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Cheap Children’s Yoga Mats

What To Look For When Searching For A Kids Yoga Mat

Top 10 Best Cheap Yoga Mats in 2022 Reviews

After long research, I figured that some of us might need some guidance on choosing a yoga mat for our little yogis because apparently, finding a great product that can be suitable to them isnt exactly like eating a piece of cake

So, the ones listed above were carefully handpicked respecting some evaluating criteria based on their features, such as:

  • it needs to have a cushioned surface: it doesnt have to be too thick, but just enough so that kids can do yoga comfortably and can hold poses for longer without hurting themselves.
  • it has to be strictly non-slippery. And I cant stress this one enough, as its very easy for kids to get injured on a slippery mat, and its also quite likely that theyll end up losing confidence if they dont feel safe while doing yoga.
  • it has to be eye-catching. If theres one crucial aspect to kids yoga is that we always need to keep alive a playful spirit. Otherwise, he/she will think of yoga as a boring adult-only activity.

So, if youre on the hunt for a kids yoga mat, try to always keep in mind that thiss going to be our kids trustworthy companion, so try to go for something that has a vivid, playful design. Or better still, let him/her pick their own mat!

From your side though, make sure that what youre buying is also grippy, safe and made with eco-friendly materials.

Why Choose This Product

Kids Yoga Mat: These yoga mats for kids are ideal for children ages 5 8 and are designed to be fun and provide a healthy outlet that teaches a healthy body image, concentration, balance and calm even in the face of too much silliness. Textured Non-Slip Surface: Yoga mats are slightly sticky with a light tack, providing a safe and secure grip for your active boy or girl while on the mat. Non-Toxic: These kids yoga mats are non-toxic and 6P Free, which means the PVC mat is free of the phthalates DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP. Includes Bonus Kids Yoga Class: A downloadable yoga class specifically designed for kids is included with your mat purchase to help get your little one started. Dimensions: 60 inches L x 24 inches W x 3 millimeter.

Eco-Friendly: Made from Poly Environmental Resin , a food-grade, non-toxic material. Safe: Free from toxins, heavy metals, and phthalates. Comfortable & Durable: Cushioned for comfort, durable, and easy to clean. Easy To Carry: Convenient built-in handle makes on-the-go easy. Grippy: Non-slip surface for safety.

Omya Spot Mindfulness + Yoga Mat For Kids

These exquisite round mats are mindfully designed with assorted graphics to help kids learn the correct alignment of their yoga poses. Perfect for use from three years of age, they are 1m in diameter and safe to pop in the washing machine.

Dreamy yoga mats specially crafted for little bodies. Made using 100% natural tree rubber and microsuede, theyre odour-free, biodegradable and recyclable. Each lightweight mat comes with a carry strap.

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The Top 5 Kids Yoga Mats Reviewed

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat Exercise Mat, Yoga for Kids with Fun Prints – Playtime… 24×0.1x 60
Eco Friendly Kids Yoga Mat, Soft Microfiber Suede And Organic Rubber, Non… 60″x24″ x0.12″
Bean Products Kids Size Sticky Yoga Mat | 3mm Thick x 60 L x… 60 x 24 x 3.5 Rubber
Really Good Stuff Kids Yoga Mat with 24 Illustrated Poses Safe,… 25.75 x 25.5 x 3 PVC
MERRITHEW Kids Yoga and Exercise Mat, Triple Sundog 0.15 inch / 4… 24x3x 3

This lovely mat is probably the kids most loved one because the first thing that meets the eye is its catchy look: you can choose among 12 different designs, so theres plenty of choice for anyone!

Also, it provides a strong grip, as its a textured non-slip surface, which makes it safe and secure even for beginners. As for the material: its PVC so its not really the best you can get but its completely non-toxic, so its a green light from us.

Something I also loved about this mat is that it comes with a downloadable intro to yoga class so that your little one knows how to get started. The mat appears to be also quite durable and easy to clean, because its made with a material that allows it not to absorb moisture.

So, lets recap some of its overall pros and cons:


When I was looking for the best kids yoga mat available on the market, I was quite shaky on whether I should pick this one or the one Ive just reviewedBecause this mat is really something amazing.



The #1 Mat Recommended By Teachers Worldwide

Wholesale Children Yoga Mats Soft NBR
  • My PRO mat is my greatest support system. It has been there to catch me when I fall. It has soaked up tears of pain and joy and reflected back to me my power and strength. Whenever I am on it I am not only held, I am home.

    Sarah Ezrin, Yoga Teacher

  • The Manduka Pro mat supports me through the movement of change, keeps me grounded as I weather the storm of my practice, and never fails to be there when I need it most. Its the best mat on the market, and the only one Ive used since I got my first one many years ago.

    Sean Gray, Yoga Teacher

  • Manduka knows mats and I trust them with mine. I have the PRO Mat and I adore it. The grip is great, the cushion is on point for my creaky knees and the XL is perfect for this tall Yogi! I look forward to several decades of practice with this mat.

    Ivorie Jenkins, Yoga Teacher

  • I bought my PRO mat 16 years ago. Its held my sweat and tears, its supported me through three pregnancies, multiple injuries and has been both my launching pad and landing pad.

    Kelly Moore, Yoga Teacher

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Taking Care Of Your Kids Yoga Mat:

The kids yoga mats need exactly the same care as the ones for adults. Yes, I know that each of the mats listed above is made with different materials but Id recommend a few cleaning tricks that work on any yoga mat:

  • Try to place it and store it away from direct sunlight and/or heat
  • Avoid using aggressive cleaning products
  • If the mat is washable in a washing machine go ahead and do so, otherwise try to fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of essential oil, spray on the whole surface and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Let it air dry unrolled.

So that being said, I hope this guide was somewhat useful for you, and if you tried any of these mats let us know what you and your little yogi think about it!


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Uses Of Yoga Mats For Kids

The main benefits of yoga mats for kids are:

  • Childrens yoga mats provide a slightly cushioned surface on which to practice. This makes certain poses more comfortable, especially if they are held for 30 seconds or more.
  • Yoga mats for kids have surfaces that provide more grip than a rubber sleep roll. This prevents your child from sliding on the mats surface, which can become surprisingly slippery. It also minimizes the chances of the mat sliding on the floor while your child is in a pose.
  • A yoga mat can give focus to the practice and clearly define it as an activity, rather than it feeling like just a way of stretching before you do something else.
  • Having a yoga mat can make your child feel grown-up and, consequently, more inclined to keep practicing.

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Best Yoga Mats For Your Kids

Yoga has been popular for centuries and it also makes a great activity for kids too.

Kids yoga mats come in a range of different and colourful styles and designs and are made to be comfortable and safe to use too.


Easily Portable Kids Yoga Mat Choice

Dimensions: 183 x 61 x 0.6 cm | Design: Black | Mat Material: PVC | Thickness: 6mm

  • Non-toxic natural PVC material
  • Lots of colours to choose from
  • Carrying strap

This easily portable kids yoga mat is made from non-toxic natural PVC material and comes in lots of different colours for kids to choose from.

This kids yoga mat is also simple to store and take on the move thanks to the included carrying strap.

Top Cute Design for Kids

Dimensions: 61 x 7.6 x 7.6cm | Design: Green Monkeys | Mat Material: PER | Thickness: Not Specified

  • Adorable monkey design
  • Cushioned fabric
  • Easy to wipe down clean

The kids yoga mat features an adorable monkey design that will delight both boys and girls and the cushioned PER fabric helps to protect their bodies as they move and pose.

This kids yoga mat is also easy to wipe down clean after use as well.

Top Kids Yoga Mat for Babies and Toddlers

Dimensions: 150cm L x 61cm W x 6mm | Design: Blue | Mat Material: TPE | Thickness: 6mm

  • Ideal for babies and toddlers
  • Natural TPE material
  • 6mm thick cushioning

This kids yoga mat is ideal for babies and toddlers and is recommended for use by children up to 12 years old.

Top Safety Choice for Kids Yoga Mat

Best Toddler Yoga Mat: Yogalette Kiddomat

Inflatable Baby Water Mat
  • Yogalette KiddoMat, £13.99 on Amazon – buy here

Designed for children up to the age of 5, this non-toxic mat from Yogalette is made from eco-friendly TPE.

Choose from three different colours – blue, pink and purple – with printed motifs. The mat measures 40cm x 92cm, and is 6mm thick, making it just the right size for anyone wanting something compact for yoga or play.

Hand wipe and air dry to clean.

One fan says, “We got the Yogalette for our two kids and they love it! Not only does it mean they can join in with our yoga routines, but it also doubles up as a great safe surface that can be used when they are playing out in garden, it’s also easy to carry around and the kids love the colourful designs…”

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Buy This Item In A Bundled Kit

Mindfulness Social-Emotional Bundle

Give Kids Mats With Yoga Poses Right On Them!

Kid-sized yoga mats are ideal for student use to stretch, exercise, or practice yoga.

  • Kid-Centered Design! Comfortable yoga mats are designed with kids in mind.
  • Makes A Good Stress-Reliever: Kids can retreat to a yoga mat during the day to take a stress-free break.
  • Great For Exercise Break: Kids need exercise, and these appealing mats entice them to move and stretch.
  • School Or Home Use: Mats can be used at school or at home.
  • Displays Yoga Poses: One side of mat instructively displays 24 yoga poses and their names.Encourage your students to exercise and de-stress with these yoga mats for kids!

Pay in 3 easy payments.

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Yogadirect Kids Yoga Mat

YogaDirect Fun Yoga Mat For Kids is the kids yoga mat that my daughter picked out as a toddler, and she used it for six years!

It comes in a turtle, sun, or butterfly print and has rounded edges supposed to help keep it in place. Its completely latex and phthalate-free and measures 60 x 24 x 1/4.

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Let Them Lead The Way

If youre trying to get your child more active, ask what they would like to do or give them options to choose from. This will make them more likely to participate and enjoy themselves.

For yoga, ask which poses your child wants to try, when they would like to practice, or where. Giving your child an element of control is more likely to make them want to join in.

Best Fashion Kids’ Yoga Mat: Myga

Buy Online Fablooms Yoga Mat
  • Kids Yoga Mat, £22.99 on Myga – buy here

This super-stylish kids’ yoga mat is a lovely choice made from super soft PVC.

Your little one can master great moves and poses with its non-slip surface designed to cushion and give stability.

Its stunning print means it will always stand out from the crowd and it has a nice thickness of 6mm.

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Make It A Family Affair

Your child is more likely to exercise and enjoy doing so if they see you and other family members doing the same thing. Encourage everyone to join in and if they all have competing interests, take it in turns.

With yoga, take it in turns to choose the poses, the time of day youll be practicing, or the location. Weve had lots of fun taking turns to select the pose and turning it into a storytelling process.

For example, a cat pose followed by a downward-facing dog and a tree pose told the story of a cat walking through the garden when a dog noticed it and chased the poor cat up a tree. It turned out the cat was a warrior and won the animal war by turning into a cat/cow.

Best Kids Yoga Mat For Young Yogis

Yoga Equipment

Kids can also do yoga. It teaches them flexibility. It enhances their strength and body awareness. Yoga also helps improve their sense of calmness and relaxation. Introducing the little ones to yoga would help them establish their healthy habits and self-discipline at an early age. Start the process by giving them the best kids yoga mat, which they can use for the sessions.

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Skip The Organized Sports

Some kids thrive on competition and enjoy either solo or team-organized sports and activities. However, as they get older, many kids become overly competitive, discouraging children who are not as athletic as others.

If your child isnt competitive or finds the other kids have a downer on them because theyre not at an elite level, skip organized sports.

Best Kids’ Play Mat For Yoga: Comfy Gym Flooring Mat

Tumbling Mats For Home – Tumbling Mats for Sale
  • ComFy Gym Flooring Mat, from £19.95 for 4 tiles on Amazon – buy here

With younger children in the house, an interlocking floor mat is a fab idea since it creates a surface for them to crawl, play or do yoga on that can be easily tucked away when not in use.

These tiles include double-sided adhesive tape so they won’t move during yoga, and the EVA foam is soft and comfy for kids doing exercise.

The tiles are 8mm thick, so should provide ample cushioning for little ones.

Customers praise the quality as both a baby mat and a workout mat. Job done.

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Best Baby Yoga Mat: Mamas & Papas

  • Baby yoga mat, £18.36 from Mamas & Papas – buy here

Baby yoga is great for your little one to stretch muscles and move limbs specifically designed for their body. With parents help, it can be a great way of building core strength and encourage them to sit and stretch while bonding and giving sensory stimulation.

So it makes sense to find the perfect mat for the class. This one from Mamas & Papas has a non-slip back and is soft and cosy to touch. With its extra fixed strap, you can easily roll it up and pop it in the pram too.

These Yoga Mats For Kids Are The Perfect Size For Your Mini Yogi

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Little fingers stretch above little heads. Adorable faces take turns peeking between legs and giggling. It’s workout time in my house, and my two toddlers love playing around on my yoga mat! It’s all fun and games until, you know, I actually need to exercise. Then my mini yoga buddies tend to either throw a fit or more effectively politely ask if they can use my mat so they can “Work out too, mama?”

I don’t want to discourage them from exercising , so I started researching. I needed good, interesting yoga mats for kids, STAT! Luckily, there are many out there. From blue robots to colorful rainbow unicorns, you are sure to find something that interests your kid, is the right size for them, and encourages them to do yoga, exercise, or simply have a dance party on softer ground. Now I can exercise in peace, and they can have a blast playing on their very own yoga mats. Ahead, you’ll find a few of my favorite options out there!

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The Best Yoga Mats For Kids As Chosen By Our Experts

Often available in bold block colors of either pink, mandarin or kiwi , the Yogistar mat may look rather plain, however, it means children wont get bored or grow out of the design in a hurry. And with the mat at 152cm x 51cm, kids shouldnt get too big for it too soon, either. Its made with PVC, meaning the grip is exceptionally sturdy, especially on hard floors , which can make all the difference when youngsters are learning.

Plus, its non-toxic and free from phthalates and heavy metals, so wont irritate the skin or cause allergies. But what makes this our top mat for children is the fact that you can wash it at 30ºC in a washing machineit takes the hassle out of keeping it clean.

What better way to start and end the day than by getting your little ones to stretch on this sunny yellow yoga mat with its ultra-cute bumblebee design? Not only is the Merrithew premium pick non-slip, but its also free of toxins, heavy metals and phthalatesbasically, all the nasties that no one wants to get up close and personal with when exercising, least of all children. Plus, its waterproof and, if kids do get it dirty, its easy to clean with mild soap and water .

And once any quiet time is over, kids will enjoy flipping this mat over and copying the eight basic yoga poses printed on the underside. If your child isnt keen on the surfboard design, this range is also available with unicorns, dinosaurs, or ice-cream cones.


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