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Best Yoga Teacher Training Abroad

Top Recommended Yoga Teacher Training December 2022

How to Travel & Teach Internationally as a Yoga Teacher | YOGABODY®

Highest rated destinations for December yoga certifications:

We DON’T recommend these: America, most of Europe, and the Northern part of Asia .

We DO recommend these locations: India, Mexico, Myanmar , Southeast Asia , plus we can’t forget…

…New Zealand.

It’s the home of the Lord of the Rings. Don’t you want to explore those incredible nature spots?

Why Go On A Yoga Teacher Training In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most amazing destinations for travel and a popular destination for Yoga Teacher Training as well. Its without a doubt the best place to connect with Mother Nature and add the Pura Vida philosophy to your practice and teaching.

The country features astonishing sights, incredible richness of wildlife, sandy beaches, thick jungle, and impressive volcanoes making it a paradise for nature lovers and one of the best places on Earth to do a Yoga Teacher Training Course.

From the lively town of Punta Arenas to the tropical paradise of Guanacaste, the stunning views of Lake Arenal, and the charming town of Montezuma, there are so many options to choose from.

Day Tantrik Hatha Yoga 250 Hour Ytt + Retreat Tuscany

The 34 Day Tantrik Hatha Yoga 250 Hour YTT + Retreat is held at The Inner Peace Sanctuary in a beautiful forest in Tuscany in Italy. This slightly longer course has none of the rushed feelings that some courses can have. The classical approach here ensures solid foundations in the four original paths of Yoga . There is also a 4-day intensive where you explore a special topic in-depth such as tantra, meditation, bhakti, permaculture, or Ayurveda.

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Things To Consider After You Complete Your Yoga Teacher Training Course

If you think after 3/4 weeks of teacher training you will be ready to teach yoga you are probably going to be in for a bit of a shock. I have 15 years of experience teaching dance, a solid understanding of Anatomy and Physiology and I did not feel 100% prepared to teach.

What YTT gives you is a solid foundation on which you can develop your teaching practice. Its important to think about how you can continue your development after your course. I choose to do a 3-week internship where I volunteered at a yoga school for 3 weeks teaching free community classes and covering classes when needed. I was supported by the studio teachers who helped me to plan my classes, took my classes, and offered me feedback.

This time was invaluable. Learning to teach yoga is like learning to drive, you only really learn when you are out there doing it.

If You Want To Actually Learn Yoga Rather Than Just Be A Generic Teacher Or Instagram Yogi Do Not Do A Part

Learning Abroad

Yoga traditionally has been taught in ashrams where students had to spend months, years or decades with teachers. Yoga is very subtle, and it takes an incredible amount of focus and dedication to understanding. The invention of part-time weekend programs is a modern function of businesses capitalizing on the market opportunity, rather than trying to convey true yoga to students.

Its simply not possible to get at the level of subtlety necessary in this type of environment. Yes, intensive training is not perfect by any means, but they are significantly closer to the authentic experience of how yoga was meant to be shared. Scientific studies have shown it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, and when you are doing nothing but yoga for this period of time, the teachings sink significantly deeper than if you are starting and stopping.

I see it time and time again that students who do the intensive training develop a deeper love for yoga, as it takes the intensive environment to really sink in. I have heard many teachers who have expressed an opinion otherwise, that the local training can be as good as the intensive programs. I feel this is completely false.

I would invite these teachers to come on intensive training with a real Indian yoga teacher because its just a whole different universe. Its like describing what a rose smells like to someone who has never smelled one. You have to experience it to know. There are many reasons I feel so strongly about this.

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Gayatri Yoga Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Deepen your own practice while learning how to effectively teach others to deepen theirs during this 22 day 200 hour yoga teacher training in the Canary Islands. The amazing teachers at Gayatri Yoga will teach you traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, philosophy, alignment and the basics of Ayurveda. You will also leave with knowledge on Pranayama, Meditation as well as Kriya, Raja, Bhakti, Jnana and Karma Yoga.

The villas location, surrounded by the foothills of the magnificent Anaga Mountains, is the perfect place to go deep into your yoga practice and enjoys pleasant weather all year round. You will be staying in shared double rooms, some of which have attached bathrooms. The house has a swimming pool, gardens, a terrace, and chill out areas that are perfect for taking in all that you learned and connected with the other students. Its a self-catering retreat but all the basics are provided, from fruits and vegetables to spices and pasta, and they encourage those in the YTTC to cook together.

Why Yogis Choose India

Indias spiritual roots run incredibly deep. Considered the birthplace of yoga, many students choose to come to India for their training to gain an immersive experience in one of the countrys many ashrams. Students also choose India because of the variety of related subjects offered, including Ayurveda training, mudra training, and kundalini yoga training.

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Top 12 Yoga Teacher Trainings

15 Day 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Miramar, Florida15 Day 200-Hour Inspired Yoga Teacher Training in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, California17 Day 200hr In Person Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in The Dalles, Oregon23 Day 300-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Training in Manatee County, Florida4 Day 33 Hours Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh 16 Day 200-Hour Tantra & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum Akumal, Quintana Roo19 Day 200-Hours Integral Yoga Teacher Training in Marbella, Malaga Province21 Day 200-hr Transformational Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala45 Day 4-Yogas Intensive Lineage Yoga Course in Bir, India21 Day 200-Hour Pura Vida Yoga Teacher Training in Mal Pais, Puntarenas18 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Uvita, Puntarenas30 Day 200-Hour VY Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum

But Im New To Yoga Should I Get A Certification

Honest Yoga Teacher Training Advice (200 and 300 Hours Program, India, Abroad, Immersion, USA)

The answer is, YES!

Before making the decision we do advise you to take some time to practice yoga, explore different classes, studios, and philosophy to cultivate which area of yoga speaks most directly to your practice.

This way you can make an educated decision as to which type of training youre interested in.

Maybe you fall in love with therapeutic yoga, Ashtanga yoga or want to set your focus on learning Tantra and pranayama meditation.

The opportunity is endless.

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My Pick Of 5 Best Places For Yoga Teacher Training In Europe In 2021

Nowhere else on the planet has so much rich culture, history, food and scenery so close together as Europe. This diversity makes it ones of the most exciting destinations on the planet. With most of the popular Asian yoga destinations like India, Bali and Thailand are closed to tourists for the foreseeable future Im starting to look places to closer to home for the best places to do yoga teacher training in Europe.

Luckily, as yoga has truly spread across the world there are some amazing yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings in Europe. Some yoga schools have even moved over from Asia to Europe so now you dont have to go far to get your yoga fix!

Whether youve just got into yoga as a way to exercise during lockdown and want to learn more or if you want to invest in a healthy and rewarding career for the future doing a YTT is a transformative experience and you can find the perfect yoga teacher training in Europe.

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My Visa Is Valid For Only 30 Days How Do I Extend If I Want To Stay For Longer

If you intend to stay for more than 30 days you should apply for a visa before you travel via the online e-visa system. Alternatively you can purchase an extendable visa at the airport arrival desk for USD 35 this visa can be extended once by making an application at an immigration office within Indonesia. Ensure that you extend your visa within the initial 30 days to avoid overstay fines.

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Why Do Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

People decide to book yoga teacher training for a number of reasons, not just because they want to teach yoga. Teacher training isnt, and shouldnt be for everyone, there are lots of options out there for people to learn more about yoga without doing a teacher training.

Many people do Yoga Teacher Training to simply deepen their practice. Some have been practicing Yoga for many years and feel that they want to dedicate time and space to further their practice. Others havent done much yoga before and want to learn a new skill. And what seems like the minority actually want to be yoga teachers.

Because of this, there is a variety of differences in skills and experience in most yoga teacher training courses with some students being far more advanced than others. If the answer is yes, then here are a few things to consider before you book a yoga training course.

The Sacred Fig 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Learning Abroad

The Sacred Fig 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is another course that takes place in Bali. The highly-intensive program, which is approved by The Yoga Alliance, emphasizes personal development, confidence, and speech. The course takes place just outside the small artistic community of Ubud in the Blue Karma boutique resort. There are villas for one or two guests, and some feature a private deck or veranda.

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Where Can I Find Affordable Yoga Teacher Training

It is true that the cost of many of these courses can be upwards of thousands of dollars. However, in places like India and Thailand, you will find many certification courses for less than $2,000. As you search through teacher training retreats, slide the price range bar to a price within your budget.

This way you can see what we have in store for you. We boast that the most affordable prices available can be found on our platform )

Receive The Course Brochure With Full Details

With a background in contemporary dance, Davids style of teaching focuses on awareness of movement and the connection between the body and mind. Originally from Spain, David followed his yoga journey overseas where he settled his roots in Thailand. He was first introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa in Asia and instantly took to the practice. Drawn to yogas power to create harmonic balance and still the mind, David has a passion for passing on what inspires him to others.

Charlotte was born in Scotland, but knew from a young age that she wanted to travel the world and experience as much of life as possible. This led her to train as an actor, which gave her a strong foundation in breathwork, movement, and mindfulness, but eventually she decided that her passion for the environment was stronger, so she set out on an academic path first studying International Development and languages in Brighton, then Environmental Governance in Amsterdam, and finally to a PhD in Green Political Theory back in England.

She loves a good sweaty power flow, and brings plenty of fun and playfulness to her classes, emphasizing inclusivity and body-love. Especially teaching yin, she loves dropping little love bombs on her students by encouraging self-love, compassion, and gratitude.

I first came in contact with Yoga around twelve years ago and it did not take me very long to realize the many benefits that the practice brought to my life, not only to the body but also to the mind.

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How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

So, is online yoga teaching training even worth it? Well, I think so!

Becoming a yoga instructor online may sound a little odd but with the technology available today, it is a very real possibility for many people.

How many of us can actually spare the time to go to a yoga retreat for a month or more to learn how to teach yoga?

Most of us have jobs, families, and commitments that need our daily attention. In these cases, learning yoga online is perfect.

The Yoga Alliance sets the standards for yoga teacher training. According to these standards, you must complete a minimum of 200 hours of training to become a certified yoga teacher.

Getting your yoga instructor certification online means you can fit these hours in around your daily life and study at your own pace.

What If There Isn’t A Yoga Certification Near Me

International #Yoga #Teacher Training With #MasterPraveen | @PRAVEEN YOGA ACADEMY

We can definitely understand the struggles of getting enough vacation time to escape to some of these destinations…

… But we are firm believers in creating the life you want right now. Grab the handful of vacation days you have and make arrangements to make this dream a reality. After all, what else in life slides into place so smoothly?

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What Country To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training Course

Is there a country that you really want to visit? Or somewhere you really dont want to go? You also need to take into consideration the cost of flights. India is often the cheapest place to do teacher training. However, if the flights are twice as much as they are to Costa Rica then it may be financially better to go to Costa Rica. Many teachers work internationally so its worth contacting people to find out where they will be running teacher training and match up with a country you want to go to.

Donation Classes At Your Hostel

Are you planning to stay at guesthouses/hostels while traveling? Let the owners know you are a yoga instructor and see if they will let you teach yoga classes to their guests. These helps both the hostel and you! Not to mention its a great way to meet people in the community.

Here are a couple ideas:

  • Offer classes on a donation basis in a community space
  • Work exchange You teach yoga, they give you room/board
  • Donation classes on the beach or in the park nearby

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What Style Of Yoga Do You Want To Teach

The first question you should ask yourself is what style of yoga do you love practicing yourself. If you havent done many different types of yoga then maybe you should first go and try lots of different classes to get a good sense of whats out there. Most people train in Hatha or Ashtanga Vinyasa but there are so many other types of yoga out there.

I personally trained in Shivinanda Hatha but my personal practice is Mysore style Ashtanga. They couldnt be more different but thats what I wanted. Once I completed my YTT I took on an internship at an Ashtanga Vinyasa Studio where I was able to fill in all of the gaps and get some valuable teaching experience.

Why Yogis Choose Thailand

Learning Abroad

Perhaps Thailand is still winning the hearts of Leo fans everywhere with the hope to find a paradise as pristine as the paradise represented in the film The Beach. Or perhaps yogis are drawn to the friendliness of the Thai people and the fact that vegan pad thai is always available and always affordable. Whatever the reason, Thailand is a very popular place for yoga teacher training.

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How Much Time Do You Have To Dedicate To A Yoga Teacher Training Program

Generally, Yoga Teacher Training is 200 hours over 4 weeks. My course was 200 hours in 3 weeks which was intense but if taking 4 weeks off work isnt an option for you this is a good way to go. You can also find courses that offer part online and then just 2 weeks of on-site training. This is a great option for those with limited time. The online portion covers all of the theory so when you arrive on your teacher training you have 2 solid weeks of practical classes with just a few hours of theory.

Hour Ryt Arcata California

Explore the ancient art of teaching yoga during this 200-hour, 3-week program in Arcata, California. Set adjacent to the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, participants immerse themselves in the practice of yoga while surrounded by salt marshes and hundreds of species of birds.

The program is designed to help you develop your own in-depth approach and includes a Vinyasa and Hatha yoga flow. Your accommodation is made entirely of eco-friendly materials and recycled materials.

Youll learn about anatomy and physiology, breath awareness, relaxation methods, pranayama, etc. Explore concepts from Ayurveda, Upanishads, Patanjali, and the chakra system. These programs are approved by the Yoga Alliance and allow you to register for RYT-200 upon completion of this course. Your program includes daily yoga classes, Yoga Alliance certification, and accommodations for 21 nights.

Each day will consist of morning meditation, breakfast and yoga, and restorative and yoga philosophy and ethics in the evening. You will have dinner with other candidates and instructors and begin evening programming upon arrival. The cost for this program is $3060.

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