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Free Yin Yoga Classes Online

Youll Learn On This Course

50 min Beginner Yin Yoga Full Body Deep Stretch | Free Online Yin Yoga
  • Introduction to Yin yoga and its philosophy
  • What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
  • Understanding the differences between Yin and Yang styles of yoga
  • What is Fascia and how does Yin yoga affect this?
  • In-depth video tutorials of 24 postures with a senior yoga teacher
  • Posture modifications and best practices
  • Learn how to sequence, adjust and use props within the Yin yoga class
  • Understanding the importance of the Meridians of the body
  • Biomechanics of Yin yoga

Yoga Poses In 5 Minutes

  • 5 minute yoga
  • Have you heard of the 5 minute journal? Its concept is about setting aside 5 minutes every morning to do a healthy habit. If youve got just 5 minutes to spare, you can get in a great stretch. Keep your mat rolled out and get on it every morning to work through these 7 poses.

    1. Childs Pose Start kneeling. Bring the big toes together and take the knees as wide as you like. Walk the hands over towards the left as you fold down. Press hips back to heels and crawl the right fingers as far as you can. Let head rest down. Take 3 deep breaths here. Then crawl fingers to the right.

    2. Low Lunge Lift up to hands and knees. Step right foot forward, knee over ankle. Press into legs as you lift arms overhead. Reach the tail down. Draw the low belly in. Melt the hips down.

    3. Hamstring Stretch Circle the hands down. Push into foot and straighten the right leg any amount. Fold forward towards the leg. Adjusting the foot as needed.

    4. Runners Lunge Bend back into the right knee. Tuck the toes and lift the knee up. Come onto the fingertips. Press the hips down, and lift the heart forward. Maybe rocking a bit front to back.

    5. Pyramid Straighten the right leg any amount. Push into the back heel. Fold down over the leg. Relax the head. Getting deeper into the hamstring.

    Step back and switch side to repeat 2 through 5.

    To walk through these 7 poses with me, check out the video below.



    Sarah Powers 84 Minutes

    Pranamaya offers online courses to give you a taste of the many yoga styles that we promote. Sarah Powers put together a wonderful course called Insight Yoga. In this online yoga for beginners course, Sarah Powers gives an overview of her popular Insight Yoga program. Her teachings are a unique blend of yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, and meditation, making for an exercise in strengthening both the body and mind.

    This is some of the best yoga for beginners as it goes through practices in mindfulness in addition to physical asanas, making for a holistic approach that practitioners can carry with them throughout their lifelong practice. Master this online yoga for beginners course to build into more complex styles of yoga. With Sarah Powers strong foundation, you will gain the tools to move forward into a sophisticated, multifaceted yoga practice that spans the mind, body, and soul.

    Our online yoga for beginners course is a great overview of key yoga elements can take years to fully master. However, learning the basics of these parts is essential for any serious yogi. See how Sarah Powers insights can improve your understanding of yoga today!

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    Your Comprehensive Online Yin Yoga Course Content

    • History of Yin Yoga
    • Learn to teach 20 Yin Yoga poses, safely and confidently
    • Yin intentions and principles
    • Physical and energetic theory and benefits of Yin Yoga asanas
    • Bio mechanics of Yin Yoga on the body
    • Meridians of the body and how to develop themed classes
    • Sequencing, adjusting and use of props for Yin Yoga
    • Anatomy and Physiology of Yin Yoga
    • Modifications and Safety in Yin Yoga, including the use of props and supports
    • Anatomy of the Subtle Body
    • Mindfulness in Yin Yoga
    • Sequencing in Yin Yoga, adjusting and use of props for Yin Yoga
    • Organs and Meridian Health
    • Yin/Yang Theory
    • Pranayama for relaxation and awaking the energy body
    • Establishing a supportive home practice/daily Sadhana

    Yin Yang Yoga Classes

    Online Fitness Class

    Most yoga practices, including gentle Hatha, include some aspect of both Yin and Yang styles. Yang yoga is more focused on standing postures which help strengthen and stretch the muscles while increasing the heart rate and heating in the body. Warrior poses, sun salutations and any flowing movements are mostly part of the Yang style. Yin, on the other hand, focuses on poses which cool the body and slowly but deeply stretch the tendons, ligaments and fascia in the body by holding these seated and lying poses for longer periods of time.

    The term yin yoga comes from the Taoist tradition. Practitioners hold poses for three to five minutes and focus on mindful awareness to release muscular effort and tension. The poses are similar to the ones used on more dynamic forms of yoga such as seated forward bends, lunges and backbends which, although slow, are still challenging and really work to stretch, strengthen and all round improve the condition of delicate connective tissues.

    This quiet simple practice is beneficial, therefore, to both body and mind leaving the practitioner feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed after taking a break from the normal day to day bustle of their lives to focus on themselves. As this class is relatively static and floor based, it is advisable to wear slightly warmer clothes but our studio is heated to ensure no one gets cold.

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    What Is Yin Yoga

    Enjoy the feelings of rejuvenation and steadiness that arise from a YIN yoga practice as you slow down and move from noise to silence. In our modern world, we have a lot of things that can cause stress and an online YIN yoga class can help you move from agitation to calm, and from complexity to simplicity. Explore a relaxing, slower-paced yoga practice that is challenging in a different way.

    Yin yoga helps to stimulate the deep connective tissues through long-held, passive stretching, which dramatically improves flexibility, restores joint range of motion, and cultivates peace of mind. Most of the asanas are done while sitting or lying down so it can be a useful practice when youre feeling tired or overworked. Beginning and experienced yogis alike will feel nurtured, free and light after this class.

    YIN yoga online classes are for anyone who needs to reset the body and the mind, not through a stimulating way but working with the embers to slowly burn away tension and stress. This style of class is also good for athletes who need time to help heal their bodies and give the muscles a break while lengthening the connective tissues that can sometimes cause soft-tissue injuries. There is a range of class lengths to suit the time you have available so roll out your mat and enjoy yins power to rejuvenate, mind, and body.

    The 5 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

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    Perhaps youre interested in cultivating a yoga practice, but you dont know which type of yoga is best for you. Theres no time like the present to check out meditative and calming Yin yoga. As a yoga teacher, Ive had the chance to learn and practice a variety of yoga styles. But, during my own 200-hour yoga teacher training almost 10 years ago, there was virtually no talk about Yin yoga. We probably spent less than a half-day discussing Yin, a slow yoga practice that takes its philosophy from traditional Chinese beliefs.

    Besides being a form of yoga that will stretch and lengthen the bodys muscles and connective tissues and increase flexibility, the practice can also be thought of as a kind of acupressure, with poses affecting different energy channels in the body. Those energy channels in turn affect the organs and other parts of the body. Its believed that Yin yoga can work on blockages in the energy channels to improve a persons health and emotional outlook.

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    Certified Yoga Alliance Yacep Yin Yoga Online Course

    • For Registered Yoga Teachers Yoga Alliance counts this Yin Yoga online course as 50 hours of CEU.
    • Santosha is a registered YACEP
    • This means you can add Yin Yoga to your Yoga Teaching CV and teach Yin Yoga classes and workshops.
    • For Yoga Alliance International Students this Yin Yoga online course provides 50 hours towards your Yoga Teaching pathway.
    • For Yoga Alliance International Students who are looking for Pathway Trainings that build upon their already gained certificate i.e. have a 200 Hour YTT by completing this Yin Yoga online course you can be registered as a 250 Hour Teacher

    While this Yin Yoga online course is designed specifically for qualified Yoga Teachers wishing to teach Yin Yoga classes, it is also open to dedicated practitioners of yoga, Body Workers or Healers with the intention to use the knowledge to deepen ones own understanding and practice.

    The 5 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings Online

    You Are Resilient AF – FREE 35-Minute Yin Yoga Class

    With that said, Loka Yoga Schoolin our opinion, is the best full Yin Yoga Teacher Training followed closely by My Vinyasa which is a supplementary course that counts for continuing education with the Yoga Alliance. The others are also great courses though but as it goes with a top 5 list we had to choose one! Any of these great courses will add to your knowledge of the yogic practices and more knowledge will aid the Yin Yoga Teacher in helping their clients reduce stress and increase health with their Yin yoga practice.

    Not only will the course will give students a deep understanding history of Yin yoga, but it also will give students a strong foundation in anatomy. Further, I really like that students are given access to a Facebook group so they can come together to share knowledge and experience even as they study remotely.

    For a quick teaser, weve included the complete list of The 5 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings Online here:

  • Loka Yoga School
  • Online Yoga School
  • Yoga International
  • Below are overviews of the top five Yin Yoga online teacher training courses around. Weve looked at prices, curriculum, the materials offered, and long-term connections with the course trainers for opportunities for further development.

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    Yoga Medicines Guide To Therapeutic Yoga

    This course is all about therapeutic application of yoga. Yoga practitioner of any level will find this course useful, to extract maximum therapeutic effect, no matter where, when, and how they practice. The course includes basic study of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of human body along with a deep dive into the traditional practice of yoga. Armed with this knowledge, you can choose and practice an appropriate set of yoga postures to complement the medical treatment. Special stress is laid on those subtle features of poses that have a significant affect on the outcome. By the end of the course, you will acquire insights necessary to develop yoga practice that would soothe your nervous system, nourish internal organs, enhance bodys natural capacity to be resilient, increase mental clarity, and harness the power of the mind.

    -The course is a fusion anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and yoga

    Learn the therapeutic applications of yoga

    Pick up skills necessary to develop a three-dimensional practice to strengthen the physical body, the internal organs, and the mind

    -This is a beginner level course that does not require prior knowledge

    -You will get a certificate of completing the course

    -The course can be accessed on mobile and TV

    You can

    Welcome To Our Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program

    This course offers all the benefits of online instruction without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings.

    Convenience, flexibility, and a comprehensive curriculum that can prepare you for students at every stage of their practice.

    The course is approximately 30 hours long and includes visual learning tools, video sessions, a copy of my book Yin Yoga: Stretch the Mindful Way as well as a printable training manual.

    • Yoga teachers who wish to offer yin yoga classes
    • Students who love yin yoga and wish to know more about the practice
    • Experienced yoga instructors looking for new information and ongoing training
    • New instructors looking for guidance and support
    • Anyone who loves Yin Yoga

    Whats Included

    This online training is broken down into two sections:
  • Philosophy and Practical Applications
  • Teaching Yin Yoga
  • The first section looks at the history and origins of this practice as well as the components that define it. Well explore the principles of Yin, the benefits and the energetic body.

    As a yin yoga instructor, your students will look to you for guidance and will place their trust in your understanding of asanas, sequencing and theming of a class.

    Your students will also turn to you for your yoga philosophy, your ability to express yourself clearly, and your empathy and observational skills. This course can help you build strength in all of these areas.

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    The Best Free Yoga Classes Online

    As yoga has skyrocketed in popularity, teachers typically paid a pittance for group classes have realized that putting their routines online can be lucrative. There are now plenty of options for all levels, but most are secured behind a paywall. You really have to search to find great, free options, but theyre out there, particularly now that many studios are offering free options for those practicing social distancing. Weve tracked down the five best free sites for both newbies and experienced practitioners.

    1. Do Yoga With Me

    Do Yoga With Me is a massive site that offers everything from full classes to tutorials to meditation practices. Theres an incredible variety of instructors and yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, and Ashtanga as well as power and prenatal classes.

    Best for: Intermediate-level yogis who are interested in broadening their horizons with new breathing techniques, meditations, and yoga styles.

    Corepower Yogas full collection of 250+ videos comes at the cost of a monthly subscription fee, but theyre now offering a new collection of typically hour-long videos for free every week, along with a handful of guided meditations.

    Best for: Those who want clear instruction, and weekly variety.

    3. Yoga with Adriene

    Best for: The person that doesnt take yoga too seriously beginners.

    4. Fightmaster Yoga

    Best for: Those who want powerful, fast-moving, sweat-inducing sequences.

    5. Yome

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    Is This The Course For Me

    Just uploaded a new free online yoga class for your guys ...

    This course is suitable for those wanting to deepen their understanding of Yin Yoga whether as a yoga teacher or not.

    For RYT-200 Teachers who wish to broaden their offerings this course will prepare you to teach and practice Yin Yoga.

    For teachers and non-teachers this experience is a path to greater self-awareness and understanding. Gain the ability to guide yourself and others through this healing and restorative practice.

    Non-registered teachers, please note: Yoga Alliance require 200 Hours of training to qualify as a certified Yoga Teacher. This course does not qualify you for registration as an RYT teacher.

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    Well Presented And Run With Ample Guidance

    Thank you very much. The course was interesting and I loved watching and participating in the different Yin practical sessions. The course was very well presented and run with ample guidance. I have taught groups and will be teaching restorative Yoga to the staff at my school and can now incorporate Yin. I can see now how important bolsters etc are!

    Diana Gow Santosha Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

    How Do I Become A Yin Yoga Teacher

    First of all, you are not required to have a certification and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit hours to become a Yin yoga teacher. But, if you want to be a successful and highly qualified Yin yoga teacher, drive more students to your studio and, most importantly, keep your students safe and healthy, then its imperative that you formally study to be a Yin yoga teacher.

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    Summary Of Traditional Yoga Practices

    If you are yearning to understand the subtler meanings of traditional yoga, this might be the right course for you. The course presents a summary of the traditional yoga practices, and guides you to deepen your meditation. It particularly highlights the Yoga principles and practices of the ancient sages passed on through Swami Rama of the Himalayas. The aim of the course is to convey the subtler, traditional goals of Yoga to students. It takes you beyond the postural yoga, and lays a strong foundation is traditional yoga practices. Self-observation, self-awareness, self-counseling, and internal dialog are some of the topics extensively discussed.

    -You will participate in discussions on self-awareness, internal dialog, meditation, and contemplation

    The course is a tool to deepen your meditation

    -You will get access to plenty of resources that help deepen your learning and learning outcome

    -Learn about traditional yoga practices passed on through Swami Rama

    -You will get a certificate of completing the course

    -The course can be accessed on mobile and TV

    You can

    Review: Brilliant course! I have learned a lot of interesting information and techniques, which I have not come across anywhere else online Real treasure. I loved the form of lectures. Felt very natural, honest and coming from deep experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Petra Cinklova

    Skills To Teach Comprehensive Yin Yoga Classes

    1 Hour Yin Yoga Class for Flexibility – Full Body Deep Stretch

    Many people see Yin Yoga as a complement to a vinyasa practice, the yin to the yang, but it is also an entire practice in itself. This Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course equips you to add elements of Yin Yoga to the cool down of your class or to teach complete Yin Yoga classes, retreats & workshops.

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