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Continuing Education For Yoga Instructors

How Are Continuing Education Hours Logged

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Teachers are required to update their record of virtual or in-person attendance in classes, workshops, conventions, conferences, and at RIMYI, on their personal page on the IYNAUS website annually before they renew their CIYT Certification Mark/fee and pay their IYNAUS dues. Failure to do so may result in delaying renewal or suspension of their CIYT certification.


Trauma Sensitive Training Module

Trauma is a pervasive fact of modern life and can be experienced in many different ways: automobile or other accidents sudden loss surgery assault even as a first responder or as military personnel. It does not however, have to be a life sentence. How you handle trauma greatly influences the quality of your life and through this module, you will learn how to use yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to heal you of the past.

  • Learn how to use specific tools to break the cycle of trauma existing in your body.
  • Gain access to new freedom, confidence and power by resolving reactions to traumatic events.
  • Create new connections with people who have also experienced trauma.
  • Break free from that which is holding you back from living a life you love.

This is an ALL LEVELS training and is required in order to teach trauma sensitive populations. If you have questions, email .

  • Email for upcoming programs!

Restorative Yoga 20 Hour Module

Restorative Yoga Practitioners achieve both mental and physical relaxation by using various props to support their bodies into yoga postures which are often held for 10-20 minutes. The result is deep rest and well being. Restorative yoga is a gentle form of yoga, accessible to a substantial variety of age groups and special populations.

Our style of teaching emphasizes simplicity of posture and propping to ensure students remain in deep rest throughout the class. In this 20 hour training, students will be empowered to teach a 75 minute restorative yoga class, including how to adapt when minimal props are available. The intention of the training is to provide a basic foundation of poses and theory, with a focus on functionality and maximizing simplicity and efficiency with poses and sequences.

  • Confidently teach a 75 minute restorative yoga class using various props
  • Understand the foundation and theory behind the poses of restorative yoga
  • Learn how to adapt teaching when minimal props are available
  • Email for upcoming programs!

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Our Online Program Is Suitable For:

  • Yoga teachers who would like to add kids yoga classes to their schedule
  • Professionals who work with kids , and would like to bring the benefits of yoga to kids.
  • Parents who would like to share the benefits of yoga with their own kids

At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion in the Childrens Yoga Teaching

Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training Course Online

Continuing Education

4 weeks – 6 days per week

Sunday, 6 November Saturday, 3 December 2022

Friday, 14 April Friday, 12 May 2022

Experience the authentic live training from home

Course fee: 1,500

Immerse yourself in the ancient teachings of yoga, yogic lifestyle, meditation, pranayama and positive thinking. Develop connections with other like-minded practitioners as you experience shifts in your daily life.

The goal of this training programme is to prepare qualified and inspiring yoga teachers who are able to draw on their own practice and personal discipline to impart the yoga experience to others.

Teaching language:The course will be taught in three languages parallel: English, German, Spanish. The evening meditation and occasional classes or lectures will be in English with simultaneous translation into German and Spanish.

Before registering for the course, please participate in 2 online Sivananda asana classes and 2 evening Sivananda meditations. This will give you a realistic idea of the online course situation.

Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Training

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Continuing Education For Yoga Teachers

Continuing education for Yoga teachers is very important as new information and safer techniques are shared online every day. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, undergoing a few tweaks here and there, but largely staying true to its roots. Poses are sometimes tweaked to suit a certain population of yoga students, and new-aged classes like Power Yoga have emerged with their own modern twists. The philosophies have remained intact, and its goals of enlightenment, and a healthy body and mind, have stayed constant. As more and more people are choosing yoga, it is important for yoga teachers to stay current on any issues or concerns surrounding yoga, and to increase their knowledge on all of the historical aspects of yoga.

Check The Policies And Guidelines

A proper yoga school will have its own policies and guidelines. These are meant to help students know about the provisions the school has for important matters or any unforeseen event. These guidelines can be about refund in case of a cancellation, or say a medical emergency. By knowing these policies you will be able to make more well-informed decisions.

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

by Michelle Young | Jan 31, 2022 | Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

If youre a yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance then youre probably already aware of the continuing education requirement that must be met every three years to remain a member in good standing. Yoga Alliance is the most popular professional registry in the yoga industry offering its members many benefits and discounts. Every three years teachers registered with Yoga Alliance are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education. These continuing education units can be completed online or in person.

Since Yoga Alliance registers school programs for 200-hour yoga certification, 300-hour yoga certification, 500-hour yoga certification, 85-hour prenatal yoga certification, and 95-hour childrens yoga certification there are many topics of interest that are commonly covered by continuing education courses. Some of the most popular continuing education courses for yoga teachers include Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Adaptive Yoga.

My Vinyasa Practice Continuing Education Courses

Our Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification is a wonderful option for new teachers who want to lead trauma-informed public classes. It helps teachers learn how to teach public classes that are rooted in autonomy, empowerment, security, and safety. Many teachers find the foundational trauma-informed protocol is appropriate for all environments and therefore choose to adopt it in all situations.

Continuing Education For The Basics

Yoga Teachers: Continuing Education with Me Online – Bridge Program | Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed

Topics surrounding the history and philosophies of yoga are vast. Yoga instructors could devote their studies to just learning about important historical figures, yogas Indian roots, meditation and breathing, or the differences between modern yoga and classic practices. Yoga teachers will be able to improve their own teaching and practices by becoming more knowledgeable about the entire discipline of yoga.

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements

If you are a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, you must complete 45 hours of Continuing Education every three years, learning something that is new to you. This includes 30 hours of yoga training at least 10 hours must be contact hours with a qualified provider and no more than 20 hours may be non-contact hours. Click here for the current Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements.

Inspiritus Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider provider, and most of our courses count toward your continuing education requirements. Check out a list of our offerings to the right, and click on any of them for more information.

Sup Yoga Teacher Training With Izzy Surf Yoga

Spend two weekends on the water learning how to teach the Basic SUP Skills as outlined by Paddle Canada. Create and teach a 1.5 hour SUP Yoga class following the PYC Flow Sequence as well as other practical and fun elements to create an amazing client experience!

After certification you will receive:

  • 16hrs Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits
  • 16hrs Power Yoga Canada Advanced Modules.
  • Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills & Rescue.

You should have or be currently enrolled in your 200HR TT or have plans in the near future to attend. It is not advised to be instructing SUP Yoga until this is completed.

  • June 18 & 19: 9am 5pm for details and to sign up!
  • Email for more upcoming programs

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It Equips You With The Right Skill

As a teacher, youll have to treat all your students with discipline and love. But the challenges you face on a daily basis may seem overwhelming at times. And in such moments, there is a strong chance of doubting yourself or feeling discouraged.

Many continuing education yoga classes focus on these key areas of teaching. They provide you the tools and directives to help you shift your focus from the problem to the solution. Moreover, you will hear about the real-life experiences of your peers and trainers. This will give you more clarity about your own experiences, and you can renew your vision with more vigour.

Soul Of Life Intensive

Shakti Wheel Teacher Training

This 10-day intensive is the other of our duo of interdisciplinary courses. All stages of life walk into your yoga class. Most students fit classes in where they can, often ignoring level or ability suggestions. Be prepared to safely address any students needs, at any age or stage of life, with accurate training.

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What To Watch Out For When Choosing A Yoga Continuing Education Course

There are a wide variety of yoga continuing education courses available nowadays. When you choose a continued education course, bear in mind the scope of your own learning. Does the course interest you? Are the prices suitable for you? Are you looking for a Yoga Alliance recognized course? These are all relevant questions that can help you decide which yoga continuing education course will be best for you.

Further, it helps to be a little mindful when choosing an online course. While most courses are well-designed and offered by experienced teachers, its good to watch out for scams and online frauds. It may sound strange but online scams related to yoga are unfortunately not very uncommon.

Lets take a quick look at some of the things to watch out for when choosing an online yoga teacher training course.

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Yoga Instructors / Practitioners Continuing Education Workforce Certificate

This course series instructs students in the art and science of Yoga and teaches them the skills needed to become a Yoga Instructor. Yoga Instructors and Yoga Practitioners coach or instruct individuals or groups in beginner or intermediate yoga postures. They demonstrate the basic fundamentals of classical yoga practices and Asana techniques, observe participants, and explain corrective measures needed for participants to improve their skills and avoid injuries. Students will deepen their vinyasa yoga practice with 3-5 practices/week, learn the anatomy of yoga, learn alignment and modifications for 40+ postures, learn yoga teaching skills including effective cuing, hands-on assists and classroom management.

This comprehensive 200-hour course series provides students with the knowledge and tools needed to teach beginner and intermediate Yoga classes. Training includes: classical Yoga practices and theories hands-on experience in Asana technique anatomical awareness philosophy teaching methodology breathing postural sequencing observation verbal instructions physical support meditation and Yoga as a business.

Becoming A Yoga Instructor

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

If you have ever considered becoming a yoga instructor, but werent sure where to get started, youve come to the right place. Teaching yoga can be an incredibly rewarding way to earn a livinig-once you understand how to connect with your students and build your teaching practice.If you want to deepen your yoga practice or begin to develop a successfull yoga teaching career, you wont want to miss our online Yoga Teacher Training course. This online program is a great way to begin your journey in becoming a successfull yoga teacher. Along with learninig more about the practice and teaching of yoga, this program also fulfills most of the non-contact hours for our in-person 200 hour yoga alliance program.The goal of both this online course and our in-person teacher training programs is to help you deepen your yoga practice and to build your confidence in your practice and your teaching, so that you may find your own voice within the yoga community.In this course, you will learn about the physical and mental aspects of yoga practice, as well as how you can incorporate yoga into your practice and your daily life in ways that benefit you or your students.

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More Areas To Explore More Teachers To Meet

Yoga is a broad topic, and in recent times there has been a lot of development within the subject. Some people research on yoga and mental health, or yogas benefits in healing trauma. While there are others who are trying to understand the potential ways in which yoga therapy can be used for helping the terminally ill. As you dig deeper into the topic, you will get to know more about the ways in which people are working with yoga.

At Pure Flow Yoga We Love Learning Sharing And Exploring All Things Yoga

Pure Flow Yoga offers intimate and transformational courses and explorations in Yoga practice, lifestyle & philosophy to support students to deepen their practice and understanding of this sacred n ancient wisdom tradition.

We offer the modules listed below in rotation. When you sign up for your course, you will identify your primary areas of interest so that we can help custom design a course that meets you and your individual interest and needs.

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Assisting Intensive Training Module

The power of touch can awaken, empower and heal the body and spirit. In this two-weekend intensive training, you will learn practical tools that can be applied immediately to your practice and you will discover how to assist each pose in the PYC Flow sequence.

  • Deepen your yoga practice through an embodied learning of each pose.
  • Learn how to effectively and safely assist students.
  • Create authentic connections with others.
  • Be a stand for and a contribution to transformation.
  • The ability to assist classes at Power Yoga Canada.

This is an ALL LEVELS training. If you have questions, email .


PYC Mississauga June 4, 5, 11 & 12 Saturday & Sunday 9am 6pm EST Register before May 28th for Early Bird!

PYC Oshawa October 15, 16, 22 & 23 Saturday & Sunday 9am 6pm EST

The schedule is subject to change due to covid-19.

Online Yoga Teacher Trainings


Our latest online yoga teacher training programs are designed for advanced teachers and span a wide range of therapeutic and orthopedic modules. Taught by expert Yoga Medicine® teachers, each online yoga teacher training program counts towards your 300, 500 or 1000 hour YTT program.

  • Tiffany Cruikshank L.AC. MAOM and Rachel Land

    Online Trainings

  • Amy Sedgwick MD, Tiffany Cruikshank L.AC. MAOM, and Eding Mvilongo MD

    Online Trainings

  • Tiffany Cruikshank L.AC. MAOM and Rachel Land

    Online Trainings

  • Tiffany Cruikshank L.AC. MAOM and Jenni Tarma

    Online Trainings

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Trainings & Advanced Studies

Green Lotus is Minnesota’s premier yoga teacher training center providing opportunities for students and teachers who seek to deepen their practice. Our heart-centered programs are intimate, supportive, challenging, lively, and fun. Students talk of deep friendships forged, goals met and exceeded, of support freely given and accepted.

If you are on a path to become a yoga teacher or want to immerse yourself in an in-depth study of yoga for personal transformation or growth, we offer several life-friendly 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs. If you are a student who seeks to deepen your practice or understanding of a certain style or perspective on yoga, or if you are already a teacher and wish to broaden your repertoire or earn continuing education credits, we have numerous Advanced Yoga Study programs that focus on everything from Assisting and Adjusting to Yin Yoga.

Taking It A Step Further Earn Your Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher Certification With Yoga Alliance

Program for Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher Now In-Person and Via Zoom

For current yoga teachers who want to earn the more advanced RCYT distinction with Yoga Alliance, we offer additional in-person training in the Los Angeles area, as well as via Zoom. Completing both the self-paced online program and in-person program fulfills the requirements for the Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher distinction with Yoga Alliance

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Assess And Mark Your Requirements

The coordinator or mentor will guide you with your questions, but you still need to assess your needs. Is there some area that you need to work on more? Are you ready for an intensive level training like a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training or do you want a less intensive course? It completely depends on you.

Consider what you wish to learn and how this will help you in the long run. Think about the students you have worked with, and what their needs have been about. Look into the possible ways how the course can help you integrate all of these and any other learning objectives that you may have.


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