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Betabrand Yoga Pants With Pockets

Amazon Makes Shopping Personal

Betabrand Dress Pants Yoga Pants Review

Amazon is very good at making recommendations based upon your search history. Sometimes, they will even pretense you discounted prices for items that were past expressed an concentration in! They with make it easier to shop by showing recent views of products too- what could be better than brute recommended exactly what one needs?

Frequently Asked Questions About Betabrand Pants

Is Betabrand legit?

Yes, Betabrand is legit. I placed my order online using my credit card and received my items within 10 days. I’ve also ordered a back-ordered item that I received within the estimated delivery date.

Where to buy Betabrand?

Betabrand clothes are only sold online on the official Betabrand website or in their flagship store located in San Francisco, CA. If you order online, use this link to save 20% of your first order from Betabrand.

Are Betabrand pants work appropriate?

Absolutely! Betabrand pants are work appropriate. I now own over five pairs of Betabrand yoga pants and they look even dressier that regular work pants with the comfort of yoga pants / leggings. I wore the outfit pictured in this post to work with a pair of chic flats.

Does Betabrand give birthday gifts or discounts?

No, Betabrand does not give birthday gifts or discount. Their special student discount via UNiDays appear to no longer be available. More here.

How do Betabrand pants fit?

Betabrand pants fit amazingly well but the sizes run large. I ordered a size small, my regular size, but they were loose on the waist and slightly too long. I switched it out for size XS and this fits perfectly.

Can you dry Betabrand pants?

Yes, you can dry Betabrand pants in the dryer. But to ensure the longevity of your dress pant yoga pants, it is recommended that you hang to dry . I also have not noticed any shrinking with using a dryer.

Where are Betabrand clothes made?

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Why You Should Buy Best Betabrand Yoga Pants Sizing On Amazon

Crop Two

Amazon is a credible platform, but it has the other bonus of allowing you to purchase your laptop directly from manufacturers. This means that on the other hand of purchasing one at retail and having no control exceeding whats inside , Amazon gives us peace-of-mind in knowing exactly where our neighboring computer will come from: reliable sources bearing in mind HP or Dell themselves!

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Amazon Essentials Womens Active Sculpt High Rise Full Length Legging $23

Amazon really does have everything, but one of the best things about the brand is its own fashion line.

carries everything from mens and womens clothing to accessories, stuff for the kids and more, but one of the best categories is their athletic wear. The first thing to note is the amazing price, and at $23, these are the most affordable pair on the list. They dont feel cheap though, as the olive green color I chose passed the squat test with flying colors. Be warned they are on the thinner side, so take care to wear seamless undergarments if you dont like lines showing through.

Looking at the size and fit, these are a great option for both straight-sized people and mid-sized, with possibly some stretch to accommodate true plus-sized people. They range from XS to XXL, but when I ordered an XL they were actually far too large for me and bunched at the ankles and legs. If you are in-between sizes, size down.

TLDR review:

  • Pros:
  • Super affordable price point and come in a variety of colors to fully restock your legging collection
  • Great range of sizes, coming in a XS through an XXL and a different matching style for plus-sized people up to a 6X
  • Fabric holds up to the squat test, especially in darker colors
  • Cons:
  • They run a bit large, so size down if you are between sizes or want a tighter fit

What Do We Like About Betabrand Pants

Betabrand pants are comfy but suitable for any kind of work .

Even before I started doing my job from home, I worked in a casual office where cropped flare jeans were more likely to be part of my office uniform than slacks or chinos. But I have seen The Good Wife, and I have been inside an Ann Taylor Loft , so I feel confident saying that Betabrand pants are almost indistinguishable any pair of work pants you could pair with a blazer or blouse. In any case, they are more than appropriate for a day at the office especially in a casual one like mine. In fact, when I wore them to work, one colleague told me I looked like a candidate for something. Those pants look really crisp, said another at the end of the day.

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What’s It Like To Order Betabrand Pants

Even pre-pandemic, ordering the Betabrand pants was a surprisingly complicated experience. I purchased our three pairs at once, and a week later, I received one pair . When the others hadnt arrived about a week after that, I double-checked the confirmation emailand saw small print stating that the other two pairs were pre-ordered, and thus wouldnt be shipping for another two months. There was no indication those other two pants were a pre-order situation, either on the site or when I put them in my cart. To me, this is valuable information to know before you spend money on something, not after, and its bizarre that Betabrand didnt have a pre-order only note on the items that would take a few months to ship out. Later, I realized that there is a tab on the side of the dress pant yoga pants page where you can sort between in stock and pre-order items, but its not intuitive and I dont think most people would think to do so their first time on the site. I was able to cancel the order and put in a new one for pants that were actually in stock, thanks to help I received from a kind customer service representative. I’m not sure if or how the ordering process is different now, but it’s a good idea to ensure the pants you want are definitely in stock before you make your purchase.

Betabrand Jeans Review 3 Ways To Wear Betabrand Yoga Jeans

“Strike A Pose” | Dress Pant Yoga Pants | Betabrand

This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my disclosure for details.

There was been a lot of noise about the new Betabrand jeans. But the price might have stopped you in your track before you hit the checkout button. The big question is, are Betabrand jeans as good as their top-selling dress pant yoga pants? Keep reading this Betabrand jeans review for my take and experience wearing the Betabrand yoga jeans.

I am a big fan of Betabrand pants, primarily their bestselling Betabrand dress pant yoga pants. If youve read my previous posts and reviews, you already know that Betabrand is no stranger to my blog.

Get the scoop about Betabrand Sassiest pants, how to style your Betabrand yoga dress pants, and my thoughts on if Betabrand yoga pants worth it in these related posts. And keep reading to get the rundown on the super hyped Betabrand yoga denim.

One thing that really intrigues me is how Betabrand successfully uses crowdfunding from its loyal customers to support and fund the introduction of a new collection. With over four million of the classic Betabrand yoga work pants sold to date, its no surprise that the US-based brand utilized the same approach for the Betabrand yoga jeans.

Honestly, I had my reservations!

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Womens Elasticated Waist Jeans

When it comes to everyday comfort, you cant beat elasticated waist jeans. Effortless to pull on and supremely comfortable to wear, our ladies elasticated waist jeans offer a flattering fit for any figure. And with just a touch of stretch in the cotton-rich fabric, they will keep their shape and look great for a long time to come.

Betabrand Yoga Jeans With Leopard Print Bodysuit

I decided to style my Betabrand yoga denim with this gorgeous snake print bodysuit. I think its a super sleek look that doesnt require too much effort to put together. I also included a leather circular ring handbag , a faux leather waist belt, black classic pumps . The fun sunnies add a touch of sass to the entire look.

I am wearing:Bodysuit | Ring bag | Belt | Pumps | Work denim

My love for animal print is no secret. But if this pattern is a little tricky for you to style, you might find this post with more animal print outfits helpful. For a more street style look, youll love how I styled the bodysuit in this .

Interested in more Betabrand work style? Youll love these related posts:

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How Do Betabrand Pants Fit

Overall Fit: Id rate the fit an 8/10!

These Betabrand pants were very form-fitting without being too revealing. They made my booty look great! I do have a decent sized butt, but not huge .

Even their normal fit might be too tight depending on your office environment, but you can always wear a tunic over them so you can still wear these comfy pants!


I found that theyre form-fitting around the hips and tight on the waist, which is great if you have an hourglass shape. If you have more of a pear shape with a big booty, you might have to size up as mentioned previously.

Also, since they fit tight on the waist, it can cause a little bit of a muffin top that you might not like. Some dont mind, but do keep this in mind when picking a size.


Betabrand has inseams ranging from 28 to 34 . However, I didnt have a huge issue with this because they are easy to pull up due to the tight-fitting fabric around the hips. They also were the perfect length when paired with heels.

Ive seen a lot of Betabrand reviews that say their pants were far too long when they got them, but they shrunk to the perfect size after washing.

Short Petite, Petite, Regular & Long are all the same hip and waist size. The only difference you will notice is in the inseam.

Lululemon Align Pant Ii 25 $98


The Queen Bee of leggings of course makes the list, and they are for sure the best basic black leggings around. I had always wanted to try lululemon leggings, but something always stopped me from shelling out the cash for a pair. Now that Ive tried them, I know I can never go back.

I got the Align Pant leggings in a great basic black. The 25-inch length was perfect on me and didnt bunch up at the ankles or fold over at the top. Slipping them on was actually like slipping, as I didnt have to tug or yank them up over my hips. The silky-smooth fabric glides over your body, even on curvy girls like myself. I ordered a size 12, and they fit like a glove with just a drop of room to grow , so I could have also sized down to a 10 and felt alright. The waistband is very forgiving while also holding you in, which is another point for an everyday-wear kind of legging.

The squat test on these was a bit less important to me, as I was planning to lounge in my pair all day after this. However, while doing a few squats, I did notice my underwear trying to peek out at me, so I would plan to wear darker colors or a thong-style pair if these are your new gym leggings. It wasnt too noticeable though, just not a perfect passing score. They do get an A+ for not rolling down on my tummy when sitting down, which for me is a gold star and then some. The waistband wont slip not for sitting, jumping, bending, nothing.

TLDR review

  • Cons:
  • Recommended Reading: Yoga Mat Alternatives

    Reviewing The Betabrand Dress Pant Yoga Pants

    Have you guys seen the Facebook ads for the Betabrand dress pant yoga pants? I feel like Ive been seeing them nonstop for the past few months and theyve finally worked their way into my subconscious of things I have to try.

    I mean, pants that LOOK like dress pants but FEEL like yoga pants?!It just sounds too good to be true!

    I did my due diligence and read though most of the hundreds of comments and reviews on their website. Then, I did some googling to see what other bloggers thought of them. Finally, I just went for it and ordered my own pair. You know, for blogging purposes.

    I decided to try the Straight Leg Black Dress Pant Yoga Pants. My goal was to have a pair of well-fitting work pants that didnt look like a wrinkled mess at the end of the day. I was hoping that I could top them with a blouse and/or blazer and have them pass for real pants with the comfort of stretch. Lofty goals, I know!

    The pants dont come in numeric sizes, but X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large. After reading a bunch of comments, I knew that I needed to measure myself and use their size chart to determine the proper size. Also it was recommended to size up if in between sizes.

    According to their chart, I needed a 2X-Large. Im typically a size 12 in pants and wear a large, so this was a little karate chop to the ego, to say the least. Also, if Im a 2X-Large, how are ladies above a size 12 supposed to wear these? Its a little disappointing to say the least.

    Wolven Zephyr Ruched Crossover Legging $104

    I never want to take these off, and Im pretty sure its due to the coolest waistband Ive ever seen.

    These patterned leggings are from Wolven, a sustainable legging brand to add to the eco-friendly list. However, before I get into that, I need to share why these leggings made me make a new category just for them.

    When I first opened the packaging, I noticed just how soft these felt. I was almost nervous, as sometimes super soft materials can end up looking cheap. After putting them on, that fear totally left my mind, as I felt as high-class as ever. The pattern alone is super fun and cute with a black top or matching sports bra. But the most amazing part was the waistband, elongating your tummy and giving the illusion of a flatter mid-section.

    After I got over how cute it all was, I did have to perform the normal tests and sadly, the squat test didnt yield the best results maybe a C+. The color and pattern do a good job of distracting from panty lines, but the soft fabric does give way a bit too much to colorful underwear, so make sure to pick out a skin-toned pair with these leggings. Luckily, the sitting test got an A+ as the magic waistband stayed put when bending, squatting and sitting down.

    TLDR review

    • Pros
    • The most flattering waistband in the world, and the V shape is slimming but also holds you in
    • No tummy bulge even though the fabric is so soft and no tummy roll when sitting down or moving
    • Adorable patterns and styles
  • Cons
  • No pockets
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    Are Betabrand Pants Worth It

    Betabrand pants are even better with a pocket.

    Once you actually get them? The pants are great. They are comfortable, virtual- and IRL-office appropriate, machine-washable and, if they arent the pair to pick for sweaty, vigorous exercise, theyll do for most activities in a pinch. In fact, they seem to perform for pretty much all occasions. Melissa even wore her pair to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding , which, paired with a nice shirt, worked well for the occasion. It definitely took the stress out of getting ready and made getting dressed so much easier, just being able to slip these on, and head on out, Melissa says. No worries about any chafing or accidental flashing in a dress or skirt.

    Valerie also complimented the versatility of the pants. I can wear them every day for work, which saves me a lot of time from worrying about putting an outfit together, she says. I dont think theyre my most stylish wardrobe choice, but theyre great for all occasions.

    All told, getting back to real pants may never be an appealing idea. But if youre looking for a pair to bridge the gap from sweats and yoga pants to something a bit more substantialI wont set a timeline for returning to the rigidities of a crisp denim, although its something youll probably have to get to eventuallyBetabrand is a fine way to get there.


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