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Free Yoga Class Booking System

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Acuity Scheduling Demo for Yoga Classes and Private Lessons on Zoom

WellnessLiving is more than just a business management software, we are your business partner and we’re here to help take the load off! From managing your staff and clients to optimizing your workflow, we are in your corner offering dynamic tools to help you find new leads, increase engagement, boost retention, and scale your yoga studio!

Free Scheduling Software To Reopen Your Yoga Studio

Were all sick of online yoga classes so lets bring your clients back to your studio. Its time to correct the wrongly-adapted yoga positions!

10to8 Yoga Studio Software enables you to successfully reopen your studio with social distancing measures and contact tracing.

With 2-way chat and automated customer appointment reminders sent via SMS and email, your yoga studio will undoubtedly improve the overall customer experience, communication, and of course, also save you time.

Avoid overcrowding, reduce admin, and ensure social distancing.

Other Yoga Software Not Considered


We tried getting a demo but were still waiting, we might update it in the near futur as we get access to the platform.

Upper Hand and Pike13

Both tools feel more geared towards gym studios so youll end up paying for features not really relevant for a yoga business


PerfectMind is another featured-packed software, but we find the interface clunky. They also focus a lot on marketing features while we wish the would focus on user experience and integration more.


We tried getting a demo but were still waiting, we might update it in the near futur as we get access to the platform.

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We Make Running A Yoga Business Easy

As yoga teachers ourselves, we understand that a yoga teachers true love is teaching, not technology! Yet finding the right technology can make our lives easier, enabling us to smoothly take advance bookings for classes and retreats – removing layers of admin. We know because weve been there ourselves. Simply, Reservie was created to take much of the stress and time out of running a yoga business, whether youre teaching a few classes at a local church hall, or running a larger enterprise such as studio or retreats. Allowing you to concentrate of what you love – teaching yoga. Phew – that means you can breathe a little deeper and easier. Just like your students.

What Support Does Classfit Offer

Yoga Class Booking &  Scheduling System

ClassFit offers 7 days a week support for your business. We have clients all over the world so our support runs over several timezones. We know how important it is that you get fast and responsive support for your business, so we guarantee that you will never have to wait more than 24 hours for a response with a target response time of under 12 hours. In addition to this, we offer full set-up services for free including calendar integration into your website and customer migration. We also run free one-to-one personalized demos to show you the platform and to answer any questions you might have. You can book yourself in for one of these demos here.

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Integrate Your Calendar Into Your Website

There are two different booking calendar options available with ClassFit. If you have a website, you can integrate your calendar into any page on your website. You can see an example of one of our calendars here.

The ClassFit integrated calendar means your clients dont ever have to click away from your website to book your classes. And its fully customizable, meaning you can match your calendar colors to your branding.

Set-up takes just a couple of minutes and we offer full tutorials on how to do this. If youd prefer to let us manage the integration though, we offer a set-up service for free and can have you up and running within 24 hours.

If you dont have a website, then you can also direct your clients to book via your ClassFit profile page . You can customize this with your own cover photo and share it on your social media channels or email via your own personalized calendar link.

Launch Your New Booking System Today

So easy to use, you can set up and start taking bookings today!

1. Register

Register for free, no card required and enjoy our unlimited free trial. There are no obligations and you can cancel anytime.

2. Set Up

Our friendly set up wizard helps you create classes and passes in minutes. Need help? Drop us an email or jump on live chat.

3. Get Booking!

Preload clients with credits then use Bookamat to invite them to your studio and start growing your community!

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We Are The Right Fit For Your Business

StudioBookings was started in 2012 when we could not find a Yoga Studio Software simple and affordable enough for our studios. Now, StudioBookings is used and loved by over 4000 studios in over 40 countries and has been voted as having the best user interface, rock-solid features, outstanding customer service and most importantly, allows all studios to increase revenue with less work.

A Pointless And Useless Download

Dream Dance and Yoga – How to book a class with our new booking system (AOT)

The app looks great and is easy to use. Registering for classes at my gym was easy. I dont know how it functions for other gyms. I downloaded it hoping that logging in my 3 children into Burn Boot Camp child-watch would be easier than trying to use the non-mobile web browser from my phone. Unfortunately, Ill still have to do the annoying process of zooming in and out on the browser. I have to go through that same process four times to get us each logged in. Because in the app you can only press the book button once it leaves my two other children unable to attend. There needs to be a drop down menu so a number can be chosen. Same with the web browser. It doesnt bother me that I have to zoom in and out. The biggest issue is I have to go through an annoying process 4 times, every single day. Im a busy mom I dont have time to sit and mess with that.I think the real issue is that the developer didnt develop the app to be used in the way my gym intended for child care sign up to function. It would be nice if the two of them could figure it out though. I know a lot of gyms have child care. Surely this is a function that all gyms, using the app would benefit from.

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Powerful Point Of Sale

Accept payments in a flash. Take pre-payments or deposits to help prevent no-shows and easily track and record all your transactions and run reports on these transactions.

Yocale makes point of sale payments and tracking easy, saving your business time and money. Track and store your yoga client billing information, purchase history, payments, tip, taxes, inventory and more with extreme ease.

How Do Classfit’s Fees Compare To Other Scheduling Software Providers In The Market

NB. We are currently waiving all fees to help our clients navigate the uncertainty around Covid-19.

Weve designed ClassFits pricing to be the most competitive on the market. ClassFit offers an incredible wealth of features but without the high-end pricing of MindBody or GloFlox. There are no monthly fees or contracts to sign and it is totally free to sign up, with complimentary integration and training services.

Our fees are a simple 2% commission on any electronic payments which we cap at $100 USD / $130 AUD / £80 GBP, so youll never pay more than this even in an incredibly busy month. Our pricing is designed to ebb and flow with your business so you will benefit from even lower fees when you have a quiet period. And to show how much we care about our community, we have waived all ClassFit fees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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What Our Customers Say

As a new yoga teacher, ClassFit has provided me with a wonderful platform to host my business and my online classes from. The pricing is ideal, providing great value for money and the customer service has been above and beyond. From the individual tour before joining to every single email exchange since then, I have always felt welcome and supported. You can tell that the team genuinely care about their clients and the service they are providing.

With Kate, United Kingdom

Explore Your Options With A Free Demo

Online Scheduling System for Yoga Classes

Please complete the below and we will contact you to review MY BEST STUDIO software solutions.

Are you lookout an user-friendly yoga studio software for your studio? Then you’ve come to the right place. Owners have their control over studios and manage their business activities with My Best Studio software. From LA to New York, My Best Studio will make managing, scheduling and 24/7 booking yoga classes a piece of cake. My Best StudioSoftware is a perfectly suitable for small, medium and multi-channel yoga studio centers with fitness service professionals. This yoga studio software offers many things from a personalized app, billing, registration, Online Class Check-In/Check-Out, an app for staff and clients, 50 different types of analyzed reports, easy client management and even unlimited staff access. Your day-to-day work activities will run more smoothly and save your time with increase revenue. With customer friendly services, effortless studio management and a guaranteed increase in sales, your yoga studio will thrive with us. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Studio Software

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Yoga Scheduling System Fit For Desktop Mobile Or Cross

Sagenda is available as yoga scheduling software on desktops and mobile devices, regardless of operating systems. Since 52% of global web traffic originates from mobile devices, the convergence of wired and wireless options allows yoga studios to run their business from any location. Trainers can always adjust yoga class availability on their mobile phones even outside business hours. A yoga appointment scheduler also allows online payments and prepaid yoga classes. Prepayment can be used as priority booking of yoga classes in case of tight schedules.

Sagenda is an essential yoga scheduling software in taking your business to the next level. Outsourcing billing, booking and client management saves time and resources so you can focus on your clients. Namaste!

Everything You Need Is At One Place

All key features your coaching business would need is now in single platform, so you woould never need to usedifferent softwares for different purpose.

Online booking

With your own online booking page you will make it easy for your clients to make appointments.

Get more customers

Create promo codes and offer discounts to your loyal customers.

Admin App

With the admin app you can easily manage your bookings and chat with your customers in real time.

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Try The Booking System For 14 Days online scheduling software offers fair and affordable pricing that varies depending on the size of your business. If you are just starting, you can start with a free plan and upgrade when you get more clients and more revenue! Do not hesitate to ask our Live Chat if you have any questions. We encourage you to try our system and find out how it can benefit your business.

Whether Your Passion Is Bikram Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Hatha Or Iyengar The Smoothbook Yoga Class Booking System Is Here For You


Smoothbook has been designed to meet the rising demands of modern fitness class booking software that not only makes it easy to use for yourself and your clients but allows a high degree of customisation for each business, offers a high standard of booking and facilitates the integration of modern and popular platforms.

At Smoothbook, weve been working for some years with yoga instructors and gyms to develop online booking software for fitness classes specifically suited to their needs whether simply an individual instructor or larger gym/studio.

Through one vision and one goal to be the leading provider of online booking systems, our less is more philosophy has been developed around an ease-of-use system with advanced features and options to meet the requirements of all of our customers.

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Get Class Reservations From Instagram

Connect your free yoga class booking system with Instagram and turn your followers into new clients. When you link your profile’s ‘Book’ button with your Setmore calendar, clients can sign up for sessions without leaving their app.

Looking to give a sneak peek of your classes? Stream your Instagram feed on your Booking Page to showcase your skills and studio facilities.

Which Are The Nine Best Yoga Studio Management Software In Australia

Being a yoga enthusiast and a social person I often visit many yoga studios in India and abroad. One of the small studios that I visited recently had such a wonderful set up of their business. They had a decorative studio as well as were running their yoga business so efficiently. The studio was well managed by an online booking system which helped the staff and teachers were quick and swift with their clients.

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Do You Want To Know More About How Smoothbook Can Help Your Business Keep Reading



This System Was Specifically Designed for You and Your Students

The Smoothbook platform is yoga class management software that has been built from the ground up based on the feedback of yoga teachers from all over the world and there are hundreds of yoga teachers who use Smoothbook every day. Your students will love the access to view the availability of specific class schedules and their Vinyasa, Hatha, or Yin yoga classes online themselves at any time of day.

Because of its quick and easy interface, you can enjoy the extra time that Smoothbook will save while you focus on the more important things that you need to be doing such as planning classes, teaching them, and taking time for yourself.

Additionally, there are many other features to help you connect with your students and grow your business since Smoothbook is built specifically for classes. For example, your students can book multiple Asana classes with you at the same time instead of completing the booking process for one appointment and repeating it every other time theyd like to book: not many systems accommodate this type of booking.

Upon booking yoga classes and then paying for them up to six weeks in advance, your clients will automatically receive a payment receipt that summarises their schedule via their provided email.

Smoothbook Yoga Class Booking System

As the leading all-in-one booking software for yoga studios, the advanced features of Smoothbook include:

  • Class management

Scheduling Management Made Easy

Yoga Class Booking &  Scheduling System

Based in London, Smoothbook appointments software is the result of a collaboration between an expert web developer, small business owners and investors who, frustrated with the offerings on the market, came together with one simple goal: to be the leading provider of online appointment scheduling systems.

We have a design philosophy that less is more: it should be possible to start using our booking system almost straight out of the box but, at the same time, have numerous features and options to satisfy the different demands of our clients.

Smoothbook is wholly owned and run by Yellow Melon Ltd.


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Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

This plugin is one of the most important plugins one can install on their website. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded allows people to get notified when someone responds to their comments on a particular platform. Usually, it is quite difficult for one to know if people have responded to their comments on most platforms. They may be required to manually check their comment section from time to time in order to read replies. But with this plugin, commentators will be able to subscribe to someones comments and they will be notified via emails when they reply. This platform will increase visitor engagement and interaction on your site and your address will always pop up on their email enhancing your website.

Syncing With External Calendars

In-depth demonstration of how to use and set up iCal to display your calendar in Mac, Google, Outlook and Windows calendars. Also, the other way round is demonstrated displaying external calendar in the Bobclass calendar. This is typically used to keep an eye on your personal calendar while you are creating your work appointments.

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What Setmore Is Missing

While Setmore has a host of great staff management features, it hides several key abilities behind its paywall. SMS notifications, calendar syncing, video appointments, and customizations are all exclusive to Setmores paid plans. All of the other programs on this list offer calendar syncing in their free plans and, as mentioned above, there are options for free SMS notifications .

Packages Coupons Giftcard & Membership Management – Yoga Studio Management: Booking Private Classes

Do you want to sell more? You need to create and then track your packages, memberships, coupon and gift cards. With Yocale, you can customize all of the above and then easily track their usage so that you can sell.

Increase your monthly recurring revenue for your yoga studio and generate customer loyalty with custom memberships for services or classes, which are charged automatically

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Powerful Data At Your Fingertips

Instantly gain deep insight into your yoga business by staying on top of all your key metrics with a detailed range of custom reports, all exportable in Excel format. You have the freedom to save your favorite reports and customize your own dashboard so that you can get a daily overview of your operations as soon as you login to WellnessLiving. We track your data so you can make informed decisions about staffing, payroll, inventory, marketing, and more.


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