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Best Yoga Matt On Amazon

Warrior2 Yoga Mat Holder Carrier

BEST EXERCISE MAT | AmazonBasics Yoga Mat Unboxing & First Look Review

From 32$ The Warrior2 Yoga Mat Holder Carrier has over 209 ratings and 9 answered questions on Amazon. Its a reliable yoga mat carrier that will ensure your mats stay safe during use, no matter where you are going or what happens to be around!

This yoga carry-all bag is the perfect way to take your mat everywhere. This comfortable, spacious, and stylish shoulder strap will alternate between being carried as a sling bag or over one shoulder while remaining fully adjustable in length so you can find just what works best for every activity!

Gaiam Print Premium Mat

Gaiam has been creating yoga mats with inspiring designs for years. These mats are beautiful to look at and smaller than the rest. If youre looking for something lighter and smaller, this ones for you. While it may not have as much cushion as the others, it was made to have a slippery-free feel.

Its also biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals. Twelve different colors and a 2-year guarantee might just seal the deal for you on this one. It also comes with a bonus downloadable yoga workout.

Best Value: Gaiam Classic Print Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can get pricey. The Medallion Yoga Mat by Gaiam is a wonderfully affordable option that yogis can trust. Feel your feet connect with the earth through its 4-mm width, which offers just enough cushion without throwing you off-center. Its double-sided texture also provides traction, so youll be able to get into a downward-facing dog or a triangle pose without slipping. And did we mention it has a beautiful, yet simple design?

This specific mat lasted quite well in the several months Ive been using it, says an Amazon reviewer who is new to yoga. This was the first yoga mat that I purchased for myself. When I began practicing yoga, I didnt know if Im going to be consistent. Thats why I preferred to start with something simple and upgrade over time.

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Yoloha Unity Cork Yoga Mat

No trees were harmed in the making of this yoga mat. Cork is a sustainable product its harvested from the bark of the tree every few years, causing no harm to the plant.

You wont have to worry about this mat slipping out from under you when you attempt a flying tittibhasana. It has a non-slip rubber base that keeps it firmly against the studio floor.

Best Overall: Gaiam Yoga Mat

All The Best Black Friday Deals On Amazon

For novices and experts alike, this mat is an all-around great pick. A six-millimeter thickness makes for plenty of cushion, though its still lightweight enough to make carrying it around a breeze. A sticky, non-slip texture prevents sliding, and its safe PVC is free of six different harmful chemicals. Yoga newbs will also appreciate that you get a free downloadable yoga workout with the mat, the perfect way to get started on your yoga journey.

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Ekaminhale Organic Yoga Rug

What if you practice yoga on non-traditional surfaces like your living room carpet or even the great outdoors? Rubber mats can heat up in sunlight, turning even gentle yin classes into hot yoga-style sweat baths.

This innovative yoga rug is made from 100% organic cotton you dont have to worry about nasty pesticides. Additionally, it is handmade by local weavers, not factory-produced, meaning the manufacturing process creates a minimal carbon footprint.

Aimerday Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Our Rating

The AIMERIDAY jute yoga mat is completely different than most of the other yoga mats youll find. Its comprised of natural jute fiber on the top and natural tree rubber on the bottom. This makes your yoga mat completely reversible so you can switch between using jute or rubber for your yoga mat.

Its offered in one size at the time of writing which is 72 x 24 and 5 mm thick. The jute grip on the top of the mat is coarse and absorbs some sweat but there have been a few reports of people slipping . As with any natural rubber mat, its a little heavier weighing 6 lbs which may be a little cumbersome if youre traveling long distances to and from class on a bike or walking. However, this weight also gives your mat a solid, high-quality feel and prevents curling at the ends which is nice.

One of the other things we appreciate about the AIMERDAY is that its machine washable. They recommend you wash it in the machine on cold with detergent , roll it up with a towel to remove excess water, and then hang dry in your shower.

They include a free carrying strap with your yoga mat and if youre not satisfied for any reason, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee so you really cant lose.

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A Lightweight Textured Yoga Mat To Make Sure Your Practice Is Slip

Promising review: “I am delighted with my mat. I’ve been using it for around three weeks now. I find it is thick enough so that my back is not sore in supine positions and my knees are well-cushioned when on them. I have had no issues with slipping as yet. My previous mat was thinner and lasted only 12 months before rubbing and wearing away, which made it slippy- it was from a well-known High Street catalog store. I am very sensitive to any plastic-type odors. And this mat works great as described. No foul smells whatsoever. I’m hopeful it will stand the test of time. I’m very happy with this mat and have no doubt recommending it to others.” K.Dauffy


Retrospec Pismo Yoga Mat

TOP 5: Best Yoga Mat for Home 2021 on Amazon | Non Slip Mats

RetrospecPismo Yoga Mat

If we were going to choose a mat based on a cool design, this one would be on the list. Luckily, it’s also a durable find, too. A reviewer wrote “I love this yoga mat! There were similar, if not exact, yoga mats for three times as much. I am glad I opted for this one! Not only did I save money, but I love it! I do not slide like some of the other reviews have stated, but that’s just my personal experience. I not only use it for yoga, but some of my target training as well.”

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Manduka Pro Yoga And Pilates Mat

The Manduka Pro is one of the most celebrated yoga mats amongst yogis and yoga teachers. Its also been around for years. A super comfortable yoga mat, the Manduka Pro is free of latex and toxins, and produced in a process free of emissions.

Its closed cell surface is perfect for you sweaty yogis, as its designed to prevent sweat from making its way into the mat. This one may be pricey, but theres a guarantee that it will last forever! If youre ready to make an investment in a yoga mat youll have for decades , the Manduka Pro might be the one for you!

The Best Yoga Mats In The Uk

Gymbella is a UK-based company with a focus on eco-friendly yoga gear, and plants a tree for each yoga mat it sells. This particular mat is 6mm thick , PVC-free, recyclable and biodegradable. Its also latex-free, which is great to know if you suffer from allergies.

It comes in three colours , and is supplied with a towel that you can use to support yourself in trickier poses, or to cover yourself when relaxing at the end of your practice. An alignment line down the centre of the mat helps ensure youre positioned correctly, and a non-slip coating underneath makes it safe to use on hard floors.

Yogi Bare is another UK company that prides itself on its eco-friendly credentials, and is particularly well rated on Amazon. Its aptly named extreme grip mat is made from PU rubber, helping keep it firmly in place during your practice, and can be wiped clean when youre done . It comes in four colours, most of which are 4mm thick, though the black travel version is a super-slim 2mm. That makes it more compact, but may not provide enough cushioning for your liking.

Like the Gymbella mat above, it includes an alignment line to help you position your body correctly, but Yogi Bare has also added boxes at either end for you to place your hands and feet. A thoughtful touch thats handy for beginners.

This yoga mat, also by Gaiam, is a little less glamorous than the printed version, coming in six plain colours , but is still highly rated and made from the same pthalate-free PVC.

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Best Print: Pendleton Fire Legend Yoga Mat

Tired of boring, solid-colored yoga mats? This Aztec-inspired print is unlike anything weve seen on any piece of workout equipment before, a seriously stylish statement. And its not only pretty, but also practical, made of eco-friendly, latex-free materials, easy to wipe clean, and weighing in at just two and a half pounds.

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat : Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat : Sports &  Outdoors (With ...

GaiamEssentials Thick Yoga Mat

If you need some extra support and cushioning during your practice, Gaiam’s extra thick mat is a good option. It also comes with a carrier strap so you can easily tote it to class and back. A reviewer wrote, ” It’s a really nice mat and you can’t beat the price. It is long and very soft, which I personally like. I am older and wanted some extra cushion for knees and elbows. I can see where it would throw balance off a bit due to this softness, but I look at it as pushing me harder to keep my balance. Great mat that I would recommend.”

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Touted as natures best yoga mat, this mat is made from natural rubber that gives you both comfort and resilience. The Jade Harmony has an open cell surface which gives you exceptional grip if you tend to sweat.

Whats more, this eco-friendly company is made in the U.S.A! And, for every mat sold, a tree is planted, which makes this yoga mat a great investment for those who care for Mother Nature. Take your pick from 13 vibrant colors!

Is There A Difference Between A Fitness Mat And A Yoga Mat

There are a plethora of mats available on the market, and most can be split into two categories: yoga mats or exercise ones.

A good exercise mat is like a second skin for your workout. It will be there to cushion you from dropped weights and rugged footwear, as well as protect the floor beneath it! If this sounds like something that could work out well in yourself then we recommend checking our edit of best-selling mats on Amazon theyve tried and true after all!

Yoga mats are thin and made of delicately material, providing a stickier surface for your hands or feet. In order not to damage these yoga mat surfaces its best to avoid wearing shoes while practicing on them so as not to leave stains from constant friction against the flooring beneath you instead finish in whatever way feels most natural!

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Gruper Yoga Mat Non Slip

You won’t slip on this yoga mat thanks to its textured surface. It’s soft, has high elasticity, and won’t crack. A review reads, “After about 10 yoga sessions I can honestly say that I really like this yoga mat. I have always used a mat that was extra cushioning. I was worried that this was going to be too hard but I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a good mix between cushioned and firmness. My old yoga mat used to stretch way too much when I was in downward-facing dog. This one does not stretch which is a very good thing. One of its best attributes is that it is really grippy both to the floor and to my feet and hands.”

Best Reversible: Lululemon The Reversible Mat

5 Best Yoga Mat on Amazon

This is the yoga mat I have currently, says Beltchenko, who lauds it for being lightweight and easy to carry, as well as, extra grippy, even in hot yoga classes. Credit its two sides, one with a polyurethane top layer to absorb moisture, the other a natural rubber base thats great for low-sweat flows. Also nice: An antimicrobial additive can help keep it from getting grimy.

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Yoga Mat Bags Features


Pockets are a coveted feature that can be internal or external, depending on the size of the yoga mat bag. They eliminate the need to carry an additional purse for your personal items and help you keep everything tidy open water bottle pockets usually sit outside so theyre easy to access at all times! So when you want to buy a yoga mat bag, be sure that you buy a Yoga mat bag with a water bottle holder!


For standard 26 inch mats, you should buy a bag that is at least 27 inches long. Thicker and wider yogis will need the larger of any two sizes- but dont worry! These can easily be stored in one compartment without taking up too much space. If youre frequently on the go, its best to buy a yoga mat bag with a lot of storage capacity!


Yoga class is great for relaxing and stretching, but it can be a pain if your mat arrives at the studio wet from rain or snow because of how slippery they make the floor. Protect yourself with an enclosed bag made out of water-repellent materials like treated canvas or polyester before walking to class!


Yoga mat bags come in all shapes and sizes, from elegant designer styles to bold statement-makers. Whether youre going for a minimalist look or something more traditional yogic style theres an option that will suit your needs! So even if youre afraid of having to buy yoga mat bags that dont look good, rest assured there are options out there for everyone!

Balancefrom Goyoga High Density Yoga Mat

This ones a couple bucks cheaper than the other BalanceFrom yoga mat on our list. Its also a tad bit thinner at ΒΌ inches thick. If you dont need a lot of cushion and want a lightweight mat thats versatile and easy to travel with, youll want to take a look at this one.

It also comes with a carrying strap, and like its counterpart below, promises a non-slip surface for injury prevention. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Yoga Mats On Amazon That Hundreds Of Reviewers Swear By

These yoga mats will keep you namaslaying your next yoga practice.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Hey there! Did you know that Amazon’s app has exclusive features that lets you scan barcodes to check prices IRL, use your phones camera to search for items with a ~single tap~, track orders in real time, and more? for free and receive $5 off your first in-app purchase.

Suga Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat : Gaiam Bloom Printed Yoga Mat (Fuchsia) : Sports &  Outdoors

Where do old wetsuits go to die when they outlive their usefulness? If theyre fortunate enough to get bought by the SUGA company, they reincarnate as yoga mats.

These mats are proudly made in the U.S.A., saving you shipping costs and decreasing your carbon footprint over importing from overseas. Theyre composed of closed-cell foam, preventing them from picking up bacteria from your studio floor a decided plus in todays COVID-19 era.

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YogaHelpedMe is a team of dedicated researchers and product testers that have devoted thousands of hours to bringing you the best yoga gear on Amazon. When it comes down to buying something for yourself, we know whats important! We only make money if our readers purchase one item through an affiliate link all opinions here at YogaHelpedMe from us are 100% honest as well

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Jade YogaHarmony Mat

You’ll feel good about using the Jade Harmony yoga mat, which is made of natural rubber. It’s pricier than some, but reviewers say it’s worth it. One wrote, “I bought this after having taken 100 yoga classes. What can I say, I’m a fan of ‘treat yo’ self.’ I like to think of this as an investment that is definitely worth it if you plan on practicing yoga regularly.”

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Best Yoga Mats On Amazon For 2022

  • 4.4 Is There a Difference Between a Fitness Mat and a Yoga Mat?
  • Expert yogis are always on the lookout for the perfect yoga mat because they know that a well-made yoga mat can make all the difference between a good and bad practice. So Whether youre a yogi who loves to run, or looking for the soothing effect on your post-run stretch weve got whats right.

    This article will talk about , which is not an easy task because of how many different options are available in this category. Even experienced yogis might have difficulty deciding what to buy when faced with a list of great yoga mats, which is why weve done the research and testing for you.

    So dont worry, youre an expert, professional, or even beginner yogi, we have here the final list of the best yoga mats can you find on amazon for 2021, So keep reading and get what are you looking for!


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