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Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor

What Makes The Young Yoga Masters Training Special

Phoenix girl about to become one of youngest certified yoga instructors in the US

You are in the right place if you want:

Not sure what kind of Kids Yoga Training you need? Read the Young Yoga Masters Guide to Kids Yoga Teacher Training at the end of the page. Jump to The Guide to Childrens Yoga Teacher Training. Want to stay connected with your fellow kids yoga teachers from your training and your trainer? Upon completion, you can join our exclusive Facebook Group.

If its time for you to achieve your goals of teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to children in the classroom, living room, or as a part-time or full-time career, Young Yoga Masters can give you the skill and Certification you need.

The Young Yoga Masters program gives you experience and confidence with each Certificate, so you can go out and teach even after one module. One graduate told us:

Become A Kids Yoga Expert With Yogakids Full Certification

Our Transformations Level 3 Training is currently offered as an online webinar course. As a result of your Certification, you will have all the education, tools, and resources available to effectively teach yoga to children of all ages and abilities. Consequently, youll be able to advise, teach, and support others in your community using the YogaKids Program.

Level 3 is the culmination of your kids yoga Certification track and an in-depth study of yoga philosophy, childhood development, special needs, trauma and anatomy. Above all, the Level 3 training is also an extraordinary opportunity to learn new techniques of empowering children to love and learn through yoga.

Please note: The online training is part of our YogaKids Teacher Certification track. Please contact Yoga Alliance regarding requirements for the RCYT designation.

Issas Certification Accreditation Bonus

As an added offer to your ISSA exam, you will receive a FREE accredited exam!

Why do we offer you an accredited exam? Because you should be provided with every opportunity to get your foot in the door of anywhere you want to work. With an accredited exam, youll open more doors, and stand out as the trainer who has the best of both worlds.

The accredited exam will not appear in your cart. It will be readily available with your online course materials after purchase.

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Become A Yogakids Apprentice With Level 2

You can continue your kids yoga Certification training with Integrations. Integrations is Level 2 of the YogaKids Certification Program. This at-home study course consists of 4 modules and is open to all our Level 1 graduates.

During Integrations, our incredible community of teachers and trainers will be supporting you through our global Teachers forum. And our elite team of Master Mentors will evaluate your work.

You can expect to complete the course in 4-6 months. Each module averages 20-30 hours of homework. By setting aside 5 hours per week, you can complete each module in 4-6 weeks. Therefore, if you teach two YogaKids classes per week during your Level 2 Training, you can earn back your investment in Certification before you even complete your training!

Kids Yoga Teacher Certificates

Level One Module

Young Yoga Masters, a Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga School, offers a flexible training where you receive a Certificate for each training module you complete. You can take any training module in any order except for the Level 2 Mastermind Module . You can also take Modules at any location .

Each Certificate covers important aspects of teaching yoga to children to prepare you to be a confident teacher. Youll discover effective ways to teach yoga to children .

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Healing Resilience And Personal Power: Trauma Informed Teaching

While our entire training is trauma informed, in this advanced workshop youll gain a greater understanding of the physiological and neurological effects of trauma, the relationship between trauma and behavior, and learn how yoga and mindfulness practices can support healing and boost protective factors.

How To Become A Certified Childrens Yoga Instructor

What is the time commitment required to become a certified yoga teacher?

  • It takes 200 hours to obtain certification to teach yoga at the most fundamental level. Every school has a different timetable for these hours, so it might take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to complete.


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What Do People Think About Us

When I took my training I never realized how much my life would change and how much of an impact I would have on children. The amazing tools and resources that we are given prepared me to go out and improve the lives of children by teaching them how to calm their minds. This has been especially helpful for many of my students dealing with anxiety.

Mom & Kids Yoga Teacher

KAY is a very well-rounded system that brings in all the elements of yoga breathing, postures, and philosophy in a way that is lacking even in many adult classes. It gave me a way to share yoga with kids that is fun and accessible while preserving the ultimate goal: to help kids to lead peaceful, meaningful lives. The best part is, since becoming a mother, Ive had the chance to see how it carries into my mothering as I share yoga with my daughter.

Writer & Yoga Teacher

On the second day of my kids yoga teacher training there was a family yoga class and we got to see how kids yoga works THE KAY WAY. I cried multiple times because this style of teaching brought so much peace, joy, love and light to the children and parents. The training was totally transformational. This is the stuff that will change the world.

Be Respectful And Compassionate

The Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training Experience – Become a Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

Being a yoga teacher, you are in an influential place. Make sure you understand that is a delicate responsibility as you are leading your students. Make sure you guide them right and make sure you treat them right.

Be respectful and compassionate with your students. Honour your students and know the student is as equally divine as the teacher. If there were no students, who would the teachers teach? So, dont disrespect, talk rudely or insult your students.

Know when to push your students and know when to let them be to find their unique way.

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Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate:

Enhance childrens health with Mindfulness activities, movement, and the tremendously popular Meditations for Growing Minds resources with 10 tracks to play in your classes including Castle of CloudsandKidease. In this module you will connect to the practice of Mindfulness and learn to bring Mindfulness to Children. Youll explore effective activities and props that get kids attention and help them be strong and steady when doing yoga poses. Full Details Here.

Meditations for Growing MindsMoving Meditations for Growing Minds

Inspiring Teachers & Children

We are a leading provider of training, resources, courses, mentorships and workshops, specialising in Yoga and Mindfulness for Schools, Family Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Special Needs.

We offer fully accredited training for teachers and yoga teachers tailored to the needs of students. Our network of outstanding children’s yoga teachers provides childrens yoga teacher training in schools and studios across the UK to inspire children to be calm, creative and resilient through the discipline and playfulness of yoga.

Siobhan and Emma are great teachers, I found them to be really clear, open and warm in their approach. They created a safe and supportive space to explore some of the fundamental aspects around teaching children. I left feeling empowered and more creative. I have lots of new things to try with the children I teach! Thank you!”

Angeline, Children’s Yoga and Dance Teacher

Start your children’s yoga teaching adventure by enrolling for one of our courses below or join our yoga teacher community membership.

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Do Yoga Teachers Need Insurance

In order to protect themselves and their students, yoga instructors should obtain both general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. The ideal choice is to choose a policy that provides both types of coverage. In the event of a third-party claim for injury or property damage, general liability insurance will protect you from financial loss.

Practicing Yoga With Kids Can Elevate Your Own Wellness

Certified Children Yoga Instructor Online Course

The innovative Yo Re Mi approach to childrens yoga combines music, movement, and mindfulness. We move our bodies to energize or take a brain break use our voices to practice breathing exercises and sing songs and find stillness to wind down or de-stress.

These are all activities that you, as the guide, are practicing as well!

Many of our jobs traditionally have us glued to a desk or computer and sitting for long hours, creating tightness and bad posture. As a certified childrens yoga instructor, you will not only feel empowered to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your program, youll also feel confident to enthusiastically join in!

These are just some of the powerful benefits of a childrens yoga teacher training! How will you use the tools you learn in training to empower and support healthy and positive child development in your field?

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How Do I Start A Career In Yoga

Bachelor yoga courses may be pursued after passing your 12th class from any stream, and master yoga courses can be pursued after completing a graduate degree in any stream . In order to be admitted to yoga courses, there is no upper age restriction. Sivananda Ashrams are the best places to study yoga because they provide a spiritual environment.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Childrens Yoga Tree is dedicated to providing a high standard of childrens yoga teacher training online and in schools. Our aim is to empower teachers and parents to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. We believe the discipline and playfulness of yoga is an essential building block in child development – nurturing children to be calm, creative and resilient in a challenging world.

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Level Two: The Developing Child: Communication Compassion And Creativity

Explore the physical, emotional, and social aspects of youth development. Refine your teaching skills, with an emphasis on connect element practices. Learn a compassionate approach to classroom and behavior management, with a focus on how to handle challenging behavior mindfully and effectively.

You Will Gain A New Network And Access To Industry Resources

Kids Yoga Teacher Certification at Jericho House

One of the best things about any certification training is the network you build. You and your training colleagues are in this journey together, sharing experiences and knowledge.

Use this opportunity to maximize that network: build industry contacts, ask advice, and share insight from your own expertise. During and following the training you will gain access to a mountain of resources and be prepared to teach yoga to children in a variety of settings.

Our own childrens yoga course certification, for instance, includes a comprehensive manual and access to online video and audio resources.

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A School And Program Officially Recognized By Yoga Alliance And Qci

To be certified from a yoga school and a yoga teacher training program that is recognized by Yoga Alliance will be much beneficial for you. Schools that are registered with yoga alliance tend to have quality teacher training programs that reflect integrity.

It is not compulsory to be registered with yoga alliance though it is instrumental and beneficial. The yoga alliance has set certain standards that maintain the quality of yoga which allows quality yoga programs all around the world.

If you do your training from a yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance, you will naturally have more weight and benefits as a yoga teacher.

If you are doing a teacher training program in India, then doing it from a school recognized by QCI is one of the best things you can do for your yoga teaching life. QCI is similar to the Yoga Alliance and makes sure the quality of yoga is set at its highest.

Again, it is not compulsory to go to a yoga school recognized by QCI, but it is incredibly advantageous and valuable.

Why Become A Certified Youth Instructor

  • Learn new tools and techniques to help children and teens reduce stress and develop attention, fitness and social/emotional skills
  • Gain supplemental income and career opportunities with extracurricular Yoga Calm classes and product sales
  • Establish new ways of attracting clients, differentiating your services and creating new revenue sources
  • Reap the rewards of integrating your own yoga and wellness practices into your professional life
  • Earn up to 5 college credits, CEUs and clock hours
  • Enhance your professional stature and personal recognition

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Get Registered For Ryt

Once you are done with the life-changing and transformative yoga teacher training course, you can register for RYT.

It is not compulsory for you to register as an RYT, but it is definitely beneficial and useful. You will be more credible all around the world if you are an RYT. As an RYT, you will have more job options. But, at the end of it all, what really matters is how good a yoga teacher you are.

If you are an excellent yoga teacher, chances are your yoga career is already very bright. But being registered as an RYT gives you more visibility and credibility not only in America but all over the world.

The world of yoga is changing. A few years earlier registration as an RYT or any other registration wasnt necessary. But as yoga spreads like wildfire, it has become more critical to maintain the quality and high standards of yoga.

This quality and high standard is maintained through the RYT, Yoga Alliance and QCI qualifications.

What Will I Learn As An Issa Certified Yoga Instructor

yoga for physical education

The ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor COURSE blends science, practical application, and yoga theory. Youll learn the nuances of each pose and how it looks different to each student, and get templates to build customized classes guaranteed to keep participants returning. And because ISSA recognizes the need for this powerful form of fitness, we offer a FREE accredited exam with all our yoga courses – so our ISSA Certified Yoga Instructors are recognized as the best of the best.

In ISSAs Yoga Instructor Course, Youll Learn:

  • The History, Philosophy, and Foundation of Yoga
  • Yoga Poses For All Levels
  • Yoga Applications For Structural And Functional Movement
  • Teaching Pranayama And Breathing Techniques
  • Class Program Design and Preparation For All Training Environments
  • Inclusive Communication, Cueing, and Instruction

As an ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor, youll be a recognized expert in the practice of yoga and offer unquestionable professional instruction.

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Level Of Yoga 200 Hour 300 Hour And 500

Every yoga school offers mainly three levels of yoga teacher training courses. As described earlier in the article, the 200-hour yoga teacher training course is for beginners the 300-hour yoga teacher training course is for the intermediate and 500-hour yoga teacher training program is for the advanced practitioner.

What You Will Gain From The Course

The aim of the teacher training is to give you all the tools you need to empower you to become a great childrens yoga teacher. In particular, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive education in child psychology and physiology.
  • Learn how to teach engaging, exciting classes to kids aged 4-12, with all the knowledge and tools for success.
  • Develop a clear awareness of how teaching yoga and mindfulness to children is different to teaching adult classes, and the adaptations that need to be made.
  • Learn about the business of kids yoga and how to incorporate it into your existing work.

Our specialist team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to take you far beyond the basics. Training with our child psychologist will give you a deeper understanding of the mental and emotional needs of the children you teach. Rather than simply learning games to play, you will discover techniques and strategies to deal with their individual needs and circumstances, including challenging behaviours.

On the physical side of things, you will work with our paediatric physiotherapist to gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of a child and how this differs to an adults. You will also learn how a childs growth impacts their learning and development, how to avoid injury and how to set your classes at the right pace.

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Which Country Do You Want To Go

India, Bali, Nepal and Thailand are no doubt the best yoga destinations that offer some extraordinary yoga teacher training programs. India being the birth mother of yoga, has some of the most splendid yoga schools in the world.

Exotic Bali is easy on the pocket but not more than Nepal. In Nepal, you will find some excellent programs which dont require you to spend much money but will ask for your full dedication and sincerity.

Thailand is another exotic country full of pristine beaches and fierce yoga studios. So, choose the country your heart feels called to and then fly.

You Will Learn Proven Methodologies And Philosophies

Christian Yoga for Teens with Mckenzie a Certified Yoga Instructor

As caregivers and child development professionals, we all have our own, unique styles of empowerment. These approaches are built on years of experience and training, and elevated through proven methodologies and philosophies.

Yoga teacher training grants you access to these researched and proven methods, equipping you to take your own childrens education program or wellness curriculum to the next level.

At Yo Re Mi, for instance, we combine yoga and mindfulness with both the Reggio Emilia philosophyand music education to create a unique enrichment program that honors play-based learning and collaboration. This combination promotes sensory integration and complex cognitive development, and 98% of teachers agreethat the children in their class benefit from Yo Re Mi.

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