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Can You Wash A Yoga Mat

Store Your Yoga Mat Properly


Pay attention to the grip and stickiness of the mat and whether it still retains its shape.If you notice your mat starts peeling, itâs time to purchase a new mat.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Yoga Mat Clean

  • After each yoga session, hang your mat and allow it to fully air dry rather than keeping it rolled up.
  • To avoid a potential fungal or bacterial infection, donât rent shared yoga mats from the studio or gym.
  • Keep your mat out of direct sunlight, as it can cause fading and, depending on the material, can become brittle.
  • If you donât feel comfortable mixing your own cleaning products, check online for a pre-made solution designed for yoga mats.You might be surprised at what you find.
  • When your yoga mat stars showing significant wear and tear, donât bother with another washing.Itâs time to replace it.Even a great mat can only withstand so many deep cleans.

Q: How Often Should I Clean My Mat

A: Every time you use your mat, your body is releasing skin and sweat onto the surface. Over time, those materials invite bacteria to grow . We recommend using Mandukas Mat Wash andRefresh after every practice to help reduce stains and odor buildup. At least once a week you should follow the instructions to clean your mat, using more of the solution and scrubbing common touch point areas. Generally speaking, you only want to disinfect your yoga mat when you feel it has been exposed to germs. If you are practicing at home and no one in your home is sick, you really dont need to disinfect your mat very often. Having said that, given the current asymptomatic spread of COVID-19, disinfecting once a week is probably a good idea. If you practice at a studio, you should disinfect your mat after your class. We recommend you only use Mandukas Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner to deep clean and disinfect your mat.

Why Can Some Qualities Of Yoga Mats Not Be Cleaned In The Washing Machine

For individuals who perform yoga day by day, a yoga mat is an exceptionally fundamental thing. After utilizing a yoga mat for a few days, there is a need to wash it. Presently the primary nature of an individual is to toss it in the clothes washer however, no, you ought not to wash some types of yoga mats in the clothes washer since it can cause a few harms, for example,

  • A yoga mat in itself is enormous, so fitting it in a clothes washer may turn into an errand.

  • A yoga mat disbalances your clothes washer.

  • On the off chance that the clothes washer gets imbalanced, it might fall, which will cause a mishap.

  • Regardless of whether you crease it and fit it, the clothes washer somehow when the clothes washer will turn the yoga mat will unfurl.

  • A yoga mat can get a snag.

  • You will squander your power alongside your assets.

  • Its anything but a ton of clamor on the off chance that you wash a yoga mat in the clothes washer.

  • The rubber and polyester types of yoga mats can get their rubber damaged if washed in a cloth washer or spinner in the dryer.

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Caring For A Yoga Mat

Getting a new yoga mat is an exciting experience. Not only is it a wonderful way to fully commit to your yoga practice with newfound inspiration and energy, its also a great way to express your personality with a variety of colors, designs, and materials.

As a yoga instructor, Im often asked how to take care of a yoga mat and whats the best way to prep a new yoga mat for its first downward dog session. Here are a few tips and tricks Ive learned over the years.

Hand Wash with Soap and Water: The tried-and-trusted method that I use is to wet a washcloth with soapy water and wipe down my yoga mat before using it for the first time, as well as once a week throughout its life.

Add an Essential Oil to the Mixture: Buying a mat spray that contains essential oils is a great way to clean, disinfect, and add a nice scent to your mat. The scents Ive had the best luck with are lemon, orange, and eucalyptus for energy, or lavender and mint for a more relaxing scent.

Vinegar and Water: For a quick clean, create a 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to wipe down your yoga mat. Let it hang dry in a well-ventilated room or outside in the fresh air.

Air Dry: New mat smell? Try hanging your mat outside for a day or two. As anyone who line-dries their laundry knows, fresh air and UV rays can do wonders.

I hope these tips help you stay grounded and balanced while on your mat, whether its your new companion or a longstanding friend to your yoga practice.

Cleaning The Yoga Mat In The Bathtub

How to Clean Yoga Mat: A Detailed Guide

Yoga mats that are not allowed in the washing machine are best washed by hand in the bathtub or shower. Vinegar, also mixed with a good smelling essential oil, is effective against bacteria and fungi.

Clean the yoga mat in the bathtub with vinegar:

  • Put the yoga mat in the bathtub and mix vinegar with water in a bowl .
  • Rub the yoga mat with a sponge and the vinegar-water
  • Afterward, you let lukewarm water into the tub until the mat is slightly covered and scrub it again.
  • The yoga mat can then soak for a few minutes.
  • Afterward, you rinse them clean with clear water.
  • To dry, place over the clothes drying rack or a chair.

The whole thing also works with showers in the shower.

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The Most Effective Method To Wash A Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine

  • Wash the yoga mat by itself, without any other clothes in the washer.

  • Steep the yoga mat if very dirty and pre-treat the stains in a tub or a pail alongside water and cleanser.

  • Utilize warm water to wash the yoga mat.

  • Utilize a non-harmful and non-faded cleanser, so the mat doesnt get obliterated.

  • Utilize a cleanser while washing the yoga mat, as it will hold the fluffiness of the yoga mat.

  • Do not spin the yoga mat in the dryer, as that will cause harm to the yoga mat.

  • And afterward, air dry your yoga mat.

  • Then, at that point, overlay it and spot it in a dry spot after it gets totally dry.

The yoga mat is a thing that should get washed once every month. The yoga mat is utilized to exercise, so it is normal to get filthy effectively as you sweat while exercising. When this happens, the yoga mat gets dull, so wash it once every month as it will keep it spotless and new, and you will appreciate practicing on it.

Q: Wont Essential Oils Make My Mat Slippery

A: Most yoga mats are closed cell construction, meaning they dont absorb any liquid. Therefore, when you apply any liquids to the surface, they stay there until removed. If you were to apply essential oil directly to your mat, it would become quite slippery. By thoroughly mixing our solution, Mandukas Mat Wash and Refresh delivers a light even layer of essential oil and water all over the mat. While some essential oils can build up over time, our floral based cosmetic grade all-natural essential oils are less likely to build up and negatively affect performance of your mat.

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Cleaning Tips For Your Yoga Mat

It is not always necessary to machine wash your yoga mat after every use. Rather washing your yoga mat too often might shorten its life. If you make a little effort after every yoga session, you will be able to keep your yoga mat clean and disinfected and weekly machine washing will be enough. Following are a few tips to quickly clean your yoga mat after every use:

  • Make sure to clean the corners and the edges of the mat with a dry clean cloth after you are done with your yoga session. Use a mild detergent mixed with lukewarm water. Scrub the mat with the soapy mixture using a clean washcloth and later rinse it with running water. Once done, pat dry the yoga mat with a microfiber cloth towel to absorb all the moisture.

  • Wrinkles and creases on the mat can be removed by using a hairdryer. Set it in high heat for a second or for a long time on low heat to remove the wrinkles. But be careful as over-exposure to heat may ruin the mat rubber.

  • You can also spray the mat with an anti-microbial spray to disinfect your mat after every use.

Q: What Makes Manduka’s Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner Different From Other Household Disinfectants

How to clean your yoga mat! | Clean Casa

A:Mandukas Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner is an all-natural plant-based solution that disinfects in one step. Other household cleansers are not plant-based, meaning they made of solvents or harsh chemicals that will degrade mats.Mandukas Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner is specially formulated with no harsh chemicals to not require rinsing after use and is proven to be non-irritating.

For other questions please email us at or visit our help center.

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Don’t Worry About Tossing Your Mat In The Washing Machine

Lauren Imparato, founder of I.Am.You yoga in New York City, who provides mats for her students, is very particular about mat hygiene. Even if you wipe them down thoroughly after each use , “throw yours in the washing machine once a month. No soap. Then into the dryer on medium to high heat.” They hold up, she swears.

Common Yoga Mat Varieties

Mats are made in a range of materials. Conventional versions are fabricated from PVC , though many have raised worries about the potential toxins emitted from this type of material. Thus, such mats are not as widely used as in the past. It is also possible to buy mats made from rubber and plastic that has been recycled. Natural fiber mats from jute, cotton, wool, and hemp are also gaining in popularity. Ultimately, a yoga mat is characterized by its somewhat sticky feel that is designed to prevent slippage during the array of poses to be attempted.

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Can You Wash A Yoga Mat

A dirty, smelly yoga mat can seriously affect your state of mind when heading to yoga class. On the bright side, washing your mat is simple and it could make a big difference in your practice. Keeping your mat clean not only keeps it smelling fresh, but it also gets rid of bacteria and helps preserve the sticky surface of your most necessary piece of yoga equipment. Using the right ingredients and techniques will have you saying “Om” for months to come.

How To Wash Yoga Mat The Best Way In 4 Steps Explained

How to clean a yoga mat the right way

How to wash yoga mat? Your yoga mat has to withstand a lot: Lets assume that you practice yoga twice a week on average. After a year, you will have spent about 150 hours on your mat and at least ten times as many beads of sweat in it.

At some point, the bacteria party takes on festival dimensions.

It smells in the looking down dog, and hygiene during yoga practice is questionable. To stop this from occurring sooner and ensure that you enjoy your yoga mat for a long time, you should regularly maintain it.

Yoga is, besides relaxation, also a sweaty sport. Therefore you should wash your yoga mat regularly.

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What Are Yoga Mat Towels

Yoga mat towels are placed over the yoga mat. They have the same size as the yoga mat. They are a great addition to your collection of yoga gear.

These yoga towels are made to be absorbent and soft to provide comfort to yogis and serve as their support. If you are a new yogi, you probably have not realized the importance of having towels over your mat yet. But if you have joined a yoga class, try observing the other yogis. They have these towels added to their mats to give them additional comfort. Towels also absorb sweat so it wont stay on the mat or to the floor, making the surface slippery and unfit for yoga movements and poses.

Here are more yoga accessories that you can use during your session:

To Clean Or Not To Clean

There are two types of yoga mats available — those made from PVC and those made from tightly woven fabric. Luckily, both are completely washable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about damaging your mat by getting it clean. Both types of mats are meant to be cleaned regularly, as long as you use the right tactics. Your mat doesn’t need harsh detergents or scrubbing, but a light hand can go a long way in keeping your mat clean and bacteria-free.

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How To Dry And Store Your Yoga Mat

Make sure your yoga mat is completely dry before putting it away. A warm, damp mat can be a breeding ground for bacteria. To dry completely, hang your mat over the back of a chair or over a porch railing. Never put your yoga mat in the dryer. Once the mat is dry, roll it up tightly and store in a place with good ventilation. Open the mat every few weeks, even if youre not using it, to allow air circulation.

If your mat starts peeling, or if pieces of it are sticking to your workout clothes, its time to buy a new mat.

How Often Should I Clean My Yoga Mat

How To Clean a Yoga Mat!

It’s a good idea to clean your yoga mat after each or every other practise. This will help to stop a build up of dirt on the surface and any horrible smells that may develop if you neglect mat cleanliness.

If your mat is made from PVC, it’ll withstand more robust cleaning, so if you forget for a while you can do a proper deep clean later. However, polyurethane, natural rubber or cork mats are harder to deep clean, so regular, light cleaning should be maintained to reduce the amount of bacteria living on your mat.

If you are frequently practising hot yoga or other more energetic styles, we advise you spray down your mat with a yoga mat cleaner or soapy water using a cloth after each session. If you practise more gentle forms of yoga then a wipe down after every other class will do the trick.

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How Can I Make My Yoga Mat Sticky Again

To make your yoga mat more sticky by hand

You can either use a few drops of dishwasher detergent in a couple of cups of water or a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. The acidity of the vinegar will help to melt away the greasy surface film but will be gentle enough not to penetrate the mat and do any damage.

How To Dry Your Yoga Mat

Aqua Yoga has a place, and its in a pool, not on a still-damp mat. If you dont allow your mat to fully dry after washing, it can lead to bacterial growth and the formation of mold and mildew. Fun.

Give your mat adequate time to dry by hanging it on a drying rack, a shower curtain rod, or the back of a chair. Outdoor yoga is great for boosting your mood and becoming one with the elements, but its not the best option for airing out your gear following a strenuous Ashtanga sesh.

Although the suns rays are considered a natural drying agent, they can be harmful to many rubber mats, causing them to decay faster, says Thompson. To prolong the life of your mat, dont leave it outside to dry for an extended period of time. Move your mat indoors at the end of your practice.

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Q: Why Does Using Purified Water Matter

A: If youve ever shopped the water aisle at the grocery store, you know there are many variations of water available, from natural spring to reverse osmosis. When producing cleaning products, many companies use deionized water which is a rapid an inexpensive way to remove minerals. Unfortunately, this process does not remove any microscopic organic molecules, which over time could lead to development of mold. To combat this, many companies add a biocide to their cleaning formulas. We prefer to start by purifying our water to remove not just the minerals but any microscopic organic molecules as well. While its a more expensive process, it means we dont have to add any chemicals to our formula.

A Yoga Mat Made Of Natural Rubber Please Clean Only By Hand

How to clean a yoga mat during COVID + what to bring ...

Especially yoga mats made of natural rubber can lose their slip resistance if the washing machines water is too warm. If too much soap is getting added, the excellent grip for the hands is over. It also applies to yoga mats made of a mixture of jute, bamboo, or hemp with natural rubber. Our recommendation for natural rubber is it is better to rinse off under the shower and clean with diluted vinegar see further down in this article.

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