online yoga classes that are very on-brand with Power Yoga.

    There are even free yoga videos for non-members so that you can try it out before signing up for the free trial.

    Free Membership: Monthly fee: $22/month.

    2. YA Classes Online Yoga Classes

    YA Classes arranges its sessions in terms of duration, difficulty, instructor or category. As well as traditional yoga lineages like Ashtanga and Vinyasa, this platform has training for fitness and many kinds of yoga styles to learn. Also, there are free classes for all levels of difficulty.

    One of the most interesting things about YA is that they have a sustainable initiative in which they plant a food-producing tree for every class you take. At the moment that this is being written, around 55,800 trees have already been planted. Finally, they also offer many interesting articles for their yogi community and the option to join their newsletter.

    Trial: 14 Days Free.

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    Use Stuff Around The House As Accessories

    If you dont have a yoga mat, dont worry about it. If youre short on cash, a beach towel can suffice until you can get a cheap mat. If you need extra traction on your cheap mat, throw a towel on top of it. My first yoga mat was my dads old threadbare Pilates mat, and I made that bad boy work for years.

    You can make yoga props out of whatever you have handy. For instance, my first yoga block was a Star Wars VHS box set and my first yoga strap was my dogs leash. Couch cushions are a good stand-in for yoga bolsters if youve got em handy.

    You dont need to buy special clothesjust find something that you can move in comfortably. And if youre at home, dont be afraid to practice naked.

    What Equipment Do You Need For Yoga

    Unlike some sports and exercise, you dont need to lose an arm and a leg to get started. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing, choose somewhere thats quiet and spacious and have a bottle of water to hand to keep hydrated.

    The only other essential item is a non-slip yoga mat. Why do you need one? Well, they give you extra grip which supports your joints, supplies cushioning, stops you from sliding out of pose and reduces your risk of injury. For expert support, try the classic Yogi Bare Paws Natural Rubber Extreme Grip Yoga Mat available in black, green, grey, blue and red.

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    How To Get Started With Yoga At Home

    If you are want to get started with yoga at home but feel overwhelming with all the information out there. Then this guide is for you.

    When I first started with yoga. I went to the studio class and get frustrated by the fact that I cant follow along with sequences and cant get into so many poses.

    It takes year of practice to feel yoga is right for me. So the thing I wish I knew before starting with yoga? Get start with doing yoga at home first and then later join studio class if you like.


    Because practice yoga on your own, you can understand yourself better. There is only one limitation that is you.

    In a studio practice. The speed of the sequence may not feel right, the poses may not feel comfortable, the other students doing so good may bother you. A lot of limitations.

    So here are 9 steps on how to get started with yogaat home.

    Does Yoga Help In Losing Belly Fat

    How To Start Yoga At Home With Online Yoga Videos

    There are no quick fixes for getting rid of abdominal fat, but a healthy diet combined with a regular exercise regimen can significantly reduce belly fat to a significant degree. If you dont want to go to the gym, yoga is a good alternative to consider. The benefits of this exercise include not only helping to reduce belly fat, but also allowing your body and mind to feel invigorated.

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    Restorative Yoga For Beginners

    If one of the reasons you want to get into yoga is to relax, or if you are feeling worn out, you might benefit from a restorative yoga class. This practice wont generally give you the experience necessary for other more active styles of yoga. Still, it does make it very easy to relax. You may find you fall asleep in the supported poses used in this type of yoga.

    Can I Do Yoga At Home By Myself

    When there isnt a certified yoga instructor nearby, the only choice is to learn yoga on ones own time at home. However, you may like to exercise this method for a variety of reasons other than need. Solo practitioners have the freedom to choose their own practices and to follow their own rhythms while doing so.

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    It Increases Flexibility And Balance Of The Body And Mind

    Flexibility in yoga practice is not just about reaching your toes. Its about the journey towards your toesthe flexibility to be open-minded, and to release the ego and just be, shares Howe, who adds that balance in yoga should also be considered holistically, rather than just in terms of not toppling over when holding Tree pose. The emphasis on the mind-body connection in yoga helps develop physical balance and allows us to tune into our emotional needs and honor those needs. With that said, Howe notes not to diminish the power of improving your physical balance. On those days when balance aligns, and we can stand in Tree pose without wobbling, that rush of adrenalinethe confidence boostis amazing.

    Should You Warm Up Before Practicing Yoga

    How to Start an At

    Yes! Never go into any type of physical activity without warming up. Although this routine has a few poses that can be modified to create a warm up, you want to make sure you do a few gentle poses that wake up you entire body to avoid injury and get you in the correct mindset.

    We have an article here about why warming up before yoga is so important which comes with a free printable warm up for you to do before or after all your workouts.

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    How Often Should A Beginner Do Yoga

    When it comes to losing abdominal fat, there are no fast cuts nevertheless, a healthy diet combined with a regular exercise program may significantly reduce belly fat. The benefits of this exercise include not only helping to reduce belly fat, but also allowing your body and mind to feel revitalized. Feel the difference by doing these yoga poses.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Yoga Practice

    Backed by scientific research, yoga for beginners has proven beneficial for people from all walks of life. Practitioners have experienced the loosening of tight muscles, the strengthening of core muscles, better overall physical health, sustainable weight loss, a glowing complexion, relief from chronic pain and sickness, mental clarity, emotional stability, better intuition, reduced stress, deep relaxation, and more creativity, energy, and enthusiasm for life. Yoga is also spiritually fulfilling and offers a feeling of deep connection and inner peace.

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    What Are The Three Things I Like About Yoga

    Yoga Has Three Qualities That I Appreciate

    • The importance of balance and adaptability. Cardio and strength training activities comprise a significant portion of all of my other regular workout regimens. The amount of time spent focusing on breathing patterns. The Practice of Mindfulness is Reinforced.

    Deepening And Intensifying Your Yoga

    6 Yoga Tips For Beginners | How to start doing yoga at home | Advice for new yogis
  • 1Increase the duration of your practice. After you feel comfortable with your established yoga practice, try lengthening your practice by holding each pose a bit longer and flowing seamlessly between asanas. Add new and more challenging poses as you are able.XResearch source
  • Many yoga classes are 60-90 minutes, so you could aim to make your practice around that length.
  • 2Strengthen the intensity of your practice. You may want to strengthen the intensity of your practice as you become comfortable with your routine. This can be done easily by holding each pose a little longer and by challenging yourself to sink deeper into challenging poses.
  • Poses that involve lunges or squats can be taken a bit lower.
  • You can increase the speed of transitions between asanas to create more intensity.
  • 3Increase the frequency of your practice. One of the best ways to deepen your yoga practice is to increase the number of days you practice. You can safely build up to 5-7 days per week.XResearch source If you make yoga a part of your daily routine, its positive effects can benefit your physical and mental health.XResearch source
  • 4Integrate new goals. If you started doing yoga with a single goal√Ęto become healthy or to find a mindful way to de-stress√Ętry integrating another purpose into your practice. If you have been focusing on either the body or the mind, try to start focusing on the body and the mind together.
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