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Best Yoga Routine For Beginners

Downward Facing Dog To Down Dog Split

15 Min Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)

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On your next exhale, tuck your toes and press through the balls of your feet and your palms as you lift your hips, reaching your glutes toward the ceiling. When your body forms an inverted “v,” relax your head and neck between your arms, press your heels toward the floor , draw your shoulders away from your ears, articulate your tailbone toward the ceiling, and engage your quadriceps. Pedal your feet, bending one knee, then the other to stretch each leg independently.

Stay here for five deep breaths.

On your next inhale, reach your right leg up toward the ceiling. Try to keep your hips square so your right hip doesn’t open toward the side of the room. You can also modify by skipping the split.

Why You Should Start With Yoga Poses For Beginners

For many newfound yogis, it can be tempting to try out inversions, arm balances, and other tricky poses you see on social media right from the get-go. But those postures require some serious strength and balance training, which is why Ashley Rideaux, a YogaWorks-certified teacher trainer in Los Angeles, recommends newbies stick with a handful of basic sitting and standing postures. “The bread and butter of a beginner’s practice are your standing poses,” she says. “They build strength through a lot of the larger muscles of the body. They’re accessible to a lot of bodies and that makes them a great place, not just to find strength and flexibility, but also to build confidence in the work.” These two types of yoga poses for beginners also help you develop a sense of where your body is positioned in space without actually seeing it, says Rideaux.

And though popular culture makes it seem that props are reserved solely for older folks, Rideaux encourages everyone from beginners to yoga veterans to use them while practicing if they’re available. “Props are so helpful in creating clean alignment and helping you avoid injury,” she explains. “And a lot of times, as you find the proper alignment, it actually gives you a greater challenge.”

To kick off your journey to becoming a seasoned yogi and start building up the necessary strength, flexibility, and confidence, try flowing through these yoga poses for beginners.

Trikonaasana The Triangle Pose

  • From Mountain pose, spread your feet approx. 2-3 feet laterally. Left foot 0°, right foot 90° to the right .
  • Inhale gently, spread your arms at the height of your shoulders .
  • Further slow, deep inhalation lengthens the spine upwards.
  • Slowly exhale and from the lowest vertebra begin to bend to the right . The left hip goes lightly to the outside. Slowly! When bending you must feel firm and comfortable. Your right palm lays on your right kneecap . Your left hand stretches up vertically following the bending of your spine.
  • Focus your gaze on one point and remain in this position for five slow, deep breaths . Feel the flexibility of your spine and any tensions in the back, legs or pelvic area.
  • With each inhalation build up energy and with each exhalation release tension. Slowly adjust your pelvis, torso, neck, etc. if necessary during your rhythmical breathing.
  • With an exhalation, slowly, come back into position no. 3.
  • Have a break with one long, deep breath.
  • Repeat the same going to the left.
  • Make three rounds . The goal of the Triangle Pose is:

    • Building energy and releasing tension.
    • Mobilization of spine, pelvis area and groin muscles.
    • Mobilization of lower back and shoulders.
    • Strengthening superficial and core back muscles.

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    What Is The Best Time To Do Yoga

    Most yoga schools in India suggest practicing yoga in the morning with the sunrise. Even it is a daily practice for most health-conscious Indians. But those who wake up late or night owls then it may not give you all the benefits. Dusk or early evening also is a good time to practice yoga provided you maintain a proper level of energy.

    Is It Better To Practice Yoga In The Morning Or Evening


    There is no right or wrong time to practice yoga it all depends on your body and what feels the best for you! You may find that because of your work or school schedule, it is easier to fit in your practice in the morning. Or it may possibly to wind down your day with a relaxing yoga practice. Find the best time to practice all depends on what feels good in your body and works with your schedule.

    Some yogis are not morning people and would prefer to practice after a long day, while other yogis prefer to jump start their day with chaturangas and downward facing dogs. Try practicing at different times of the day to see which times feel the best in your body. Keep in mind that when practicing late at night, it is always important to wind down your practice safely so that you arent too energized to sleep!

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    Get Started With The Ultimate Beginner Yoga Sequence

    Ready to get started? The best yoga for beginners is both approachable and doesnt take too long to master. Perfecting the following sequence will start you on a journey toward understanding yoga. At first, you may find it a little challenging. However, you need to persevere and keep going. Lets take a look at some of the yoga positions for beginners and why you should try them.

    What Equipment Do You Need For Yoga

    In general, if you are doing yoga at home, you wont needany equipment! This is one of the great benefits of yoga, you can do it almostanywhere and anytime that fits into your schedule.

    However, there are several pieces of equipment that can helpmake your yoga routine a bit more comfortable and help you get the most out ofit. They include:

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    Basic Yoga Poses By Mindbodygreen

    In this yoga video, you will learn how to set up and align into the many common yoga poses like Tadasana, Downward Facing Dog, Plank, Cobra, Up Dog, Warrior 2, Warrior 3, Tree, and Bridge. Caley pauses before each pose to explain the fundamental alignment principles before leading you into the asana.

    Adho Mukha Svanasana :

    10-Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners (Do This Every Morning!)

    This is one of the easiest asanas that any beginner could practice. It is also recommended to include this Asana in your daily yoga routine. This Pose replicates the dog facing downwards, and thus the name is formed of such.

    This Pose brings strength throughout the body that further energizes and rejuvenates your body. Unlike Bhujangasana, even this Pose comes under the set of Surya-namaskar or Sun-salutation

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    How To Do A Lotus Pose

    1) Start by sitting on the floor with legs out straight.

    2) Bend the right knee and bring the foot across the body towards the left elbow.

    3) If you can, hook your right foot in the left elbow and the right knee in the right elbow, bringing the hands together and creating a cradle for the leg and foot.

    4) You can gently rock the leg back and forth to open the hip up a little more.

    5) Bring the right foot down so the outside edge rests on the left groin.

    6) Lean back slightly, lift the right leg off the ground and bend the left knee.

    7) Bring the left foot across the body and into the right groin.

    8) Firmly press your heels into your belly.

    9) Sit tall, keeping your spine straight..

    10) Rest your palms on your knees, facing up, down or pressed together in front of your chest.

    11) Hold pose for up to 60 seconds.

    12) Repeat step 1 to 11 now with the left knee bent in step 2.

    Can Men Do Yoga

    Oh no! Your browser doesn’t support this video.

    Yes! Anyone can do yoga. Yoga is wonderful for increasing flexibility and strength and boosting health and immunity. It is for everyone. World-renowned yoga teacher, Raghunath, shares why you should start doing it now.

    We hope this helps make your journey into the world of yoga more exciting and less overwhelming!

    And if you want more information on how The 28 Day Yoga For Beginners Program is helping others like you find success in practicing yoga every day, sign up here to start your journey on a new path to physical and mental well-being!

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    It Can Decrease Stress

    Stress in our lives seems almost as inevitable as Monday following Sunday, so finding ways to manage and reduce it can be quite helpful. Yoga has been shown to influence our serotonin levels that help balance our mood, shares Howe. It can help link the brain and nervous system, that feeling of balance helps reduce cortisola stress hormone. Brodie shares that breathing through the poses helps clear the mind. Mental clarity brings awareness to how we view ourselves, the world, and others.”

    Malasana The Squat Pose

    10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners ...
  • From Triangle pose come into Mountain pose and for a five deep gentle breaths, rotate the pelvis to align your muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Spread your feet approx. 2-3 feet laterally, open both feet approx. 45° outwards.
  • Inhale gently extending the whole body upwards, palms together pushed to the chest.
  • Exhale gently, go into squat lowering your pelvis keep your back straight as you go down. Your upper body leans slightly forward and your elbows touch the inner side of your knees. Tip: Lower slowly only as much as you feel comfortable. If you have to inhale on your way down, just do it only to be able to exhale lowering further. The goal is to squat so your buttocks touch your heels, but you go only as much as your posture feels steady and comfortable.
  • Find your optimal position and stay there for five gentle breaths . Chest remains open at all times, push your elbows gently against your knees so you stretch the groin muscles.
  • Do gentle moves in this posture so you align your hips, thigh muscles and lower back optimally.
  • Use your thigh muscles to come up to Mountain Pose, but only after you have exhaled 50% of your air volume .
  • Repeat this five times . The goal of the Squat Pose is:

    • Building energy and releasing tension.
    • More flexibility in groin muscles.
    • Stretching and strengthening lower back muscles.
    • Mobilization of hip joints.
    • Strengthening thigh muscles and knees.

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    Baby Pigeon Pose To Open Up Your Hips

    From all fours, move your right knee forward between your hands. As though you were doing a lunge, slowly straighten your left leg behind you, keeping the knee and top of the foot on the floor. Now rotate the right knee toward the right wrist and bring it down to the floor with your right calf flat on the floor and your right foot resting under your left groin. Lower your upper body over the bent leg, either all the way to the floor or resting on your elbows. Slowly inhale and exhale five times. Before you change sides, push back on your left leg to stretch the calf muscles. Repeat with your left leg bent and right leg extended.

    This pose is a favorite for runners because it boosts hip flexibility and also releases the glutes and low back, Lawrence says. If you run, lift weights, do CrossFit, or Spin, you must do this stretch to keep strong and flexible and enhance your performance. It may be challenging at first, but youll learn to love this pose, Lawrence promises.

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    How To Do A Child Pose

    1) On a mat start in a kneeling position with your thighs touching.

    2) Drop your butt toward your heels and stretch your body forward with your stomach comfortably on top of your thighs.

    3) In a fully stretched position rest your arms in a relaxed position in front of you on the floor and rest your forehead on the mat. You should feel a stretch in your shoulders, buttocks, spine and arms.

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    Ashtanga Fundamentals By Laruga Glaser

    Ashtanga is the most physically challenging style of yoga, and this 20-minute class is a great introduction to its breath work and movements. This beautifully filmed class will teach you how to connect your breath with the movement as you flow through the Sun Salutations and a short finishing sequence.

    We hope you enjoyed this collection of the best yoga videos for beginners on YouTube. Practicing a variety of yoga videos will give you a solid foundation to explore more advanced or challenging yoga videos. We also recommend you check out our Yoga for Beginners section on the site to explore further and prep for your journey into yoga.

    It’s Okay If You Can’t Do A Certain Pose

    10 Min Yoga for Men Beginner Routine – Easy Men’s Yoga Workout – Best Yoga Workout for Dudes

    If you’re in a class environment, your teacher may suggest modifications to make various poses more or less difficult. If you’re following along with a video at home, or if you hit a pose that just doesn’t feel good, you can always feel safe to rest in Childs pose. There’s also absolutely no shame in simply resting on your mat and focusing on breathing. Yoga is all about cultivating the mind-body connection, so listen to and honor your body, especially when it needs a break. Let your body guide you on the journey it needs to be on and not where you want it to be, suggests Howe.

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    How To Do A Upward Pose

    1) Lie flat on your belly.

    2) Bend your arms and rest your palms on the floor on either side of your chest.

    3) Inhale and squeeze your shoulders up to your ears.

    4) Exhale and press your hands down while straightening your arms, bringing your torso and legs up off the floor as if you were doing a half push-up.

    5) Slide your hands against the floor closer towards your feet while keeping your hips high.

    6) Lengthen the sides of your body and keep your neck long.

    Basic Yoga Poses: An Overview

    Childs Pose

    From calming your senses to increasing the flexibility of your spine, the Childs pose is one of the best 12 basic yoga poses. Furthermore, it stretches your hips and lower back muscles. Practicing the Childs pose balances out the rounding of your spine. Also, sitting on your knees massages them along with removing fatigue from your legs.

    Cobra Pose

    The Cobra pose stretches your chest, shoulders, arms, and lower back muscles. Moreover, this is a perfect pose to strengthen your shoulder joints. Further, the Cobra pose improves the strength of your ankles and feet. Since you balance your body weight on your arms, it makes them strong.


    One of the greatest basic yoga poses, the Headstand improves the blood circulation to your brain and other vital body organs. Moreover, it flushes out toxins from your legs that improve your overall performance. It helps in nourishing your brain and scalp. Practicing the Headstand pose increases your neck strength as well.

    Bridge Pose

    To keep your lower back in perfect shape, you should practice the Bridge pose. Furthermore, it engages core muscles that ensure to protect your spine. The Bridge pose also makes your hip muscle strong to back your lower back for long sitting hours. Raising your spine in the air while practicing the Bridge pose makes your core strong.

    Chair Pose

    Tree Pose


    Standing Forward Bend

    Camel Pose

    Half-Spinal Twist

    Triangle Pose


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    Wrap Up

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    Inner And Outer Benefits Of Yoga

    Yoga has tons of benefits. Practicing yoga improves your digestion as it will allow you to become more regular and release any tension in your digestive organs.

    It is also fantastic for improving your cardiovascular health, breathing, immunity, energy, concentration, flexibility and posture. It also relieves aches and creates calm.

    Furthermore it aids weight loss and helps to tone and tighten every area of your body.

    Want The Free Yoga For Beginners Pdf Printout Of This Routine

    Yoga Poses For Beginner

    Its in our FREE Resource Library! If you dont already have the password, sign up with your email below to get instant access to the FREE PDF + TONS MORE:

    Take it as slow as you want and do what feels right for you and your body. If you are not up to holding them for 15 seconds, that is okay! This is your practice. All that matters is you are moving, growing, and learning!

    Some of these poses at first glance may feel too advanced for you. All the poses in this yoga sequence are beginner friendly, meaning you can easily modify them to suit your level. I picked these poses because they are dynamic and are all base poses you will need when building your yoga practice.

    For modifications, I do suggest having a pair of yoga blocks and a strap- you can check out our yoga tools page for recommendations.

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    What Kind Of Yoga Workout Plan Will Be Effective For Beginners

    The workout plan should be a mix of easy and complex yoga postures. One essential thing you must remember is to practice simple PT exercises before you start yoga and practice breathing exercises after you finish.

    As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that the scope of yoga is very diverse. It is not just limited to physical fitness or curing ailments it is also very important for enhancing beauty, boosting memory, and improving mental health.

    Reclining Hand To Big Toe

    What It Does

    One of the biggest problem areas for many runners in thehamstrings. A weak or tight hamstring can cause muscular imbalances that canend up causing serious injuries. The reclining hand to big toe yoga pose is agreat stretch that helps hit the hamstrings.


    If you are finding the reclining hand to big toe positiondifficult here are a few tips you can do to help

    • If you are not very flexiable, make sure thatthe foot from the leg still on the ground is touching a wall
    • You can also use a yoga block on your raised legto help support your thigh

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