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Free Yoga Apps For Seniors

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7

Beginners Yoga for Seniors | Improve your Spinal Health & Posture with Tessa

The Johnson & Johnson app makes starting up a regular workout routine a breeze. All you need is seven minutes, a wall, and a chair to get an effective strength and cardio workout.

The video demonstrations and audio cues make it easy to follow along, while the app allows you to indicate your like or dislike of exercises like jumping jacks, squats, lunges, wall sits, and more. Stick with the original seven-minute workout, pick from 21 other ready-made routines, or utilize the custom workout feature as your fitness improves.

Looking for a beginner-friendly workout? Check out the First Timer, which features modified exercises like marching in place, chair-assisted squats, and kneeling pushups.

Free, iOS and Android

Best For Core Workouts

Your core is essentially the powerhouse of your body, and with this core-centric app, you can show your midsection the love it deserves. Pick from among three different workout types, each with a slightly different focus , and follow along as personal trainers give video demos of each move.

Available oniOSandAndroid free with option for in-app purchases

Basic Yoga Positions For Beginners

Keep in mind that basic does not necessarily mean easy. Yoga poses are meant to challenge your mind as well as your body. Even in simple moves, there is a lot going on. That’s why, in the beginning, yoga poses are easiest to learn in person from a qualified instructor. But if you want to get comfortable with a few moves before going to class, be sure to listen to your body and not push yourself past your limits.

Ready to get started? Here are some examples of yoga exercises for beginners, with links to videos that demonstrate proper technique:

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The Best Free Workout App For Beginnners

Members and non-members alike have access to a limited number of cardio, strength, and yoga classes from Life Time Athletic.

Pros: Strength, cardio, and yoga offerings, great for users at a beginner or intermediate level

Cons: Limited variety in fitness level, limited number of workouts, no new workouts added, free subscription only available through Feb 1st.

From the fitness center giant comes Life Time Athletic, an app that allows users to choose workouts based on a few different categories: the muscle groups they want to work, the equipment they have at home, or the type of workout they want to do . Each video states the length and optional equipment needed upfront, so you’re never caught off-guard.

For light cardio classes, the Life Time Athletic courses are perfect. While I would classify some of the exercises as beginner level, they still kept me moving and elevated my heart rate, which is what I was looking to do.

If you’re a Life Time member, you’ll be familiar with some of the specific classes like Strike, Warrior Sculpt, and Shred. The workouts are good for any beginner or intermediate users who want to keep moving at home and prefer limited video options to choose from.

The only downside: Life Time plans on instating a subscription model of $15 per month starting February 1, 2021, so don’t get your heart set on this program long-term unless you want to pay up. That being said, use it while you can.

The Best Health And Fitness Apps For Seniors

Gentle Chair Yoga for Beginners and Seniors

From YouTube videos you can watch on your TV to apps you can download to your phone, there are a whole range of ways to use technology to keep yourself fit and active.

There are even brain training, meditation and other apps to keep your mind fit and active as well.

The National Institute on Aging has a great article explaining how seniors can get started on their fitness journey, you can read it here.

Weve collected together some of the best sites, apps and resources for you below.

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Supine Spinal Twist Supta Matsyendrasana

  • Step 1: Start on your back. Bend both the knees with soles of the feet on the mat. Extend out the arms in line with shoulders.
  • Step 2: Inhale to lift the knees to the chest, exhale to drop the knees to the right, while looking to the left.
  • Step 3: Stay here for 5-10 breaths.
  • Step 4: Inhale to come back to centre. Repeat on the other side.

Variations: If the stretch on the back is too intense, try gentle yoga with just one knee bent. If you want to further intensify the pose, cross one knee over the other

Benefits: This pose stretches the glutes, chest, and obliques. Its health benefits include improved spinal mobility and digestion. One of the best yoga poses to alleviate lower back pain.

If You Need Something That’s Easy Af To Follow:


Free to download and $4.99/month for a subscription on the App Store and

Sworkit is the fitness app that has just about everything you could imagine for your workout journey that doesn’t require leaving the house OR purchasing a bunch of equipment. Working with a physical therapist? It’s got exercises for that. What about something easy to follow along with your younger siblings or kids? Sworkit launched a Youth Initiative program with a library filled with kids’ workouts that is completely free without a subscription. Like I said, it really thought of everything.

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The 31 Best Free Workout Apps To Try This Year

Between Spin classes that cost $36 a pop, three-figure monthly gym memberships, and personal training sessions that are on par, pricewise, with your Sephora obsession, it can be easy to forget fitness doesnt have to equal dollar signs. Especially if you have an arsenal of the best free workout apps.

That was in the best of times. With cases of COVID-19 reaching record highs, many gyms and fitness studios are still closed. And lets be honest, months into the pandemic, the at-home workout routine is getting stale. Luckily theres a huge selection of free or low-cost fitness apps, the sheer number of which is pretty awesomebut also kinda overwhelming. From HIIT-centric programs and running-themed apps to at-home bodyweight workouts and yoga and meditation sessions, we did the sifting for you to find the best free workout apps. These 31 apps will help you add more activity and wellness to your lifeno credit card debt required.

Yoga For Beginners Mind + Body

Yoga for Seniors: Benefits and How to Access Online

The Yoga for Beginners Mind + Body app is possibly one of the most user-friendly free apps there is and lines up a good range of workouts with flows that are categorized based on time of day and specializations, so users can settle on the kind of workout or yoga they need or want to explore and can eventually graduate to more complex pro-level techniques.

This app has a section titled “beginner yoga,” which focuses on moves and techniques that need to be learned before moving on to more complicated poses. Users can customize their own workouts as easily as customizing their own free wallpapers, and if they use it via the app on an iPhone or an Apple device, they can make use of the integration with Apple Health, which makes it easy to keep tabs on calories burnt.

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Here Are The Key Features Of Mb Learn Yoga:

  • You can read basic yoga introduction which includes what is yoga, paths of yoga, who can practice yoga, benefits of yoga, tips to practice yoga, and what are yoga asanas.
  • It lets you browse yoga asanas by their name. You can view description, English name, procedure, benefits, and contradictions of asanas. Some of the asanas include Anjali Mudra, Ardhachandrasana, Dhanurasana, Halasana, Mayurasana, Padmasana, Shavasana, Vajrasana, Yoga Mudra, and Tadasana.
  • You can also explore yoga asanas by selecting a particular body part, such as ankle, arms, bladder, brain, chest, diaphragm, legs, lungs, hamstrings, shoulders, wrists, etc.
  • You can also explore yoga asanas by therapeutic applications like anxiety, asthma, back pain, constipation, diabetes, fatigue, migraine, piles, pregnancy, stress, varicose veins, etc.
  • It also contains basic information on meditation, importance of meditation, meditation techniques, etc.
  • Importance and benefits of pranayamas are also listed in this software. You can read about Nadi Shodan, Bhastrika, Bhramari, and Kapalbhati pranayamas.
  • You can also learn about Sun Salutation .

All in all, it is a nice yoga software to learn about various yoga practices.

Note: Although it is a free software, it says you would need to register on the given link to continue using it post 45 days of installation.

Twisting Cobra Pose Parvrtta Bhujangasana

  • Step 1: Start in prone position, with belly and forehead on the mat, feet as wide as the yoga mat and palms by the side of the ribcage.
  • Step 2: Inhale to lift the chest and head up till arms are straight. Avoid shrugging shoulders
  • Step 3: Exhale to twist to the right. Stay here for 3-5 breaths.
  • Step 4: Inhale back to centre and exhale to come back down. Repeat on the other side.

Variations: Try to lift the chest a little lower if this pose is too difficult. You can also place a folded thin blanket under the hip bones for more support.

Benefits: This pose is great to increase flexibility of the back. Great to include as part of exercise program for people with constipation it massages and stimulates liver and kidneys

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Great Fitness Apps For People Age 60 And Older

Your fitness doesnt have to go downhill as you get older. In fact, technology can make it easier for seniors to live a healthy lifestyle. Apps on your smartphone can be your virtual best friend and workout buddy when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

Depending on your lifestyle needs, theres an app for it. You can easily track your steps, find quick workouts, food guides and much more that will act as your health assistant in day-to-day life. Here are four apps for seniors that will kickstart your fitness journey.

What Is The Overall Best Fitness App

Chair Yoga for Seniors &  Beginners

The best fitness app is the one youll use consistently. It provides exercise content that appeals to your interests, and it keeps you motivated to exercise often so you can progress toward your fitness goals effectively. No matter how simple or sophisticated the app may be, if it gets you moving and keeps you moving, its an excellent choice.

Information provided on Forbes Health is for educational purposes only. Your health and wellness is unique to you, and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer individual medical advice, diagnosis or treatment plans. For personal advice, please consult with a medical professional.

Forbes Health adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the authors alone and have not been provided, approved or otherwise endorsed by our advertisers.

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Sphinx Pose Salamba Bhujangasana

  • Step 1: Start on your stomach with feet hip distance apart and forehead on the ground.
  • Step 2: Lift the upper body. Place your forearms shoulder distance apart and parallel to each other. Move the shoulder away from the ears.
  • Step 3: Inhale and lift the head up. Tuck your chin to ensure the back of the neck is long
  • Step 4: Pull the centre of the chest forward. Take a few deep relaxing breaths here.
  • Step 5: Exhale to gently bring down your abdomen, chest and head back to the floor.

Variations: In case your shoulders hurt, use a cushion under the chest for added support.

Benefits: This is one of the most relaxing poses for the back and neck. It also stimulates the abdominal organs and expands the chest and shoulders and builds strength in the back.

If You Want To Close Those Rings:

Apple Fitness+

Free to download and $9.99/month or $79.99/year for a subscription on the App Store.

There’s no better feeling than closing your activity rings on your Apple Watch at the end of a long day. Trust. Apple Fitness+ offers up premium content for you to follow along fully virtually from your phone, your TV, your laptopjust wherever you can stream a video. You can even peep your heart rate in real-time as you’re going through the motions of your yoga sesh.

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The 20 Best Yoga Apps For Android Device In 2021

  • Final Thought
  • Every day we face various types of difficulties and complex situations in our daily personal and working life. It creates anxiety and complexity in our minds and makes us unstable to maintain the harmony of a balanced life. So how can we get rid of all those problems and get toned, stabled in mentally and physically to restore the balanced life? Here, Yoga apps on our Android device can play a vital role in inculcating best-fitted yoga poses and lessons in our daily lives. The most common objectives of yoga are to get weight loss, fat burning, increasing body mobility and flexibility, calm mind, glowing skin, and daily organize happy life.

    Yoga Videos For Seniors: Sequences For Your Exercise Program

    Easy Beginners Yoga Class with a Chair All Ages & Levels, 20 Minute Stretch Class, How To, At Home

    Below, we’ll share a few yoga videos designed specifically for older adults. If you’re new to the practice of yoga, try working these sequences into your routine:

  • Gentle Chair Yoga for Beginners and Seniors: This 15-minute chair yoga video is ideal for those with limited mobility or those recovering from an injury.

  • 30-Minute Restorative Yoga and Meditation: This restorative yoga practice is a slow-paced class suitable for seniors, focusing on the mental and meditative benefits of yoga.

  • Full Length Gentle Yoga Class for Beginners and Seniors: This 30-minute yoga flow is slow-paced, featuring a number of seated and standing poses. The instructor offers a number of modifications for beginners.

  • Gentle Yoga for Seniors 1 Hour Hatha Class: This full, hour-long hatha class is taught by and designed for seniors. Since it’s a longer video, you may want to save this video until you’ve completed a shorter sequence.

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    Is It Safe To Use Fitness Apps

    Fitness apps are generally safe to use, but if youre new to exercise or considering starting a new program on a fitness app, consult with your doctor first to ensure the plan youre considering is a safe option for you. Always exercise caution and start slowly when attempting a new type of workout in an unsupervised format to prevent unwanted strains, pains and injuries.

    Putting Your Phone To Work

    Rocchetti is part of a growing trend. In a recent AARP survey, 77 percent of participants aged 50-plus reported that fitness apps were useful. And smartphone fitness is definitely not just for twentysomethings after all, 74 percent of people between 50 and 64 own a smartphone. Maybe you do, too. If so, like Rocchetti, you can put it to work to help you get stronger, slimmer and more energetic.

    The beauty of using smartphones for fitness is that theyre already embedded in our lives you dont have to go out and buy another device, says Ted Vickey, professor of kinesiology at Point Loma University and senior adviser on fitness technology for the American Council on Exercise. As long as your phone is with you, it can track everything from your daily steps to your pulse rate and even the quality of your sleep. Plus, it can provide a powerful sense of social support when you share your accomplishments and challenges with family and friends.

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    What Else We Considered

    While testing free workout apps, we came across several other services offering workouts at no cost through Instagram or Facebook Live streams or extended free trials. Here are a few of our favorites that stood out, but ultimately didn’t make the cut:

    CorePower Yoga: The yoga franchise maintains their class approach through their app, offering everything from foundation-building, beginner-friendly courses to more challenging asanas to routines that focus more on a fitness flow, making this a great option if you want to grow or diversify your yoga practice. This was our top choice for a yoga app when they lifted their paywall at the beginning of the pandemic, but classes are back to being free for just the first seven days for new subscribers, and then require a monthly fee.

    Box + Flow: Led by fitness expert, Olivia Young, Box + Flow takes the popular boxing class formula and adds the mindfulness of yoga for a well-rounded, yet intense, workout. The NYC-based brand hosts daily streams of its workouts via Instagram Live, with Young herself leading a few of the workouts. Classes are free for the first seven days for new subscribers and then require a monthly fee.

    Camp Gladiator: Participate in live streaming workouts through Camp Gladiators Facebook Live channel, or try its at-home printable routines. These are free always but the site doesn’t offer a library of on-demand workouts.

    Best Smartphone Apps For Seniors

    Easy Beginners Yoga Class with a Chair  All Ages &  Levels ...

    Whether you want to stay abreast of current news, keep your mind sharp, or curate playlists of your favourite music, theres no shortage of Android or iPhone apps for seniors available right at your fingertips. Check out some of the following:


    The right music can help you power up, mellow out, or get inspired. On Spotify, you get to create your own playlists based on your favorite genre, artist or a specific song. You can also share playlists, or have playlists made by friends and family shared with you.

    • The Basic Plan is free, but doesnt allow offline streaming and includes commercials.
    • The Individual Plan is $9.99 CAD/month after the offer period.
    • The Duo Plan is $12.99 CAD/month after offer period and includes two accounts.
    • The Family Plan is $14.99 CAD/month after offer period and can include up to six accounts.


    If you have friends and family in other cities or countries, or even ones in your hometown who you arent able to see in person because of social-isolation and distancing, Skype is a trusted alternative to long-distance and international calls. Skype reduces the cost of such calls and provides other options as well, including instant messaging and video conferencing. It features:

    The Weather Channel

    MediSafe Medication Reminder

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