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Best Yoga Teacher Training Austin

Integrative Technology Supports Our Program

Yoga For Great Abs, Core Strength Exercise Routine | Austin Yoga Teacher Jen Hilman

Students will have access to several online modules, courses, and live distance learning seminars. Our program is a mix of in-person and online content designed to give students a real world-experience.

Career Options

C-IAYT Yoga Therapists who complete our IAYT Yoga Therapy Certification program find employment opportunities in private and public hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, private practices, and outreach organizations. C-IAYT Yoga Therapists can offer yoga therapy sessions, therapeutic yoga, and can support clinical staff. Our career counselors will help you decided what path is best for you. Once you complete modules 1 and 2, you can move on to your practicum internship, where you will be placed in a clinical setting to complete your practicum hours.

Out Of State & Transfer Students

We accept out-of-state students as well as transfer students. We offer a commuter package for all out-of-state participants of our IAYT Yoga Therapy Certification program that allows you to pay for your housing accommodations upfront. Transfer students are welcome and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Students entering the program at the 500-hour level will begin their training at module 2. All students are required to complete module 3. Our Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification is IAYT accredited and will give you the tools to work with clients both in body and mind.

Why Is Teacher Training Programmes Important

The best teacher education programs encourage students to use their creativity in teaching their subject while also incorporating the most up-to-date academic research. Being well-informed enhances your ability to make independent decisions and gives you the confidence to try out new teaching methods.

What Is Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a very slow practice you may only do five poses for the entire class. It not only works on the muscles and connective tissues it also is very meditative and can help reduce stress and anxiety in a practitioner. Yin yoga teacher trainees study not only Western anatomy, but Eastern medicine such as Chakra theory and energy pathways. Aspiring Yin yoga teachers must remember that all Yin yoga teacher training courses are different, but a teacher trainee may also study traditional Hindu texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjalis Yoga Sutras.

As Yin yoga is so slow, practitioners have time to check in with their body and make sure they are comfortable. People become more aware and are better able to make adjustments in their pose and notice the line between comfort and discomfort. Yin can help people heal from chronic pain or heal from injuries. And, with a regular Yin practice, students will find it easier to achieve mindfulness and enter a meditative state, for a calmer mind.

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Does It Suit Your Schedule

Online yoga certificates are sometimes delivered at set dates, while others are entirely self-paced. Pay attention to the flexibility to tailor the schedule to your needs, or you can end up with tuition you cant manage. Considering the time you have available and how many hours you can devote to online yoga instructor training is crucial.

Is Online Yoga Certification Worth It


Like anything else in life, taking an online yoga teacher training, and integrating yoga instructions online has its pros and cons.

In one aspect, there is the challenge of ones ability to self-motivate and stay on task, apart from the lack of in-person interaction that some people find essential.

On the other hand, you can take your online yoga certification at one of the online yoga schools at your own pace, in the comfort of your home, and develop new self-discipline and accountability skills. In the end, it all comes down to what you personally prefer.

With the world moving digital, online YTT at an online yoga school is a trend very likely to stay. Studios and teachers are investing in doing online training as similar and vibrant as the in-person version, including tests and exams to make sure students graduate effectively and be ready to lead a class on or offline with confidence. In short, to become a yoga instructor online has never been so accessible as today!

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My Vinyasa Practice Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The 20-hour, Yin yoga teacher training through My Vinyasa Practice will teach aspiring Yin yoga teachers the relationship between yin and yang. And, the course can fulfill continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

Although students can finish the self-paced online course in four weeks, My Vinyasa Practice believes that if students take their time, they will be able to increase their understanding of Yin yoga and improve their practice.

Students new to Yin and those who are old hats at Yin will improve their Yin practice and will understand precautions, props and sequencing. They will also learn how yin and yang philosophy is connected to a bodys tissues.

Yin teacher training students receive:

  • Pre-recorded lectures and written content
  • Instructions and practice
  • 20 non-contact continuing education credit hours with Yoga Alliance
  • Access to the My Vinyasa Practice Community
  • Yin Yoga practices with Michelle Young, owner of My Vinyasa Practice
  • Access to the online course for life

The curriculum includes:

  • History, philosophy, and purpose of Yin Yoga.
  • How to write and theme Yin Yoga sequences to promote health and well-being.
  • The relationship between Yin Yoga and the meridians.
  • Application and reflection.
  • How to leverage Yin Yoga practices in trauma-informed settings.

The Role Of A Yoga Teacher

Over 36 million people do yoga regularly. However, this figure is growing. Looking at this figure, it is easy to see why there is a constant need for new yoga teachers to offer yoga classes and courses. As a yoga teacher, your role should be as a guide to help your students learn with more clarity.

Your job is to teach your students how to perform every pose with precision. Not only that, but you must also close attention to the strengths and shortcomings of your students.

As a yoga teacher, your role is to nourish the mind and body of your participants by being totally and completely present. You must be positive, responsive, and receptive to the needs and demands of your class. This skill comes from practice and experience.

But once you learn to become responsive to each of your students physical and emotional needs, you serve as a spiritual guide to help your students overcome their problems.

Yoga instructors work at gyms, yoga studios, and fitness centers. The work involves leading and mentoring students to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through yoga and mindfulness.


The chief responsibilities of a yoga instructor are to develop a curriculum that includes various styles and levels of yoga. However, being a trainer also means that you have to perform routine administrative tasks such as putting the equipment together and getting to know the requirements of each participant.

Final Thoughts

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Yoga Teacher Training In Austin Texas

Our training is built with leadership in mind, providing a foundation for your development as a teacher, leader, and life master. Whether you are new to teaching or looking to advance your skills, our innovative programs are designed to provide you with inspiration, education, and personal transformation in body, mind, and spirit. We are committed to developing new inspiring teachers who will lead with excellence and positively impact the world! For more information contact us today!

Yoga Renew’s Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Online

Welcome to Sunstone FIT

YogaRenew has a program unlock the others approach to yin yoga teacher training program in that it emphasizes a study of stillness. YogaRenews curriculum also focuses in on topics that intersect with one another, referencing it to the nature of yin yoga itself. YogaRenew lessons are divided into the following categories:

  • Philosophy
  • Practice
  • Teaching
  • YogaRenew weaves each of these categories into the curriculum allowing for where these topics naturally cross paths.

    As yin yoga is an attempt to stretch the limits to open new waves of energy, the course follows the same philosophy and practice.

    The approach to bringin these aspects together by YogaRenew offers a fresh and ranged practice to yin yoga teacher training. This approach, as mentioned, is designed to mirror the nature of yin yoga in all of its complexities.

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    What Are The Credentials

    You will find each programs yoga instructor certification credentials in their provider directory at Yoga Alliance and on their website page promoting the training. In the schools we selected below, we also classified what credentials they offer to make it easier on you as you research so that you can find the best yoga teacher training that is right for you.

    Best For Experienced Practitioners: American Viniyoga Institute 500

    American Viniyoga Institute 500-Hour Teacher Training

    Why We Chose It: For advanced yogis yearning for deeper, broader knowledge, the American Viniyoga Institute utilizes a comprehensive approach that covers multiple facets of yoga often taught in separate courses. Its also a stepping stone to a clinical yoga therapy certification.

    • Comprehensive coverage is challenging even for advanced yogis

    • Allows students to advance to clinical yoga therapy for more career opportunities

    • Highly qualified faculty

    • Tuition cost of some plans doesnt include accommodations

    • Significant emphasis on physical and structural components of yoga, which may not fit with those looking for more spiritual instruction

    The American Viniyoga Institute applies an approach that combines the elements of yogaasana, pranayama, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, history, and literatureinto one advanced training. This program is quite intensive, requiring a significant financial and time investment, so its best for current or soon-to-be instructors serious about advancing their careers.

    The institute runs the program at the Ancient Yoga Center in Austin, Texas, and each session runs for 12 nights. Tuition costs $3,250 per session . So, if you opt for the complete 500-hour training, expect to remain on the campus for 48 nights and spend $13,000 plus some for lodging, travel, and food.

    The American Viniyoga Institute expects students to have a consistent yoga practice of six to 12 months under their belts.

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    Iayt Yoga Therapy Training

    My Vinyasa Practices Clinical Yoga Therapy Program provides the foundation you need to enter the professional health care industry and is designed for people who would like to work within clinical settings including rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and private practice offices.

    This in-person training prepares you to work as a Certified Clinical Yoga Therapist within a care team of medical professionals. MVP Yoga Therapy School is a Member School with IAYT and our Clinical Yoga Therapy program is accredited with IAYT.

    The first module of our Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification fulfills the requirements to level up your registration with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour RYT. Students enrolling with a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification will enroll in Module 1 and be required to complete Module 1, 2, and 3 with a total cost of $7,200 .

    Students enrolling with a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification will have the option to transfer coursework from their 300-hour training. Students wishing to transfer course work from a 300-hour training will have their transfer credits assessed against our Module 1 curriculum. Only coursework that is comparable to MVPs Module 1 curriculum/coursework will be accepted for transfer credits.

    Potential trainees can transfer in up to 300 hours of comparable equivalent coursework. Students who enroll in Module 2 will be required to complete Module 2 and 3 with a total cost of $4,700 .

    In The Words Of Our Graduates

    Austin Texas Yoga

    The Austin School of Yoga teacher training will certainly always be one of the most meaningful experiences of my life! I felt safe & supported by my tribe throughout the training. Tracey & Ashley offer compassionate guidance for all their students. I am so grateful they are my teachers! Their thoughtfulness and great knowledge has inspired my own awareness and self discovery. Getting to know myself has improved my life immensely. I now care more for myself and for others.- Aubrey C.

    Tracey and Ashley are amazing. Their style of teaching is thoughtful, genuine, kind, honest, intelligent and, most importantly, fun. Their faith in us as future yoga teachers was constant. Learning to teach and learning to find your voice can be intimidating and scary and Tracey and Ashley were encouraging and welcomed all of our unique voices with open arms.- Jen Figueroa

    Tracey and Ashley are amazing teachers. Not only do they know their craft, but they are skilled in actually teaching others to learn the craft. I appreciate the personalized attention I received in the program, to help reveal the true yoga teacher in me! I loved the meditations, the practices, the journaling exercises, and how personal every aspect of the training was. Even though there were six of us, I could feel and I knew that I was getting more attention that I would have received in another program.

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    Is It Worth Becoming A Yoga Instructor

    If you want to teach and are willing to accept any salary, I would say yes. Yoga teaching can be very fulfilling if you truly love yoga and dont care about money or are already making money elsewhere. You might strike it rich and develop a following, attracting a large number of devoted students to your classes, or you might not.

    Do Yoga Teachers Need Certification

    Again, you dont have to have a Yogi Alliance Certification to teach yoga however it does help you demonstrate credibility, especially if youve never taught yoga before. If youve been teaching yoga for years obviously without a certification youll be just fine. Lets review the basic and advanced yoga certifications you need to work as a professional yoga instructor.

    Basic Yoga Teacher Certification

    The basic yoga instructor certification course offers 200 hours of learning. Such programs are set up in different types of natural and hands-on environments. You can choose an intensive month-long retreat or sign-up for a series of weekend workshops spread over a couple of years if you are juggling with responsibilities.

    In some of these programs, you need to pass an observation class. Professional yoga instructors analyze your yoga class and observe and evaluate your teaching style before rewarding you with a teaching certificate.

    After you complete training, you must register with the Yoga Alliance, the organization that registers and certifies you as a yoga trainer. Note that there are several yoga teacher training programs online, but the Yoga Alliance does not recognize shorter or home learning programs.

    Why 200 hours?

    Specialty Yoga Instructor Certification

    Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification

    Local or international?

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    How To Choose A Yoga Course For Certification

    To embark on a successful yoga teacher trainer career, investing in a Yoga Alliance approved course guarantees great results. Not only these programs teach the philosophy and history of this ancient practice they are the most widely accepted.

    Hence, we highly recommend that the yoga school you choose should be registered with the Yoga Alliance. When you opt for a registered school, you can visit the Yoga Alliance website and provide important details, including your enrollment to become a registered yoga teacher. The total cost of the yoga teacher training certification course can start anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000. You might be able to find it a little bit more cost effective and convenient doing Online Yoga Teacher Training.

    Moreover, you can take on additional courses such as EFA and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for North American teachers to become a more professional member of the yoga community. While these courses are not mandatory, your students feel safer knowing that you can successfully administer first aid.

    The 5 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

    My Vinyasa Practice Online Yoga Teacher Training

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    Perhaps youre interested in cultivating a yoga practice, but you dont know which type of yoga is best for you. Theres no time like the present to check out meditative and calming Yin yoga. As a yoga teacher, Ive had the chance to learn and practice a variety of yoga styles. But, during my own 200-hour yoga teacher training almost 10 years ago, there was virtually no talk about Yin yoga. We probably spent less than a half-day discussing Yin, a slow yoga practice that takes its philosophy from traditional Chinese beliefs.

    Besides being a form of yoga that will stretch and lengthen the bodys muscles and connective tissues and increase flexibility, the practice can also be thought of as a kind of acupressure, with poses affecting different energy channels in the body. Those energy channels in turn affect the organs and other parts of the body. Its believed that Yin yoga can work on blockages in the energy channels to improve a persons health and emotional outlook.

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    What Can I Expect To Earn As A Yoga Instructor

    It is only natural that you would ask yourself this question however, there is no single answer. While some teachers might be making between $20 to $35k a year, others can earn way above $150,000 or even a lot more. Like in any industry, the commitment and savviness you will put into your career will make the difference.

    One thing for sure is that with todays technology and the speed at which it evolves, it can either best serve you or hinder you. So our advice is to stay on the pulse of the ever-changing scene of yoga and wellness and educate yourself on what is new continuously. Being through a beautiful website, social media, training sessions, workshops, on line courses, retreats, or all we mentioned above, be assured there are plenty of opportunities to follow your passion while sustaining an abundant lifestyle.

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