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Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Should You Use A Wall Support With A Yoga Headstand Bench

FeetUp Trainer Review, Yoga Headstand Bench

You can use the inversion bench while braced up against a wall and using it to support your toes or tailbone at first. Over time, however, it is recommended that you work on engaging your core and lightly pushing off the wall to wean yourself off of the support.

Have you tried any of these yoga benches? Id love to hear about your experience.


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Best For Tricep Dips: Bigtree Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

We know from years of feedback from readers, amazon sellers, and family and friends what most people want in a convenient and appropriate bench. The Bigtree desirelife yogaheadstand bench is exactly that its a simple bench that hits all the right notes. The Bigtree Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench is durable, sturdy, with thick cushioning, and ergonomically designed to support the whole body upside down at a max weight of 200kg/440lbs. The manufacturer says: Be prepared to make and feel the difference when using our headstandbench when compared to being on the ground. And, the bench is made from pu and provides stability while in use.

Finally, the bigtree desire life yoga headstand bench is constructed with a strong frame and it is super comfortable.

Most buyers agree that the bench is easy to assemble-all necessary items are included. Moreover, they strongly agree that the bench is great for tricep dips, incline push-ups, step ups, etc. Also, they also found that the bench is a bit tricky to assemble, but once things are lined up it is sturdy and safe. To sum up, many customers have used the bigtree desire life yoga headstand bench for more than a few months without any complaints, and it shows no sign of giving up.

Why We Like This:

  • This is essential for the ultimate yoga posture.
  • This is aesthetically pleasing and it is good for neck pain.
  • This is used for multiple functions and it works great.
  • This offers yoga essentials of high quality for everyday use.

Benefits Of A Headstand

1. Treats hair loss

Going upside down increases blood flow to your head and offers nutrients to the scalp, hence reducing hair fall.

2. Calms the mind

The inverted position increases blood flow to the brain, thereby stimulating the pituitary gland to help calm your brain. Together with heavy breathing, the headstand can help relieve stress, sleep problems, and depression.

3. Improves focus

With increased blood flow, you enhance your mental function and elevate your mental clarity.

4. Prevents headaches

Turning upside down can help strengthen your brains blood vessels and increase nutrients in your brain, thereby preventing headaches and migraines.

5. Other benefits

A headstand can also help strengthen your arms and shoulders, enhance digestion, fight diabetes, and treat varicose veins.

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Best For Solid Build: Xmiao Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Compared with other benches in this category, the Xmiao Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench has a convenient design. The xmiao desire life yoga headstand bench is made for easy installation, It would be perfect for quick shipping and has a safe design. Insert your head into the opening with your shoulders resting on the cusion. In addition, it provides great value, with fast shipping and has a good design.

The bench is made of one-piece birch molding, and the wood is durable. Most importantly, the xmiao desire life yoga headstand bench is easy to hold the feet up position for several minutes every time.

Almost all buyers agree that the bench is great for beginners doing inversions. And, they strongly agree that the bench will be a perfect complement to your home fitness program. Further, they strongly agree that this bench has a solid build and is easy to assemble.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This can practice some yoga inversion independently even though there are no yoga instructors physically help.
  • This is suitable for using inversion tables at home, office, gym.
  • The non-slip pad also keeps the fitness yoga bench stable on the floor.
  • This bench does provide comfortable holding.

Q: How Long Should I Hold A Headstand

Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

The maximum duration for keeping the headstand position varies from one teacher to another. Some recommend holding the headstand for two minutes while others recommend 3-5 minutes. But the consensus is that you can hold the headstand for any length of time as long as youre comfortable. If your neck and arms begin to get tired, then its time to come down.

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Best Workout Equipment For Home Workouts

If youre looking to invest heavily in your cardio, the high-grade commercial NordicTrack X22i is certainly up to the job, with some top-notch high-end features to see the keenest of runners through a variety of immersive workouts. This model will set you back though, as it currently retails at $3,999/£3,299, and also carries a significant footprint that might leave some city dwellers squirming. Regardless, this machine sits proudly as our top choice for the best treadmills on the market.

This model has everything you need from a home running machine solid, sturdy, well made, and loaded with features. We loved the 22 HD touchscreen with its bright display graphics, the quiet 4.0 CHP motor that assures a smooth and peaceful workout, and -5% to 40% incline/decline complete with rapid speeds to maximize hill runs, interval training and power walks.

You also benefit from a roomy 22 x 60 running deck that uses FlexSelect Cushioning to provide a springy base for your joints, high-performance dual speakers, and a compact customizable console that displays quick controls for core metrics like time, calories, distance, feet climbed, speed, and pace, plus heart rate sensors, and two inbuilt fans.

The NordicTrack X22i scores 4.5 out of five stars on NordicTrack. Users love the fitness classes and incline options. However, some users noted technical glitches upon purchase and had to replace the model.

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell

Why Do Everyone Like To Stand Upside Down

Improve the Loop and Relieves Stress–When your body is upside down, the blood flow to your brain will increase significantly,which is increasing mental endurance and improve insomnia and headache.This posture is extremely helpful if you are having anxiety, stress, fear or otherwise worrisome thoughts.In addition, your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your head, nourishing the brain and improving your attention and memory.Especially good for mental workers.

Fight Against Sagging and Anti Aging–After human being erected, due to the effect of gravity,many gastrointestinal,heart organ drooling and insufficient blood supply to the brain.Causing fat accumulation in the abdomen and thighs, which results in waistline and obesity.And it is prone to baldness, blurred vision, white hair, sagging facial muscles, and fatigue.In the case of an inverted position, the internal organs get gravity and reverse action, which improves the sagging condition and effectively avoid aging problems.

Strengthen Body Function–Under the action of gravity, the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back and the waist are subjected to more load, causing excessive tension, resulting in muscle strain, cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, and frozen shoulder.The shoulders, arms and core muscles are activated in reversal, which increases your strength in key muscle groups. Inverted is a good way to balance the lower body and strengthen it.

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Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench is everything youll ever need in your yoga studio, bedroom, or gym. Its unique professional design allows you to easily stand upside down as well as perform other yoga exercises like a leg exercise, you can also use it as a shoe replacement stool. The frame is made of solid Beechwood while the cushion is created from high-density PU and sponge.

When standing upside down, remove the t-pads and let your shoulders rest on the U-shaped pads. This ergonomic bench is available in four colors black, blue, red, and white. Its 5.2 kg weight can bear a maximum weight of 150 kg or 330 pounds. Restrial Life is so confident with the durable construction of its headstand bench that it offers an astounding 5-year warranty and a 2-year replacement guarantee.

  • Multifunctional shoe replacement stool, sofa, helps in yoga exercises, etc
  • 5-year warranty and a 2-year guarantee
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Large bearing weight
  • Great cushion and support

The Sisyama Fitness Inversion Bench allows you to do many yoga poses, including Side Plank, Pigeon, and of course the headstand. Its developed with self-locking hooks that allow you to fold the bench for compact storage. The frame is made of metal while the cushion is made of sponge and PU.

  • Includes a helpful guide for the first inversion.
  • Small weight limit
Best For:

Best For Back: Synergee Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Yoga Headstand Bench

The best part: Synergee desire life yoga headstand bench costs comparatively little and it is available to ship in 24 hours. The Synergee Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench is white, It can be bought for good value and has a sturdy design. And the synergee yoga chair is here to help you harness them. The chair stands on a 25 x 15 base and stands 16 tall and has a weight capacity of 350 lb.

Lastly, the synergee desire life yoga headstand bench works for light color, It is made with strong wood and has a great design.

Almost all customers found that the bench does feel pretty secure and also makes for a great arm work out. Also, a few say that the bench is great as a bench for stretching and looks nice aesthetically. Further, they strongly agree that the bench provides more than enough cushion when practicing poses.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • Let the yoga chair support you through this challenging movement.
  • This is easy and all necessary hardware is provided.
  • This is a great way to invert, easy enough for most.
  • It is nice to have a bench trainer at home.

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Evolution Health Bodylift Yoga Headstand Easiest To Use


This is one yoga inversion bench that youmight have seen already, as its been recognized on national talk shows likeMartha Stewart and The Doctors. That might explain why the price is a bit onthe high side.

That being said, it comes with a 10-year quality guarantee, as well as tried and precise construction. The steel metal frame is durable and dependable, and the cushioning is made of polyurethane foam sponge material.

The steel legs stay safely on the floor and have a rubberized cap to prevent slippage. It is easy to assemble and takes a few minutes. The instructions are on the chairs underside, and a little wrench is included so you can tighten the bolts.

The included seat insert is super convenient, as you can use it for a headrest or your knees when you get out of your inversion. Its easy to clean, as is the rest of the chair. The maximum weight is 250 pounds.

What Is The Best Equipment For Home Workouts

The idea of a home gym might initially feel expensive, but its certainly an investment that will save you time and money on lengthy travel and steep membership fees in the long run. It can be tricky navigating how to build your own home weights gym , so its crucial to invest in equipment that hits your budget, space, and workout style needs.

If you enjoy running to lose weight or youre looking to perfect your home weights training , all three of the above factors will determine the equipment youll need, and the best equipment will consider these factors. Youre not going to invest in an exercise bike if youre looking to set a new running PB, for example.

The Yosuda Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike has a small footprint and a very affordable price tag and still racks up tons of great reviews for quality. Expensive doesnt necessarily mean great quality, so you can still find an effective cardio machine without wincing at the checkout.

If tech is more your thing then we highly recommend models like the NordicTrack X22i which really hone in on the user experience and can support more advanced users in hitting their goals with a breadth of premium features, speeds, and incline/decline settings.

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Best For High Quality: Milliard Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

The Milliard Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench is the most convenient bench on the market today. The milliard desire life yoga headstand bench is super comfy and it is crafted with exceptional quality. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Further, it is designed to get lots of use.

The bench comes with a heavy-duty birch laminate wood base. This headstand bench is built to last. Most importantly, the milliard desire life yoga headstand bench measures 24.5 x 15 x 15.4.

Almost all customers found that the bench is pretty straight forward to assemble with clear direction. Further, they strongly agree that the bench is perfectly safe in a headstand on this bench. Moreover, a few also found that this bench uses quality materials, is well made, easy to assemble and very sturdy.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This has been worth every penny.
  • This comes with a comfortable cushion and it is perfect for both beginners.
  • This includes a patch in case it gets torn or scratched.
  • With the milliard headstand bench, you can stand on your head with confidence.

Bodylift Evolution Health Usa

Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Best Yoga Headstand Bench Made Of Steel

The original Bodylift headstand bench as seen on the Martha Stewart Show and The Doctors show , has been time tested for over 40 years by a company trusted by yoga professionals and used in yoga studios across the globe for many years.

The Bodylift is a tried and tested design with a proven safety record.

If youre looking for quality construction and durability, you cant go wrong with the Bodylift inversion bench. Made with oval-shaped steel legs stronger than any wood product, the Bodylift will support a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs.

The shoulder support cushion is made of vegan leather and provides extra padding for extra comfort. This design also includes an extra seat insert, which when turned around also reveals detailed user instructions.

Evolution Health USA stands by its products and offers a 10-year assurance on material and Craftsmanship.

This inversion chair measures 14H x 18L x 20W, weighs 11lbs., and is easily assembled in less than 2 minutes so you can easily take it on the go.

  • Extra padded vegan leather cushion
  • Extra seat insert
  • 10 yr guarantee on material & Craftsmanship
  • 250lbs max weight capacity

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What To Look For

1. Comfort

Turning upside down isnt easy, so youll need a headstand bench that offers maximum comfort. You might want to check the cushion if it fully eases out the pressure from your neck and shoulders.

2. Stability

For your safety, youll want the headstand bench to be very stable. The legs should be sturdy and shouldnt wobble with a slight movement. Some of the best benches have non-slip pads to keep them stable on the floor.

3. Bearing Weight

When looking for the best headstand bench for your regular yoga routine, check the maximum bearing weight if it supports your actual weight. Make sure that the maximum bearing weight of the bench is less than your actual weight.

4. Material

The framework of headstand benches is usually made of either metal or wood. Both metal and wood are durable, but if you want something more environment-friendly, opt for wood. Wood also doesnt ruin your wooden floors like metal does.

Why Choose Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Some yoga beginners do not have good control of their body for a correct handstand without experiencing long-term yoga exercises. That maybe lead to excessive stretching or compression of the cervical spine and intervertebral disc. At this time, a suitable yoga inverted stool is very necessary. It supports the weight by the shoulder to help you carry out a correct inverted position. In addition, we have launched 11 styles of color for customers to choose to meet their different aesthetic needs.

  • A yoga action guide and brochure are also available. Among them, the yoga action guide includes up to 70 kinds of yoga movements including the inverted, which is a must-have guide for yoga beginners.
  • Products include yoga inverted stools and yoga bricks that not only help to stand upside, but also help us do other yoga exercises. You can even use it as a sofa and shoe bench.
  • Our inverted stool mats are fixed with knob screws,which is more stable and convenient to remove the yoga block.

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Doufit Foldable Headstand Bench With Resistance Bands

Best Yoga Headstand Bench That Is Foldable

What makes the DoufitHeadstand bench stand out from the rest is that it is foldable and includes bonus resistance bands.

Being that this inversion bench is foldable, you can easily store it out of the way when not in use.

Another great feature and added bonus are the resistance bands that offer additional functionality to this yoga headstand bench. Besides headstands, you can add other exercises to your routine to work out your shoulders, biceps, and triceps to name a few.

When folded, this yoga bench measures a mere 6-inches in height. Thus making in super convenient to store away under a bed or behind furniture.

The Doufit foldable headstand bench measures 14.5H x 29L x 18W , weighs 16.5lbs. and takes approximately 6 minutes to assemble.

Top Features:

Best For Vacation Home: Restrial Life Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

The Reliable RESTRIAL LIFE Yoga Inversion Bench- Headstand Bench

The Restrial Life Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench is capable of outshining several other benches featured in this list in overall features in its price range. The restrial life desire life yoga headstand bench allows for easy installation, It has multiple benefits and has an easy installation design. Most yoga beginners dont possess sufficient body awareness to stand upside down correctly. In addition, the bench is a great product that is manufactured using sustainable production methods.

Finally, the restrial life desire life yoga headstand bench is stable and doesnt slide.

Most buyers quickly discovered that the bench makes the process more comfortable and helps on the road to doing them without assistance. In addition, they also found that the bench is well made and looks plenty sturdy to play on. Also, a few say that this bench is super sturdy and comfortable to use. In short, buyers found this to be one of the best bench for daily purposes.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This is made of sturdy wood and has strong pressure resistance.
  • Keep your practice space open and clean.
  • For beginners, it is advised to have a companion to assist you.
  • This is easy to assemble, feels as sturdy, looks as nice, and costs $49 less.

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