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Can You Become A Yoga Teacher With No Experience

Top 12 Yoga Teacher Trainings

15 Day 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Miramar, Florida15 Day 200-Hour Inspired Yoga Teacher Training in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, California17 Day 200hr In Person Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in The Dalles, Oregon23 Day 300-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Training in Manatee County, Florida4 Day 33 Hours Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh 16 Day 200-Hour Tantra & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum Akumal, Quintana Roo19 Day 200-Hours Integral Yoga Teacher Training in Marbella, Malaga Province21 Day 200-hr Transformational Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala45 Day 4-Yogas Intensive Lineage Yoga Course in Bir, India21 Day 200-Hour Pura Vida Yoga Teacher Training in Mal Pais, Puntarenas18 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Uvita, Puntarenas30 Day 200-Hour VY Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum

Five Steps To Become A Yoga Instructor And Get Certification

Make your passion for yoga into a career by learning the skills you need to teach others. Ready to follow your passion and make the jump? Here are five steps to guide you on how to become a yoga instructor:

1) Have a yoga practice

Before considering becoming a yoga instructor, you should have at least some basic yoga practices. Whether you practice in a studio or in the comfort of your home, yoga teacher training assumes that you already have a certain level of body awareness and basic knowledge of asanas. If you have only been on the mat a few times, your yoga instructor training is likely to be overwhelming, ineffective, and potentially injurious.

Create A Retail Product Serving The Yoga Community

Have you noticed a need that is not being fulfilled in the yoga niche? Or maybe youre very talented at making jewelry? Either way, creating a physical product is potentially a lucrative endeavor. Weve seen clothing, yoga props, jewelry, and many more become successful. You can test out how popular your product is on Etsy before investing in your own website.

Our friend Jessica created a yoga many company called YOGO. They sell the best traveling yoga mat on the market we love this thing.

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Get Certified In Cpr And Efac

Becoming certified in CPR and EFAC highlights that you have taken a step further to become a professional member of the yoga community. It is not necessary to take this step but it does come with the added bonus of professionalism. Your students will also feel safer knowing that you’re certified in administering first aid.

You should make sure to add the certificate to your certification folder.

Can You Also Partake In A Yoga Instructor Training Even When You’re Not Looking To Become A Yoga Teacher

6 Strategies to Become the Best Yoga Teacher You Can Be

Yes! The courses are also popular amongst yogis who want to deepen their practice, just for themselves. It’s a great way to learn more about your own body, learn more about the background of yoga, and get to know other like-minded friends. Often, these training courses are done by couples as well, as they both follow the journey to get to know themselves and each other better.

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Register With Yoga Alliance

Before you choose your YTT, you should familiarise yourself with the benefits of studying at a Yoga Alliance accredited school. These are known as Registered Yoga Schools .

If you chose to study your YTT at an RYS then you may become a Registered Yoga Teacher . Upon completion, you can visit the Yoga Alliance website and pay the necessary fee online. You will need to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations to ensure your certification remains valid.

Remember, it is not mandatory to register with Yoga Alliance, even if you study at an RYS. You should weigh up the pros and cons of becoming a RYT prior to studying your training course.

You will find that some schools only hire RYTs whilst others do not specify. As Yoga Alliance is headquartered in the US, aspiring teachers who wish to teach in the US should investigate their options in particular.

Imposter Syndrome Is Real Or At Least It Feels Like It

With so many great Yoga teachers in the world, why should you become another? Will people come to your classes? Will people want to learn what you want to teach? Simple answer, yes. There is a student for every teacher. No one in the world has your life experience. No one else sees the world through your eyes. You are literally one in 7.64 billion.

Will you be the worlds best teacher after completing the training? No. Will you be better than if you didnt? Of course. Will you improve each and every time you teach? Certainly.

Some people say fake it till you make it. At Alpha we prefer make it till you make it better.

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What Are The Cons Of Being A Yoga Instructor

Because their schedules are so packed, yoga teachers may be unable to devote enough time to their own practice. This can be exhausting, and it may result in career burnout. Make certain that your work schedule is sustainable. It is critical to schedule in plenty of time for both your own practice and your own appointment.

What Is The Best Online Yoga Certification

Look, I know that Im biased, but I genuinely believe that my online yoga certification course absolutely is the best.


Because Ive been doing it for years, long before ANY other yoga school and certainly before the Yoga Alliance temporarily allowed yoga schools to provide training online.

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Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Online

Another option for obtaining your YTTC is by doing your training online. Online training is great for current teachers with a busy schedule or for people with limited access to yoga where they live.

An online program is more flexible allowing you to decide when and how long the training will take place.

You will be presented with instructional videos, modules, assignments, and reading materials during the course of your training.

Currently, online programs focusing on ashtanga specifically are reserved for those who already have their 200-hour certification.

If you are looking to get certified as a yoga teacher, learning online is an option for you as most programs will provide all of the major aspects of training. This will include, the history of yoga, yoga asana, yogic philosophy, anatomy and physiology, meditation practice, and pranayama.

If its important for you to be RYT certified, Yoga Alliance does require some in-person elements in order to be certified.

Whether you are looking to supplement your current yoga practice or be certified, online is a great opportunity to expand your practice and further your education.

Certifying As A Fitness Professional

The first segment of this article discussed the impossibility of certifying yoga instructors because of the sheer variety of yoga styles and the lack of anyone knowledgeable in all styles to know when yoga is being done correctly in every case.

As a footnote, we close with a possible solution to the yoga instructor certification dilemma: what about Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates?

In the UK and in many other countries, fitness trainers of all types have to pass some sort of competency board to gain certification to lead others’ fitness endeavours, particularly if they want to earn money doing so.

Believe it or not, that includes football and basketball coaches. That’s because football and basketball coaches teach their players how to play, strategize and coordinate with other players. Their qualification stages, Levels one through four, mirror those for other fitness trainers.

The Level 2 fitness trainer qualification entitles you to lead fitness classes in a gym setting, while the higher-level certificate qualifies you as a personal trainer. Arguably, yoga could fall under both of those categories – yoga is often taught in a group setting and in one-to-one sessions. And yoga is indeed a fitness discipline.

However, yoga is more than an exercise routine to get and keep fit. It is a complete lifestyle overhaul that may include nutritional and dietary guidelines and a complete rethink of how to do life.

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Teach At Nearby Colleges

Some universities will hire yoga teachers to offer classes to their students. Usually the school will pick up the tab making the classes free for students! Try contacting the Student Services or Rec Center to inquire about job opportunities.

Dont forget Community Colleges and Community Centers! They are often looking for yoga teachers to add to their class schedule.

The Reason Behind Why I Did Yoga Teacher Training

6 Easy Steps to Becoming a Yoga Instructor » Trending Us

When I first got the idea to become a yoga teacher I wanted to do the training because I thought it was cool . Being a yoga teacher was trendy and I loved the idea of being super flexible and bending into awkward poses. Really I just wanted to be a yoga teacher so I could show off.

That was completely the wrong reason to want to go into yoga training but overtime my reasoning for wanting to give it a go changed. As I became more spiritual I realized that the philosophy of yoga had deep roots and that it was the philosophy and reasoning behind why people practice that actually interested me more than the health benefits of yoga .

My interest in yoga philosophy then developed into wanting to expand my practice, to deepen my knowledge of yoga as a whole. This is when I decided to start actually looking for a yoga instructor course.

I never wanted to do a YTT course in order to become a yoga teacher, though I did love the idea of having that skill in my back pocket. Instead, I used YTT as a way to not only deepen my practice but to prove to myself that I could be really good at something physical despite my weight, as Im overweight, and to prove to others that being a yoga teacher doesnt mean you have to be extremely fit or tiny or really bendy to do so.

This new found reason for wanting to do YTT suddenly wasnt just about me but about sharing the knowledge Id learn with others, even if I wasnt going to be a yoga teacher.

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How Do I Find A Job As An Instructor

Many fitness facilities and community centers will hire newly certified yoga instructors, but just e-mailing your resumé is usually not enough to get yourself on the group fitness schedule. Visit local centers and chat with the front-desk staff about the group fitness program. Buy a guest pass and take a class to better understand the population at each center. You may be asked to teach a demonstration class, and its important to think beforehand about what level and style of class will suit the centers participants.

Once you have a feel for a facility, find out who the group fitness director is, and ask to meet briefly with him or her. Inquire about adding your name to the sublist. If the director agrees, ask for permission to observe or take a few classes so you can offer a great experience when your time comes to teach.

New instructors can also propose a series of yoga classes to organizations and communities where they are already involved. For example, you could start a lunchtime class in your workplace, offer an afterschool class to teachers at your kids school or launch a yoga group at your church. Dance studios and martial arts centers may also be interested in adding a yoga class to their schedules, for either kids or parents. In these venues, extensive teaching experience will matter less than the fact that you are part of the community.

I Havent Found The Right Style

There are as many styles of Yoga than there are food cuisines. Strawberries and steak are both food, very different, yet both food. Spinach and bananas look, feel, smell and taste very different however, both nourish us. Yoga is the same.

The good thing about a Yoga Teacher Training, especially one approved by The Yoga Alliance, is that the style of Yoga practiced is only about 25% of the course content. You will also learn about philosophy, anatomy and teaching technique. Whilst each school of Yoga will have their own perspective, at the end of the day, anatomy is anatomy. Irrespective of the yoga style you choose, the underlying philosophy sources are mostly the same .

Before you sign up for training, make sure you attend a number of classes at different studios, with different teachers. This should help you identify which style resonates with you.

Consider who and where you want to teach once qualified. Choose a style that is versatile and adaptable. A style that can be moulded to fit different types of students. Our suggestion would be start broad, specialise later.

It is tempting to choose a school who claims to offer EVERYTHING. It seems logical to learn all the styles.

Rather than learning a little bit about a lot of styles we suggest learning a lot about just one or two. By establishing a strong foundation in one style you can then apply this when learning new styles in the future.

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Become The Manager At Your Local Studio

Are you super organized and like working with people? Consider managing your favorite studio! Not only will you increase your total income and have more steady hours, but you will also understand the inner workings of owning a studio.

What about owning a yoga studio? Sadly this is a very challenging business to run. The economics of yoga studios arent very attractive. In other words they are a lot of work and arent very profitable. No surprise why studios cant pay their teachers very much.

Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level

Ever thought to become a yoga teacher? Or, do you wish to go deeper into your yoga practice? Well, weve got you covered! Now you can learn the nitty-gritty of yoga by joining the best Yoga Teacher Training program, keeping your needs and proficiency in mind.

  • YTT course provides you the required skills to become a yoga teacher, under the direction of professional yoga instructors while attending each class.
  • Our yoga teachers are expertly-trained, passionate educators who make yoga learning accessible to one and all.
  • No matter what your yoga level is, youll be assisted by an industry-leading yoga teacher for simplifying your yoga learning process. Each member of our widely-respected team owns uncountable hours of experience, thus youll be headed by and learn from the proficient teachers.
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    Eat Drink Sleep Repeat

    You are going to be studying to teach people to feel well. So, it would be best if you also felt well. Before the YTT starts, make sure you eat and drink healthy and sleep well. A YTT program can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining so you must prepare for it.

    Start by eating more veggies if you are not a vegetable eater. Most YTT programs, especially intensive YTT programs, have meals included, and they usually serve only vegan or vegetarian food. This way, your body will have time to transition to a new diet.

    Join Online Breathwork Classes: Covid Special

    Millions of people faced stress, anxiety, and mental health issues after the offices and schools reopened. To help them deal with the anxiety, fitness challenges, and work stress, Ekattva started online breathwork classes that are gaining huge popularity amongst working professionals, entrepreneurs, and homemakers.

    Become part of our 9-day online breathwork classes in India to learn wellness and health practices related to mindful breathing, deep relaxation, and stress management. Connect with our team of yoga masters to learn the art of deep breathing.

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    The Desire To Learn And Teach Yoga Outweighs Experience

    So what does it take to become a yoga teacher? What are really the necessary requirements for you to possess before signing up for a yoga teacher training?

    First of all, you need to have a strong desire to learn. With this important ingredient, you can overcome any obstacles in becoming a teacher. There have been many cases to show this. For example, students who hardly speak English and completing their training with high marks. Another example is a student arriving to her training in crutches and finishing her training as an excellent teacher. You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it. This desire is also closely linked to your attitude. Often the less experienced yogis are the disciplined ones. They achieve the most growth and show the best results in their teacher trainings. Even a seasoned yogi is usually a beginner in teaching. This makes the teacher training challenging for anyone.

    Q How To Select A Right Yoga School In India Thats Not A Scam

    Online Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

    When it comes to Yoga Teacher Training, its not an easy feat. It challenges you physically, emotionally, and financially. The high number of Yoga schools in India also increases the risk of scams. In this section, well discuss how you can select the right yoga school while avoiding the fake ones.

    Take the following steps/factors into consideration to select your ideal yoga school location:

    1. Determine which terrain you would like to train in, i.e., beaches, mountains, and lush valleys, etc.

    2. Keep in mind the style of yoga you want to teach others. The most popular styles are Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. Multi-style courses are the best one to start with you are not sure.

    3. Take into consideration whether you can handle the intensive nature of the course.

    4. What is your ideal class size? Do you enjoy socializing with others, or would like to practice in a small group?

    5. Finally, ensure that you research the potential yoga schools thoroughly and read plenty of testimonials, before deciding and paying for a course.

    As you can tell from the above five-step procedure, it is the last point where the chances of getting scammed are the highest. This is because it involves extensive research, therefore making it a tedious task. So only a handful of students can dedicate the required time and effort to go through every school minutely.

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