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Can Migraine Be Cured By Yoga

Yoga For When You Dont Have A Migraine

Migraine Headaches can be cured by Yoga – Harilalji explains

As migraineurs were all told that exercise is one of the best cures for our migraines but as a chronic migraineur, I find this so much easier said that done. While I wont be running a marathon any time soon, I can do down dogs and sun salutes with the best of them. I highly recommend regular yoga for people with migraine. Some tips for new practitioners:

  • Be gentle with yourself, especially if you are new to yoga.;

  • Listen to your body when following a teacher and follow what its telling you it needs. As I listen to my body I have discovered that some poses trigger migraines and so if the class is doing those poses I find a comfortable rest position for the duration. Your yoga practice is just that, yours.

  • Discuss your migraine with your teacher so they know and understand why you may need to rest during class.

  • Start slow and build your practice. You are starting something new so there is always the possibility that you might trigger a migraine.;

To add on to what Hannah has shared, heres a little video you can follow to get you started!

Setu Bandhasana Or Bridge Pose


A major trigger for migraines can be holding tension in the shoulders and neck. To remedy, the bridge pose can release tension in the upper body, and increases blood supply to the brain as the heart is lifted above the head.

  • Lie on your back and maintain a hip-distance between your feet and bring your knees up.

  • Keep your palms face down beside your body and slowly lift your back and seat such that your chest touches your chin, supporting your weight with your shoulders, arms and feet.

  • Keep your thighs parallel to each other to maintain the pose. Keep breathing. Hold the posture for a minute and exhale.

  • How Do I Get Started With Yoga

    Ready to give yoga a try, but feel a little unsure of where to start? Thatâs understandable. Here are a few ways to get started:

    • Try an online tutorial. Itâs as easy as searching for âbeginner yogaâ on Youtube and choosing an instructor who makes you feel comfortable.

    • Go to a yoga class. Whether itâs at your local gym or a yoga studio, just make sure to tell the person itâs your first time so they can recommend the right call for you.

    • Test out an app. Yoga Wake Up, who we partnered with to create this article, created morning routines designed to start your day right . We particularly like Yoga Wake Up because of their screen-free, audio-guided experience. This makes it a great option for those with migraine that can be triggered by screen time.

    One important note from Dr. Crystal is to avoid hot yoga because the heat can trigger migraines and to avoid extreme neck movements or any positions that cause neck pain.

    But other than that, thereâs very little harm in trying it out. The biggest piece of advice we can give you is that it doesnât matter how you get started, but just that you do it if you think it could be the right stress reliever for you.

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    Yog Guru Swami Ramdev In An Exclusive Interaction With India Tv Has Suggested Effective Yoga Poses And Ayurvedic Medicines That Can Help Cure Migraine In The Most Natural And Rapid Manner Specific Yoga Poses Can Help Target Some Of The Underlying Causes Of Your Headaches Like Stress And Tightness According To Swami Ramdev

    Yoga tips to get rid of migraine:;Have you been experiencing acute headache? Are you looking to get rid of migraine once and for all? Then, it is highly advisable that you opt for yoga and ayurveda. Yog Guru Swami Ramdev, in an exclusive interaction with India TV, has suggested effective yoga poses and ayurvedic medicines that can help cure migraine in the most natural and rapid manner.;Specific yoga poses can help target some of the underlying causes of your headaches, like stress and tightness, according to Swami Ramdev,

    Effective yoga poses for migraine

    Anulom; Vilom- This pranayama;is the most efefctive for migraine, says Swami Ramdev,;;It also relieves stress.;;Do this asana for at least 15 minutes daily.

    Bhramari- By doing this asana, one can achieve peace of mind thus, keeping headaches and migraines at bay.

    Surya Namaskar– Everyone;should;do Surya Namaskar as it helps in;keeps the body energized.

    Bhastrika– Breathe in fast and release. Performing this asana, keeps the mind and mind calm.;

    Kapalbhati-; Helps to keep the digestive system clean and intact thus eliminating all kinds of;stress.

    Bhramari- Sit comfortably and allow your eyes to close. Take a breath or two to settle in and notice the state of your mind. When youre ready, inhale and then, for the entire length of your exhalation, make a low- to medium-pitched humming sound in the throat. Notice how the sound waves gently vibrate your tongue, teeth, and sinuses.

    What You Should Know Before Practicing Yoga


    There are some important things to keep in mind before incorporating yoga into your routine. Since there are many different types of yoga, it is important to find one that suits you and your migraine.

    Dr. Rebecca Wells of Wake Forest Baptist Health believes that there are types of yoga that work and dont work for people with migraine. She recommends that beginners avoid using videos that demonstrate yoga, and instead attend classes.

    Tell your yoga teacher about your history of migraine, and they can offer suggestions or alternative postures for anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, Dr. Wells says.

    Dr. Wells also says people with migraine should avoid classes that involve a lot of heat, are very vigorous or require extreme postures. She notes that some patients have even found that this type of yoga can trigger migraine. Gentle yoga that focuses on breathing and meditation, while also avoiding postures that add a lot of strain to your neck, is ideal. Restorative yoga combines deep-breathing techniques while holding certain poses that are fully supported by props in a completely relaxed manner. This means it may be particularly useful for those who live with migraine.

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    Yoga For Stress Relief

    Causes of migraineSmartphones may make your headaches worse, study finds reduces activity of the sympathetic nervous systemleads to a state of calma 2015 studylessening the tensionAnother studyinfluence regions of the braininflammation in the braincompensate for insufficient oxygenA spa of one’s own

    Yoga For Migraine Helps Tone Your Muscles And Your Breathing

    Two of my closest friends and fellow Migraine Warriors are avid yoga practitioners. They’ve been urging me for years to try yoga for Migraine and overall health. Last year, I became a believer – especially after reading all the proof on yoga for Migraine prevention. I thought: I’ve tried yoga and I didn’t like it. . But it was a new year, and I was so ready for a new me.

    I began test-driving the huge variety of yoga classes offered at my local club and at nearby studios to find an instructor, type and class that suited me. Vinyasa Flow. Restorative Yoga. Hatha Yoga. Hot Yoga. Sunrise Stretch. Who knew there were nearly 20 different types of yoga?

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    Final Thoughts On Yoga For Migraine

    Practicing yoga for migraine headaches can help relieve painful symptoms of the intense and debilitating health problem. In this article, we explained yoga postures for migraine relief, which include lotus position, breathing exercises like pranayama and kapalbhati pranayama, standing forward bend, childs pose, cat pose, seated forward bend, bridge pose, downward-facing dog, and corpse pose.

    Although these individual postures can help during a migraine, you may find it more helpful to add a full yoga practice to your daily routine. Just remember that while some people may find relief from yoga, others may not.

    In addition to yoga, you can try other natural migraine treatments geared toward getting enough sleep; managing stress; limiting screen time exposure; and eating a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet.

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    How Does Yoga Help Relieve A Migraine

    Yoga for Headaches & Migraine Relief – Gentle Yoga for Tension Headaches

    How can you use yoga for migraine headaches?

    Some migraine patients complain that exercise triggers their headaches, so they avoid exercising and become less active in general. However, yoga involves slow, mindful movements that help alleviate stress, enhance mood, and reduce episodes of migraines and chronic tension headaches.

    It isnt clear how yoga does this, but some experts suspect the parasympathetic nervous system plays a role. This is because the PNS can lower blood pressure and slow ones heart rate during yoga practice. As a result, the body is able to recover after stressful events, especially migraine attacks.

    A study published in the International Journal of Yoga in 2014 found that headache frequency and intensity was decreased in those who added yoga to their regular treatment. There was also an improvement in vagal tone, which is the effect produced on the heart when parasympathetic nerve fibers control heart rate.

    The researchers also found that yoga improved cardiac autonomic balance. Migraines are associated with disturbances in the autonomic nervous system and circulatory system. When balance to these systems is restored, this is likely to reduce the risk of a migraine headache.

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    Paschimottanasana Or Seated Forward Bend

    This asana, like the janu sirsana, helps calm excited nerves, slows the release of hormones from both the adrenal and pituitary and glands.11 It also eases stress, relieves headaches, and calms the brain.12

    You can make use of a strap to help you with this pose if needed. This is how the pose is done:13

    Balasana Or Child’s Pose


    This pose can relax the upper body and open up the back, shoulders and spine, all of which can help relieve the throbbing feeling in your head, says Parwani. Since the forehead is resting on the ground, pressure points are activated too, which can help lessen the severity of the headache.

  • Comfortably sit on your heels with your knees at hip-width apart. Bend forward, and lay your torso between your thighs as you exhale.

  • Stretch your arms forward and the tailbone away from the back of the pelvis. Your arms should be in line with your knees. Maintain the pose for a few minutes.

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    Hasta Padasana Or Standing Forward Bend


    This asana stretches and activates your back muscles, improves blood supply across the nervous system impacting the stress and hormone levels in your body, says Parwani.

  • Stand straight with feet together. Breathe in and extend your arms over the head. Bend forward down towards the feet as you breathe out. Maintain this pose for 30 seconds and continue to breathe deeply.

  • Keeping your legs and spine erect; rest your hands on the floor beside your feet.

  • Lift your hips and tailbone higher; breathe deeply and move your head towards your feet.

  • Now stretch your arms forward and up and come back to the standing position. Breathe out and bring the arms to the sides and relax.

  • So How Can Yoga Help With Migraines

    Yoga for Migraine

    While there’s no cure for migraines, there are many different treatment and prevention strategies available, including medications and lifestyle changes. One strategy is stress management, which can come in the form of exercise and relaxation techniques, according to the NINDS. That’s where yoga comes into the picture.

    Just a heads up, though: Experts say the link between yoga and migraine relief isn’t clear. “It is not absolutely understood how yoga helps prevent migraine,” says Roderick Spears, M.D., regional medical director of neurology for Penn Specialty Practices.

    However, there are some theories. For instance, it could be that regular yoga may help prevent an increase in calcitonin gene-related peptide , an amino acid that can dilate blood vessels in your brain , explains Dr. Spears. Research has found that CGRP is released during migraine attacks and has recently become “a primary path of treatment for prevention as well as abortive therapy for migraine attacks,” says Dr. Spears.

    Another theory: Yoga can help with muscle tensionâwhich, for some people, can be a migraine trigger, especially when tension originates in the neck or shoulders, says Dr. Sachdev. In that sense, yoga could help “get to the meat of the problem” causing the migraine, he explains.

    ” a way to be proactive about your health,” adds Dr. Danan. “That’s something I advocate for.”

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    Further Reading On Yoga From Harvard Health Publishing

    Weve written a lot about yoga here at Harvard Health Publishing. My colleagues at the Harvard Mental Health Letter published a piece about yoga for anxiety and depression two years ago. The Harvard Heart Letter was cautiously optimistic last year about what yoga could do for your heart. And my next-door neighbors at the Harvard Womens Health Watch have reported on yogas benefits for womens sexual function and back pain.

    Yoga May Help Feet Ease Migraine

    It seems like thumbs-up might be yogas newest asana.

    I wrote a blog post earlier this month about two studies that suggest yoga is good medicine for bad backs, although in one of the studies stretching exercises were equally effective.

    Yoga came up during my interview with Australian researcher;Hylton Menz, one of my sources for the front-page article about foot pain and problems and how they might lead to falls for the November 2011 issue of the Harvard Health Letter. Sure, there isnt a lot of research to go on, conceded Menz. But yoga seems to be a good way to keep your feet strong and flexible, he explained, and so probably helps with staying on them.

    Yoga was also endorsed as a possible treatment for migraine by Dr. Paul B. Rizzoli, co-author of The Migraine Solution, a book being published by Harvard Health Publishing and St. Martins Press, which is scheduled to come out in January 2012. Near the end of an interview in his office at the John R. Graham Headache Center at Faulkner Hospital in Boston, I was asking Dr. Rizzoli about ways to treat migraines that didnt involve taking a medicationeverything that comes under that nebulous alternative medicine heading.;Yoga is a personal favorite of his for his patients, said Dr. Rizzoli, because it is widely available, affordable, and very likely has benefits beyond migraine.

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    Daily Discipline & Diet Tips

    • Eat freshly cooked meals and Eat on time;
    • Chew your food properly
    • Early to bed and healthy routines are a must for healthier lifestyle
    • Include seasonal fresh fruits and green veggies in your daily diet
    • Drink 12 glasses of liquid every day
    • Magnesium rich foods help allay the symptoms
    • Walking in nature every morning and evening for 20 to 30 minutes is a must!

    How Does Yoga Asana Help In A Migraine

    Yoga for Migraine Headaches | Simple yet Effective Yoga Practice for Migraine | Bharath ji

    Yoga practice is an ancient art, which gives benefits to your mind, body & soul. In ancient time practitioners consider the Yoga much more than a form of exercise. By this thinking holistic sense is born along with Yoga is the mixture or combo of various breathing techniques &lots of Asanas. Main as well as important point is that Yoga has no bad effects but it helps you to fight against various diseases. By correct posture, rhythm and right low of energy lead to a good health. Just you have to take your few minutes to practice Yogic activity regularly. This will keep you away from big issues like a migraine. In Yoga, there is lots of breathing techniques as well as Asana to easily cop up with your any problems.

    Yoga is the natural and better way when it comes to rescuing from a Migraine.

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    Benefits Of Each Pose

    Here are a few of the benefits of each of these poses. Yoga gives you an awesome source of energy and resilience. It prepares your body and mind for meeting the challenges of life. It helps you avoid painful reactions like headaches.

  • Shavasana

  • Corpse pose rejuvenates the body by bringing it into a deep state of meditative rest. You can end the yoga routine by lying down in this pose for a couple of minutes.

    The unbearable pain of a migraine can hamper your personal and professional life. Explain your situation to family, friends, and colleagues. A dialogue will encourage moral and emotional support from them. It will also help them have an open-minded view of your situation.

    Traditional hatha yoga is a means to make your resistance against migraines better. It shouldn’t function as an alternative to medication. Its recommended to continue your medication until your doctor advises otherwise.

    Practicing these restorative yoga postures will lessen the impact of a migraine attack. It may, with time, stop them for good. So, inhale and exhale, roll out the yoga mat, repose, and exercise for some time every day. In this way, you can shut migraines out of your life.

    Practicing yoga helps develop the body and mind, but it isn’t a substitute for medicine. You need to learn and practice yoga under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher. In case of any medical condition, practice yoga only after you consult a doctor and a Sri Sri Yoga teacher.

    Some Lifestyle And Diet Modifications Are Essential For Migraine Management

    Experts say that sleeplessness is a major cause of migraines. So, make a habit to follow a routine.Sleeping in a quiet, dark room may help in bringing down the trouble. If you are unable to sleep, mindful meditation may also help ease physical pain.Avoid work stress by taking breaks every 30 minutes.Also, consume small quantities of healthy snacks periodically.

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