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Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

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The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga Video

You’ve witnessed extraordinary weight loss on NBC’s hit show. Now you can get with the program and achieve pound-shedding results in just 6-8 weeks with the transforming power of yoga! Start with level 1, then progressively add on levels 2 and 3 to up the challenge and the fat burn. You will quickly gain balance and strength as you lengthen and lean your entire body. And with “The Biggest Loser” trainer, Bob, and show contestants as your motivational gurus, you will succeed!


Wake up your body and your senses with this stimulating series of gentle yoga stretches that increase blood flow and flexibility.

Yoga Level 1

Activate your core and elongate your body with Bob’s calorie-burning vinyasa of essential yoga poses.

Yoga Level 2

Take your practice to the next chakra with “The Biggest Loser” favorite fat-blasting moves that sculpt and define lean muscle.

Yoga Level 3

Follow a dynamic sequence of flowing poses that challenge your strength and stamina to shed pounds fast.


Quiet your mind and body with slow, calming stretches and experience the tranquility of this meditative cool-down.

Dont Be The Biggest Loser: A Better Path

Weight loss is not a race. If you want to lose weight, a small, sustainable calorie deficit while eating a calorically diluted healthy plant based diet and doing some exercise is the way to go. There are many ways to do this.

Ive thrived and maintained my weight loss by sticking with a healthy raw food diet. I describe how I lost weight in Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality. Its a plan that has helped a lot of people to shed pounds and keep them off.

But whatever you decide to do, please dont copy the biggest loser contestants. That path doesnt lead to anything good.

Everybody Needs A Mantra

Working out is hard making the right decisions about food is hard. But what if you had a mantra, a reminder that swims around your head providing encouragement and reinforcement. When you think you cant do that last rep or push-up, when you want to walk off the treadmill at 58 minutes, not 60 like you promised yourself, when you hear that bag of salt-and-vinegar potato chips calling your name, pull out that mantra. If theres some quote youve heard that speaks to you, make it your mantra. Or create your own. Here are a few that might work for you, too: Whatever you put into it, youre going to get out of it.The only thing in life that isnt hereditary is your attitude.Fall down five times, get up six. One of my favourite mantras was one used by a cast member named Rod. Whenever he was wavering on working out or about to cheat on his diet, hed say to himself, Cant go back . . . wont go back. . . . Not this time. He even got it tattooed on the inside of his forearms.

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Dissecting The Biggest Loser Study

Weve seen that while most weight loss doesnt seem to result in a metabolic penalty, the punishing calorie deficits of anorexics can create dips in metabolic rate. The contestants on The Biggest Loser were consuming similarly low calorie levels and combining them with insane exercise loads, so its not surprising that they saw some dip in metabolic rate.

Yet theres no question that the 500 calorie penalty observed in this study, which was still present six years after the contest, is a bit alarming. Why hasnt it gone away?

The truth is that we just dont have the data to be certain. However, there are three big red flags that I see here that are likely contributing factors.

  • The level of caloric restriction and exercise biggest loser contestants experience goes way beyond what could be considered healthy. Its possible that the massive size of the deficit and the exercise onslaught caused issues we wouldnt see with more modest weight loss plans. However, the data we have indicates this shouldnt happen. For instance, in the Minnesota Starvation Experiment which used a similar plan, participants didnt see a huge dip in metabolic rate till after their critical fat stores were depleted.
  • As noted in the meta-analysis I mentioned above, if the contestants on the show were like most obese people, they had slower-than-average metabolic rates even before they tried to lose weight. This could be playing into calculation of the metabolic penalty, or metabolic adaptation
  • More Seasons In Series

    Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

    Cool down yogz 5 minutes : this was all done on the floor and very relaxing. It has different levels and you can combine them into one workout or chose another level for more challenging moves. The workout is intended to be used at different levels until the home exerciser works up the endurance and strength to complete the whole workout.

    Any Condition Any Condition. So smile! Make an offer:. The only other experience I have had weight loss yoga Biggest Loser workouts is an earlier video Cardio Max, which is also led by Bob and one which I really enjoy. Overall I enjoyed this workout. Video Fitness reviews may not be copied, quoted, or posted elsewhere without the permission of the reviewer. Skip to main content.

    Cool down about 5 minutes : this was weight loss done on the floor and very relaxing. See all 24 brand new listings. The background was sort of dark-ish maybe on purpose for a more relaxing feel and uncluttered. Yoga DVDs. I brought this dvd because I started exercising again and want some variety in my workouts. Make Offer. See details for additional description.

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    Best Yoga Dvds For Weight Loss Top 7 List And Our Ratings

    Your email address will not be published. This affordable option will provide everything you need to look like a Yoga expert. Weight Watchers Yoga Starter Kit. Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

    The classic Indian biggest loser weight loss yoga dvd reviews that withstood the test of time, Yoga is known across the world for the plethora of physical and psychological benefits it offers. This is what we feel coursing through our bodies when we are stressed out. Best fat blasting, muscle building yoga video! User Rating: Be the first one! You can choose to omit the warm up or the cool downs if you need to cut your workout short for time. Yoga Products. Contrary to these critics, yoga has proven itself numerous times to be an effective weight loss method.

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    • This means that there is something that you can do for your mind and body even when you are in the office to break free from workload even just for a short while. Share it!

    • New Zen.

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    Maintain Your Physical And Mental Wellness By Practicing Yoga We Examine The Three Top Yoga Dvds

    Weight loss over a day or week seems more tangible, more real somehow. You will get there soon enough. I am working up to adding Level 3. Tyson: I have that one in my personal collection, too.

    Jenn says:. These folks don’t make yoga look easy, because it’s not. Amazon Payment Products. Make Money with Us. The unscientific side of it, I guess you could call it. Popular Diets 1 18 Shake – 9. On weeks one and two you will be completing yoga level 1 which is 20 minutes in length.

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    What happened with the first episode for weight loss Biggest Loser? I’m very sorry, but right off hand, I can’t remember which one it was. Like Boot Campthis DVD comes with a lovely warm-up and cool down that seriously made me a better person. Shipping cost, delivery date, and order total including tax shown at checkout. January 9, at am. Thank you!!! Read full return policy.

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    Do What You Have To Do

    Do what you have to do, before you do what you want to do. I say this to my kids every day. Dad, lets play basketball! Did you do your homework? Not yet. Okay, do your homework, then well play ball. Working out, eating right, and getting your life in order are the priorities to put at the top of your list. Then do things that you want to do like watching TV, going online, and sleeping in. It may seem unrelated to weight loss, but its all a part of reorganizing your life for the better.

    The Wrong Path For Weight Loss

    Plus size, Dvd Review.. The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

    The first thing you should know about The Biggest Loser show is that it promotes a weight-loss path thats not sustainable. Studies like this and many media accounts point out the vast majority of participants have regained the weight they lost, and there are some pretty obvious flaws in the strategies used.

    A fully grown woman, contestant Kai Hibbard, was often consuming fewer than 1,000 calories while exercising six to eight hours a dayFell, James. Its a miracle no one has died yet: The Biggest Loser returns, despite critics warnings. The Guardian. 4. Jan. 2016.. Does that sound like a routine you could keep up long term?

    As a general rule of thumb, you shouldnt adopt diet and exercise strategies you cant maintain for life. Its always better to lose weight at a slow and sustainable pace. Why? Because the moment your dietary deprivation goes too far and you cant resist binging, or you cant bring yourself to spend another 6 hours on the treadmill, your weight loss will begin reversing itself. Incrementally upping the ante as you become fitter, concentrating on only eating healthy food, eating with caloric density in mind, and periodically shaving another hundred calories off your already-generous intakes of whole foods is a better strategy.

    Maintaining a healthy weight is as much an upgrade in mindset and lifestyle as it is about energetic math, and that takes time to achieve.

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    Use Yoga Workouts To Lose Weight With This Dvd

    I do enjoy the mind-body focus but if I need that I will reach for my Baron Baptiste workouts instead. This DVD is used during a six week program through which you progress through three different levels of yoga. New Fitness. January 9, at pm.

    • So smile!

    • Log into your account. The last segment is for relaxing the body and it consists of slow and calm stretching exercises.

    • Menu options let you pick any one section or the sections with the warm up and cool down. Level Three : This level increases the intensity by adding in weights.

    • Moreover, with closed captions, custom workout options, and maximum results program, this fitness DVD is very useful for fitness lovers of all varieties.

    • I couldn’t finish it when I got it and still couldn’t do it after I had dropped 80 pounds. The instructor is “trainer Bob” – the good cop from the Biggest Loser series – and the participants are some of the contestants from the show.

    Great hip flexor stretches. Comments Add a comment Cancel reply. London to Berlin A Tale of 2 Cities 7 years ago. Great review! This DVD is used during a six week program through which you progress through three different levels of yoga.

    Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1 year ago. Andrea says:. Brenda on the Run. This one is going to be collecting dust on the shelf for a long time. Now I know that some folks are probably going to turn their nose up at the fact that I’m reviewing a “Biggest Loser” dvd, and I can understand that.

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    Take The Candy Bar Challenge

    Say you unwrap a candy bar, break it in half and set it out where you can see it oozing caramel and peanuts. If you had cameras on you, it would keep you honest. Nobody wants his or her weakness to be public knowledge. But if youre in a one-bedroom apartment and that candy bar is sitting on the coffee table, the voice in your head telling you to grab and eat it is going to get very loud. Take a photograph of that candy bar and post it on Facebook with a sentence about how, in a test of willpower, youre not going to eat it for 24 hours. Then report in. Four hours down. Fifteen more hours to go. Youll get comments like, Oh my god, I could never do it! and You go, girl. How great will it be when, at the 24-hour mark, you post a picture of yourself tossing that candy bar in the garbage? You might even take a video of yourself running over the candy bar with your car. Post the video people will love it!

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    Add A Level Every Two Weeks

    You don’t have to run or job, just go at a good brisk clip. Weight loss supplements. Yoga relieves stress.

    Yoga is great for your back and helping strenghthen your core. Like I mentioned there is really no mind-body connection here which might bother someit is just meant to be very athletic and completely focused on strengthening and stretching. He biggest loser weight loss yoga a ooss cuer, he reminds you to go low into the moves and to hang on for a few more breaths, and encourages you to stick it out, but to stop if you need to. Add to cart. This workout was issued at the same time as Biggest Loser Boot Camp also led by Bob and they are intended to be used in conjunction with each other Bob mentions it twice at the end of Weight Loss Yoga. My only complaint is that you can’t fast forward through the BL trailer when the dvd starts. Best fat blasting, muscle building yoga video!

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    Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga (DVD)

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    Get Into The Compliment Business

    We spend so much of the day beating ourselves up for what we havent done or couldnt achieve that we never stop to show ourselves some love. Stop yourself five times and give yourself a compliment, a pat on the back for something you did that was worthy. Nice job on not eating that cupcake. You were awesome at work today. You were easygoing when that guy took your parking space. You took a walk during lunch. Most of the overweight people Ive met over the years have a very difficult time giving themselves compliments. They find it easy to pat someone else on the back, but get queasy when it comes to praising themselves. Its not vain to do so.

    Turn I Cant Into I Can

    There are two types of people. Those who say they can and those who say they cant, and both are right. Youre about to gradually become an I can person. Start counting how many times a day you either say out loud or to yourself I cant. It doesnt have to relate to eating or exercise. Maybe you say things like, I cant finish all these dishes tonight, I have to go to bed, or I cant face looking at the want-ads even though I know I need a new job. It could be anything, big or small. Just count how many times you stop yourself from doing something because you dont think youre capable. Tomorrow, start replacing one of those I cants with I can. If you counted seven I cants, knock it down to six. Reduce the number the following day, then again the day after that. Train your brain. You think you can never avoid the cupcakes they bring in for birthday parties at work? Try it. Tell yourself, I can avoid them, then watch yourself succeed.

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    Take Your Intensity Up By Doing Cardio Intervals

    Yoga with Bob | The Biggest Loser | S7 E6

    Intervalspushing your pace up, then slowing down to recover so you can speed up againhelp you burn more fat in less time. In 2008, researchers at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, had a group of women ride stationary bikes at intervals of 8 seconds sprinting and 12 seconds slow riding for 20 minutes . The researchers then compared them to the second group of women who rode for 40 minutes straight at the same speed only to find that, at the end of 15 weeks, the interval trainers lost more weight and more body fat than the steady riders. The only question is, Why would you not do intervals?!

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