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Extra Long Thick Yoga Mat

What Is The Best Large Yoga Mat For Plus Size People

Sivan Health Fitness Extra Thick Long Yoga Mat Detailed REVIEW

The best large yoga mat for heavier people should be long and wide enough to fit comfortably on the mat in any yoga pose. The mat should be thick to provide quality support to your knees and joints, but it shouldnt be too thick to make you lose balance in balancing poses. A good yoga mat should make you feel safe, and it shouldnt slip no matter what surface you place it on. Lastly, it should be lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to roll and carry. Most yoga mats have a carrying strap for convenient transport.

Sale10 Gaiam Yoga Mat Classic Print Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat For All Types Of Yoga Pilates & Floor Workouts Pink Marrakesh 4mm 68l X 24w X 4mm Thick

  • LIGHTWEIGHT YOGA MAT: These durable, yet extremely lightweight exercise yoga mats give you just the right amount of cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine
  • STICKY NON-SLIP TEXTURE: Yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip and a stylish design to keep you motivated and focused
  • NON-TOXIC and 6P FREE – PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP
  • FREE YOGA CLASS: Yoga mat purchase includes a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you started
  • DIMENSIONS: 68-Inch x 24-Inch x 4mm Thick

Consider The Best Thickness That Will Protect Your Joints

Your joint health also determines the yoga or Pilates mat you need to choose.

  • If you need extra cushioning and your mat is too thin, fold it under your knees or wrists when youre in a more challenging pose so that your joints are protected and you dont suffer from any pain during or after practice
  • Some mats have an extra layer of material inside them to give you that extra joint protection, such as an inner layer of antibacterial cottonthats there to for added comfort as well as to keep your mat hygienic for longer.

The above should cover you perfectly unless you have a health condition, are working out with an injury or are pregnant. Ask your yoga teacher or even your physician to make sure, especially if you are practicing with swollen ankles, sensitive joints or have certain pain points that you are trying to protect while working out. Its always best to practice extra care as there is not a one-size-fits-all in terms of yoga or Pilates gear so make sure you pick whats best for yourself.

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Why Choose A Ojs Yoga Mat

OJS thick yoga mats can reduce impact, provides superior cushion for Pilates or yoga mat work. High-quality foamed material is carefully selected, comfortable, friendly, soft, and has excellent elasticity and durability.

High density, durable foam. Good for Men And Women


Your Yoga Mat is your companion through many backbends, forward folds, and morning meditations. Express gratitude to yourself for the love that you are expressing just by taking the time to practice yoga and take care of yourself. Choosing the perfect yoga mat can sometimes become very hard as we need to consider many features like grip, thickness, length, color, and weight before settling on any particular mat.

High durability crack resistance: Even if you do high-level exercise, you dont need to worry about the yoga mat breaking and deforming.

Soft and high elasticity: The material of yoga mats have a higher density than ordinary yoga mats, and their elasticity will not decrease even after a long time.

Premium Yoga Mat: These durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats are extra-thick for the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine.

Used By Professionals: These yoga mats has been used by professionals for the better exercise.

Top 10 Best Extra Long Yoga Mat In 2022

Extra Thick (3/4in) Yoga Mat

Finding the best extra long yoga mat can be troublesome among numerous brands and models. Also, most of them may not fulfill the primary needs or application criteria of the relevant product. But our research maintained and focused on a few issues and quality in our extra long yoga mat review, including user-friendly features, excellent quality, appreciable performance, all-around features, enhanced lifespan, and value for money. You will be happy to purchase each item as we checked the products performance to pricing ratio.

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What Is The Best Thickness For A Yoga Mat

A regular yoga mat will be 1/8 inches thick, and oversized mats are usually ¼ inches thick. A 1/4-inch yoga mat is considered thick and comfortable enough for heavier folk who need extra support for postures that cause your bones to dig into the ground. A thickness of 1/3 inches is also a good option, but these yoga mats are rare, and some users find them too foamy and impact their balance during certain yoga poses.

If you are implementing a new workout routine, we applaud you, and will do everything we can to help you choose the best Exercise equipment on the market. You may want to check out our reviews on Bicycle seats and our Scooters, Electric and motorized, along with a Treadmill, Heavy duty edition. We have also recently completed some great posts and research on XL, Adirondack chairs, and a Heavy-duty folding chair designed to hold any one of us. If you like what you are seeing, please be sure to drop us a line.

Yoga Mat Bag Included

workout mat for yoga comes with a yoga mat bag, providing you an easy way to carry and move around with your yoga mat hands-free.

âOrder risk free: If youâre not 100% happy with your product just let contact with out costumer support our team will help uh definitively help youãMATERIALã OJS mat With high density eco friendly materialãWaterproof and Easy to CleanãOJS yoga mats keep moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and wont produce any odor. Waterproof make exercise mat for yoga easy to clean with a damp cloth or mild soap.ãProfessional and Thick Yoga MatãOJS yoga mat EVA material provides excellent resilience, which can guarantee your joint health during long-term use.

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Ag Activegear Large Yoga Mat Non

This is a very large, unique, and durable premium yoga mat, measuring 7’x5’x.31″ for about $120. Some of us like to have extra room for poses without going off the width of a standard yoga mat. They are designed for yoga, Pilates, stretching, or any exercise done barefoot. It has a non-slip grip on both sides of the mat and comes with storage straps and a travel bag. This mat may be too large for use in a regular yoga class, where a standard size mat is more appropriate.

Mandukas Thick Yoga Mats

Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat 1/2″

The PRO® yoga mat is 6mm thick, compared to the more common 4mm thickness. The PRO is a thick yoga mat that offers ultra-dense support, but the added density adds to its weight as well. The PRO mat weighs 7.5 pounds, compared to the PROlite which is 4 pounds and 4.7mm thick.

Designed for hot yoga, the GRP® mat is also 6mm thick, offering more support, but weighing a bit less at about 5 pounds. The GRP mat is a great choice for hot yoga practitioners looking for a thick yoga mat.

The eKO® yoga mat is a 5mm mat that is made from biodegradable natural tree rubber . The eKO mat also boasts a zero-waste manufacturing process.

The MDK FIT® fitness mat is the thickest mat available at 8mm. While those looking for a thick yoga mat could certainly opt for the MDK FIT, this mat is most often used for floor exercises, including cross-training, HIIT, mat pilates, plyometrics, and barre. Its important to note that the MDK FIT is shorter than a standard yoga mat at 56 inches compared to the 71 inches of a standard yoga mat.

Customer Care

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Best Thick Yoga Mats Faq

The following is a list of popular questions asked about yoga mats. This FAQ is provided to help answer some questions or concerns you may have about yoga mats.

Which side of the yoga mat goes on the floor?

Yoga mats are typically made with each side serving a unique function. The one side that is smooth and somewhat shiny is usually considered the sticky side of the mat and is therefore used on the floor side to prevent the mat from sliding or slipping.The other side of the mat is typically designed with a ridged surface so you can safely exercise without falling or slipping.

Do yoga mats wear out easily?

Just like with most things after prolonged use, wear and tear are inevitable. However, if you take proper care of your mat you can extend its life and enjoy the same mat for many years. It is a good idea to look for moisture or waterproof mats. Keeping mats dry and clean will prolong the life of your yoga mat. Thus, keeping it from deteriorating too quickly.Furthermore, it is also a good idea not to wear shoes or any accessories that could scratch, tear, or puncture the mat. Take these precautions and use common sense when using your mat and you will enjoy many hours of usage for years to come.

How do I clean my yoga mat?

Extra Thick For Extra Large People

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so there is no one size fits all even with yoga mats. A mat that is ¼ to ½ thick may be fine for most users weighing under 180lbs, but maybe not so much if you are heavier.

The amount of pressure and discomfort on your knees, elbows and other joints can be far greater if you are a larger person. If you fall into this category, replacing and using a 1 inch mat can make all the difference and save you a lot of discomfort.

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Yoga Accessories 1/4” Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

An excellent value for about $20. Other high-end mats can run upwards of $100 or more and, while indeed of very high quality and durability, that price point may be out of the budget many of us have. With ¼” thickness, this mat provides excellent support for older knees, hips, and backs. It is a very sticky heavy-duty mat, 72 inches long, weighing in at 3.6 pounds. This makes it easy to travel with. Available in 25 colors and free from latex and heavy metals.

Yoga Direct Extra Wide Yoga Mat

Double Sided Extra Thick Extra Long Yoga Mat  Madukani ...

This large yoga mat comes in a bright blue color that looks great in any setting. It is a sturdy 72 long, 36 wide, and .25 thick, which provides reasonable support and comfort. This mat is larger than the standard size but is not unwieldy.

It has one textured slide, which minimizes slipping, and it is the standard thickness that is found in professional yoga studios. This latex-free yoga mat is very affordable, and each mat is individually wrapped, so this choice may be the best option for supplying classes and large yoga groups.


  • The cheerful blue color looks great and promotes optimism.
  • This mat is affordable for all budgets.
  • A non-slip texture keeps this mat from slipping or sliding on wooden floors.


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What Are Extra Thick Yoga Mats

Yoga mats, in general, are used to provide a comfortable non-slip and non-skid workout space for various floor related exercises such as yoga, stretching, sit-ups, physical therapy, and even meditation.

The difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat is the thickness of the mat. Exercise mats are usually about ¼ to ½ thicker than your typical yoga mat. Yoga mats are generally not as thick to allow for certain yoga poses to have a stronger connection to the floors surface.

There are many reasons for using a thicker mat. The main reason and most obvious would be for comfort. The second reason would be for its intended use.

Lets take a closer look at the specific reasons why using an extra thick yoga mat might be more beneficial for your needs.

The 5 Best Extra Long Yoga Mats For Tall People

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

When it comes to their mats, tall yogis want the same level of quality, comfort, and security as everyone else does â they just also want a little extra real estate, too. The best extra long yoga mats for tall people are just as non-slip, cushioned, and durable as a well-made standard one. They’re just bigger, because Savasana isn’t half as relaxing when your head’s hanging off the top.

A standard-sized yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. For someone of an average height, that’s plenty of room to do a full sun salutation and still end up on the mat â but if you’re taller, that’s not going to cut it. Unfortunately, most mats that are marketed as “extra long” are only 72 inches, which is just 4 inches longer than the standard. For that reason, yoga mats for men or yoga mats for people over 6 feet can be pretty tough to find.

That being said, it’s not impossible. They are out there, and a few of them come with all the features you’d want if you were shopping for quality as well as size. These five mats span from 72 to 85 inches long, and they’re some of the best available, whether you’re looking for longevity, value, comfort, pro-level traction, or tons of space.

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Stretch Out And Feel Fully Supported By Our Extra Long Yoga Mats

We are quite tall in the Netherlands. The women are long, the men are often even longer. These tall men are increasingly practicing yoga. Not because they are long, of course, but because of the physical and mental benefits. But to fully enjoy these benefits, it is important that you feel that your yoga mat has “got your back”. You don’t want anything to not contribute to a wonderful and enjoyable yoga session, that’s why it’s so important to have a yoga mat that fully contributes to this feeling.

That is why we have extra long yoga mats for all tall women and men. Because with a standard size of 183 cm for a yoga mat, we often do not even fit when we are not stretched out. Our extra long yoga mats vary in length, from 200 to 216 cm long. How nice that you just lie on your yoga mat during savasana and not half on the floor -)

Top Benefits And Drawbacks

Yoga Mats – Two Extra Large, Extra Thick Economical Options I Found

It is pretty impossible to get a 100% perfect product. It means your selected product may contain both positive and critical aspects together. So, keep the top benefits in mind and justify that they will fulfill your extra long yoga mat needs. Alternatively, the product flaws may give an idea about its value for money in real-time applications.

Check out user reviews on different stores like Amazon, social networks, user forums, and the manufacturer website. It may clarify the top pros and cons for necessary product comparison. In this case, we are already ahead of reviewing them. We are not suggesting doing massive works look at our extra long yoga mat pros and cons for the best compatibility.

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Yoga Mat

Jazzy patterns catch the eye, but put them aside and youre left with four simple criteria:

Grip: This applies to both the top and underside of the mat. Its impossible to enjoy a relaxing yoga session when you cant plant your hands in downward dog without slipping. Consider mats made from sticky materials, such as rubber, or those with a non-slip coating. Your mat should lie flat on any surface, from carpet to tiles, and provide the most stable base possible.

Support: Look for a mat thats thick enough to protect your spine from hard floors but not so cushioned that your limbs will sink into it, throwing you off balance. Mats that are between 4mm and 6mm thick tend to be just right.

Durability: Your yoga mat wont have to withstand intense HIIT workouts or dropped dumbbells , but it should emerge unscathed from dynamic practice, without any rips or dents.

Portability: A mat with great get-up-and-go credentials can be a great yoga companion if youre a fan of an al fresco session. Look for thinner mats that roll up easily and have a carry strap if you prefer Pilates in the park to flows in your front room.

On our quest to find the best yoga mats, we also considered sustainability, style and any original features before naming our favourites.

Best 1 Inch Thick Yoga Mat Reviews 2021

In our 6 best 1 inch thick yoga mat review and product guide, you will find extra thick yoga mats with padding from 3/4 inches thick up to 1 inch thick. Finding these mats can be difficult. Trust me when I say locating a store that offers a mat even remotely close to 1 is practically an impossibility.

Most mats youll find online or at your local store are 1/4 to 1/2 in thickness. This is fine for most users doing stretching and exercise movements that you would typically perform on a regular-sized yoga mat. But for some, a thicker mat can mean the difference between using your mat the way it was intended, or not using it at all due to discomfort.

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