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Cloud Nine Yoga Teacher Training

Cloud Nine Yoga Offers A Lifetime Of Learning

Cloud Nine Yoga Teacher Training at Hawaiian Sanctuary

Continuing Education ~ There are many valuable and nourishing modalities that work well with Asana-based classes. Therefore, we have workshops and trainings in a wide-range of supplemental and complementary techniques. Yoga is not just a movement practice. It involves a relationship with the wider ranges of human conditions, metaphysical states, and mental health. In our School, we go way beyond the ancient and modern practices of Hatha Yoga and venture into the vast subjects from many of the worlds mystical traditions. Some are new, some are old, some are AGELESS!

COME TO KAUAI in June 2022 to enjoy 3 weeks of training and receive Yoga Teacher Certification ! Enjoy the beautiful island and join us for daily workshops, classes and local adventures. Call Erika at 310-989-0878 to learn more.

We know the value of connecting. Healing ourselves is the first step. The next is to bring our relationships to optimal health. This means our partnerships in love, work, and family. But it also means our impact on the Earth by means of our actions, behaviors, and consumerism. Our wish is to advance our understanding of who we are as humans in this Web of Life, so that we increase the resources, fulfillment, and stabilize the structures so that we can sustain life. All beings must thrive in our hands! Given our technologies and advancements, utilized properly and morally, we can improve the quality of life everywhere.

Erika demonstrates Reiki with Lomilomi massage techniques.

Our Online Yoga School Is Open

Want to attend an interactive Yoga Training or receive your Yoga Teacher Certification in a self-paced format? We offer a beautiful virtual community to inspire and hold space for an incredible dive into all things Yoga. Your health and wellness is worth the investment.

+ 200-hr Teacher Certification & In-Depth Yoga Study Course

Yoga Alliance has made a provision that allows training and certification for Yoga Teachers to be offered online. We are now able to run our Teacher Certification Programs with VIRTUAL contact hours, along with a hybrid distance learning model. You do your own homework hours, research, and assignments at your own pace and schedule! Watch our recorded videos for contact hours. You always have the option to participate in our LIVE-STREAM classes during the week. We archive all ZOOM meetings for reference, or if you may have to miss a class for any reason. Our Yoga School has on-going, rolling admission and start dates ALL YEAR LONG. Start when you want, take as much time as you need, and finish at your own pace.

We welcome International Students with open arms. We embrace diversity and accessibility for all.

Questions? Contact us by email:

Renewing Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training

Are you considering a certification course yet prefer to take a break from your everyday life and fully immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle? This EduVacation will be filled with all things yoga, yet fully supported by the spirit of Aloha. The venue, the Hawaiian Sanctuary, offers a gorgeous tropical backdrop for all your activities which will surely make your training days be filled with experiential yoga anatomy, yogic philosophy, posture breakdowns, and practice teaching.

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Who This Course Is For:

  • Yoga practitioners wishing to begin teaching and existing Yoga teachers wishing to gain an internationally accredited Yoga Teachers certification and earn a meaningful and fulfilling living from teaching the subject you love.
  • Folk wishing to deepen there own Yoga oriented spiritual practice by teaching and sharing with others
  • 7,424 Students
  • 8 Courses

Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Coach, professional musician and founding director of Sacred Spiral Yoga School, Paul Carlos has been involved for the past 33 years and uses his experience for developing and presenting the various teachers training courses and spiritual guidance.

All our internationally accredited Teachers Training Programs are now fully integrated online including all assessment procedures. During this current time of world-wide economic stress due to covid-19, this enables prospective teachers to set up video conference classes and earn income with an internationally recognized accreditation and move forwards as instructors with confidence and the full back up of Sacred Spiral Yoga School.

Paul is a certified 500h Yoga Alliance International instructor with over 6000 hours of teaching experience. Originally certifying in the B.K.S Iyengar Yoga School. Sacred Spiral Yoga and all it’s Teachers Training Programs are fully accredited and registered with Y.A.I.

Online Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: Modules 4

FlyersUp! Tropical Yoga Teacher Training at Cloud Nine ...

Self-Paced course for 300 RYT and Part 2 of our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. In these lessons, we cover The Yoga Sutras, Acu-Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mantra, and Mudra.

  • 106:27:26 Hours On demand videos
  • 53 Lessons
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • 110 Core Curriculum Hours toward 300-HR Yoga Teacher Certification
  • 300 YTT Training and Continuing Education
  • MEETING 1 – PANCHA KOSHA00:56:56
  • PANCHA KOSHA: 5 Dimensions of Being in a Yoga Body – ERIKA
  • Homework: Read Devi through pg. 37
  • PRIMAL ENERGY: The Dance of Shiva-Shakti – ERIKA
  • YOGA SUTRA STUDY: Samadhi Pada – KATIE
  • GODDESS TEMPLE: Wisdom & Embodiment of the Mahavidyas – ERIKA
  • BEYOND THE ARMOR: Unraveling the Granthis – ERIKA
  • YOGA SUTRA STUDY: Samadhi Pada – ERIKA
  • Homework: Read Gach through pg. 75
  • Read Devi through pg. 102
  • MEETING 6 – AYUR-YOGA01:33:41
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    Drop In To Erikas Famous Virtual Yoga Classes

    *Sundays * Fill your SUNday with Liquid Aloha. Erika blends Hatha Yoga with the essence of Bhakti, the wisdom practices of Jnana with a commitment to neutralizing Karmas held within the energy field.

    Erika sprinkles in a little Tantra to stir the Shakti Pot and give you the ecstatic medicine you need to finish off your week and start the new one in a glorious, healing fashion. This is more than a Yoga Class. It is a 2-hr Learning, Growing, reminder-to-have-fun PLAYshop with the Yoga Fairy Godmother.

    Pleasantly inspired practices include meditation, conscious breathing, and traditional asana along with creative and eclectic flows that bring color and warmth to your heart and soul. ALWAYS All levels and permission-based . Erika guides you to play, feel, open, release, and heal ~ a true gift and blessing for the You that is struggling, blocked, bogged down, or just needing to laugh or lighten.

    SUNDAYS 8:00 AM 10:00 AM HST / Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. REGISTER HERE

    * Thursdays * Yoga for Mental Health, Elevate Your Mental State, Yin, Restore, and AcuYoga all wrapped up into a yummy Energetic Yoga Hug provided by the one and only Yoga Fairy Godmother, Erika Kealapua Faith.

    May this time together be deeply healing, sweet beyond measure, and just what you need to get the energy flowing back to you, once again. May we feel the power of the Divine at work in our lives through our time together. Aloha & Namaste ~ BLESSED BE.

    Our exuberant and grateful online course graduates.

    Cloud Nine Yoga School

    Country > USA > California > > Cloud Nine Yoga School
    YogaClasses in Los Angeles California
    Cloud Nine Yoga School
    Tel: 600-9346 / 222-4315
    Erika Faith Hattingh and her community of talented yoginis have been training yoga teachers since 1999. Her company, Cloud Nine Yoga, has been registered with Yoga Alliance since 2001 and operating since 1995. Our school prides itself in being a community-based, non-dogmatic Yoga Education entity with a history of facilitating the awakening of many hearts and teaching freedom of the mind & body. Each training group works together to promote and inspire growth, healing and transformation for each individual participant. Our teachers consistently enjoy giving encouraging, one-on-one consultations during the course of our program to keep each person evolving toward the best they can be. Our playfulness, gentle guidance and spiritually-focused approach provide a welcome and loving atmosphere for all ages and levels of students. We offer a vast network of support that includes over 200 graduates, scattered throughout the United States from California to Maine. We hope you?ll become part of our blossoming family!

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    Meet Erika Faith Of Cloud Nine Yoga In Los Angeles

    Today wed like to introduce you to Erika Faith.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Erika. So, lets start at the beginning and we can move on from there.I was born and raised in the South Bay. I built a small, one-woman Yoga School that began operating as Cloud Nine Yoga in 1999 at the Body Therapy Center in Redondo Beach. My following was eclectic school psychologists, healing body workers, movement therapists, dancers, University students, and corporate professionals. We would gather in each others homes, myself the chosen facilitator. We would study Yoga Philosophy, breathing techniques, meditation, health, and nutrition. Because my view of Yoga practice was built on having fun, I always brought the practice down-to-earth, and made the experience of practicing postures a meditative, visceral experience for my students. I like participants in my classes to embody each pose with somatic awareness.

    I tell them: It is through acceptance, breath, and connection, that we come home to the essential peace and gratitude that is always within us.

    Upon learning of my pregnancy in 2007, I left the University to pursue expanding Cloud Nine Yoga School in preparation for nurturing my growing family. Longtime students came forward to train with me to become trainers of the Basic and Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification programs I designed. By 2010, I had 18 trainers and 9 school locations around Southern California, Hawaii, and Nevada.


    Contact Info:

    Live In Kauai: 200 Ryt Immersion Training

    Cloud Nine Yoga, Hawaiian Sanctuary
    • 00:00:00 Hours On demand videos
    • 0 Lessons
    • Access on mobile and tv
    • Book – Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit: A Return to Wholeness by Donna Farhi
    • Books – Yoga Body by Judith Hanson-Lasater

    Join Cloud Nine Yoga’s Spring Yoga Teacher Training cohort to gain knowledge and skills to become a self-assured, qualified Certified Yoga Instructor!

    We meet for Core Curriculum with the School’s Founder and Director, Lead Trainer, Erika Faith Calig, E-RYT500. Additionally, practice classes are scheduled daily with guest teachers and support trainers. Practicum, Lecture, Discussion, Asana Breakdown, and Teaching Methodology for Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Power Yoga, and Yin/Restore.

    Our Functional Anatomy Trainer coaches students in applied Anatomy & Physiology for Hatha Yoga. Additionally, she’ll provide a supportive and encouraging space for all students to learn and practice teaching. Through group and peer classes, you train your voice and build confidence to guide others through a Yoga Class.

    What will you learn?

    Subjects Covered:

    Cloud Nine Yoga

    Cloud Nine Yoga is a 200/300 Yoga Alliance Registered School since 2002. We have been training yoga teachers and offering certification courses since 1999.

    Erika Faith is the founder and director of Cloud Nine Yoga Schools, nationally recognized by The Yoga Alliance at the highest level since 2002.

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    Online Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: Modules 1

    Part 1 of our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training & Certification. Move toward your Yoga Alliance 500RYT with further Yoga Training. This course combines self-paced studies with optional weekly practice classes and interactive mentor check-ins with our trainers. Our school provides a progressive model for learning various Yogic Wellness Techniques in the Hatha Yoga, Tantric, and Vedic traditions.

    • 113:19:57 Hours On demand videos
    • 59 Lessons
    • Access on mobile and tv
    • Specialty Education in Yin Yoga, Tantric Studies, and Energy Body Anatomy
    • 130 Curriculum Hours toward 300/500 RYT
    • Meeting #1a00:32:48
    • Self-Paced 300-hr Advanced Yoga Training Orientation with Erika Faith Calig, E-RYT 500, of Cloud Nine Yoga School
  • Meeting #1b00:59:42
  • Orientation, Program Overview, Welcome – Erika
  • Homewrok: Read Powers Through Pg. 55
  • Meeting #2a01:31:57
  • Yin/yang Yoga: Meridian Theory + Kidney/bladder Yin Sequence – Erika
  • Meeting #2b02:04:05
  • Modern Day People: You In Motion + Tending The Roots – Trinity
  • Homework: Read Roche Through Pg. 68 + Pgs. 177 – 235
  • Meeting #3a01:59:35
  • Earthing Your Instincts: Let The Roots Of Your Body Lead The Way – Erika
  • Meeting #3b02:46:02
  • Movement Assessments Follow Up + Releasing Day-to-day Body – Trinity
  • Homework: Read Little Through Pg. 73
  • Meeting #4a01:35:21
  • In The Seat Of The Goddess: Pelvic Power Practice & Meditations W/ The Goddess – Erika
  • Meeting #4b01:43:11
  • Body Psychology: Releasing Patterned Responses – Linda
  • Meeting #5a02:02:50
  • Meeting #5b03:03:59
  • Tuition & Payment Plans

    A $500 non-refundable deposit will secure your space in the program. Your program deposit applies to the total tuition price listed below. Seats in the program will likely fill to capacity, register early.

    Early Bird: $4000 early bird. Deposit by November 1, 2020. Full payment due January 15, 2020

    Regular Tuition: $4300. Deposit to reserve seat in program and pay in full by January 15, 2020

    Four Month Payment Plan: $ 4500. $500 deposit to reserve your space and four payments of $1000 due on January 15, 2020 February 15, 2020 March 15, 2020 and April 15, 2020.

    Seven Month Payment Plan: $4700. $500 deposit to reserve your space and seven payments of $700 due on January 15, 2020 February 15, 2020 March 15, 2020 April 15, 2020 May 15, 2020 and June 15, 2020.

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    Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

    Better Living Yoga is pleased to work in partnership with Soma Yoga Institute to bring this 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course to Orange County, California. The program is designed specifically for those who are ready to deepen their knowledge base, teach with more authenticity, expand their repertoire and increase their efficacy in offering yoga as a vehicle for health and wellness to help people heal, grow and thrive.

    The curriculum includes a therapeutically oriented approach to Yoga, multidimensional sequencing, holistic alignment concepts, instructing level 2 poses, individualized mentoring, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda and so much more. The program is open to Yoga teachers from all disciplines with six months or more teaching experience .


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