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Best Yoga Teacher Training Nyc

How To Become A Yoga Instructor Nyc Yoga Teacher Training Review

April Martucci, renowned yoga instructor in NYC

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Fully updated in 2021

Should I become a yoga teacher? Am I ready for yoga teacher training? I want to become a yoga teacher, how do I choose my training? These are questions I always get after I teach a class since Ive started teaching.

I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in NYC at Yoga Vida, and I am still feeling the positive impact of this training on my life.

If you’re thinking about yoga instructor training, you’re probably wondering if you really should become a yoga teacher, what type you should choose, what to expect, or what you should do after graduation. Don’t worry, I’ll break it all down here and share my personal experience on how to find a yoga teacher training program and how to become a yoga instructor.

Dont forget to save the worksheet at the end of the article on how to choose your Yoga Teacher Training!

Is The School Responsive

When and how the school reacts is a clear indicator of how they support their students. You will end up spending a few weeks or months of your life with the instructors, so they must care for you! Ask all the questions you want to see how and what they say.

A gap of more than 24 hours on any email could be a sign theyre not keeping up with your pace. Remember, this is your yoga path, and you deserve all the questions to be answered.

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What Is The Difference Between A Certified Yoga Teacher And A Registered Yoga Teacher

A certified yoga teacher training program typically meets the required industry standards of what is expected from a training. If youre interested in getting a certificate to teach, then your best bet is to look for teacher trainings that allow you to be a registered yoga instructor at the end of it.

What that means is you get an official certificate by Yoga Alliance, a recognized training body of yoga in the world. Schools that are Yoga Alliance certified follow a strict framework that allow them to lead not just 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, but 300-hour and 500-hour programs as well.

Studios that are Yoga Alliance-certified will feature the Yoga Alliance logo on all of their courses. When in doubt, its always best to inquire with the school directly.

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How To Become A Yoga Instructor

First things first. How on Earth does one even become a yoga instructor?

Good thing our entire company is run by them, it’s kind of our specialty )

From at-home study to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali here’s a tidbit of knowledge to help you along your training program journey.

Let’s begin by asking ourselves a few questions.

What draws you to yoga?

What are your resources?

Why do you want to teach?

Take some time to reflect on these three questions and use whatever bubbles to the surface in choosing the right teacher training program for you.

Your yoga practice is sacred. Your teaching style is meant to be unique to just you, which is why choosing the right teacher training program is so important in becoming a yoga teacher.

Next, let’s go through a few steps in actually becoming an RYT.

Step 1 | Learn Yoga

Take some time to further your understanding of the practice and find your preferred niche within the industry. Is your favorite yoga asana Hatha style? Maybe you’re super-duper interested in learning to balance the chakras or even decide you wanna become a kids yoga teacher.

The sky is the limit!

This is where you’ll get into the meat substitute and potatoes of asana, teaching methodology, workshops, and even practice teach to your peers.

Make sure to do your research when picking a program that will match the type of experience you’re looking for to meet your yogi teaching goals.

Step 3 | Register it Yoga Alliance

Breath Work Certifications Online

Yoga Teacher Training In Nyc : Yoga Teacher Training ...

Breathwork is a breathing technique that transforms your breathing patterns as a way of influencing the way you are feeling and improving your mental and even physical health.

A transformative journey: Soma Breath

This comprehensive course includes the science of breath, music, and meditation as a therapeutic tool and 5 core breathwork techniques to unleash your students full human potential. You go through the step by step process of SOMA Energized Meditation in Level 1 and how to guide a full Awakening Journey in Level 2

In this fast-growing community of breath workers around the world, you will be part of a community and get to interact with other instructors and find potential clients in your area.

Founder Of SOMA Breath, Niraj Naik performs at large events all over the world and offers a unique approach to breathwork and meditation. SOMA Breath delivers a Breathwork license to guide your clients through workshops, You also get enrolled in their abundance program.

Included in this online Breathwork certification course:

A holistic approach: The essence of Breath

Included in this online Breathwork certification course:

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Restorative Yoga Certification Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

In practicing Restorative Yoga, asanas are held longer than usual around five to 20 minutes. The asanas are backed by several props such as eye pillows, walls, bolsters, blocks, blankets, yoga sandbags, straps & chairs to minimize any possible strain and to alleviate any stress.

Stephanies Online Yoga School: 200 and 300-Hr: Yin, Restorative & Vinyasa.

This intensive online yoga teacher training explores the fundamentals of yoga theory and teachings. Its a self-paced yoga instructor training course that works on every computer. After completing the course, you can get free lifetime access to their online group as well as a considerable sum of extra assistance. Despite the fact that this is a self-paced course, you will have direct access to the lead instructor to address any thoughts or questions you might have. After completing this yoga instructor certification, you will be able to buy high-quality occupational liability protection for yoga instructors via Insurance Canopy as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited yoga instructor. When youve signed up, check out all of the additional incentive offers! The cost of each course varies.

With this yoga certification online, you get:

  • Yamas, Niyamas Yoga Philosophy

A comprehensive restorative online yoga teacher training program by Yoga International

Included in this online restorative course:

  • Format: self-paced

Supportive and knowledgeable Siddhi Yoga Restorative online yoga certification

How To Choose A Yoga Teacher Training Program

When doing research on how to become a certified yoga instructor, its easy to be overwhelmed. There are so many types of trainings out there. Not all of them will open the same doors so it is important for you to be clear on what to look for and ask these questions before signing up so that you find the best yoga instructor certification possible:

Additionally, you should check out the curriculum and see if these points are present in your yoga instructor course:

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Three Sisters Yogas Name Comes From The Practice Of Planting The Three Sisters Crops Of Squash Corn And Beans Together Each Of The Distinctly Different Crops Has A Vital Role In Helping Each Other Grow This Is The Kind Of Community We Nurture

Three Sisters Yoga does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status. Welcome! We are so glad you are here.

What’s Included In The Santosha Yoga Institute Online Yoga Certification:

Yoga Teacher Training in New York City – Atmananda Yoga Studio

This yoga teacher training program takes a dynamic approach to cover the in-depth course curriculum. Learning methods and materials include: video modules & specialist manuals created by their team of Master Teachers, live Zoom yoga classes, mentoring & feedback.


  • Yoga teaching certifications offered: 200 hour RYT, 300 hour RYT
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School: Yes
  • Opportunity to interact and connect with the program’s Master Teachers and your classmates during daily Zoom classes & weekly mentoring from Master Teachers.
  • Complete the course at your own pace or with a group of students.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Invitation to attend an additional online YTT certification course for free including your choice of: Yin Yoga, Kids + Teens, Pre Natal or Meditation.
  • Payment installment options available.

The next Santosha 200 hour online training begins on March 2, 2022. Enroll now to save your spot and gain access to your course materials immediately upon enrollment.

This training is currently on sale.

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Ayurveda Online Yoga Schools

Yoga and Ayurveda fit perfectly well together both are among the main Indian philosophies that encourage the practice of meditation, breathing, and postures as part of a healthy routine. It also includes the chanting of mantras and the use of herbs. It is as if Ayurveda is the science, and Yoga is the practice of that science.

Experience and support: Siddhi Yoga Ayurveda

This 25 hours course is a great first introductory concept of three doshas in Ayurveda and taught by Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangotra from Mohali, India. He is a graduate of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery in North India. He studied under the supervision of Dr. L Mahadevan where he learned the art of Gunna Siddhanta and was exposed to a wide range of clinical cases and panchakarma.

In his course, you will learn how to know when your Pitta/Vata/Kapha Dosha is balanced and unbalanced. You will also get trained in knowing what diet/ exercise/yoga is good for Vata Pitta or Kapha Dosha Type.

With this online course, you will also learn the concept of Ritu Charya , the concept of Prakruti & Vikruti , the five elemental/Panch Mahabhoot theory, and an introduction to the concept of Dhatu/ Body Tissues in Ayurveda. You will discover the five types of Vata/Pitta/Kapha dosha and where is it present in your body.

Included in this online Ayurveda training certification:

  • Format: Self-paced training

In-depth and Professional Yoga Veda School of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic practitioner diploma

Donation based: Yoga Veda Institute

Hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

Looking for some intense transformation and to build relationships with your teacher training peers that’ll last a lifetime?

Of course, you are.

And we have just the thing, a yoga teacher training program offered in an intensive!

Intensive programs aren’t just about teaching yoga, yoga philosophy, or methodology for yoga classes. It’s about a sacred connection within the yogic world. Think of your teacher trainers as part of a mentorship program and your training program peers will become your lifeline.

Bring some tissues and an open heart!

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Integral Yoga Institute Nyc

Integral Yoga Institute in New York City provides a comprehensive YTT program as a foundation for personal and spiritual development and for strengthening your own practice. You’ll learn to become a knowledgeable and professional Yoga teacher. IYI is a safe environment where students feel free to realize their own potential, gaining respect for themselves and a capacity to be of service to others.

The program helps students achieve teacher status in Integral Yoga Level I which includes:

  • Hatha Yoga postures
  • Raja Yoga
  • Karma Yoga
  • Jnana Yoga
  • Sanskrit language

The training includes a weekend at beautiful Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York where you will be immersed in nature, yoga, meditation, and vegetarian.

Upon graduating you’ll receive a certificate and Yoga Alliance status and you’ll be able to teach Integral Yoga Level I classes either at the Institute or elsewhere.

Applicants are required to have at least six months? experience in Hatha Yoga and experience with the Integral Yoga Level I class.

  • Address: 227 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011
  • Subway: 14th Street Station 7th Avenue

Do I Need A Certification To Teach Yoga

Best 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs Schools In NYC

Yoga can be done and taught by anyone. Obtaining an online yoga teacher training certification by one of the accredited online yoga schools is not a requirement to teach as a yoga instructor, which is still unregulated.Yoga teachers fit in the same category of coaches therefore, being certified by a yoga school is not legally necessary to hold group classes or teach privately. Anyone who is compelled to offer their knowledge and services can do so.

Yet, we would highly recommend completing an approved yoga instructor training course if you are looking to teach at the best yoga studios, as most of them will want you to have a minimum of 200-hour training before allowing you to show up in front of students.

Yoga Alliance is one of the most well-known entities that provide accredited online yoga certifications while working hard to advance pro-yoga legislation in the US government. Even so, Yoga Alliance is not a mandatory program and it is voluntary for instructors to get enrolled in the organization.

It is important to note that the Yoga Alliance is not sanctioned by any local, state, or federal government, so being listed in their directory is not required to get insurance or be legally protected while teaching Yoga.

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Sivananda Yoga Ranch Usayoga Certification

This school was founded in 1969, this course is the most prominent YTT course in the West, training over 40,000 teachers around the globe until now.

Located in the wonderful systematic Catskill Mountains, just near the city proper of New York, this school is a tranquil haven where people of all types of financial status appear jointly to train yoga, meditation, and to have a communication with their true self. Here you will have multiple selections to decide your lodging.

You can have your personal pavilion, you can partake in an area, or you can lease a room for your sole use. Vegan meals will be given on the Ranch two times a day. With this school, you can anticipate an amazing spiritual training that will support you to a different and positive way of living separately from a profound knowledge of yoga asana. After finishing this yoga teacher training, you will get a certificate that is approved by Yoga Alliance.

  • Cost: $2400-$3900
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha and Karma

Join An Online Yoga Teacher Training In 2022 And Become A Yoga Teacher

If you have been wanting to take that step of developing your yoga teacher within to help enrich the lives of others by being their yoga teacher and mentor, now is the time.

Even if you are a person who looks at yoga as exercise as opposed to an overall way of being and living, you too can do a YTT 200 online to further develop your practice and deepen your knowledge of yoga.

200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour online YTT’s are all available at your fingertips.

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Pure Yoga Teacher Training

Pure Yoga has a 2-month course planned where you will have to dedicate your Friday evenings and weekends to the course and in the end, you will gain a Yoga Alliance Registered certificate.

At the end of the course, they offer a 3-month mentorship that you can sign up for if you want to deepen your practice even more or have supervised teaching experience. Mentees personalize an area of focus with their mentor and work within a structured format to achieve their specific goals.

This program includes one-on-one meetings, assisting, class observation, workshops and more. It seems that Pure Yoga puts emphasis on the aftercare providing with a very supportive team of teachers.

  • Price: $3400-$4000
  • Yoga Style: Hatha

Additional Support After Your Online Yoga Teacher Training

Fierce Grace Yoga Teacher Training New York Trailer – May 2020

As a yoga teacher, your responsibilities are to develop welcoming classes and well-balanced, cohesive sequencing. There are a few courses you can take that offer bridge education for instructors, helping you complete your YTT & prove that you are ready to obtain your yoga teacher credential as well as BrettLarkin bridge course. .

As a Yoga teacher, you will also sometimes need to use your body to show the correct ways to get into poses and perform modifications, especially for beginners or injured students. Keep in mind that your students look up to you as a yoga instructor and as a spiritual guide.

You are the window of your business, so you must walk the talk, and as your students often expect you to have a well-balanced body , it keeps you inspired to learn and improve yourself along the way. Establish a daily routine to help ensure you retain essential emotional balance and health. Remember that you can give more of yourself when feeling rejuvenated and replenished.

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Yoga Works Yoga Certification

This yoga school has almost 2 decades of experience of teaching successful yoga teachers in various locations in the US and in foreign countries giving their graduates the most sought Yoga Alliance approved certification. The schooling lasts for 3 months, and you must be present on all of the classes on 12 weekends, Saturday and Sunday.

This school is composed of a team of veteran teachers and they trained many famous and successful teachers in the past 2 decades. Their training is targeting the proper alignment of the body and a series of studies of related fields for what people need in isolation.

Even though it is a bit pricey expect that your investment will be worth it.

  • Cost: $3300-$3700
  • Yoga Technique: Vinyasa


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