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Do You Bring Your Own Yoga Mat To The Gym

The Right Workout Gear

5 min Standing Yoga Stretch For Shoulders & Back | Yoga without mat | Office Yoga Break

Having the right workout gear can greatly impact the success of your workout experience. This ranges from weight-lifting gloves to reduce the risk and severity of your blisters, to your own equipment like goggles and a swimming cap while in the pool, to the right workout attire. Dont be shy to bring things like your own yoga mat from home. The right gear is what keeps you comfortable and motivated.

Your gear doesnt have to be ugly. There are plenty of functional fashion items on the market. Direct your main attention to lightweight and quick-drying clothing options. Avoid clothing that is 100% cotton as cotton takes a long time to dry, especially when it is sports leggings for women. This traps perspiration and bacteria in place on the skin, which can lead to itching and irritation. Look for synthetics that draw moisture away from the skin and a well-fitted and supporting sports bra.

Workouts At Home Or In Nature

Do you have a carpeted floor in your living room or bedroom? This is a great place to perform a workout. If you do need to get on the ground for floor work or modifications, you have a built-in cushion. Just make sure to vacuum before you get down there to avoid contact with germs or dust that may have collected.

No carpet? Head to a nearby park. The grass is a natural cushion. Plus, you can get some fresh air and sun at the same time.

Things To Be Aware Of Before You Buy A Yoga Mat

  • What level of grip does the exercise mat provide?
  • How heavy is the yoga mat to manoeuvre around every day?
  • Are you diligent with the anti-bac after a workout?
  • Do you like smooth or textured surfaces on a yoga mat?

Well, we’ve done our best to source yoga mats, exercise mats and fitness mats that not only fit every budget but that are also definitively great. From luxe athletic brands to more affordable options it’s time to shop and ship your new home gym.

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Care For Your Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are extremely common if you’re weight training at the gym, but that doesn’t mean that it is normal. “You shouldn’t have to suffer through the next couple of days after a high-intensity workout,” says Dr. Matt Tanneberg, sports Chiropractor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist . “There are ways to prevent muscle soreness before it happens and also ways to cure it once it has already set in. Delayed onset muscle soreness is the term derived the post-workout muscle soreness that many of us have experienced. It is caused by small, micro tears of the muscle that occur during exercise. We used to think that muscle soreness was due to lactic acid build up in our muscles but more recent research has shown that these micro tears cause inflammation within the muscle which is actually causing the soreness that we feel. Typically, we will begin to experience DOMS 12-48 hours post-workout, with the soreness peaking at about 48 hours and it will begin to dissipate between 48-60 hours.” To prevent this, be sure to warm up, cool down, use a foam roller after your workout, then engage in controlled, static stretching followed by icing your muscles and then rest. And speaking of recovery, find out the 12 Best Recovery Fuels for Every Workout.

Bookings Will Become Essential

Looking to bring a little personality to your next yoga ...

Gone are the days when you can show up to studios whenever you like. As classes resume, expect high demand of eager spinning fans, yogis and pilates addicts to return to their studios. But in order to manage capacity, many companies are now having to make online bookings mandatory to ensure that rooms wont be packed. Dont be surprised if you end up waitlisted!;

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How To Have A *real* Yoga Practice At That *really* Purple Gym

Posted by;; Annette on ;;

Wait a sec, Im sure youre thinking. Is there yoga at Planet Fitness? I didnt think there was. Pretty sure there isnt. Yep. Definitely not.

Heh. Well. Yes there is– the thing is, you have to BYO.

I should know. During the course of completing the first fifty-state skydiving road trip ever accomplished in a single journey, Ive taken my daily yoga practice to something on the order of sixty Planet Fitness locations around the country. Ive been the weirdo in the corner doing headstand splits and triangles under the baleful gaze of twenty different television monitors, the insistent signage and the baffled glances of lookers-on.

It is weird. Yes. But it has worked.;

I can, without reservation, say that choosing to get a Planet Fitness Black Card membership was the best travel planning decision we made when we were charting out Down For 50. For people like us a daily fitness practice equals sanity. Doing without–or piecemealing it here and there–was never an option. For this epic quest, we knew we would be quite literally everywhere in the country. And Planet Fitness is, quite literally, everywhere in the country, with its giant buckets of Tootsie Rolls and its bagel Mondays and its pizza Fridays and its big purple shadow looming large.

Did the purple everything take getting used to? Yes. But now I dream in purple. I bleed purple. Hah. So there.

Ima tell you how it works.

Your new–uh–yoga studio?

Stay Healthy And Fit By Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual and physical form of practice that involves exercising, stretching, breathing techniques, and meditation. In the West, this term represents exercises and postures that are known as asanas. The breathing techniques that are practiced here are referred to as pranayama. This form originated in India and is mentioned in the pre-Vedic era and also during the Indus Valley civilization. There are several benefits to practicing yoga on a daily basis. This traditional form of exercising and breath control, combined with meditation, helps you physically and psychologically. The asanas target to improve your bodys flexibility, posture, and balance. It also aids in weight loss. Furthermore, it also helps lower your blood pressure, improves your cardiovascular efficiency, boosts immunity, promotes sleep, and much more. With pranayama, you can lower your stress levels, elevate your mood, improve concentration, and enhance the awareness of your body. The main aim of this practice is to integrate your body with your mind and also your mind with your soul. If youre already attending classes and practicing this form of exercise, then well done! You can check out different gear online so you can take more advantage of this exercise. If you are planning to join a class for the first time, then you will have to get the right accessories and equipment before you attend the first class. Let us now take a look at the equipment and materials you will need.

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Machine Washing Your Mat

I tend to avoid machine washing any of my mats, even when advised to. Laura agrees. You can technically machine wash microfiber/rubber mats such as The Skinny. The reason I don’t unless absolutely necessary is that they last longer without machine washing. The mid-layer that sticks the microfibre to the rubber base will degrade quicker the more ‘wet time’ it gets. Also, microfibres are bad for the environment so we shouldn’t really be washing them that much, just as we should try to wash our polyester leggings less.

Bring Your Own Mat And Equipment Becomes Standard

DO YOU HAVE A DIRTY YOGA MAT? | How To: Clean and Sanitize Your Yoga Mat

Going to classes will also mean bringing your own equipment and mat. These props used to be shared, borrowed or rented between different students, but due to health and safety concerns, this option will no longer be available its far too costly and time-consuming for studios to properly sanitise shared equipment between every use. If you dont own your own mat, yoga blocks or exercise bands, you might have to invest in them now.;

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You Don’t Make Progress By Simply Showing Up

Don’t assume that if you’re going to the gym, you’re automatically making progress. “If you aren’t changing up your routines by varying pace, resistance, or type of exercise, you aren’t going to get very far,” says Coomer. “Exercise is always better than no exercise, but if you’re not out of breath or a little bit sore now and then, you probably aren’t challenging yourself enough to make progress.”

Be Open To The Trainers

Trainers will approach you and you should be open-minded to their suggestions. “They will probably try to get you in for a trial session and it can be a useful session, even if you don’t want to buy sessions,” says Gonzalez. “If they’re good trainers, they’ll be respectful of your wishes, learn your name, and still say hi to you when they see you. The more you feel you have a community at your gym, the more you will go!”

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Ways To Fight Gym Germs: How To Workout Without Getting Sick

Susan Ohtake, CPT

Gyms are breading grounds for viruses and bacteria. With so many sweaty people in one place, its easy to come in contact with something nasty you dont want to bring home with you. Here are 7 ways to fight gym germs and stay healthy

One survey recently reported that over half of gym-goers DO NOT wash their hands after using the bathroom at the gym. After theyre done, they go right back to their workout!

The same survey found that about 30-40% of people dont wipe down equipment after they use it!


Lets talk about where all those gym germs go into hiding and the best ways to avoid getting sick at the gym.

Be especially careful of these common gym germ hot spots

  • Free Weights
  • Bathrooms, Showers and Locker Rooms


Thats just about everywhere! And theyre hiding everything from staphylococcus and fungal infections to viruses and common colds.

Here are 7 ways to protect yourself from gym germs…

Expect Far Less Crowded Yoga Classes

Runners: Try This 20

In pre-coronavirus times, packed yoga and spinning classes might have been the norm. But studios wont be getting away with this anymore. They will have to provide at least 1.5 metres of distance between mats and bikes. Most companies will be operating workshops at maximum 50% capacity, with some going further to 30% or 25%. This isnt just to follow health guidelines, but will also make attendees feel safe enough to sweatt and breathe without concerns of someone elses respiratory droplets landing on them.

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What’s The Difference Between A Yoga Mat And An Exercise Mat

First off, it’s totally ok to just buy one mat and use it for both your yoga sessions and your home workouts you don’t need to fork out for both. But, having said that, a yoga mat tends to be thinner, longer and more grippy than a standard exercise mat. Exercise mats can be a bit thicker to offer extra support for any higher-impact movement. So, think about what you’re going to use your mat for before getting click-happy online with workout mats.

Treat Your Yoga Mat Like Gold

If you bring your own yoga mat to classes at the gym, you should clean it at least once a month, especially during the warmer months. “You will know when the mat needs cleaning because it will start to smell and look dirty as it tends to collect oils and sweat,” Napelbaum says. “It is advisable to make a natural solution of water and vinegar and wipe the mat down, as that will disinfect it, as well as restore some of the rubber’s texture. Avoid using soap and drying your mat in the sun, since will cause damage to the rubber.” And if you don’t have your own mat and are you’re using the one available at the gym, carry antibacterial spray with you and spray the mat before and after every use. Peopleand their feetare gross. It’s not worth the risk.

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Be Flexible About Your Routine If The Gym Is Crowded

Can’t get into the squat rack first thing? Instead of hovering two inches away from the person who’s currently using it, figure out a way to modify your routine. You’ll save time and avoid awkwardness, and you might end up challenging yourself in a new way .;

You can always ask the person how much longer they’ll use the squat rack. If they say five minutes, great: Do some warmup moves and wait. If they say 30 minutes, don’t waste your time and do something else first. ;

Try to avoid using two pieces of equipment that are far away. Supersets and circuits are great, but don’t run from the chin-up bar to the bench press rack over and over again. Trust me, few things are as frustrating as setting up a piece of workout equipment, only to have someone fly in from across the gym and say they were using that.;

Be Careful During Spinning

How to Choose the Right Mat for Your Pilates Practice | Pilates FAQ: Pilates vs Yoga Mats

Spinning is an amazing workout, but many don’t know that it can be dangerous for your neck if you’re not positioned right. “Teachers say, ‘Shoulders down,’ but they don’t help everyone,” says certified fitness trainer Shari Portnoy. “It is very important to make sure you tell a spinning instructor you are new and ask about your neck and shoulders. You will save a lot of money on massages or chiropractors.” If this is your workout of choice , then check out these 33 Indoor Cycling Questions Answered in 5 Words or Less.

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Watch Out Where You Touch

Many common colds and viruses are airborne, so its a good idea to find your own space away from people to exercise in.


Touch transmits bacteria and viruses too so make sure you keep your hands away from your mouth and nose.

Avoid touching your face, but also be careful not to touch the cap of your water bottle too! .

Should You Wipe Down Gym Yoga Mats To Avoid Germs

A majority of gyms have a rule for their members to wipe down all equipment after use. Yet, there are tons of members that forego the wiping down of equipment daily. There are no rules about wiping down the communal yoga mats at the gym. Its even possible the mats never get wiped down at all. So, can you imagine how much germs fester on these mats particularly used in sweaty group exercise classes?

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Ways To Avoid Gym Germs


From weights to exercise balls, locker rooms and cardio machines, your gym is full of bacteria. When it comes to public spaces, especially fitness facilities, its important to take precaution upon entering, to avoid these harmful germs.

One study showed that gym equipment may commonly serve as fomites for the transmission of viruses.

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That being said, bring your own towel, yoga mat and water bottle from home. Wipe down machines with disinfectant spray before and after you use them, and never go barefoot in the locker room.

Exercise is known for its variety of health benefits, so dont let gym germs get in the way of your health and potentially make you sick.

Keep reading for additional ways to avoid gym germs.

Yoga Variations: Which Yoga Class Is Right For Me

Aerial Yoga â Pole Perfect Fitness

Yoga is ideal for beginners and participants of all levels because the practice is extremely modifiable. However, there are still multiple types of yoga classes to consider, and the perfect yoga class for you depends on your fitness goals, interests, and current fitness level. Some of these classes include:

  • O2 Yoga: Looking to start with a traditional yoga practice? O2 Yoga is here for you. This is a perfect class to help you learn the ropes of yoga as you strengthen and elongate your muscles and cleanse your mind.
  • Les Mills BodyFlow: Les Mills BodyFlow classes are designed to combine yoga, tai chi, and pilates postures into a comprehensive, muscle-strengthening practice. Become a stronger, more flexible, and more balanced version of yourself in this class.
  • Yoga Mojo: Yoga Mojo is designed for seasoned yogis, but is still open and welcome for beginners. This is a vinyasa flow meant to challenge participants and help them grow within the practice.
  • PiYo: A challenging and rewarding combination of Pilates and yoga, PiYo is meant to provide a muscle toning full-body workout.
  • mbala: Created to exercise the mind and the body, mbala classes provide a challenging combination of yoga postures with strength training, cardio, and mindfulness exercises.

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Wash Your Feet First And Use A Small Head Towel

Good for everyone.

One of the best ways to keep your mat clean is to go at it with freshly washed feet . You can even use hand sanitizer on your feet first.

Avoid moisturising hands and feet before use as it makes the mat slippy and can degrade it, advises Laura.

Lastly, bring a small flannel or towel to your practice. You may have noticed that in childs pose, all your make up and greasy forehead will be on the mat, so you often get a little head patch where your head goes. That wears the grip down, not to mention the fact that you are putting your forehead where your feet have been! I use a face towel to protect mine. Even after a headstand, I notice the residue. Your face and head are way more oily naturally than hands and feet!


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