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Face Yoga For Under Eye Bags

Face Yoga For The Cheeks

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags with the Face Yoga Method

Start with a relaxed smile and your lips closed. Suck in your cheeks towards your teeth and try to hold this position for 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat this facial exercise 10 times.

Sit in front of a mirror and smile broadly, keeping your lips closed. Next, wrinkle your nose to move your cheek muscles upwards. Keep this position for five seconds and then relax your face. Repeat this movement 10 times.

What Are Dark Circles

Everyone loves to have a clear, even, and glowing skin but facial concerns like melasma, loss of elasticity, dark circles, are some of the common complaints among people. Also, an increasing availability of cosmetics in the market for dark circles treatment prove that this condition seems to be a major concern for a large number of individuals.

Dark circles under the eyes are medically termed as periorbital hyperpigmentation. They are defined as bilateral, round, homogeneous pigment macules on the infraorbital regions. It is neither health-threatening nor clinically severe. However, individuals especially women, are concerned about how this reflects on the overall appearance of their face. Besides the normal aging process, dark circles can happen to individuals of any age or gender which can affect the quality of life.

The Effectiveness Of Facial Yoga

Facial yoga instructors believe that face exercises have a tightening effect on muscles and skin. Expert opinions vary. For example, plastic surgeon Dr. Kathryn Frew of the Juva Skin & Laser Center says that repeated muscle movements and facial expressions can make wrinkles worse. Plastic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine states that it’s difficult to work specific muscles with face exercises. Medical director Dr. Gerald Ginsberg, however, thinks that the exercises can improve circulation, skin tone and complexion. He also says that by toning the platysma muscle in the neck, it might be possible to reverse the “turkey neck” look.

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What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Before you can start reducing your unwanted dark circles, it helps to know what causes them in the first place.

Often viewed as a sign of stress or an overworked lifestyle there is actually a range of factors that contribute to dark circles from age to genetics and even straining your eyes too much.

One of the most common causes of dark circles in the morning is due to hyperpigmentation, which can be caused by environmental factors like the sun, smoking, or lack of sleep. Dark circles may also be the result of seasonal allergies and nasal congestion which leads to poor circulation to the eyes and eyelids. In turn, this leads to dilated veins that are darker and more prominent.

Finally, a loss of collagen causes the skin to appear sunken and gaunter, which exacerbates dark circles and can leave you looking fatigued, aged, and worn out.

But enough about what causes dark circles, lets talk about how to get rid of dark circles. More specifically, the following 5 effective treatment options to reduce dark circles in as little as a week.

Are you getting your recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night?

If youre running a busy household, juggling work and kids, or just feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world right now , then it can be tough to catch enough zzzs.

When your body doesnt get enough sleep you may also notice fluid buildup around the eyes, causing the appearance of shadows.

Jowl And Neck Exercises

How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags With This Effective Face ...

To tighten your neck and jowl area, wrap your lips around your upper and lower teeth. Form a smile and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat this 12 times. Alternatively, curl your tongue back in your mouth as far as possible and then hold your neck back. Hold the position for 10 seconds then relax. Repeat 20 times. You can also do an exercise called “The Giraffe.” Put your fingers at the bottom of your neck and gently pull the skin downward while tilting your head back. Bend your neck forward so your chin rests on your chest. Stick your lower lip out all the way and then hold your head back so your chin points at the ceiling. Hold the position for four long breaths.

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You Really Need To Try Face Yoga If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Dark Circles

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

Before last week, Id never heard of face yoga.

Downward doggy yoga, yes. Cheek flicking yoga, no.

But apparently, Meghan Markle does it and where she leads, we now must all follow.

And thats how we ended up doing a session of face yoga with world expert Danielle Collins.

Its a combination of exercise for the face, massage, acupressure, relaxation and wellbeing, she tells

The exercise part of it, she explains, is about strengthening the muscles in the face.

We always stop at the neck when it comes to exercising the body but we forget that there are actually 57 muscles in the face those muscles can be strengthed and toned just like in the body.

Face yoga is a practice devised primarily to help lift the skin, and many of its devotees come to it as a natural anti-aging remedy.

Retinol serums and Botox are all very well but if theres a way of stopping the rot before that point, then why wouldnt you give it a try?

Danielle came to face yoga after contracting ME and glandular fever straight after university illnesses which left her house-bound for 18 months, spending up to 10 hours a day resting.

I used to be someone who was really stressed and unhealthy and was never into anything like this before, she recalls.

That was nine years ago and now she trains mainly yoga and pilates teachers how to incorporate her method into their classes.

Get Rid Of Dark Circles With Baking Soda

Some women swear by a blend of baking soda and water, mixed to sugar syrup consistency, to banish their dark circles. Beauty blogger Darshika Patel put the theory to the test, saying that it should leave your bags diminished and your under-eye circles improved.

To try it yourself, mix together baking soda and a small amount of water to form a paste, allow this to dry under the eyes for 5-10 minutes, then wash it away with a damp cloth. Darshika adds that your eyes may feel tight after the treatment, but thats good because it is tightening the skin around the eyes.

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Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes:

  • Dont strain your eyes too much in front of the TV or computer. Always take breaks at regular intervals.
  • Sleep also affects puffiness off the eyes. If you sleep too much or if you spend sleepless nights, you may get puffy eyes. So remember not to oversleep, but at the same time get adequate amount of sleep. Puffiness caused due to too much of sleep usually disappears within a few hours.
  • Try to reduce the intake of alcohol as it can lead to the appearance of bags under the eyes.
  • Smoking is also bad. So quit smoking if you want to get rid of puffy eyes.
  • Excess of sodium in the food you consume can also cause puffy eyes. So keep a control over the salt that you consume daily.
  • Before you go to sleep, remove all makeup from your eyes. Never sleep with your makeup. The chemicals that are present in the eye makeup may cause puffy eyes.
  • A Perfect Bedroom Will Change Your Life

    Reduce Under Eye Bags & Fix Hollow Under Eyes with Face Yoga

    When you take care of every detail in your bedroom, it might look like something like this. Or like something completely different. It all depends on your taste and preference. Make sure that your choice of bed and the mattress is right because the primary purpose of the bedroom isnt to look good by all means but to provide you a good night sleep. Try to have natural source of light, fresh and low-moisture air.

    It might seem daunting now, but in the end, it will pay off.

    Trust me, Ive been there, and done that.

    Now, its time to sleep in my new, improved bedroom. Good night!

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    Isnt It Time You Said Goodbye To Your Dark Circles For Good

    Have you ever wondered how to make dark circles go away? The best remedy for eye bags is to treat the cause, not the symptoms.

    That makes cucumber juice and cold-press tea bags a valuable form of relief to make eyes less dark, but using facial exercises to boost circulation, stimulate collagen production, and bring nutrients to the skin can help you to make dark circles go away quicker .

    If youre ready to leave eye swelling and irritation behind, complete our fun, the quick quiz below to unlock your custom Face Yoga program today.

    How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes And Wrinkles

    The quickest way to naturally get rid of bags or at least reduce their appearance is to use Tokatsus facial yoga exercise she calls the eye bag toner. It specifically targets under eye bags and wrinkles. The method is a quick, simple to perform and can be done anywhere.

    Heres how to do this quick facial stretch:

  • Look straight ahead
  • Open your mouth wide making a long O shape
  • Look upward without moving your forehead
  • Hold the stretch for 5 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Other things you can do to get rid of puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in addition to performing the eye bag toner are:

    • Reduce salt intake

    Are you a late sleeper? Do you enjoy staying longer in bed on weekends? I most certainly do. Theres nothing better than that. By the various researchers, sleep affects the quality of our lives drastically. We spend almost one-third of our lives in the bedroom sleeping, relaxing, and enjoying. It would be smart to examine this room and spend some time improving it. Even though I enjoy sleeping, I wasnt paying attention on my bedroom that much. Until recently, when I got a comment that it isnt looking as tidy as it might be.

    It made me think about it, and start researching about bedroom improvement, and the impact it has on our lives. A bedroom should be a relaxing environment, arranged in a practical manner, making it a perfect sanctuary of your own. Shouldnt you deserve to sleep in an environment that contributes to sweet dreams and relaxation?

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    Bex’s Experience Of The Face Yoga Class

    Our very own Rebecca Reid was also in the session and suffice to say, shes a convert.

    I will admit, I was sceptical about face yoga. I dont even do yoga for my body, so what was this going to achieve?

    I was proved wrong pretty quickly. Face yoga made me feel alternately sleepy and energised, and even gave me a slightly sore face the next day.

    The best thing about it was the area around my orbital bone . The drainage massage that we did really, really worked. I was flatter, less puffy and just looked a million times more helpful.

    I also had to pee a lot, which is a classic sign that a drainage massage has worked.

    You hold so much stress and tension in the face you dont realise until you start becoming aware of it.

    If you can learn to relax that tension, thats the best form of prevention, Danielle says.

    You dont need to use Botox if you can retrain your face sometimes it takes time to undo habits weve learnt over the course of a lifetime but its worth it.

    How To Create A Consistent Eye Area Routine

    Face Yoga to Prevent and Reduce Eye Bags and Wrinkles

    Face Yoga Method is a simple and all-natural technique you can do anywhere, no tools required. Its so effective that even after just a few minutes of Face Yoga for the eye area exercises a day, you can start to notice a difference!

    Once you master the technique and become confident in how each exercise should look and feel, you can practice them anywhere. This in turn will help you create a consistent routine, of at least a few poses a day, that you can do while cooking, while in the shower, in the grocery line, etc.

    The eye area is often where we first start to notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing. While this can bring many people down and make them self conscious about their age, it is our mission to help men and women worldwide regain their confidence and embrace their age.



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    Effective Yoga Exercises For Removing Puffy Eyes:

  • Open your eyes wide and then blink your eyes a number of times. Then move your eyeballs from left to right and then from right to left, up and down and again down and up. Then move your eyeballs diagonally to all the four corners. With this you complete one cycle. Repeat this for at least 5 times.
  • You can call the second exercise the clock exercise. Here you have to imagine that a wall clock is hung in front of you. Instead of imagining, you can stand in front of a real wall clock and do the exercise if you have a wall clock at home. Now start the exercise by looking first at the number 12 on the clock. From 12 you have to move your eyes to 1, 2, 3 and so on till you reach the number 12 again. Once you reach 12, close your eyes and rest for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, blink your eyes and start moving your eyes anticlockwise till you reach 12 again.
  • Bring both your palms infront of you with the fingers pointing upwards. It should be at some distance from your face. Breathe in deeply and then move your palms away so that your eyes focus on a distant object. Then breathe out and bring your palms together again in front of you. Focus on your palms now. Repeat this exercise for 5 times.
  • Close your eyes and gently massage the outer corner of your eyes with the tip of your middle finger or ring finger, first in clockwise direction and then in anticlockwise direction. Relax for a few seconds and then repeat 3 to 5 times.
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    Eye Hollows And Droopy Eyelids

    To help correct drooping brows and deep eye hollows, do an exercise Marie Claire calls “The Flirty Eyes.” Put one index finger under each eye and point toward your nose. Stretch your top lip down over your teeth, then open your mouth slightly. Look up at the ceiling and flutter your eyelids for 30 seconds. To treat eye bags, crow’s feet and droopy eyelids, do “The V.” Start by placing both middle fingers at the inner corner of your eyebrows. Press your index fingers against the outer corner of your brows. Look up, then lift your eyelids into a squint. Repeat this motion six times.

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    How To Reduce Under Eye Bags

    Fumiko Takatsu Face Yoga Exercises for the Eye Area

    Do you ever battle under the eye bags? Maybe a really late night, not enough sleep or a bit too much to drink? I have a fantastic method that helps relieve and reduce under eye bags very quickly.

    This is a very simple technique that involves an ice cube and a towel and here are the steps! Get a large ice cube and rub it from the outer center of your eye to the inner center. If you like that feeling, rub the ice cube all over your entire face the side of the face, the nose, the cheek area and the jawline.

    This feels fantastic and a great time to do it is in the morning before sunblock or moisturizer. Your skin will stay fresh all day long and make up stays in place. It really works.

    p.s. If youd like more tips with ice cubes, try this one HERE!

    Reduce Under Eye Bags Fast Naturally With Face Yoga

    Reduce Under Eye Bags & Fix Hollow Under Eyes with Face Yoga Exercises

    Many of us take time to exercise our bodies, but we need to dedicate time to our faces as well. Tired-looking eyes and bags under the eyes are a particular concern for many women and men, too.

    The skin here known as the periocular area is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. It is therefore much more delicate and more likely to show signs of aging.

    Are you want to reduce under-eye bags fast naturally? So have come to the right place!

    Eye bag toner handsfree is excellent for blood circulation in our face and reduces wrinkles.

    This is an excellent pose for boosting circulation and rejuvenating the area under the eyes. Watch the video and learn the face exercise withForever Beauty.

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    Best Yoga Asanas To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

    Yoga is always good for total health and well-being. For different problems, we do have different method of yoga exercises to follow. Here these postures and workouts keep us away from the aging process of eyes and the surrounding areas, keeping it wrinkles free and also with no dark circles.

    Best Yoga Asanas For Dark Circles Under Eyes:

    Here are some methods of yoga for dark circles under the eyes,

    1. Lion Posture Yoga:

    This posture of yoga is part of the series of exercises that help get rid of dark circles in the easiest and healthiest way. For this, you have to sit on your knees first. Then try to come to the child crawling position. At this moment, inhaling deeply, stretch your back and bumps towards up the most. Alternatively, you should also keep your mouth in a lion roaring manner as shown in the picture. Slowly, come down keeping your body in the crawling position and also exhaling the air out. Repeat for 5 times.

    2. Sarvangasana Posture:

    Lie down with your back keeping your hands straight and stretched above the head level. Raise both your legs together and try to put your hands below your buttocks. And then slightly raise your body with legs in a 90 degree position to the floor. The neck should support the whole body and stand on it. Stay in this posture for about 3 minutes maintaining your breath normally. If possible you can try this yoga for eyes dark circles for the next time after 5 minutes of relaxation.

    3. Parvatasana Posture:

    4. Shavasana Posture:

    5. Sambhavi Mudra Posture:

    6. Moving Your Vision Keeping Head Still:

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