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Best Yoga Workouts Online Free

Best Online Workout Sites 2022

Yoga Workout Challenge 2020 | 2 Weeks To Incredible Results FREE Schedule

We have often heard the phrase Health over wealth however in todays fast-moving world it can be challenging to take out proper time for fitness training and exercise. If you are one of those people who are worried about that rapidly growing bulge but find it difficult to drag yourself to the gym or a workout studio, we have good news for you. Thanks to the internet you can find a workout of your choice and just follow it in the comfort of your own home. Yes, you might not have a treadmill at home but who needs one if you can find an intense workout that caters to your specific needs. Theres an online workout program available for everybody from cardio and yoga to even ballet. We have compiled an ultimate list of the best online workout programs in 2022 to help you choose the right one for you.


London Fitness offers in-home and online personal training. Its the full personal training experience for busy professionals on the move. Whether youre at home, traveling internationally for business, or caught working late at the office, you can train anytime, anywhere. The initial consultation is complimentary, and all your workout and nutrition programs between appointments are also free.

Couch To Confident 14 Day Yoga Challenge

This yoga series from Julia Maria is perfect for newbies and anyone else who needs to get back into regular exercise after feeling frustrating with previous attempts at yoga. Structured as a 14-day challenge, this is a two-week course to help you build confidence in your yoga practice. At the same time, youll become stronger and more flexible as each episode slowly increases in difficulty. Julia is great at providing thorough instruction and giving specific tips on common problem areas.

If youve tried other beginner programs and failed, give Couch to Confident a try and it may be exactly what youre looking for.

Length: 14 episodes, about 30 minutes each

Where Can I Find Yoga Classes Taught By Black Teachers

You can, for example, check out Yoga Green Book. It has the biggest yoga video library by black yoga teachers. Their network even includes a yoga instructor all the way from Helsinki, Finland. Yoga Green Book has a few free online yoga videos for you. While their classes are not free, they do offer a free 14-day trial.

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Best For Postpartum Recovery: Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood Health

Why We Chose It: This super trendy online studio has branched into prenatal and postnatal workouts, bringing you low-impact workouts designed to ease you out of the postpartum recovery phase and back into a stronger, more confident form.

  • Low monthly cost of $10

  • New workouts added weekly

  • Regular workouts, plus prenatal/postnatal series

  • Only two membership options, monthly and yearly

  • Shorter free trial period

  • Limited prenatal content

With their focus on low-impact movements, strengthening, and sculpting, the prenatal and postpartum classes offered through Melissa Wood Health are perfect for those nine months and beyond. This online-only studio is run by certified health and wellness coach Melissa Wood, with basically all of the workout videos featuring her as the instructor.

There is a large library of existing prenatal and postpartum videos available on-demand to view through your browser, and Melissas approach to postpartum recovery is a flexible one: With workouts ranging from beginner to challenging, the entire postpartum collection works for you, whatever your needs are. Want an express workout? There are several. Want to work your whole body? Queue up a 28-minute session. Friendly flow, chair sessions, ball and band workoutsits all there.

Best Online Prenatal Workouts Of 2022

The Best Free Online Yoga Videos That Can Save You a Trip to the Studio ...

Why We Chose It: The content is limited, but whats there is engaging, accessible, appropriate for all fitness levels, and, most importantly, free.

  • Longest workouts are 20 minutes

  • No new or recent videos

The good news is theres no shortage of prenatal workouts available online, but the bad news is that almost none of them are offered for free. Luckily, though, the fitness experts at POPSUGAR Fitness have a series of pregnancy workouts available on their uber-popular YouTube channel, all of which you can watch totally free of charge.

Even though this isnt as comprehensive an option as the other programs on this list, theres a lot to love here: The workouts are short and sweet, targeted to certain muscle groups, like legs, butt, and arms are appropriate for most skill levels and are easily watchable via a browser or the YouTube app. Plus, most of the fitness instructors were pregnant themselves when they filmed the videos, so youre sweating right along with another expectant mom.

Just know there are some limits to free workouts, and in this case, youll be hampered a bit by selection there arent a ton of videos, only one of them is full-length , and theres no new content. Still, for a price tag of $0 and only a few easy-to-find pieces of equipment like mats and an exercise ball, you cant beat this engaging online option.

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Yogadownloadcom Online Yoga Classes

Firstly, is a platform that understands the importance of affordability and flexibility. For instance, they offer not only a reasonable monthly fee, as well as free 20-minute videos. Secondly, sstates that members have access to over 1500 classes for download.

So for example, $12/month will give you access to all videos, with the ability to download two of them, while $18/month will give members unlimited access to download. has a community of over 250,000 followers, so if this website fits your lifestyle, become a part of the team!

Best Yoga Online With R20com/yogatoday

In this platform, you can watch LIVE Online Classes every weekday at 8:30 PT hosted by Tommy Rosen. The classes are donation-based and open to all.

Tommy is teaching powerful yoga techniques to detox, tone and strengthen the lungs coupled with movements to build immunity and meditation to calm the mind. He will move the energy through the body, calm the mind and help us connect with our spiritual center.

Cost: donation-based, with a suggested donation of $10.FB: @Recovery2point0

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Best Online Prenatal Workouts For Moms

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc, staying at home is the new normal these daysbut that doesnt mean that you should succumb to the couch, especially if youre pregnant.

Its important to keep moving because as your body changes, you want to make sure youre aware of the changes in your movement, says Rachel Welch, a certified health and wellness coach and founder of Revolution Motherhood, a doctor-recommended fitness method that integrates yoga, pilates, barre and pelvic physical therapy. Skipping exercise for three weeks shuts down the conversation with your body as it grows, making it feel like you have to start from scratch when you do get back to your wellness routine, adds Welch.

Exercising during pregnancy has other perks too: It can help ease pregnancys aches and pains, lower your risk of certain complications like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, keep your weight in check and even make for an easier labor. Plus, choosing the right type of exercise can actually boost your energy levels, even if you feel tired, says Erica Ziel, certified personal trainer and founder of Knocked-Up Fitness, a pre/postnatal workout and lifestyle platform. Even just 10 minutes of movement a day is extremely beneficial.

You might want to take it easy by walking and practicing restorative yoga during the first trimester, since many moms experience nausea and extreme fatigue in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Are There Any Short Online Yoga Classes For Free

Total Body Yoga Workout (Will Make You Feel So Good!)

If you are hard-pressed for time, Sarah Beths short yoga sessions are great. Her guided sessions range from rigorous workouts to meditation exercises. As she has a background working as a chiropractic assistant, she also ensures that functional movement is incorporated into all of her sequences. Moreover, she even has an app with 400+ videos!

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What Kinds Of Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy

Generally, low-impact exercise is the way to go during pregnancy. There is less risk of injury with mild to moderate exercises such as walking, spinning, swimming, dancing, and yoga or Pilates. .

Most dangerous exercises are off-limits because of the potential harm to your pregnant body, but there are also some activities that could be unsafe for you and your baby. When choosing a pregnancy-safe exercise, you should consider if theres a chance you might:

  • Fall
  • Get hit in the abdomen
  • Overheat

Power Vinyasa Class With Yogadownloadcom

This particular YouTube video is a slower power vinyasa flow focusing on many fundamental yoga poses. Clear cues for poses, breathing and modifications are provided Especially useful for beginners who are new to more rigorous yoga classes.

As mentioned in my comparison of online yoga classes, is one of my favourite programs that I use everywhere I travel or at home, mainly because of its large library of downloadable videos and its flexible pricing .

If you want to check out the from YogaDownload, you can find them here. Classes are available for download individually from $4.99.

In case you are ready to try YogaDownload on subscription, you can access it at $1 for a 2-week trialhere before committing for a longer-term.

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Do You Need To Be Certified To Teach Yoga

While you do not have to be certified to teach yoga, by completing a course that is accredited by the Yoga Alliance, it can open more doors for you. Also, considering that students will entrust you with their physical as well as mental well-being, it is important to stick to certain levels of standards and practices. The Yoga Alliance has also extended the online teaching exemption till the end of 2021 for existing registered yoga schools making it easier to complete an accredited course online.

Best Free Online Yoga Classes On Youtube

10 free at

Sifting through thousands of yoga videos can feel overwhelming, and the last thing you want to feel is frustration during your precious Zen time. The yoga channels below are my personal favorites and wont disappoint you. There are various types of yoga practice depending on various styles, approaches, and purposes. You can find them on various websites and YouTube Channels.

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Best Online Yoga Classes With The Playful Modern Yogi: Adriene


Adriene Mishler is the yoga teacher you want to be best friends with, whose online yoga classes videos include the occasional slip of an F-bomb, admittances of drinking too much coffee, and her genuine, down-to-earth good vibes. Adriene is an Austin-based actress and yogi who has 550+ videos under her belt and an impressive following base of more than 6 million subscribers. Part of the popularity behind her channel is the personality she brings to her yoga classes she indeed imbues each video with a gentle playfulness and her quirky humor.

Do yourself a favor and allow Adriene to help you with everything from cramps, indigestion, bad moods, and backachesshe even has a Yoga for Hangovers sequence. Her Foundations of Yoga series, 41 in total, are short instructional videos that break down each pose to familiarize beginners with the basics these videos are the perfect foundation for a life-long yoga practice. Her yoga lessons, which are typically in the half-hour range, are an amazing pick-me-up and excellent for when youre craving a light-hearted practice that will leave you smiling and refreshed.

From Yoga To Crossfit: The 10 Best Online Home Workouts

Need to keep up an exercise routine or start a new one while working from home? Heres a guide to the best free resources

With offices shutting down and more people working from home, its important to consider your physical fitness: exercise has proven benefits for mental wellbeing, and can be a welcome break from other daily stress. Also, bluntly, you may be about to have a lot more free time on your hands, so whether you have never trained before or you are a gym veteran looking to add some moves to your repertoire, there has never been a better time. We have assembled the best free online resources for at-home fitness for every level of dedication so, whether you want to fix a dodgy hip or master your first handstand, nows the time.

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How Much Do Online Yoga Classes Typically Cost

In general, online yoga classes are either free or part of a paid subscription service that can cost between roughly $10 and $30 per month. Live studio classes will run you about $25 to $35 per class, depending on the location, brand, and instructors experience. Purchasing a multiple course pack can bring the cost down significantly, but make sure you like the class before you invest hundreds of dollars. That said, most health clubs and gyms offer yoga classes in their lineup. You can also check with the local community or senior center for free yoga lessons.

Yoga Today Online Yoga Classes

30 minute Full Body Power Yoga Workout to STRENGTHEN & TONE

Yoga today streaming yoga classes are divided into what they call series, which are a collection of carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized classes that address a unique focus within the realm of yoga, meditation, and pilates. They range from classic yoga styles such as Ashtanga and Hatha Blend to more differentiated ones such as Self-Massage, Kundalini, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt.

Their classes can also be divided into mood or intent, such as For the Family, Energizing, Calm the Mind, Back relief, and many more. They are one of the only platforms that present yoga for men, focused on injury prevention, introduction to meditation, and vinyasa for athletes which, of course, can also be taken by women.

Last but not least, one of their exclusive offers are bite-size classes on specific asanas , which allow the energy to flow better within the body, enhancing the practice with more fluidity whilst building proper alignment.

Trial: 14-Day Free Trial.

IG: @YogaVibes

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Best Yoga Workouts: Lizette Pompa Yoga

Lizette Pompas YouTube is another key pick in our list of best online workouts 2022. We consider Lizette to be one of the best online fitness coaches there is. The best thing about this channel is that it is free to access. Lizette Pompa runs a Youtube channel which regularly uploads videos strength training that is called Monday Yoga Workouts. If you are looking for high-end studio-quality yoga workouts for free, this is by far the best option for you.

You can also find easy to follow and detailed yoga tutorials for tricky yoga techniques as Chaturanga Dandasana, and if you are a beginner we just stepping into yoga theres an exclusive guide to Yoga for beginners as well. It is like having a personal yoga trainer at home. Lizette Pompas YouTube channel is our top pick for people who dont want to commit to or invest in a paid subscription but at the same time are in need of a bodyweight workout.

How We Chose The Best Online Yoga Classes

To select the best online yoga classes, we considered a few elements. The first was membership cost: We wanted to keep our picks as budget-friendly as possible, because you deserve to meet your fitness goals without breaking the bank. Second, we assessed variety, looking for platforms that offered a diverse range of yoga coursesin terms of length, skill level, style, and more. And we also paid attention to whether the platform offered access to other kinds of exercise classes, like cardio, strength training, Pilatesyou name it.

Finally, we sought to include online yoga classes that met a range of different goals. If youre a beginner looking to build a new habit, youll probably have different needs than an advanced yogi hoping to deepen their practice. We sought to honor that by including a range of diverse options.

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Ready Set Yoga: 25 Of The Best Free Online Yoga Classes

Nowadays, increasingly more people are wearing yoga pants not just for comfort, but because they have actually joined a class. People from all walks of life are falling in love with yoga for the freedom and long list of benefits. Whether you want to tone or simply stress less, here are 25 of the top yoga classes you can join without leaving your home. The classes included in our list are aimed at beginners as well as more advanced yogis. Some of them are completely free, while others offer a free trial .

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Best For Prenatal Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Center


Prenatal Yoga Center

Why We Chose It: You can enhance the mind-body connection to your baby with these livestream classes, taught by combination yoga instructors/doulas and replayed throughout the day for maximum scheduling convenience.

  • Minimal props or equipment needed

  • Limited class package option available

  • Mindfulness/bonding with baby emphasized

  • Prenatal packages expire after 31 or 70 days

  • Expiration dates and suspensions on packages can be frustrating

Under the direction of Deb Flashenberg, an advanced yoga instructor and labor support doula, the Prenatal Yoga Center is based in New York City but offers livestream access to their classes via their website. The livestream includes both new daily classes taught at their NYC studio and recordings of those classes aired throughout the day .

Many of the classes are taught by Deb other instructors teaching through the PYC have similar qualifications in both yoga instruction and doula support. Because yoga is a practice of both the mind and body, we love that these prenatal and postnatal yoga classes focus on balance and alignment of the body as well as preparing your mind for coping with the inevitable pain and discomfort of pregnancy and birth. PYC suggests having a few inexpensive items on hand, like a mat and yoga blocks, but also offers creative ways to improvise with what you have at home.

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