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Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training

Final Thoughts On Blue Osa

Become a Yoga Teacher || What to expect at a Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training || YTT at Blue Osa

One of my ex-boyfriends always said a healthy mind in a healthy body. I feel like this motto perfectly summarizes my week at Blue Osa. I cleansed both my mind and my body during my stay through organic food and products, pure air, creating space in my head and body, and positive, healthy, inspiring new connections.

Funnily enough, one of the staff members asked me to draw two tarot cards on my last day. Ive never really related to them but always try to keep an open mind with anything new in life, so I played along. The two cards I pulled were energy and advancement. This is exactly how I felt after my retreat at Blue Osa: filled with new energy and ready to advance in life.

I will sure miss Blue Osa, and my Osa tribe. I could not recommend Blue Osa enough. Whether you want to recharge for your next adventure or just deepen your practice in the yoga country, you will leave Blue Osa with much more than what you would have expected. Blue Osa has something magical to it that honestly is hard to describe, something that I hope you will just have to experience yourself.

Ready to go to Blue Osa? Pack using our Costa Rica packing list and book your stay with them already!

Meditation Training For Beginners

Meditation can be transformational. Simple, but powerful, it is one of the most life-enhancing skills we can learn. Aside from improving our overall wellbeing, meditation training has the power to reduce stress and boost brain functioning. It trains the mind to move into a place of peace and clarity and helps us to go with the flow in everyday life.

For beginners, the thought of sitting silently with a clear mind can sometimes seem like an impossible task. However, meditation should never be a

Costa Rica Surf Mystical Yoga Teacher Training

If you are planning to move or currently in the country of Costa Rica and want to have a satisfying yoga teaching career then this school might be perfect for you. This Costa Rica Surf Mystical Yoga has 20 years of solid experience in guiding students to become effective teachers and people in the future.

You can expect the stream of awareness in yourself once you enroll yourself in this school. Upon your completion of their 200-hour course expect that you will gain a certification that will give you the power to register as a certified Yoga Alliance teacher.

Not only that, you will have the probable chance to enjoy schooling at a beautiful ambiance located specifically at Ojo Del Mar and Indigo Yoga Resort.

  • Cost: 2200 USD 2300 USD
  • Training Length: Upon discussion which is further divided into different phases
  • Yoga Style: Mystical Hatha and Vinyasa Flow
  • Facebook page:

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Yoga Skill Level Required

Even if you are relatively new to yoga, this yoga teacher training immersions are an excellent way to learn the art of yoga and cultivate a strong foundation for your life-long practice.

One of the strengths of Blue Osa’s approach to yoga is how adaptable it is to the student. No matter where you are, there is a practice for you.

And frankly, some of the best teachers are the ones who cant contort their bodies into pretzel shapes. Their limitations end up being an asset to their students.

Yia Yoga Teacher Training

Live Updates From The One

If you would like to explore different types of meditation, physical alignment and expand your knowledge about holistic yoga, you are at the right place. By finding out about the Brahmacharya and learning how to take care of your physical body with the help of Ayurvedic practices you will discover many new ways of implementing meditation, self-adjustment techniques, and much more.

This immersion yoga certification course will require some preparation and 100 % dedication. Nestled amongst mountains, on-site accommodation will be available at San Miguel Boutique CabaƱas, which is surrounded by gorgeous gardens equipped with wifi, hot water, and all necessities.

The accommodation allows you to bring friends and family along should you wish. Accommodation and the course and manuals are included in the price. You will have to organize your own airfare, meals, spa treatments, excursions, and activities.

  • Price: from $3200
  • Yoga Style: Ayurveda, Tantra

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Pachamama Costa Rica Ytt

Trainings at Pachamama are led by Adya and Velan, master of asana and zen meditation. These two people coming together does create a very unique experience where you`ll not only learn about yoga, but about yourself, deep meditation, the earth, energy, chakras and beyond. This beautiful space in the jungle is the one where you`ll deeply connect with mother earth, join rituals, and dive deep into spirituality. A place for detox, being away from life`s rushing pace and time and space for healing. If you are looking into a deeply spiritual experience next to becoming a yoga teacher, the Pachamama foundational training will be the one for you.

What past students say:

Length: 24 days

Updates From Blue Osa: The First 24 Hours Of Yoga Teacher Training

by Casey Siemasko | Oct 20, 2014 | Costa Rica, Travel Inspiration, Yoga Teacher Training |

So Yoga Teacher Training has officially begun at Blue Osa in Costa Rica. I have literally been looking forward to this moment since mid-January, and now that were here, it all feels a little bit surreal. It also feels pretty freaking amazing.

We felt a heavy load lifted off of our shoulders when we arrived at Blue Osaand it wasnt just from dropping our overflowing bags into our temporary abode. Within hours of arriving at Blue Osa, we had already heard the signature sound of howlers monkeys calling out in the distance, spotted trees full of rainbow macaws, and stuffed ourselves full with farm-to-table deliciousness. And though we might not love the bugs or the cold-water showers, we can feel a tangible difference in our energy from being surrounded by the jungle and just steps away from the ocean.

Which brings me to yoga teacher training. Its only been one official day of the course so far, but I can already tell that this month is going to hugely impact who I am as a person. I think that any type of yoga teacher training is incredibly special, but there is undoubtedly something really powerful about participating in an immersion program.

Weve been compiling a whole slew of Yogi Aaron quotes, but this one from the very first day really stuck:

We have the power to reshape our character and therefore reshape our life.

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Activities At Blue Osa

Blue Osa offers a variety of eco-activities for its guests to explore the lush and incredible surrounding jungle and wildlife during their stay.

There is a farm tour organized on the first day where we get to learn more about the food were eating at the resort from where its coming from, to the local products and how it is harvested and prepared. This is an excellent way to better understand the local ecosystem and what were about to treat our belly with.

Other tours on offer include canopy/zipline, surf classes, hikes in the jungle and the Corcovado National Park, kayaking, fishing, tree climbing, and waterfalls visits. The prices are affordable when compared to travel agencies in the area. Also, Blue Osa will pack generous lunches and give us breakfast if were gone for the day.

I personally attended the half-day waterfall hike, which was an awesome way to discover the surrounding jungle. There we saw different types of monkeys and birds, and we ended the hike at a waterfall where we swam to freshen up. We left early in the morning, came back before lunch, and had the afternoon to relax and nap around the pool or at the beach.

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary Adventure And Dolphin Tour

A Day in the Life of a Yoga Teacher in Training at Blue Osa

Enjoy a scenic boat ride to the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary across the Golfo Dulce. Here, youll meet orphaned animals that are cared for until they can be released into the wild. Many of these tiny creatures can be petted, making this tour a favorite among families. Depending on the time of year, youll have the opportunity for a dolphin watching on the ride back!

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Lakshmi Rising Yoga Teacher Training

The venue for Lakshmi Rising trainings, The Sanctuary at two rivers, is a 100% off the grid, eco resort powered by solar power in the most serene setting that will blow your mind and definitely put you in the right mind set for learning and going deeper into yourself. You`ll be served 3 vegetarian or vegan meals a day of course all sourced locally. With Lakshmi Rising you won`t only get great teachers guiding you towards a new way of life, a potential career change, and immense knowledge, but on weekends you`ll also enjoy excursions, movie nights and much more with the group. If not only learning yoga, and becoming a yoga teacher is high on your priority list but also finding a great community and connect with like-minded people, this is your place!

What past students say:

Length: 20 days

Bienestar Life 200 Hour Yoga Training

At Bienestar you`ll enjoy Costa Rica and the training in the most serene environment! A hilltop little private hut will be your home for the duration of the training where you can listen to the sounds of the jungle. You`ll be eating locally sourced organic food every day. You`ll be practicing yoga and attend classes from sunrise to sunset. Need I say more?! In these 24 days you will have the chance to transform your life thoroughly through self-inquiry, time allowed for yourself, closeness of nature, studying in a group with like-minded people and learning from the best teachers!

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Your Stay At Blue Osa

What to Pack

Check out this blog that was written by a past attendee of a 28-Day YTT on what to pack!

In addition to what youll find on that list, we recommend bringing along these items:

1. Any special pillows or props for your meditation and yoga practice. Blue Osa provides straps, blocks, yoga chairs, sandbags, blankets, and yoga mats. Many people prefer to bring their own mat.

2. A notebook and pen and/or iPad and/or computer to take notes. There will be A LOT of verbal information given.

3. A computer or iPad to work on the online self-study portion of the training while you are at Blue Osa.

4. We strongly encourage you to add some supplements to your diet before coming, and during your time at Blue Osa. Supplements will help your body and immune system deal with the stress of traveling to a new environment. This is really important for those participants who are either leaving their home for the first time or rarely travel outside North America. Read Yogi Aarons suggested supplements to bring with you to Costa Rica. Additionally, it can be helpful to:

a) Consult with your doctor before coming to bring any medication that you think you might need.b) Consider what kind of herbal supplements may be beneficial for you that can support stress caused by traveling, the climate, new water source, different sleeping cycles, etc.c) Start taking healthy bacteria supplements and bring them with you.

Get To Know Costa Rica

Yoga Chikitsa Las Penitas Nicaragua

Yoga Teacher Training &  Beach Retreat in Costa Rica

If you already have some basic certification as a yoga teacher you would probably want to enhance your knowledge more than this school is worthy of consideration. This Yoga Chikitsa is located in Nicaragua and will teach you a lot of modified yoga techniques and will go profoundly on the different yoga practices and related knowledge such as physiology, therapeutic elements, and etc.

The place where the school is located on the beachfront makes you very close to nature and makes your experience more memorable. Once you graduate from the course you will receive a 300-hour yoga teaching certificate that is Yoga Alliance certified. The price includes the twenty-seven nights accommodation but the meals are not included.

  • Cost: $3100
  • Yoga Style: Ayurveda, Kriya, Nidra, Ashtanga, and Karma

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Finished Your Yoga Teacher Training In Costa Ricanow What

Ok, you did it!!! You completed your yoga teacher training in Costa Rica! Congratulations!

We know how hard a process this can be and rightly so, nothing worth achieving should come easy! With memories to last a lifetime and your certificate in hand, now what?!?!?

The most common question we get asked is What should I do after completing my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica?

Many of you will have scheduled some time after your YTT to travel and explore the beautiful country that is Costa Rica. But we understand that after the intensity of teacher training, you are tired and planning is time and energy-consuming.

Have no fear! We have put together the definitive guide for you to discover the best things to see, and the must-dos of Costa Rica before you leave. So sit back, relax and read on

How Can I Experience Blue Osa

Three ways. You can enjoy a full Blue Osa retreat package, participate in a yoga teacher training course, or simply book few nights in a room and discover the region.

If you decide to come as an individual guest, you wont have access to ALL classes , but you will still be able to join one to two public yoga classes per day. The package also includes two juices per day, domestic flights , shuttles from the airport to Blue Osa, a half-day hiking trip , 160 minutes spa treatment, and the three meals per day.

> > Reserve your spot for your YTT-200 in Blue Osa < <

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Who Are The Other Guests At Blue Osa

There were only nine of us, which was perfect as we all had the chance to really get to know each other. Most of the guests were from the United States and had integrated yoga into their lives one way or another.

Some were yoga teachers, others owned a yoga studio, and there were also some of us who just wanted to take a break from their busy lives to relax, unwind, and unplug. The name provides a spot-on summary of the experience.

Whatever the reasons were, we all ended up here with the same interests, the same passion, and on the same journey. The part that I like the most when attending this type of retreat is that I get to connect deeply with others and exchange valuable insights with like-minded folks, even though we have different backgrounds and life stories.

As for me, I am a passionate yoga teacher. I got into yoga two years ago and after months of forcing myself to attend classes, knowing that it would calm my monkey mind, I completely fell in love with it. I always made fun of people who said it changed their lives until it changed mine.

When I found Blue Osa online, I instantly knew that this was a place where magic would happen. Joining Blue Osa, I spent time practicing, learned new postures, philosophized with new friends, and connected with myself on a deeper level. More importantly, I left inspired.

What Else Is Awesome In Blue Osa

What To Expect At Blue Osa’s Yoga Teacher Training

One last thing I completely forgot to mention, yet really made an impact on my stay, is the furry babies at Blue Osa.

The three dogs Fiona, Destiny, and Pete are adorable and just want to be loved and pet. If we said beach, theyd go crazy and run to the beach with us. We even swam in the ocean with them, and they patiently waited on the sand for us to be done and to walk us back to the resort.

The three cats, Max, Mike, and Sukha, are super laid back and would just walk around us or sit next to us on the couch and sleep. Theyre super easy going and cute, and happy to be loved by guests. Im not a big cat-lover , but I have to admit that those three really grew on me.

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Living In The Self Vilcabamba Ecuador

The advantage of studying in this training center is it concentrates on every student that is why they keep the group as small as possible. During the training, you will also experience a 5-day silent meditational session.

There are several yoga teachings that you can learn from the courses that you will undertake such as Tantric Hatha, Kirtan, and Vedic chanting. You will surely be inspired once you finished the whole course because the experience is truly genuine as you will contemplate more on your personal being.

The school also boasts an astounding location which will also add up some satisfaction to your learning experience. Nature itself will do wonders on you while you are in the process of meditating.

You will become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, almost a month of accommodation, Ayurvedic session is all included in the package.

  • Cost: $2500
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha, Tantra

Prepare For Your Journey To Blue Osa For Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to the Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training! We are so honored you have chosen to come to Blue Osa for this program and cant wait to meet you in person!

Make sure you BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so that you can easily come back to it again. It has everything you need to know about your journey with us. This experience will be very transformative. The more you are able to prepare, the more benefits you will receive.

Refer to the appropriate section below to find the information you need:

To-Do ASAP Preparing for your visit to Blue Osa Traveling to Blue Osa Your Stay at Blue Osa

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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