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Can A Yoga Mat Be Washed

How To Wash A Yoga Mat In A Washing Machine

Before you wash your yoga mat , make sure to check the manufacturers website first. Yoga mats can be made from a number of materials, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Cork
  • Cotton

Each type of mat has different cleaning needs, so what might work for one wont for another.

Once youve determined that its okay to wash your yoga mat in the washer, the process is simple:

  • Put the yoga mat in the washing machine with a gentle detergent.
  • Set the machine to the gentle cycle with cold water.
  • When the cycle is complete, lay the mat flat or hang it over a shower rod to dry. Never put yoga mats in the dryer.
  • Keep in mind that even if you use the gentle cycle, frequent washing will shorten your yoga mats life. Machine washing should be reserved for occasional deep cleaning, not as a regular practice.

    Gentler ways to clean your mat are detailed below.

    Removal Of Excess Water From The Mat

    • The next step after rinsing is the removal of excess water. Here you need to shake off the mat to ensure that water on the surface of the mat is completely removed. You can also lay the mat on a dry towel and roll the two together to squeeze out the remaining moisture.
    • The mat should not be wrung as it can cause tearing, wrinkling and warping.
    • Step on the rolled up towel and mat to remove excess water in a more effective way.

    Before You Make A Decision

    Exhaust your resources! When browsing mats online, be sure to read the reviews to get more information about the mat. At your next yoga class, talk to a few people and ask them what they like about their mat, where they got it, and how much it was. Yoga teachers typically have a favorite mat so be sure to ask your instructor too!

    Why Use A Yoga Mat

    The yoga mat is the basic material that we must acquire to start practicing Yoga. Yoga mat protects us from the cold of the ground and prevents our body from contacting dirt and germs on the surface. This mat will also be very useful when we do yoga outdoors because it will provide us with greater stability and comfort.

    It is important that you choose a yoga mat that suits you since you must be comfortable when you perform your activities properly. With this article, we will help you buy the one that best suits you for the type of yoga you practice, your preferences and your budget. We assure you that once you acquire your yoga mat it will become essential and you will not be able to live without.

    So Just How Dirty Is Your Yoga Mat

    How to clean a yoga mat during COVID + what to bring ...

    In an article for ABC-13 News, Melanie Rech, laboratory director at EMSL Analytical, examined swabs taken from personal and communal yoga mats. Mats from the local yoga studio came back the cleanest with 3 million counts of normal environmental bacteria, writes ABC-13 News. This isnt the most surprising, since yoga studios are supposed to regularly wash their communal mats . The results from a local womans personal mat who admittedly doesnt clean her mat often were the most shocking, testing positive for 12 million counts of bacteria, writes ABC-13 News.

    The fungi and bacteria that are responsible for athletes foot, plantar warts, staph infections, and ringworm, among others, are commonly found on yoga mats since they thrive in warm, dark, moist environments.

    So, not cleaning your mat can be pretty gross.

    Its important to keep in mind that if youre cleaning your yoga matbut not disinfecting ityou might not be doing enough to actually get rid of these germs. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, while cleaning removes germs, disinfecting kills germsand although each method individually works, you need to do both to fully sanitize your mat.

    Clean Your Mat At Least Weekly

    Yes, weekly! That’s according to Jordan Westra, studio manager at Yoga Vida in New York City, who spearheads the cleaning of the studios’ Jade mats. And, it’s up to you, but if you practice regularly, outside, or sweat a lot, think about a quick wipe down after every session. It’s good hygiene, and helps prolong your mat’s life.

    Extra Tips On How To Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean

    To make sure you get years out of your yoga mat, no matter what the material, here are a few of our tips:

    Clean your feet before you practise If you’ve been walking around barefoot at home or outside and then you come to your mat, guess what? Those dirty feet are going to leave marks all over your mat! Wipe down your feet with warm water before you start your class.

    Use a yoga towel to protect your mat during practise This will protect your mat from sweat and oily head stains; our pick of the best yoga towels has some great options to help keep your mat looking brand new.

    Use a blanket under your head in relaxation Hair has natural oils that can leave marks on the end of your mat. Using a blanket under your head when in relaxation, typically the longest time we lie down in a yoga class, can help to keep these stains from forming

    Best Ways To Clean A Yoga Mat

    Cleaning your yoga mat regularly is essential to practice healthy yoga. As discusses earlier, a yoga mat can prevent from bacteria on the ground. However, over time, it can accumulate a whole lot of harmful germs. Furthermore, a dirty yoga mat can promote the growth of fungus. This makes it important to clean your Yoga mat.

    There are a couple of ways to clean your mat and sanitize it. Luckily, it is extremely easy to do it and does not require a lot of time or effort. Here are a few cleaning methods that you can follow to make sure your yoga mat stays free of germs and harmful bacteria at all times.

    Why Can Some Qualities Of Yoga Mats Not Be Cleaned In The Washing Machine

    For individuals who perform yoga day by day, a yoga mat is an exceptionally fundamental thing. After utilizing a yoga mat for a few days, there is a need to wash it. Presently the primary nature of an individual is to toss it in the clothes washer; however, no, you ought not to wash some types of yoga mats in the clothes washer since it can cause a few harms, for example,

    • A yoga mat in itself is enormous, so fitting it in a clothes washer may turn into an errand.

    • A yoga mat disbalances your clothes washer.

    • On the off chance that the clothes washer gets imbalanced, it might fall, which will cause a mishap.

    • Regardless of whether you crease it and fit it, the clothes washer somehow when the clothes washer will turn the yoga mat will unfurl.

    • A yoga mat can get a snag.

    • You will squander your power alongside your assets.

    • Its anything but a ton of clamor on the off chance that you wash a yoga mat in the clothes washer.

    • The rubber and polyester types of yoga mats can get their rubber damaged if washed in a cloth washer or spinner in the dryer.

    Don’t Worry About Tossing Your Mat In The Washing Machine

    Lauren Imparato, founder of I.Am.You yoga in New York City, who provides mats for her students, is very particular about mat hygiene. Even if you wipe them down thoroughly after each use , “throw yours in the washing machine once a month. No soap. Then into the dryer on medium to high heat.” They hold up, she swears.

    How To Deep Clean A Yoga Mat

    If your mat is stained or smelly, it will need more attention. But before using anything harsher than the mild dish liquid solution, check your mats cleaning recommendations, usually on the website.

    Some mats are hand-washable in cold water and mild soap, while others can be cleaned in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle. Make sure they are well-rinsed and always air dry a yoga mat never put it in the dryer. If your mat cant be soaked, try wiping it with a mild mix of one part white vinegar to three parts water. Rinse it with a and let dry.

    Know When To Wash Your Yoga Mat

    • Before you get to the process of washing your yoga mat, you need to be aware of when exactly you should be washing it. It is recommended that you wash your yoga mat after a few months of use. If you are an everyday yoga performer, you need to wash you mat more often.
    • Knowing when to wash your mat is not only important for extending your mats life but it also helps keep you safe from bacteria. A few instances of when you need to have your yoga mat washed are:
    • Wash your yoga mat at least once every month, especially in hot weather conditions, if you are exercising every day.
    • If you see the mat is visibly dirty.

    The Most Effective Method To Wash A Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine

    Can You Wash a Yoga Mat  Daily Yoga Grind

    • Wash the yoga mat by itself, without any other clothes in the washer.

    • Steep the yoga mat if very dirty and pre-treat the stains in a tub or a pail alongside water and cleanser.

    • Utilize warm water to wash the yoga mat.

    • Utilize a non-harmful and non-faded cleanser, so the mat doesnt get obliterated.

    • Utilize a cleanser while washing the yoga mat, as it will hold the fluffiness of the yoga mat.

    • Do not spin the yoga mat in the dryer, as that will cause harm to the yoga mat.

    • And afterward, air dry your yoga mat.

    • Then, at that point, overlay it and spot it in a dry spot after it gets totally dry.

    The yoga mat is a thing that should get washed once every month. The yoga mat is utilized to exercise, so it is normal to get filthy effectively as you sweat while exercising. When this happens, the yoga mat gets dull, so wash it once every month as it will keep it spotless and new, and you will appreciate practicing on it.

    Rinse The Mat In Clean Water

    • Rinse the mat but make sure the water you are using is clean. This is simply to help remove any residues of the detergent or soap. This will reduce the likelihood of you having to exercise on a slippery mat.
    • The mat should be rinsed off until the water is clear.
    • In the event that the water does not become clear within a short amount of time, you should consider washing your yoga mat again using a soft cloth. After another wash, rinse the mat until the water is clear.

    Which Chemicals Can I Use On My Mat

    Due to the natural and open-celled nature of the B MAT, we recommend avoiding using solvents, harsh abrasives, undiluted oils, or added moisturisers as these will clog or break down the compounds that keep the B MAT grippy and supportive.Please see recommended cleaning instructions above for our recommended day-to-day maintenance/cleaning!


    Dry Your Mat Really Well

    Its important to bear in mind that most yoga mats are porous, so drying will take anything up to and beyond 24 hours. It can take days if fully wet, cautions Laura. Keep your mat out of direct sunlight as it has the delightful ability to fade any beautiful designs and the sun can cause the mat to become stiff and brittle.

    How Often Should You Wash Your Yoga Mat

    The frequency with which you wash your yoga mat depends on several factors:

    • How often do you practice?
    • How much do you sweat during practice?
    • Is the surface you put your mat on pretty clean?
    • What type of mat is it?

    Your mats manufacturer usually provides care instructions on their website, but generally speaking, its a good idea to spot clean or wipe the mat about once a week and deep clean it every 4-6 weeks.

    Tip 2: Regularly Clean Your Yoga Mat

    Depending on how often you use the mat, it’s important that you regularly give it a thorough cleaning. Do you go to a Hot Yoga class every week? Clean your yoga mat at least once a month. It’s best to clean a plastic yoga mat made from PVC, for example, with oil-free soap and water. Scrub the yoga mat clean and use enough water to remove all the soap residues. Dry it off with a towel and leave the mat out to dry completely. Watch out when you hang it out to dry on sharp clothes lines, since these can leave an ugly line on your yoga mat.

    Tip: to really get the mat properly dry after you wash it, put a dry towel on the mat and roll them up tightly together. The towel will absorb a lot of water from the mat.

    Sanitize Your Yoga Mat With Disinfectant

    Good for all mats right now just dont get the PU ones too damp.

    Should we be using diluted bleach and 60 per cent alcohol sprays as we are doing for our hands and hard surfaces in the age of Covid-19?

    Before lockdown, I switched from natural vinegar cleaning to hardcore diluted Dettol mat cleaning,” says Laura. “I use one-third of a cap of Dettol Liquid Antiseptic Disinfectant in one litre of water. You can use a ratio up to 50/50 but bear in mind its really strong smelling and not suitable if you have sensitive skin.”

    If and when studios reopen, you might want to sanitize your personal mat after its been on the studio floor, where others have walked. A yoga towel is a good call as you can put it down on your mat or a studio mat and machine hot wash it afterwards.

    Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

    Shopping for your first yoga mat or even just a new one can be an overwhelming experience. Deciding between the various materials, sizes, and thicknesses can feel like an overwhelming amount of information. This guide will cover each of these aspects and more, and should make the decision process a bit simpler.

    As you read this, be mindful of who will be using this yoga mat. The yoga mat you choose should reflect your experience and dedication. Basically, if youre new to yoga you should be looking more at basic, entry-level mats.

    Questions To Ask When Choosing A New Yoga Mat

    15 Surprising Things to Clean in the Washing Machine ...

    When youre buying a new yoga mat, ask the following five key questions. These will help you get the eco-friendly, ahimsa-friendly mat you need:

  • Whats the yoga mat made from?
  • How thick is the mat?
  • Is it portable?
  • How long/wide is the mat?
  • How sticky is the mat?
  • The kind of mat that works for you will depend on the style of yoga you practice. Other considerations include where you practice, your budget, and whether you prize comfort over stability. A good mat will be able to cushion your highest-impact lunges but keep you stable in your poses. Your ideal mat will also last for years without degrading and wont off-gas toxic chemicals that undo all your good work for mind and body. 

    How Often Should You Clean Your Wool Yoga Mat

    The frequency of cleaning of your wool yoga mat depends on the type of pile it has.

    You should vacuum handwoven wool yoga mats with a low suction setting without the beater bar or brush. They dont need as much caring as the pile is woven. They can be dry at direct sunlight, but not for too long. Colours tend to be well fixed so the sun shouldnt affect the colour.

    Beater bar or brushes are complete no, no for any wool mat. They will push the dirt to the core of the wool mat, making it more difficult to clean. Using the beater bar or brush would also destroy the wool fibres.

    Long pile wool yoga mats like sheepskins need to be treated with more care not to lose the hair fibres. Long pile wool yoga mats need to be shaken a few times a week to ensure they are not accumulating dust. When washed, they need to dry flat on the shade. Otherwise, the skin will shrink and damage the mat, reducing its overall lifespan.

    Wool yoga mats, like any other wool mats, will naturally shed some wool fibres. The shedding doesnt mean your wool yoga mat is of lousy quality. This shedding is quite common when the wool mats are brand new; after a few months, they will shed less.

    Washing Options For Your Wool Yoga Mat

  • HandwashYou will need:A bucket big enough for your wool yoga mat to fit inside. A bathtub would be even better.Wool detergent.Coldwater at around 30°C or 90°F.
  • What to do:

    What to do:

    • Add the wool detergent to the washing machine.
    • Set the washing machine to a handwash, delicates wash or wool wash option. If none of these washes is available to use, select the cold wash with the low centrifuge option.
    • Dry outdoors.
    • Lay flat to dry if possible; if not, hang it to dry.

    Note that when your wool yoga mat is wet, it will be cumbersome, so plan ahead where will you dry it. You can do it on a line or over a wall. Make sure your mat dries completely. Choose a sunny day for the washing.

  • Dry cleaner
  • If your wool yoga mat comes with specific instructions to care for it. Its best to follow them. There are well-known rules that you can follow to help you look after your wool yoga mat.

    How To Clean A Pvc Yoga Mat

    PVC mats are ‘closed-cell structures’, meaning they can withstand a lot more in terms of rigorous cleaning and don’t absorb water, or in fact sweat. However, this doesn’t mean other germs won’t gather on the surface. 

    Essentially PVC mats are non-porous, which means you can use soapy water and a towel to remove grime from the surface. Don’t be afraid to give these types of mats a good dousing of soapy water; they can take it. Using a disinfectant after this initial clean is a good idea to ensure any bacteria are fully removed. 

    PVC mats are the most robust and can also be cleaned rigorously by soaking them in water in the bath or shower, for example, if you ever need to give them a deep clean. A spray of water and essential oils can be used on this type of mat for a pleasant smell next time you use it. 

    Caring For A Yoga Mat


    Getting a new yoga mat is an exciting experience. Not only is it a wonderful way to fully commit to your yoga practice with newfound inspiration and energy, its also a great way to express your personality with a variety of colors, designs, and materials.

    As a yoga instructor, Im often asked how to take care of a yoga mat and whats the best way to prep a new yoga mat for its first downward dog session. Here are a few tips and tricks Ive learned over the years.

    Hand Wash with Soap and Water: The tried-and-trusted method that I use is to wet a washcloth with soapy water and wipe down my yoga mat before using it for the first time, as well as once a week throughout its life.

    Add an Essential Oil to the Mixture: Buying a mat spray that contains essential oils is a great way to clean, disinfect, and add a nice scent to your mat. The scents Ive had the best luck with are lemon, orange, and eucalyptus for energy, or lavender and mint for a more relaxing scent.

    Vinegar and Water: For a quick clean, create a 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to wipe down your yoga mat. Let it hang dry in a well-ventilated room or outside in the fresh air.

    Air Dry: New mat smell? Try hanging your mat outside for a day or two. As anyone who line-dries their laundry knows, fresh air and UV rays can do wonders.

    I hope these tips help you stay grounded and balanced while on your mat, whether its your new companion or a longstanding friend to your yoga practice.

    Caring For Your Yoga Mat

    If you want to increase the longevity of your yoga mat, it is important to take care of it. Just like everything else, the condition of your yoga mat can deteriorate over time. With excessive use, you may notice various signs of wear and tear on your mat.

    Surely, a yoga mat cannot last forever. However, you can continue to use it for a long time. All you have to do is care for your yoga mat. Here are a few tips that can help elongate the life of your yoga mat.

    The Right Place to Keep Your Yoga Mat

    When it is time to put your yoga mat away, make sure you choose an ideal place. An ideal storing place can play an important part in increasing the longevity of your yoga mat. This makes it important to keep your yoga mat in a dry place, away from dust and dirt.

    Keep in mind that damp conditions can promote the growth of mold on a mat. Also, while it is important to keep your yoga mat dry at all times, it is equally important to make sure it does not receive direct sunlight as it can damage your mat.

    The Right Way to Keep Your Yoga Mat

    Do you know the right way of putting away your mat during your practice sessions? Well, first of all, make sure you level it out as much as possible. In other words, try to avoid keeping it rolled up at all times. In case, you have no choice but to roll up your mat, make sure you interchange the rolling sides.

    Be Gentle While Cleaning And Drying

    While most yoga mats are flexible and sturdy, it is still important to treat them gently, especially when you are cleaning them. Make sure that you use a soft material to wipe it clean before hanging it to air dry.

    Also, it is advisable to avoid leaving it in sunlight to dry. Another important thing to remember is that most yoga mats are not designed to be washed in a washer so avoid putting your yoga mat in a washer or dryer.


    Remember, a yoga mat can take your yoga sessions to the next level. Therefore, its your responsibility to keep it clean and fresh at all times. Keep in mind that staying sanitary is the only way to enjoy all the benefits that come with yoga practice!

    Cleaning Tips For Your Yoga Mat

    It is not always necessary to machine wash your yoga mat after every use. Rather washing your yoga mat too often might shorten its life. If you make a little effort after every yoga session, you will be able to keep your yoga mat clean and disinfected and weekly machine washing will be enough. Following are a few tips to quickly clean your yoga mat after every use:

    • Make sure to clean the corners and the edges of the mat with a dry clean cloth after you are done with your yoga session. Use a mild detergent mixed with lukewarm water. Scrub the mat with the soapy mixture using a clean washcloth and later rinse it with running water. Once done, pat dry the yoga mat with a microfiber cloth towel to absorb all the moisture.

    • Wrinkles and creases on the mat can be removed by using a hairdryer. Set it in high heat for a second or for a long time on low heat to remove the wrinkles. But be careful as over-exposure to heat may ruin the mat rubber.

    • You can also spray the mat with an anti-microbial spray to disinfect your mat after every use.


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