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Corepower Yoga 2 Weeks Free

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Yoga for Abs – Stronger abs in 2 weeks

CorePower Yoga, the studio youve seen on Instagram, all over your favorite West Coast bloggers feeds, is finally making its way out NYC! And theyre set to open this May. Yes, May. So soon

The best part? I mean other than this major yoga hot spot coming over to the east side. CorePower Yoga is offering your first 2 weeks free To claim your 2 weeks free, just and submit some basic info like your name, email, etc.

After you submit your info, you will receive a phone call from one of CorePowers Reps to assist you with finalizing your free trial.

There is one important thing to note. When the rep calls you, you will be asked to provide a credit card in order to complete your free trial. Wait, dont leave yet! I know, I said the CC word. You have to know that I am never one to put down my credit card .

But do note! You can cancel this membership at any time during your 2 week free trial, even on the first day and you will NOT be charged anything. Trust me, I asked the rep on the phone only about a million times. Or maybe youll fall in love with CorePower Yoga, and youll be thrilled to lock in 25% off your unlimited membership. Its a win-win.

Flow Sweat And Savasana

By subscribing to Yoga on Demand, I acknowledge I have reviewed, understand and agree to the CorePower Yoga Student Terms and Conditions, which includes my agreement to the Release, Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, the Arbitration provision.

Now you can flow, sweat and savasana with CorePower Yoga – whenever, wherever. Subscribe to access unlimited classes that work every muscle and every emotion. Explore signature class formats, try on different length classes and learn from new teachers as you practice alongside your CorePower community. Discover pose breakdowns, lessons, talks and more to deepen your practice. Watch on any device with new classes added each month! All levels welcome.

Can I Sign Up For Corepower Online

Yes, you can signup online for CorePower Yoga, you can use CorePower website or app to sign up,

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Corepower Yoga Offers Free Online Classes While Studios Are Closed

Beginning March 16, CorePower Yoga is temporarily closing all its studios until at least March 30 in an effort to support the health and safety of our teachers, students and local communities, according to their of their Wellness Protocol webpage. CorePower Yoga is based in Denver and is the largest yoga studio chain in the United States. It operates 200 locations, 28 of which are in Colorado.

While CorePower Yoga studios are closed, everyone including members, nonmembers and those who have never even heard of this company before will have free access to a special collection of online classes through CorePower Yoga On Demand.

The studio chain will publish new online classes to their On Demand portal each week. All of their most popular class styles, including C1, C2, Sculpt and Hot Power Fusion, will be available. Online mediation classes are also included. Theyre also doing Livestream classes everyday on youtube at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. MST beginning March 19.

CorePower Yoga plans to resume classes on March 30, but given the rapidity with which lifestyles and business practices have changed during the outbreak of the coronavirus, this date is flexible. The company will reassess is resumption over the next few weeks.

If you are a member of these these yoga studios, you are encouraged to keep your membership through the next billing cycle if at all possible. Yoga teachers salaries are sure to take a hit in these times, and membership fees help support them.

Is Core Power Yoga Effective

Hot yoga at CorePower for 2 weeks!? This is what happened ...

This is an advanced full body Burn class incorporating so many different types of workouts but still yoga. It is super efficient and awesome because technically it will still be yoga, too, since all the other exercises are also included. Done with regular effort, sculpting your bodies feels natural and you become a person in every way.

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Anonymous Problems With Product/service Complaint

Complaint Type: Status:


Business Response


Hi *********************,Thank you for your kind words and being patient during this time! We gladly canceled your account. We are sorry you were not able to get a hold of us via our phone. Please know you can cancel your account and reinstate your account via our website. We tried to refund the last 3 months back to your credit card, but we were not successful because the charges were disputed with your credit card company. Please remove the dispute and send us a letter from the bank that this charge was removed. Then we will be able to refund it back to your credit card. Please let us know if you have any other questions!In order to properly route your reply for a quick response, please REPLY-ALL to this message.

with Gratitude,3001 Brighton Boulevard /Suite 269 / ****************

The Instructors Are Cool And Supportive

Catrina Reeder, the studio manager, was our instructor for the C2 class and she killed it. She was positive, fun and brought a ton of energy into the room. She was also helpful and recommended different modifications to make the positions easier or more challenging.

I had the chance to meet a few other CorePower Yoga Charlotte instructors and they were all awesome. You can tell they are all passionate about yoga and, tbh, they all seem like they would be cool to get a glass of wine with.

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Corepower Yoga 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training


You know when youre in a foreign country and everyone around you is speaking a different language and you feel like youre in a whirlwind of noise and youre trying to figure out what they might be saying but can only understand bits and pieces. That is a little how Yoga Teacher Training has been. A whirlwind, a language that feels foreign, but exciting and bringing out my curiosity in every way.

YTT is like learning a new language. Every time, I grasp one word about a hundred more are thrown my way and I almost feel as if Im drowning in Sanskrit. Drowning in the knowledge that I need to let soak in. And who knew reminding someone to breathe with such simple words as inhaling and exhaling would be so easy to forget when cueing through a posture.

There is A LOT to learn. And I feel like I have a very little amount of time to learn it all. Ive been humbled these past few weeks. Yes, I know how to listen and I feel my yoga practice is really strong but as soon as my role is turned upside down and Im thrown into a teaching position, I sort of freeze up and I find myself forgetting literally everything Ive ever known or heard about yoga. I know this is completely part of the process and Im letting my frustrations go, as best I can, and trying to embrace my experience in every way.

Corepower Yoga Student Prices

Free CorePower Yoga

Corepower yoga is very conscious of the students health, so they offer special discounts for students. If you are a student, then you should take advantage of this special discount.

Corepower Yoga offers its Black Tag Membership for students at $ 119 instead of $ 139 / month, while their 10-pack of classes are also discounted for the students at only $ 159 instead of $ 194.

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Free Classes With Corepower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is offering free classes for the community, at its two studios, as well as at other locations around Charlotte.

The two studios are:


Please bring a towel, mat and water.

If you have any questions about the free classes, please contact the studios. Also, please follow the links below, to the Facebook events, in case there are changes or more information.

Heres the schedule for the free classes:

Mondays, scheduled through December 30th, 2019, with the exception of December 23rd7:15 p.m.

Tuesdays, scheduled through December 31st, 20196 p.m.

Saturdays, scheduled through December 21st, 2019, with the exception of November 30th11 a.m.

How To Get The Corepower Yoga Student Discount

Student discount pricing is determined by location, so youll need to check the studio page to get the details.

So head over to the locations page here, click your location in order to get to the studio information page. Scroll down and youll see the pricing.

Next, click Student, Senior, Teacher & Military Pricing Available. its usually an orange link.







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Here Is What I Experienced Attending Both Types Of Classes C1 + C:

If you are new to yoga, I would suggest starting with C1, so that you can give yourself time to learn the postures and be comfortable before moving on to C2. Beginners would be okay in C2, but you would just have to pace yourself, and take modifications and breaks if necessary. If you are an experienced yogi, you could do either one, depending on the pace of class you are looking for on a particular day.

  • CorePower Yoga 1 : Great for beginners, or anyone, really! More verbal cues and reminders about form. Moderately paced to focus on breath and alignment. This class is set at 85 degrees, no humidity. Brittney taught the C1 class I attended. Loved her style! What I liked: It forced me to slow down and properly align my body in the postures. I can always learn something new in a beginner class, whether it is form-related or to pay closer attention to how I am breathing through the movements.

CorePower Yoga 1 with Brittney // Side Plank // Warrior 2

You Are Going To Sweat

Zenning out with CorePower Yoga and giving away a free ...

Ive been to some yoga classes where Ive barely dropped a bead of sweat. That was NOT the case at CorePower Yoga. Its a legit workout.

Each class is taught at a different temperature so check beforehand to see just how hot its going to be. The C2 class is taught around 95-98 degrees. Dont forget a towel and water bottle.

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How To Get Free Yoga Classes:

  • Visit the companies website by clicking Get This Offer
  • Enter your address and a valid email
  • Hit Get My Free Week ยป, confirm your email so you can show up to class for free!
  • Note: save the email you receive as that is the coupon code. You can also just try showing up and say use code FWWEB
  • * US Only. Valid email required. Select locations only.

    Unlimited Hot Yoga For 2 Weeks

    I have always wanted to try CorePower Yoga and challenge myself with a daily practice. Whats unique about CorePower Yoga is their heated rooms. You will practice yoga in a heated room of 92-97 degrees with added humidity.

    Are you wondering if thats outrageous?

    I walked into my first heated C1.5 class and my immediate thought was This is hot as hell! How am I going to get through this?

    I put my mat near the door so if I felt faint or unwell I could step out without interrupting my classmates.

    Our teacher walked in, introduced herself and instructed us to get into childs pose. After a 2 minute meditation we began practicing sun salutations to upbeat music.

    CorePower Yoga is designed to practice yoga flow through challenging sequences and connecting breath to movement. Imagine this inhale upward dog exhale downward dog inhale left leg up exhale You get the picture.

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    What Is C2 At Corepower

    The C2 meets the Yoga class requirement to become a C2. For yoga beginners, this class offers a warm and comfortable setting. Using a Vinyasa yoga flow as well as principles, youll learn about the various poses and stretches. One of CorePowers signature classes is taught between 95 and 98 degrees.

    Corepower Yoga Membership Benefits

    CorePower Yoga x REI: Yoga for Your Run

    Those who exercise more than twice each week and are determined to improve their capabilities may sign up for Black Tag Membership. Black Tag Membership.

    Black Tag members can enjoy unlimited yoga. They will have access to 140+ yoga studios throughout the US and be able to participate in special events held every four years. In addition to not signing any contracts, members are only required to pay $84 for the first month. Members will also get a discount on retail purchases and 20% off courses and training. Their customer service representatives can help you find deals on classes that do not have expiration dates.If you become a Black Tag member, you can choose to stop your account from being frozen. Your account can be frozen for a period of up to three months.

    However, if the woman has a baby, their account could be frozen for as long as nine months. You can also decide to cancel the report at any point. Before your next billing date, make a call to their helpline to ensure that you can prevent future payments.

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    My Experience With Corepower Yoga

    If you follow , youve probably seen me share a lot lately how much Ive been loving the Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga.

    If Im being completely honest, I previously wasnt the biggest fan of yoga. I had tried for a long time to like it, especially after hearing about all of the amazing benefits. But I always found myself a bit bored and not fully connecting to the practice.

    But then the Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga came along.

    Yoga Sculpt is now hands down one of my favorite fitness classes . Below I lay out a bit more about the class what you can expect and why I love it so much. Be sure to also check out the CorePower Yoga website, though, because they do a much better job of explaining their classes, etc.

    You can also . They have locations all over the country!

    Preparing for class / what to expect

    • If youre a beginner, start with CorePower Yoga 1 to learn the basics before moving on to Yoga Sculpt
    • Bring water with you, or you can purchase at the studio
    • Bring your own mat and towel, or you can rent at the studio
    • The class will be hot , so be prepared to sweat a lot!
    • Try to get there early to get a good spot. I prefer to be in the front so I can watch my form in the mirrors
    • Youll be using two sets of weights I usually go with 3lbs and 5lbs
    • The class is a combination of traditional yoga poses, strength movements , and cardio set to fun upbeat music
    • Total class time is 60 minutes, including a warm up and cool down/Savasana



    Corepower Yoga Membership Fees

    The Black Tag Membership and Class Packages, youll get access to more than 140 studios across the United States. Black Tag members pay an annual fee of $139 per month.

    For their initial month, they need the cost of $84. You may also select one of the following options one class for $20 five classes for $95, 10 classes for $20 classes $ 175 20 for courses $115 for one month unlimited $190 and three months for unlimited costs $450. Note that these rates do not include applicable taxes.

    New students to CorePower Yoga are eligible for free weeks or seven consecutive days of training available at one of the studios. Visit their website to find the class and time slot youd like to attend and also their CorePower Yoga prices that fit your budget. After the first week, you will then select the membership type that is most suitable for you.


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    Current Corepower Yoga Promotions

    Free Week of Yoga

    Free Week of Yoga

    Looking for Yoga lessons? CorePower Yoga has got you covered. Be sure to check out this promotion because if youre hesitant on committing to a membership, then we got news for you because your first week is free! This is great to test out their classes and lessons to see if you like it.

    • Whats the offer: Free Week of Yoga
    • Where its available: CorePower Yoga
    • When it expires: N/A
    • How to get it: Apply online or at a eligible location
    • What are the terms: Terms and conditions apply. Exclusions apply.

    Is Corepower Going Out Of Business

    Zenning out with CorePower Yoga and giving away a free ...

    In the United States, the number of Coronavirus cases is increasing each day. There are still a number of CorePower outlets that are closed. The company is currently offering its online classes and teacher training sessions. Most studio locations have remained open and were able to reopen to students and staff, despite being closed permanently.

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