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Gaiam Yoga Studio App Review

The Gaim Yoga Studio Review Pricing

Yoga Studio App review – Is Yoga Studio App any good?

Gaiam offers Gaiam Yoga Studio in two different packages Basic Gaiam Membership and Premium Gaiam membership.

The Basic Gaim Gaiam memberships costs $19.95/month which includes unlimited access to their library of over 100 yoga sessions, high definition streaming videos and exclusive bonus materials.

While the premium Gaim membership costs $24.95/month and includes Gaiam Yoga studio app, Gaiam TV streaming access and exclusive bonus materials which can be purchased separately at a price of $19.99 for Gaiam TV membership or downloaded via the GaiamTV website.

What Should I Wear For A Yoga Class

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Yoga pants are typically a good choice, but shorts are also a popular option for men and women or those who enjoy hot yoga. Choose tops that are comfortable yet form-fitting so theyll stay in place while you perform certain postures such as bending over into a forward fold.

Look for clothes that are made of moisture-wicking material so you stay dry and comfortable. Women may wear a sports bra, though many yoga tops come with sports bras already built-in. Most people do yoga barefoot, so you dont have to wear any special shoes or socks.

Yoga For Weight Loss Beginners

Looking for free yoga apps for weight loss? People give yoga a try for a variety of reasons, but if youre thinking about taking it up because you want to lose a little weight, then this app is a fantastic place to start.

While yoga in general can help you to get closer to your weight loss goals, none of the other apps on our list offer programmes that are specifically tailored to calorie burning like this app does.

We love that this app perfectly combines yoga and weight loss in such a way that the workouts are so relaxing that you wont even feel like youre burning those calories.

Soothing and ambient music plays throughout, and the calming voice of the instructor talks you through each and every exercise in intricate detail.

The tuition here is top of the range, so the app is absolutely perfect for those whove never tried yoga before or haven’t worked out in a while.

This is without a doubt the best yoga app for weight loss that is free to download as its the only app on our list that is specifically geared towards losing weight.

But whilst weight loss is the main focus, the app also includes yoga plans for better sleep, improved balance, and stress reduction.

Check out our latest blog post to learn more of the pros and cons of yoga!

Of all the free yoga apps on the list, this is certainly one of favourites, especially as the laser focussed concentration on weight loss does not disappoint.

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Gaiam Partners With Yoga Studio To Make Yoga Accessible To All

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Gaiam, Inc., a leading provider of yoga media and accessories, announced today that it has acquired Yoga Studio, the number one ranked yoga app on the App Store. Sharing the mission to make yoga accessible to everyone, the alignment of these two companies will extend the reach of the Yoga Studio app to Gaiam’s customer base and provide Gaiam with the expertise to expand its yoga and fitness programming reach into the digital app market.

“Gaiam continues to look for the most innovative ways to reach people with high quality yoga programming,” said Cyd Crouse, COO of Gaiam. “With Yoga Studio, we now are able to expand our distribution into the app space. The partnership is a perfect mix of Yoga Studio’s app design and development expertise with our deep roots in yoga, fitness and wellness media production. We look forward to leveraging the knowledge and success of the Yoga Studio team to become a leader in the health & fitness app category.”

Yoga Studio was created with the goal of making it easy for people to practice yoga anytime and anywhere. As the first “on-the-go” studio, Yoga Studio currently features 65 ready-made classes based on level, duration, and focus, so that everyone can find the perfect class to fit their fitness needs and goals. All classes come with full HD video and commentary that is clear and easy to follow.

Yoga Studio is available from the App store for $3.99. For more information, visit

What You Should Know About Yoga Mats

Gaiam Yoga Studio App Review: Is it Good or Bad ...

The mat’s material impacts how it works.

There are a few things you should know about yoga mats before deciding which one to pick up. The first is its materialmost of the mats we tested are made of PVC , natural rubber, polyurethane, and/or TPE . PVC is a type of vinyl, a man-made, non-renewable material. Most mats made of this material are sticky enough to prevent slipping, soft enough to offer some cushion, and very durable. Natural rubber is renewable, biodegradable, and also provides texture and tractionhowever, it may be a bit firmer feeling than PVC. Rubber mats can contain trace amounts of latex, too, so they may not be the best option for people with latex allergies. Polyurethane is a blend of plastics that can have a soft, foamy feel or a sleek, smooth one, and is often used as a supplement to mats made of natural rubber. You can also find mats made of TPE, or a blend of plastic and rubber. These mats usually arent as long-lasting as PVC or natural rubber mats, but are often lightweight and can sometimes be recycled. Mats made of cork, bamboo, or jute are also an option, but these arent as popular.

The size of your yoga mat is another consideration. A typical yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide, though you can find some that are larger . However, unless youre really tall, 68 inches is probably long enough for most people, and any added length often also makes mats heavier to carry

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Five Minute Yoga Workouts

Price Free

For the one-stop shop of yoga apps, this one gets our vote. As the name implies, Five Minute Yoga offers five-minute workouts that will leave you refreshed and at peace in the shortest time possible! If youre seeking zen while on a busy schedule, this app gives you what you need and fast.

You can find the Five Minute Yoga Workouts App at the App Store and .

Take Your Studio With You Wherever You Go

25 hours of ready-made HD video classes

Create unlimited custom classes – with full video

Stay on track with class scheduling

Over 280 poses with detailed info and advice

Perfect for beginners, awesome for experts

Developed and performed by a qualified instructor

Works on iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

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It Won Best Yoga App At The Best App Ever Awards In 2013 But Does It Stand The Test Of Time

Ive been a fan of Yoga Studio app by Lotus Studios for some time now and have recommended it to anyone and everyone since discovering it!

So I decided it was about time to put a wee video together to explain why I find it to be so good!

Take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch the video and grab the app!

Practice Yoga On The Go

Creating a Custom Yoga Video Class with Yoga Studio App

Gaiam Yoga Studio is Gaiams first foray into the Gaiam mobile app world. Gaiam wanted to share their expertise in the field of conscious living with Gaiam members through an app. Gaiam Yoga Studio is Gaiams way of sharing their expertise in the field of conscious living with Gaiam members across the world.

Gaia has created a mobile-friendly version that allows users to access Gaiam Yoga videos anytime, anywhere on iPhone or Android devices using just WiFi or your data plan if youre not around any wireless hotspots.

The Gaam Yoga Studio offers its own library of over 100 yoga sessions for download, so no matter where you are, you can still practice Gaiam Yoga anywhere.

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Best For Distance Learning: Gaiam Basic Yoga Mat

Next on the list, weve got yet another product that manages to win our hearts. Its the Gaiam Basic Yoga Mat and its widely considered as one of the most convenient products you can buy. Further, the Gaiam basic yoga mat is made for a long life, It is made with decent thickness and has a colorful design. These durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats provide additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine. Further, the mat is strong, super pretty and has a very nice design. Most importantly, the Gaiam basic yogamat is available in 14 attractive colors: cool mint sundial, lilac navajo, taupe navajo etc., so, its likely one of your favorites is in the mix.

Almost all buyers found that the mat cleans up easily enough with damp clothes. Also, they strongly agree that the mat is too short, so this one fits the bill. Further, they also found that the mat is perfect for distance learning people. With no doubts, this product passed the test and had very satisfied buyers eager to share their experience.

Top Customer Quotes:Top Customer Quotes:Top Customer Quotes:

The Gaiam Great Mats high-end materials make sure that it ages well with use. The Gaiam great mat is very durable, it is larger and has a pretty design. The Mat works to seal out sweat and odors. This mat seals out germs, odor, and bacteria, and is ideal for those with latex sensitivities.

Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes Reviews

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes customer service directly via Email using our new site –

Why should I report an Issue with Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes?

  • Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  • We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  • Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  • If you are a Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes.
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    Will you be requiring vaccination or a negative test?
    Running Event Distances
    Traffic and Transit

    Create Your Own Classes

    Gaiam Yoga Studio App Review: Is it Good or Bad ...

    If you dont find something thats just right , you can create your own class, combining poses and flows exactly how you want.

    An easy way to get started with this is to make a copy one of the pre-made classes, substituting whichever poses you want to change.

    For me this is a helpful feature I have a knee injury and thus some poses are a no-go for me.

    To make the process of creating your own class easier, theres small pose blocks, like a cat/cow block, a beginner balancing block and an end of practice block.

    Theres also a smart linking feature for when you have 2 poses that dont easily connect. The app will then find a way to make the transition between the two poses more fluent.

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    Help My Yoga App Stopped Working Can You Fix That

    When Ana Maria Roques yoga app stops working, she calls this advocate for help. But can the problems with this nonworking program be untangled?

    Question: I know you will think this complaint is not worth the time to write about, but here it goes: I bought the Yoga Studio by Gaiam app for my iPad in December 2015. I paid $5.99 and have been using it every day ever since.

    Last month, my iPad app was disconnected, so I started using it on my iPhone. On July 4 my phone app stopped working. What I get now is a prompt to sign up for a monthly fee. My use of the app has been terminated.

    This was not part of the original agreement, there is no customer rep to take your calls and the supposed fix is not working.

    I know what youre thinking: $5.99? Really? You are wasting time and energy for a $5.99 app?

    Well, what if all app designers decide to renege on their sales and go to monthly usage fees? Yes, much more profitable, of course, but that sounds to me like a bait-and-switch. If we dont stop this from happening on the internet, then consumers are going to be abused and to me, this is fraud.

    I would like Gaiam to honor the customers who bought the app to be able to restore the service. Can you help? Ana Maria Roque, Miami

    Answer: This is definitely worth your time and mine. Yoga Studio by Gaiam appears to have arbitrarily changed its terms, forcing users like you to either upgrade to its subscription model or stop using the app.

    Best For Customer Service: Gaiam Thicker Mat

    If you are searching for a satisfactory mat for your daily needs, this product is the best choice. The Gaiam Thicker Mat is worth the price, It is designed with a beautiful pattern and has a cushioning design. The Manufacturer says: The products in our premium line, Gaiam sol, were designed by Yogis for Yogis with special attention to responsibly sourced materials, rigorous testing, fine detail and quality construction. This mat seals out germs, odor, and bacteria, and is ideal for those with latex sensitivities.

    The mat has tried many mats, works well for strong odor,s It comes with a super grip and has a great design. Also, this works for yoga practice, It has various types of yoga and has a very nice design. Above all, the Gaiam thicker mat is great for traveling, comes with awesome customer service, it is cushy and has a premium design.

    Almost all customers opine that the mat looks now it will only be usable for about a year. And, a few strongly agree that the mat allows for holding poses much longer than other mats on the market. In addition, a few also found that the colored material is nt properly secured to the spongy bottom part, which creates large air bubbles on the mat. To sum up, for most customers, the mat was most suitable.

    Top Customer Quotes:

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    Yoga For Beginners Mind + Body

    Free yoga apps can sometimes be a little basic or spartan compared to their paid counterparts, but this certainly isnt the case here.

    This app offers unparalleled choice of workouts with flows categorised according to time of day and specialisation. The easy to use categories feature is especially useful if youre a beginner and unsure about which exercises are suitable.

    For example, the categories allow you to easily find a good morning yoga session or a yoga workout to specifically work your back or abs.

    Beginners will be right at home from the off as this app has a section specifically entitled beginner yoga which teaches you all the basics that you need to know before progressing onto more complex poses.

    Once youre ready, its easy to scale up the difficulty of your sessions with the app’s expert guidance.

    We love that this app also lets you build and customise your own workouts so that you can really take control of your programme as you become more familiar with yoga.

    Not only that, all workouts are 100% free, which can explain why this app has a five-star rating from nearly 70k reviews.

    If you happen to use the app on an iPhone or any other Apple handheld, then youll benefit from its integration with Apple Health which makes it easy to track workouts, weight loss, and the number of calories burned.

    Not only is this one of the best free yoga apps for beginners, but we think it might just be the best free yoga app available full stop.


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