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Children’s Yoga Mats Bulk

Yogadirect Workout Mat For Small Yogis

Decorate & Re-Design Yoga Mats for Kids.avi

Next up in the list is a yoga mat for children from Yoga Direct. This mat is available in different fun patterns that include sun, turtle, and flowers, and beautiful colors that appeal to many small yogis a lot. Kids can use this mat at home, outdoor, or school to play and workout.

Its premium quality material and 1/4 inch thickness make the exercise mat incredibly durable and provide a firm grip of hands and feet while doing yoga or workout. The textured back of the mat, stick it to hardwood or concrete floor and keep children safe from all kinds of slip hazards.

Removing dirt and stains from the yoga mat is extremely easy. A wipe of damp cloth or washing them under running water will do the trick. Dont forget to rinse and dry them in the open air.

Merrithew Kids Exercise And Play Mat For Kids

Stickiness is an important factor to look for while buying a yoga mat for kids, and believe me, Merrithew is one of the best sticky yoga mats that you can have for your little one. Its stickiness allows it to establish a firm connection with the floor, which is a sign that it wont slip when the kids are having their fun time.

PVC, natural rubber, and jute are the materials that are used in the construction of this nice yoga mat for kids. The material is completely non-toxic, wont release bad odor, and usage of this mat wont cause any harm to little yogis in the long run.

With a size of 54x 24 and thickness of 4mm, Maerrithew yoga mat offers excellent protection against the hardwood or concrete floors. Furthermore, its premium quality cushioning also provides maximum comfort and makes the mat durable as compared to other available options.

Safe And Durable Kids Yoga And Exercise Mats In Bulk For
    Yoga is great for kids—mind, body and soul, and is pleased to offer affordable, high quality kids yoga mats to meet the needs of the littlest yogis. The bright, colorful mats are available in different sizes and thicknesses, because no child or workout is the same. Some need more length, while others need more cushion.

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The Best Yoga Mats For Kids/children/little Yogis 2020

Parents always want to keep their children fit, both mentally and physically. For this, they want to indulge their kid in a variety of activities or exercises, and YOGA is one of them. Yoga is one of those practices that not only provide physical strength as well as make your child strong mentally.

When talking specifically about performing Yoga activities by the little yogis, choosing the best yoga mats for kids is very important. Parents should have in-depth knowledge while picking the right yoga mat for their child because a wrong choice may lead your kid injuring himself.

For kids, you need to choose a mat that has an attractive design, ensures their health and safety, and encourages little ones to perform the yoga as a fun activity.

But where to find such yoga mats for children?


Dont worry, after an extensive research team at MatsCorner.Com has gathered a list of top 10 best yoga mats for kids. Without further ado, lets check out what we have got for your cute kid.

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Gaiam Fun Yoga Mat For Toddlers

Wholesale Children Yoga Mats Soft NBR

With fun prints and bright colors, Gaiam yoga mats are best for kids and toddlers of aging 5-8 years. It is available in nine different colors and designs, enabling you to choose a perfect one for your baby. Apart from yoga activities and stretching, small yogis can also play and take a nap on this mat as well.

Gaiam kids yoga mat is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly PVC material, which means usage of this mat keeps your child safe from any health hazard. 60 L x 24 W size makes it suitable for growing kids.

3mm thickness makes balancing much easier and lets your kid hold on a particular yoga position comfortably. Furthermore, it also ensures the prevention of an injury due to accidental falls while exercising or playing on the mat.

On purchase of this baby yoga mat, you will also gain access to a special mobile application, which includes free yoga classes for small yogis.

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Buy This Item In A Bundled Kit

Mindfulness Art Kit for Individuals

Give Kids Mats With Yoga Poses Right On Them!

Kid-sized yoga mats are ideal for student use to stretch, exercise, or practice yoga.

  • Kid-Centered Design! Comfortable yoga mats are designed with kids in mind.
  • Makes A Good Stress-Reliever: Kids can retreat to a yoga mat during the day to take a stress-free break.
  • Great For Exercise Break: Kids need exercise, and these appealing mats entice them to move and stretch.
  • School Or Home Use: Mats can be used at school or at home.
  • Displays Yoga Poses: One side of mat instructively displays 24 yoga poses and their names.Encourage your students to exercise and de-stress with these yoga mats for kids!

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Play Platoon Extra Thick Yoga Mat For Kids

If you are looking for a colorful yoga mat for your kid, this mat from Play Platoon is not a bad choice at all. The puzzle design and color scheme of this mat are very unique, and you wont find it in any other piece. The fun on this mat is not only limited to yoga activities kids can use it for playing different games as well.

Its 15mm thickness not only provides a decent cushioning but also enables your kid to maintain a nice balance without getting slip or skid. All the material and foam used in the formation of this mat is not only of premium quality but also is environmentally friendly.

Play Platoon yoga mat is incredibly durable and can be used in daycares, playrooms, and schools. Furthermore, the cleaning process is also not much complicated. You can use a damp cloth with detergent to wipe off all the dirt and stains from the mat.

Here is a detailed guide on guide on how to choose best yoga mat.

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Wholesale Kids Yoga Mat
    kids yoga mat Online Shopping. 4. 5. 25 Reviews + More. Find terrific prices on an array of wholesale kids yoga mat at DHgate. With a wide selection of low-priced merchandise available to purchase you have lots of options on wholesale kids yoga mat.And it is possible to mix and match and get the volume discount for kids yoga mat items purchase.Results 217 kids yoga mat – Find Carpets, Home â¦

Bulk Yoga Mats For Kids

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Inexpensive Yoga Mats For Classrooms

Yoga Mats In Bulk

  • Yoga Towels – Cooling Towels For Neck and Face Pack of 10 – Wholesale Bulk
  • 12 Yoga Mats In Bulk Pink – Wholesale Pack Pink
  • 12 Yoga Mats In Bulk Orange – Wholesale Pack Orange
  • 12 Yoga Mats In Bulk Green – Wholesale Pack Green
  • 12 Yoga Mats In Bulk Red – Wholesale Pack Red
  • 12 Yoga Mats In Bulk Purple – Wholesale Pack Purple
  • 12 Yoga Mats In Bulk Blue – Wholesale Pack Blue
  • 12 Yoga Mats In Bulk – Wholesale Pack

Chi Universe Yoga Mat For Children

Turn your kid yoga workout into a fun activity with Chi Universe yoga mat. Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-phthalate PVC material, this mat is suitable for the age group of 4-8 years old kids.

It is available in two different sizes and colors that children like the most. The thickness of 5mm makes this mat sturdy and lets your little one enjoy a great workout comfortably without getting hurt.

Additionally, beautiful symbols printed on the mat not only make it look attractive but also helps a kid in placing his hand and foot in the right position, thus improves body posture and alignment. Non-slip backing keeps your child safe from injuries that can be caused due to slipping off the mat.

You can also download and install the free yoga application for more fun interaction and concentration.

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic material ensure kids health and safety.
  • 5mm thickness provides comfortable workout experience.
  • Beautiful symbols boost kids interest in performing yoga.

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Toplus Yoga And Exercise Mat For Little Yogis

TOPLUS is known for producing excellent quality and best yoga mats for beginners and professionals. So, the exclusion of TOPLUS yoga mat for the child from the list was not possible. The company has paid attention to all the minor details to manufacture a masterpiece exercise mat for kids.

This mat comes in a size of 60 x 24 which makes it ideal for infants, toddlers, and children of different age groups. Its 4mm thickness provides a decent cushioning and better grip so that your kid can confidently and comfortably try different yoga positions without any pain.

Don not ignore the beautiful forest and animal characters printed on the front of the yoga mat because this adorable design triggers kids to do yoga and have fun at the same time. Furthermore, the non-skid sticky back provides better traction and prevents the mat from slipping and sliding when the apple of your eye is enjoying his time.

Yogi Junior Best Yoga Mats For Schools

double layer yoga mat for wholesale

If you are looking for a combo of fun and safety, Yogi Junior is a perfect yoga mat for kids. It offers you plenty of color options and designs, making it easier for parents to pick one of their kid choices.

All the materials used in the formation of this yoga mat are latex, phthalates, PVC, and BPA free. A double-layered TPE foam makes the surface more grippy, which allows establishing a firm grip of hands and feet to let your kid try different yoga positions comfortably.

The backside of the mat also has a dual texture that adds more grip and makes it slip-resistant. The anti-slip feature cant be ignored in a yoga mat for little yogis because kids need fun, and they will definitely try different things on the mat. If the mat is not slip-resistant, your kid may end up injuring himself while doing yoga or playing on it.

Yogi Junior is a multipurpose mat that can be used at home, school, or at the gym for different yoga exercises, taking a nap, playing.

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