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Best Yoga Wheel For Beginners

How To Select The Superior Yoga Wheel Yoga Wheels Buyer Guide

Best Yoga Wheel for Beginners and Advanced Yoga Lovers – Improve Your Stretches | Clever Yoga

Whenever you are buying something to use with you or on your body, it is perfect for you. As our bodies are different, so must our products. We decided to put together this user-friendly buying guide below to ensure that you are buying the right yoga wheel for you.

1. Size

What size yoga wheel should I get? The answer to this very common question is usually there are three standard sizes of yoga wheels. Simply, they are small, medium, and large. The largest wheel is about 12-13 inches high and 5 inches wide. It is best for deep poses, bent back, and can assist you with both beginner and advanced rugs.

Medium-sized yoga wheels are about 10 high and slightly smaller within the same width. They are good for small people or anyone who is ready to go deep into the backbend, but not ready to go without wheels

Small yoga wheels are about 6 diameter/height and 5-6 wide. These actually help you to stretch the muscles of the throat as well as balance the stretching and poses. For example, the small yoga wheel can be placed under your back thigh during a lunge or as front support in a cobra so that you can begin to bend your back.

2. Shape

First of all, you want to get the right size wheel for you. Although most do not vary much in size, there are some that are much smaller than ideal. Take a look at our UpCircleSeven yoga wheel set.

3. Weight Range / Durability

4. Material

There may be only two materials from which yoga wheels are made of ABS plastic or cork.

ABS Plastic


Are Yoga Wheels Good For Your Back

Using a yoga wheel to stretch and lengthen the spine improves overall posture, reduces back pain, and reverses the negative effects brought from a sedentary lifestyle or office environment. The 12 diameter of the wheel offers a deep stretch through the entire spine and drops the shoulders back to correct poor posture.

Yoga Wheel: Why You Need It And Which To Buy

Currently, a new trend has taken over the fitness-related markets, with the yoga wheel being advertised as an all-encompassing tool that is not only useful to ease back pains, but to also assist in enhancing posture, improving the stretch routine by integrating more options, and facilitating the buildup of core strength.

The yoga wheel was first launched in the market in 2014 and was declared the hottest workout prop in the year 2018. It was featured as an accessory in the social media profiles of several popular influencers inclined towards yoga as well.

I can almost read your mind right now!

You must be wondering how a plastic ring that is extremely shaky has been deemed to be more useful than the tried-and-tested yoga straps, yoga blocks, and relaxing bolsters?

I was flabbergasted as well. So, in this article, well delve into this fad that has caught up quite quickly, and answer a few pertinent questions about yoga wheels, including:

  • What are the perks of using a yoga wheel?
  • Is it safe to use one?
  • How do I pick the right yoga wheel?
  • Among the thousands of yoga wheels present in the market, which is the best?
  • Does a yoga wheel live up to the hype, and is it worth investing in?

Lets look at these questions right away.

However, if you are in a hurry and just wanted to find out about our top pick, well address that first:

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How Do I Pick A Yoga Wheel

In all honestly, all the yoga wheels are made out of plastic and look similar to each other- small and ring-like.

Thus, it may be quite surprising that the prices range from $30 to over $100.

The reason for this vast variation is that although they look extremely simple, yoga wheels are quite complex in terms of their structure.

The ones in the market have different materials, sustainability, weight load, size, etc.

You must consider four specific aspects before you purchase a yoga wheel.

Wheel Assisted Half Pyramid Pose

5 Yoga Wheel Poses For Beginners

Stand on your knees towards the middle of the mat, and place the wheel at the front. Inhaling, stretch one leg onto the roller in a flexed position, keeping the other leg parallel with the wall. As you exhale, move from the hips as if you are to touch the upper portion of the leg with your belly. Grab the wheel with both hands, somewhere in the line with the ankles. Soften the elbows, as well as your shoulders and face. Keep your spine straight and quads engaged as you sink deeper with every exhalation. Repeat on both sides. You can place a blanket under the knee cap if you find the posture uncomfortable. This pose is known to balance one’s emotional and physical state by keeping the longest and widest sciatic nerve in the body strong and healthy.

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Wheel Assisted Boat Pose

Sit on the ground and rock back into the boat pose. To get into the proper alignment, make sure your core is engaged, lower ribs tucked in, and sit bones pressed down firmly. Lean the roller into the left lower part of the leg. Then, move the right leg just below the wheel, fingers pointed to the wall. The left foot is flexed, and the opposite arm is turned to the ceiling. Your spine is erect and the chest is reaching forward. As the yoga wheel helps you keep the balance, you can solemnly focus on breathing and deepening the pose. If you are a beginner, you can keep your arms on the floor. The most important thing about this pose is to avoid leaning back. This advanced posture is well-known for its core strengthening and stress-relieving benefits.

How Do I Use A Yoga Wheel

There are various ways to use a yoga wheel, and it all depends on the purpose you are using it. If you are using it for yoga, then you can incorporate various yoga poses on top of the wheel. Also, you can perform many yoga poses by holding onto the device. Some yoga poses like the yoga wheel Crow Pose can be done with the yoga wheel on its side. However, in most cases the yoga wheel will be standing upright while using.

If you are using the yoga wheel for the other benefits like spine mobilization, flexibility, and back pain relief. Then you simply start in a sitting position on the floor, and position the yoga wheel in the middle of your back near the top of your shoulders. You begin by leaning back into the yoga wheel until most of your weight is on the device. When you are ready you can begin lifting your butt off the floor, and put all your weight into the yoga wheel. You can then roll your back up/down the yoga wheel. You may even hear your back pop or crack which is totally fine, and normal.

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These Days You Don’t Have To Go To The Studio To Try Yoga Whether You’re New To The Practice Or Looking To Get Back To It These Videos Are A Great Place To Start

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Sometimes fear of the unknown can keep us from taking that all-important first step onto the yoga mat. Whether youre new to the practice, are returning to it after an absence, or are simply looking to share your passion for yoga with a loved one, these three yoga videos for beginners are a great place to start.

Being a beginner is a beautiful thing. It connotes openness, excitement, eagerness, possibility, and a lack of preconceptions. Even seasoned yoga practitioners can benefit from a dose of beginners mindset! As Shunryu Suzuki has said, In the beginners mind, there are many possibilities, but in the experts, there are few.

But even with this powerful mindset, practicing in a studio or gym can feel intimidatingespecially for the uninitiated. Luckily, you dont have to leave home to jumpstart your practice. These yoga videos for beginners have received the stamp of approval from YJs practice editor, and can support your practice at any stage!

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Prevent Injuries With A Scaffold Of Support

10 Minute Yoga Wheel Flow For Beginners | Bringmeyoga

Because of the unique circular design, yoga wheels follow the curvature of your body and improve spine mobility with less risk of energy. It acts as a supporting scaffold, holding the body in alignment and preventing strain.

The yoga wheel also ensures you arent overstretching or pushing beyond your spines natural limit.

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For Beginners 4 To 8 Wheel

If you are just starting with your yoga wheel, it would be best to choose one smaller in size. It will help you get used to it without getting hurt because it is at this point, you will make all the mistakes.

Also, a smaller wheel offers less resistance, making it easier for beginners without being too easy and boring. 

Help Relieve Stress And Tension In The Body

Not only can a yoga prop relieve tension in your back, but it will help you relieve stress and tension in your whole body. Finding poses that utilize the wheel in different areas, such as on your arms, legs, chest, and hips, can help alleviate any stress that your body is holding as well as adding depth to your yoga experience.

The best thing about using yoga wheels for your poses is that the wheels are customizable and flexible. Wherever you feel tightness and that closed-up feeling in your body, you can use the yoga wheel to address your problem areas.

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Is A Yoga Wheel Safe For Back Pain Sufferers

If you are a beginner, start with fewer deep stretches. When using it for backbends, having some extra props handy, such as blocks or blankets, can be helpful and prevent injuries. Also, people with osteoporosis and osteopenia have to be careful when doing extreme spinal movements. In the case of severe osteoporosis, forced spinal flexion can result in a fracture.

Start gradually and work your way up. If you feel more than mild pain and discomfort its time to stop.

more gentle spine stretch

Im Very Overweight Will This Help Me Lose My Fat

3 Ways To Use A Yoga Wheel For Beginners

Yes, it will. One of the major problems with people who try to lose fat is that they only do cardio.

Cardio burns fat the fastest because it requires more oxygen burning enzyme creation.

Fat burning enzymes and oxygen burning enzymes are paired up in the body. When you make more of one, you make more of the other.

That is why cardio is so effective at burning fat.

The problem is that overweight people try to do only cardio. This is great after your muscles are built up.

First, though, you must have the strength to be able to sustain a cardio regimen. This is why people who only do cardio stop losing fat after a period of time.

If you want to continue your fat loss, you must build muscle through yoga.

The yoga wheel is essential for building balance, muscles, and core strength. Youll need all of those things to burn more fat in the future through cardio.

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Wheel Assisted Lizard Lunge

Begin your practice at the top of your mat in the mountain pose. Then step back with your left leg so that your left shinbone rests firmly on the roller.

Bend and open the right leg more to the side, towards the outer edge of the mat. Open up the hip crease as you start introducing full yogic breaths. You can stay in this position for a couple of minutes, easing into the pose. Now put both of your arms on the mat, so that you are balancing on tip of the fingers that are pointing in the direction of the wheel. Keep on extending your arms as you sink lower to the ground. Open the chest to the mat to help you keep the spine straight. Bring awareness to the inner thighs to induce relaxation. Lizzard lunges are fantastic hip-opener exercises that build up the legs, improving the hip ligaments and the overall sense of balance in the body.

Best Dharma Yoga Wheel Prop For Stretching And Back Pain

A yoga wheel is a great tool for improving stretching, back pain relief, increasing flexibility, and taking your yoga practice to the next level. Although many people use the yoga wheel to release muscle tension in the body, they are also very helpful for perfecting challenging poses such as backbends and inversions.

However, with so many different yoga wheel props on the market to choose from, selecting the best one can feel like an overwhelming task. Some yoga wheels have really thin padding that are uncomfortable to use, while others dont come with any instructions at all.

Almost all yoga wheels claim to be the best product on the market, so how do you REALLY know which products are high quality and which ones are duds?

Dont worry, weve got you covered! Weve researched the best yoga wheels on the market to help you find the right product for your needs. We evaluated over 23 different dharma yoga wheels on a variety of factors including customer reviews, padding thickness, wheel strength, price, and brand reputation.

Here is our top choice for the best yoga wheel in 2020.

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Is Yoga Wheel Safe

Many yoga wheels come with detailed instructions and pose guide to get you started.

Besides, Instagram is a great place to explore the poses with a yoga wheel and their variations.

That said, know what your body can do and what it cant. The bodies are different, and not every pose is accessible to everyone.

I know that yoga might seem like the safest practice ever. But, just as any physical activity, it can result in some nasty injuries.

So if you feel your quads and back dont have enough strength and flexibility yet, dont rush to do a Full Pigeon pose with a yoga wheel. Or if you have osteoporosis or previously suffered an injury, do yourself a favor and check with the doctor before getting into backbends and other extreme poses with the yoga wheel.

Exercise even more caution with tricky balances and inversions. Some yoga wheels can be less stable than others, so dont try to hop on it and imitate the trendy yoga poses youve seen on Instagram. There is always a risk of losing balance and injury.

The same goes for headstands, forearm stands, and other advanced inversions. Yoga wheels are insanely helpful when mastering upside-down poses, but they in no way substitute a yoga instructor. If youve never done the pose before, its always a good idea to get professional guidance first.

What Size Of Yoga Wheel Is The Best

10 Beginner Poses Using the Yoga Wheel

Although yoga wheels come in 6 inches, 13 inches, and 15 inches, the 13-inch wheel is the ideal size because its the most versatile. This wheel is small enough to maneuver but large enough to support a wide variety of poses for beginner and advanced yogis alike.

When choosing a yoga wheel, be sure to pay special attention to comfort and weight limit.

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Does The Chirp Wheel Pop Your Back

The Chirp Wheel will effortlessly release your lower back tension and roll out the tied up muscles that cause pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain as well. The patented Spinal Canal provides a 4-way stretch for your spine and the ergonomic design of the wheel provides the deep tissue massage youre searching for.

The Best Yoga Wheel Exercises For Back & Shoulder Pain

The basic and best way to use a yoga roller wheel for back and shoulder pain relief is by doing a deep backbend.

Position the yoga wheel in the center of your back, between your shoulders, and lay over it. Bring your arms out to the side and then let your head hang back.

Heres a short video demonstrating how to prepare for the backbend:

Another highly effective stretch is the childs pose:

Get into the childs pose with your knees wide apart and place both hands on the sides of the wheel at the front of your mat. Keeping your head down and roll the wheel forward slowly as you press your chest to the ground. This stretch really opens up the shoulders.

The Childs pose is a classic, restful pose that is proven to help stretch the hips, thighs, and low back in a gentle and relaxing way.

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How Do You Stretch Your Back With A Yoga Wheel

Stretching your back with a yoga wheel is as simple as lying with the yoga wheel between your shoulder blades and letting your spine curl around it so that you bend backwards with your head almost touching the floor.

That sums up this article on the best yoga wheels of 2022.

They may not be the perfect prop for you, but if youre curious and keen to take your yoga to new levels, why not give one a go? At the very least youll get a nice backstretch.

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Wheel Assisted Standing One Leg Beginner

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To do this easy balancing posture, make your way to the front of your mat. As you exhale bring one leg onto the yoga wheel, so the front part of the foot is pressing into the roller. The other leg is straight and you are gazing forward. Spread your arms in level with your shoulders and take several yogic breaths. Change sides as you remain focused on one point in the distance that will help you maintain the balance. One-legged postures help you find the center of gravity. Since it might take longer to do so without the use of props, the yoga wheel makes the perfect, solid foundation on which you can build and improve your yoga practice. It doesn’t matter how many times you lose the focus and fall, always come back to try again, as your body tends to activate the muscle memory system every time you exercise.

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