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Can You Use Exercise Mat For Yoga

The Difference Between Yoga Mats And Exercise Mats

Tips on Yoga : How to Use a Yoga Mat on the Carpet

As we mentioned, whether or not a yoga mat will be sufficient for the exercise youre doing will depend partially on the mat you plan to use. Yoga and exercise mats come in varying:

  • Materials
  • Weight
  • Slip-resistance

Its more important that you get a feel for the mat youre using and get an idea of how well it will support you in your activities than to worry about whether its labeled for yoga or exercise.

That being said, both mat types will generally possess specific characteristics, so knowing which activity a mat is intended for can give you a good starting point.

Lets take a quick look at the differences between yoga and exercise mats to give you a better idea of whether you need to buy an exercise mat in addition to your yoga mat or if you can use one mat for everything you want to do.

Is There A Difference Between A Yoga Mat And An Exercise Mat

Yoga mats vs Exercise mats whats the difference between them? Are you confused?

Indeed, its obvious to get confused between the yoga mats and exercise mats. As we know mats are used to make your body fit and healthy. They are used for cushion and support. But different types of work need a different level of mats. So, by using the exact mat it can prevent from having injuries.

So, lets know about the differences.

We Sell Mats Interlocking Tiles Floor Mat

  • Materials: high density foam
  • Size: available in sizes ranging from 16 square feet to 100 square feet
  • Weight: each tile weighs approximately 0.15 pounds

Price: $$$

Perfect for a home gym or playroom, this interlocking floor mat features individual tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces.

The tiles are easy to clean and made from thick foam to lessen the impact on your joints. Plus, you can easily adjust the size by adding or removing tiles.

However, customers note that the tiles arent as grippy as other mats and may separate during intense workouts.

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Iuga Non Slip Yoga Mat

This yoga map is a nonslip and nonslide option, which may help keep people safe during their workouts. The company state that this mat is suitable for all forms of yoga, including Bikram, Vinyasa, and various types of hot yoga.

The company use SGS-certified and odorless material, which means that the yoga mat contains biodegradable and sustainable tree rubber and is completely free from PVC, latex, and other such materials.

This mat is lightweight and durable, so people should be able to use it regularly without it flaking, stretching, or falling apart. It measures 72 x 26 x 0.2 inches and weighs 2.8 lb.

Gaiam: Best Fitness Mat For Beginners

Yoga Exercise Mat

With its sticky non-slip texture and extra thickness, this versatile exercise mat from Gaiam is ideal for those looking to get started on their fitness adventures.

This Gaiam yoga mat is lightweight enough to carry around but thick enough to provide cushioning. The non-toxic PVC makes it a healthy choice too. Plus, purchase includes a free downloadable yoga workout to get you off to a flying start.

Embark on a quest towards your best body ever with Gaiams exercise matthe best yoga mat for beginners.

Best for: Dream inspiration to begin your yoga journey.

Material: Natural rubberThickness: 6 mm Dimensions: 173 cm x 61 cm Colours: A range of patterns including chakras, mandalas, and mountains

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Best Beach Towles For Yoga

#Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

This towel is not only great for providing a refreshing feeling while wrapping yourself in fluffy, absorbent, soft bath towels after swimming in the beach.

Even also famous as a substitute for a yoga mat, its 100% cotton fabric features breathable qualities that make this towel ideal for your hands and body.

Utopia towels offer perfect coverages, versatility, absorbency, and quick drying. This towel adds more support and cushion to your session.

#WETCAT Original Turkish Beach Towel

A terrycloth is a great option while you finding the beach towel for yoga because its thick, and highly absorbent material makes it incredible.

Yeah but its quite heavy to quite difficult to carry while travel. Quick-drying, eco-friendly, durable, no shrinkage, easy to clean, and gentle enough for your sensitive skins.

The downside is thickness, more thicknesses are needed for yoga.

#AmazonBasics Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

Instead of using the beach and lounging poolside AmazonBasics towel are also perfect for your yoga. It comes with 30 x 60 inches that are enough for Shavasana and offers optimal coverages and comfort.

Made with 100% pure woven spun cotton for providing excellent absorbency, outstanding fluffiness, and spa-like softness.

You can also practice hot yoga, it absorbs sweat quickly and dries off and maintain its softness even after multiple washes.

Gaiam: Best Cork Exercise Mat

Not only is cork one of the most sustainable yoga matmaterials but its also naturally antibacterial, making this Gaiam cork mat one of the best choices for any fitness fanatic.

Cork is moisture-resistant so doesnt absorb any strange smells, odours ormost importantlybacteria. In fact, as it gets damper, the cork becomes easier to grip, giving you extra traction in tree pose. Its also natural, non-toxic and recyclable, bringing the necessary nature-loving vibes to your vinyasa.

Looking for a germ-resistant mat thats also eco-friendly? Gaiams cork mat is the only one up to the job.

Best for: Your favourite cork-related possession after the corkscrew.

Material: CorkThickness: 5 mm Dimensions: 173 cm x 61 cm Colours: Cork and black

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Can I Practice Yoga On The Floor

Practicing yoga directly on the floor is definitely possible. With hardwood floors, its important to consider how much time youll be on the ground during your practice.

If youre going through the warrior series or standing poses, hardwoods can be easier for your balance. If youre doing more of a gentle practice, however, it can be a little rough on your knees or underneath your seat.

Carpeted surfaces are typically more comfortableparticularly if youll be spending time seated or on your knees. Depending on how thick your carpet is it could make balancing a little trickier.

Does your yoga practice consist mainly of gentle movements or meditation? If so, you might use a blanket or a small meditation pillow for your practice.

Jade Yoga: Best Sustainable Yoga Mat

What Yoga Mat Do I Use?

Nothing says Namaste like a sustainable yoga mat and this Jade Yoga mat is the most eco-friendly yoga mat that weve come across.

Not only is it made from sustainable natural rubber but Jade Yoga also plants trees for every mat sold. Its also got cushioning, traction, and stability, making it ideal for all kinds of workouts.

Kind to your body, kind to the environment, this yoga mat from Jade Yoga is the perfect buy for any planet-conscious yogi.

Best for: Earth-conscious asanas.

Material: Natural rubberThickness: 4.8 mm Dimensions: 173 cm x 61 cm Colours: A range including black, blue, and red

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Guide To Yoga Mat Alternatives: What Can You Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat

If youre new to yoga or thinking of giving it a try, the thought of what youll need to get started can feel a little overwhelming.

What should you wear?

What should you bring to class?

Should you have a towel?

But most importantly, will you need a mat or are there yoga mat alternatives?

With so many different mat options to choose from, the confusion surrounding which one to go with can often leave you asking, do I really even need one?

Its important to start from the beginning and find out more about what a yoga mat can do for your practice. What are the benefits of using a mat, and what are the pros of not using one?

Whether youll need or want to use a mat while you practice depends on several factors, so lets jump right in to find out more.


Exercise Mat Vs Yoga Mat: Their Similarities And Differences

With so many different types of fitness mats to choose from, it is understandable that most of us are left overwhelmed and confused. We cannot help but ask ourselves if we are investing our money in the right product that would serve our intended purpose.

That being said, are there really differences between an exercise mat vs yoga mat? The simple answer would be: yes, definitely! Each type of fitness mat serves a different function. Hence, the thickness of yoga mats and exercise mats matter, as some are used for low impact workout while others are for high-intensity fitness programs.

The most major difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat is their thickness. Generally speaking, exercise mats are thicker than yoga mats, with its thickest variation at only ¼ of an inch. This is because certain yoga poses call for a strong connection between the users body and the floors surface.

On the other hand, exercise mats are thicker than its counterpart because it should is expected to provide cushioning during high-intensity workout routines. In that way, we can feel relaxed and focused while doing even the most uncomfortable exercise move. It also adds a certain level of protection for our knees, hands, back, and feet.

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Best Yoga Mats And Exercise Mats

Sometimes you just want a little more room to move. We get that. This extra-wide, extra-tall yoga mat from the experts over at Yogi Bare is perfect for taller people and those who like more freedom to flow.

USP: It’s gotta be the size, hasn’t it. Most yoga mats are standard size, which, if you’re taller can be a major hindrance.

Dimensions: 213 x 74cm when flat . 4mm thickness.

Iuga Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

10mm Thick Exercise Fitness use Exercise Mat for Yoga and ...

Weighing only 2.5 pounds, the IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat is a great option for HIIT-lovers who like to take their quick 20-minute workouts on-the-go. Made of biodegradable and sustainably harvested tree rubber, this mat offers a 5 mm base for extra comfort and stability when youre hitting those squat jumps and burpees. Plus, the polyurethane top layer ensures youve got a good grip and wont slip away when the sweat hits. At 72 inches long by 26 inches wide, this mat has a little extra space than your average yoga mat, but if youre hitting any intense lateral jumps, you may still want a little more length than this mat offers.

This yoga mat is designed with a polyurethane top layer to better ensure a slip-free experience. It is manufactured with biodegradable and sustainably harvested tree rubber to be entirely eco-friendly. It is available in five different color options.

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How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat

MaterialPVC and rubber are common materials for yoga mats to be made from and are what youll most often find hanging in the racks at the gym, and with good reason they tend to provide excellent grip and a non-stick finish, so you wont go flying out of crow pose, or slipping around while youre channelling the cobra. You can also opt for a yoga-mat-meets-towel for the ultimate exercise in packing light an absorbent option thats perfect for sweaty hot yoga or other high-intensity classes.

ThicknessFor those with painful knees or sensitive feet, a mat with extra padding is a must for keeping comfortable through long practices. If youre young and sprightly you should be able to get away with anything from around 3mm thick.

SizeIt’s a smart idea to consider your height when choosing a yoga mat. The majority of them are around 180cm long by 60cm wide. Oh, and be sure to check whether they are foldable or rollable, or storing will be a nightmare.

Lululemon: Best Antibacterial Yoga Mat

Never worry about catching something contagious from your mat again thanks to Lululemons yoga mat, made from easy-clean spongy polycarbonate with an antibacterial finish that not only kills a variety of bacteria but also prevents odours.

The no-slip design allows you to step fearlessly into all your asanas while 5mm thickness allows for comfort during stretch sessions. Its also reversible so if one side gets too sweaty, you can flip it over.

Wave goodbye to workout-induced acne and banish microbes from your mat forever with Lulelemons antibacterial yoga mat.

Best for: Keeping germs at bay for an even happier happy baby pose.

Material: PolycarbonateThickness: 5 mm Dimensions: 180 cm x 66 cm Colour: Black

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How To Choose The Right One For You

Whether you have joint support needs, or you just prefer a little extra bounce in your yoga mat, there are plenty of mats out there to suit your needs. When it comes to bounce and flexibility, youll want to make sure that the overall composition of the mat is tailored to fit your needs. Again, not all mats are made the same, so be wary of the product type before you make a final purchase.

In order to find out if your mat will work for you, make sure you do some research on it. Read the customer reviews and maybe even look up some forums that other people who also look for this specificity can share on. If you are looking at a particular mat, you could easily read up on it and see if this mat would do the trick.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat For You

GETTING CREATIVE: Home hacks for an Exercise Mat

When shopping for the best yoga mats, there are a number of factors to consider, starting with size and thickness. Most standard yoga mats are about ¼ inch thick, but you may want a thicker one if you require more cushioning for knees, hips and other joints. Size matters if youre a taller or larger person and dont want to go off mat while you work out.

Other key factors to think about are the durability and stability of the mat. Will the mat hold up under heavy use? Will the texture and surface provide grip and traction? The last thing you want is an injury because the mat slipped or slid under you. And if sustainability and being green are important to you, you should look into the materials of the mat and how and where its made. As for odor and visual appeal, those vary by the mats manufacturer. Some of the best yoga mats have an initial unpleasant smell, which can dissipate after cleaning.

And of course, theres cost. The best yoga mats come in a wide range of prices, from affordable, sub-$20 options to higher-end, brand-name selections. When it comes to cost, you may want to think about how often and how heavily youll use the mat. If youre a dedicated yogi or you want to use a mat for HIIT workouts, you may want to splurge for a tougher mat that can hold up under the conditions.

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Apps and exercises

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Who Shouldnt Buy The Rogue Comp Mat

  • Folks who are looking for an individual exercise mat.
  • Customers looking for a cost-effective option this flooring is not going to be particularly easy on the bank.

While the Rogue Comp Mat has a significant amount of cushion and can easily fold up and store away, its not made for every athlete. This product will only be useful to you if you are trying to build out a large gym space or want to cover an entire floor if youre looking for an individual mat, scoot along.

Best Ways To Clean A Yoga Mat

Cleaning your yoga mat regularly is essential to practice healthy yoga. As discusses earlier, a yoga mat can prevent from bacteria on the ground. However, over time, it can accumulate a whole lot of harmful germs. Furthermore, a dirty yoga mat can promote the growth of fungus. This makes it important to clean your Yoga mat.

There are a couple of ways to clean your mat and sanitize it. Luckily, it is extremely easy to do it and does not require a lot of time or effort. Here are a few cleaning methods that you can follow to make sure your yoga mat stays free of germs and harmful bacteria at all times.

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Liforme: Best Yoga Mat With Alignment Lines

This popular Liforme Yoga Mat is one of the top-rated exercise mats for a reason. It actually makes you better at yoga with alignment lines to guide you through poses and get your positioning right, helping to prevent injuries and take your yoga to new levels.

The mat also features Liformes advanced GripForMe material for no-slip stability. Meanwhile, the PVC-free biodegradable material makes sure your practice is as planet-friendly as possible.

Liformes yoga mat with alignment lines is almost as good as having a teacher in the room with you.

Best for: Next-level precision and perfection in all your yoga poses.

Material: RubberThickness: 5 mm Dimensions: 185 cm x 68 cm Colours: A range including grey, green, and blue

Workouts At Home Or In Nature Grounding Yoga Mat Exercise Mat: Health ...

Do you have a carpeted floor in your living room or bedroom? This is a great place to perform a workout. If you do need to get on the ground for floor work or modifications, you have a built-in cushion. Just make sure to vacuum before you get down there to avoid contact with germs or dust that may have collected.

No carpet? Head to a nearby park. The grass is a natural cushion. Plus, you can get some fresh air and sun at the same time.

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