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Can You Become A Yoga Instructor Online

Will A Yoga Certification Make You A Great Yoga Teacher

Online Yoga Teacher Training | Become a Yoga Trapeze® Certified Instructor!

Formal yoga training is generally the first step to becoming a yoga teacher. But how often do you hear of people failing at yoga teacher training? To become a great teacher, you will have to earn it.

Upon completing a teacher training course, most people are somewhat shocked when they realize they know so little! Yes, teacher training will provide you with a lot of knowledge, but thats only the tip of the iceberg.

Indeed, there are legendary yoga teachers out there. If they did not receive any formal training, where does all this magic come from?

To be a great teacher, you will have to be dedicated to exploring yoga through attending workshops, conducting your own research, and reading books. But most importantly, you will have to learn through your own experience. Yoga is an incredibly deep aspect of life it is not limited only to the asanas. It also includes the realms of the spiritual and philosophical. And no organization will be able to sign a certification of your spiritual evolution.

To be able to guide your students through a class and articulate exactly what is happeningwhich part of the body is feeling what, how to go into the pose, etc.requires a lot of experience on your part. There is much truth in the saying, a teacher can only guide his students as far as he himself has experienced.

How Many Years Of Experience Should I Look For In My Mentor For Yoga Teacher Training Course

The teachers experience is a huge variable when it comes to the quality of mentorship you are going to get. This is particularly true if you are a beginner yogi.

Anyone can legally create a yoga teacher training course it is up to you to see whether the team can actually create programs that fit your needs and bring new skills to the table.

The more experienced the teacher, the better your program will be. This will be true for you as well. As you gain more experience, you will also make better and better training courses.

Basic And Good: Karma Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Karma Yoga Kundalini teacher training online will cover Kundalini consciousness, pranayama, practice, embodiment, as well as mantras and chakras. Their approach includes not only the yoga poses but offers a focus on breath, alignment, and injury avoidance. They make consistent efforts in creating an inclusive learning environment, despite being online, and provide feedback to all students throughout the program so they can finish the course confident to teach.

Included in this Kundalini yoga certification online programs:

  • Format: self-paced + one on one
  • Duration: 4 weeks. Lifetime access.
  • Price: $695 . Payment plans are available on their website
  • E-books
  • Website:

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The 10 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Were living in times that have given rise to an evolution in the way Yoga is not only practiced but taught. In this article, were diving deep into the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training out there. Not only are we going to talk about the benefits and highlights of each of the courses but were also covering just what it takes to become a certified yoga instructor.

With the advancement of virtual classrooms, video course platforms and some clever maneuvering by the Yoga Alliance to figure out how to meet the demand, the 200 hour certification is now available not only through traditional in-person training but now also in the form of Online Yoga Teacher Training.

How To Choose A Yoga Course For Certification

Pin on Yoga

To embark on a successful yoga teacher trainer career, investing in a Yoga Alliance approved course guarantees great results. Not only these programs teach the philosophy and history of this ancient practice they are the most widely accepted.

Hence, we highly recommend that the yoga school you choose should be registered with the Yoga Alliance. When you opt for a registered school, you can visit the Yoga Alliance website and provide important details, including your enrollment to become a registered yoga teacher. The total cost of the yoga teacher training certification course can start anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000. You might be able to find it a little bit more cost effective and convenient doing Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Moreover, you can take on additional courses such as EFA and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for North American teachers to become a more professional member of the yoga community. While these courses are not mandatory, your students feel safer knowing that you can successfully administer first aid.

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Join An Online Yoga Teacher Training In 2022 And Become A Yoga Teacher

If you have been wanting to take that step of developing your yoga teacher within to help enrich the lives of others by being their yoga teacher and mentor, now is the time.

Even if you are a person who looks at yoga as exercise as opposed to an overall way of being and living, you too can do a YTT 200 online to further develop your practice and deepen your knowledge of yoga.

200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour online YTT’s are all available at your fingertips.

Power Yoga Instructor Training

Learn how to become a Yoga instructor in a modern style, which is composed of dynamic Hatha and Ashtanga postures and movement. This Power Yoga teacher certification course does not follow a strict series of asanas. Graduates of this course will learn how to design their own lesson plans, but you could also follow specific lesson plans in this course.

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How To Have A Profitable Online Yoga Business

First of all, after you nail down your yoga certification online course at an online yoga school, there are a few steps you have to take before you can start teaching professionally.

Regardless if you are teaching online or in-person, creating a business plan with financial goals is absolutely crucial for every new business the good part is that it should be more comfortable for an online business than running a physical studio.

Also, you would have to plan and create content to nurture your audience and then market and scale your brand so you can find potential students.

Nowadays, with so many different strategies, we know it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

That is why at YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY, we recommend the Kelly McHugh Teach Online, which will break down all the digital marketing strategies you need to have in place to run a thriving yoga business. This is a very complete course to start your business online with a solid foundation. Kelly is personable, kind, and dedicated to lead yoga teachers to their highest potential.

Drawbacks Of An Online Yoga Teacher Training Program

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher – Online Course – Start Today!

Of course, there are certain drawbacks to a strictly online course.

First, its sometimes harder to get to know the other practitioners in the program when youre separated by a computer screen. While my program eliminates this by bringing all of the practitioners together through yoga videos and virtual classes held through each module.

Another major drawback for many people is that an online program does not automatically offer you a Yoga Alliance certification. This can easily be solved by choosing a program that offers a hands-on experience module, which satisfied YAs in-person experience requirement.

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How Old Is The Yoga School And Its Program

Some of the schools were running their normal yoga classes and when demand for online yoga teacher training increased, they started their Program. As they are teaching their Yoga Teacher Training Program for the first time, chances are quite high that they dont know the needs of a Yoga Teacher so the Program is not structured properly. The older the school, the better the Program is likely to be.

What’s Included In The Yogarenew Online Yoga Teacher Training Course:

This online yoga teacher training course is completely self-paced and students will have lifetime access to the entire program and course materials, which doesnt hold true for all other online yoga teacher training programs.

As a student of YogaRenew’s 200-hour yoga teacher training course, you will learn about the 8 limbs of yoga including the Niyamas and Yamas, the history of yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, the principles of yoga alignment, yoga sequencing, teaching cues, and more.


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Understand The Yoga Alliance

Number two, certification in the yoga world is something thats very much in flux. Yogas not really regulated by the state or at the national level.

So you can pay Yoga Alliance for permission to use their RYT trademark after your name, but it doesnt actually, really mean anything at the government, state, or national level.

So it may or may not be worth doing, based on your personal goals.

If you wanna deep-dive with me into what certification really means, I absolutely suggest you listen to this podcast, where I go into a lot more detail.

So what is an RYT certification for, then?

Its mostly for yoga and fitness studios in the US to assure that the yoga instructors they hire have completed a minimum level of education as a yoga instructor. It doesnt, however, ensure that you actually practice yoga, that you have any teaching skills, or that your training program was of high quality.

While it is certainly helpful when applying for a teaching job at a yoga studio, its not necessary for other more lucrative teaching gigs .

If youre clear about your goals for your training program, then youll be more clear about whether or not an RYT certification is necessary.

Thinkific Does It All

8 Benefits Of Becoming a Yoga Instructor â Online Certification and Courses

Thinkific is another user-friendly interface online yoga tutors can get hands-on. Yoga trainers can create fresh and engaging content for their students. Again, it is a highly user-friendly platform as you can upload content in a seamlessly easy-going manner. The web interface also provides you with good storage capacities. You can upload week-long content or video tutorials to keep things more organized. You have basic or free packages. Again, for a better interactive or online experience, studio Yoga designers opt for Pro packages paying the specified subscription fees. Hence, Thinkific is a full-service online portfolio by which you can host your online curriculum in style and comfort.

What are the upsides of using Thinkific?

  • Yoga Trainers find this web-based platform extremely useful for scheduling a week-long course or a month-long course worth certification.
  • The platform gives you the versatility to work on different course design patterns on whether you want to let members browse the web page over a spread period of time, say a month or two. Else, if members subscribe to browsing content on the live-streaming page every day, the web application supports it all.
  • The best part about Thinkific is allowing your mail to be integrated with mail champ and other online marketing platforms.
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    What’s Included In Mark Stephen’s 300 Hour Online Yoga Certification Course:

    This 300-hour online yoga teacher training created by and facilitated by Mark focuses on what he calls the five essential elements of teaching yoga. This includes: ancient roots and modern philosophies, pranayama & meditation, practical anatomy & physiology, refined teaching of asana, specialized teaching, and creative sequencing.

    Please note, you must already be a RYT 200 or CYT 200 at minimum to attend this advanced certification course.


    Takeaway: If you want to become a registered yoga teacher, one of the online yoga courses outlined above may be perfect for you! After graduating from an online yoga teacher training course you will be set up to embark on a successful career as an RYT 200 or registered yoga teacher 200 hour. Begin your YTT journey today, be a registered yoga instructor in just a few months!

    Still on the fence about taking a TTC or still have questions about it? Discover if yoga teacher training is for you before committing to anything!

    How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

    International recognized Yoga Alliance is the gold standard for yoga teacher training certification. Formed in 1997, the Yoga Alliance works as a non-profit professional organization that defines minimum standards for yoga certification programs. Many gyms and studios require yoga teachers to become certified with a Yoga Alliance-approved program, whereas others prefer that you simply register with the Alliance.

    To become a certified yoga instructor, you need to enroll in a 200-hour hands-on program, again, these are known as YTT 200. Although different schools offer shorter certificate programs, the Yoga Alliance requires you to receive 200 hours of training as the minimum for the certification.

    Below, well do a deep dive into new Yoga Alliance requirements so that youll know exactly what youll be studying if you choose a YTT 200 program that offers a Yoga Alliance certification. Yoga Alliance requirements can change, so weve given you the newest requirements, hot off the presses!

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    Your Best Interest Or Theirs

    We are increasingly researching the internet for the advice and experience of others. All too often yoga studios, schools, and teacher training certifications get reviewed and rated on different websites that are saturated with affiliation links. An affiliate link is a great way for a blog to recommend a service or product while asking the school to give the blogger a cut $ each time a visitor makes a purchase. The problem with this kind of a relationship is the bloggers will always put their bottom line before the best interests of yoga or those earning a living by teaching it.

    The Kaivalya Yoga Method

    Become a Certified Yoga Trapeze® Teacher [Online Course]

    This Online Yoga Teacher Training Course is run by Allana Kaivalya, Ph.D. who is the founder of this school and practicing and taught yoga for the last 20 years. She had studied with many great teachers from the USA, India, Bali, and Europe.

    This is Yoga Alliance approved course and upon graduating from The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy online certification program youll be able to register with the Yoga Alliance if you have completed your course before 31st December 2021. Here is what you will get:

    • Lifetime access to the course content.
    • Other than 200-Hour, 300, and 500-Hour options also available for higher education.
    • Optimization of your growth with accountability and assessments.
    • Individualized feedback from elite mentors.
    • Private Facebook group with 24/7 support and additional live content.
    • Certification upon completion and lifetime registry with TKYM
    • Duration: You will get 6 months to complete certification for the 200 and 300-hour programs, and 12 months for the 500-hour program
    • Cost: $397 when paid in full. $462 with installment payments of $77 for 6 months.
    • Website: coming soon

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    Can You Do Yoga Teacher Training Online

    Its perfectly possible to do online yoga teacher training as long as you have a safe space for yoga, a working device, and a stable internet connection. With the COVID-19 pandemic, online yoga training is the safest way to get your YTT certification. However, the benefit of it is that the certifications cost way less now, are self-paced, and allow you to have more time getting accustomed to it. Furthermore, you have the complete support of your yoga teachers, will get opportunities to connect with other yoga teachers, and will learn to leverage technology .

    Siddhi Yoga Online School

    Siddhi Yoga is one of the top teacher training academies in India and is a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance. If youre looking for an authentic experience with masters of all kinds teaching you specific disciplines, this course is for you.

    At Siddhi Yoga, we made it our mission to offer affordable, deep teachings with the utmost honour to the discipline of yoga. Our online teacher training consists of a 300+ page yoga manual, 200 hours of self-paced teachings, and more than 220 video lessons.

    Youre also getting weekly interactive classes on Zoom every Saturday and Sunday. Recorded versions can be accessed in your exclusive account so if you miss the meetings, you can catch up at your convenience.

    You will always have support throughout the program. Once you submerse yourself into the Siddhi Yoga family, you will always be a part of it.

    About Siddhi Yogas Instructors

    Youll be blessed with teachings from masters who have been involved in yoga throughout their adulthood.

    Dr. Sumit Sharma is located in Rishikesh with a master of anatomy, asana, and alignments. He has taught thousands of students in multiple countries.

    Your practice will be deepened by the teaching of Shobhit Ghanshyala. He also teaches out of Rishikesh with mastery in asana and teaching techniques.

    He also teaches at the world-famous International Yoga festival. Youre going to be getting lessons from the source of yoga with masters that understand the multi-faceted meaning of yoga.

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    Is An Online Yoga Class Just As Good As A Live Training Session

    While live sessions have their merits, online classes are just as good, if not better, considering you dont have to leave the safety of your own home to learn advanced yoga.

    Considering the circumstances regarding the pandemic and closure of premises, its recommended that you stick to online classes for the time being.

    How Much Does It Cost To Become A Yoga Instructor

    Yoga Instructor Salary and How To Make Money In The Yoga Industry ...

    As little as $375 for online YTT. $1,500 USD or as much at $20,000 USD for on-site.

    This depends on the unique logistics of the program: duration, location, and accommodation. If youre doing a program locally, then you wont need to fork out extra cash for accommodation and airfare. The price of a one-month intensive overseas will depend on both the type of accommodation and the location of the program.

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